Dog sex when I was 14

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I’m Ari, I was 14, pixie cut red hair, and was 4ft 5in, my friends invited me to our other friends beach house and her parents weren’t home so she wanted to show us some tricks with her dog, this was one full girls party I would never forget.

She told us that she taught her dog some pretty cool tricks, we were all in bikinis, I was wearing a black bikini with red stitched patterns, anyway, she got some peanut butter & called her dog into the room, he was a full black German Shepherd mix, he was about 123 pounds & came up to the hip, she took off her bottoms and spread some peanut butter over her pussy & the dog licked it off & that went of for 10 so mins.

I forgot to mention I’m a flat chested btw

When she was done she said she had another trick but wanted to have one of us do it with the dog, I drew the short straw, so I went with it and she told me to get on my hands and knees, so I did, she pulled my bottoms off & called Rex, (that’s the dogs name forgot to mention that) over & he sniffed my asshole and licked it for a good minute and I was moaning my brains out.

Then to my surprise he hoped up onto my back & I felt something wiggle between my legs, it was his cock and it was mad red and came to be 7 inches! It shocked me and I wanted it to stop but my friend told me to relax and enjoy it. I calmed down a little & Rex started to hump me pretty roughly, I groaned as his cock rubbed against my fresh shaved pussy. He finally hit home & shoved the entire 7 inches into my tight virgin pussy & I gasped, he started pounding me as my friends watched & giggled, I was being raped by this beast of an animal & I was enjoying the hell out of it, I never felt anything in my pussy this big & long, I was moaning & drooling like a bitch while this beast popped mg cherry.

He started to slow down but then I felt something trying to get in me, it’s was his knot! I was so scared and asked my friend to get him off me but she said “it’s just getting good tho.” He finally got his tennis ball sized knot into my little pussy. I was paralyzed as he cummed a load into my womb & I started to cry, he had finally got off my back but he was still stuck ass to ass with this mut, his knot stuck in me & I groaned so long until he finally popped out & his cum dripped out and into the floor, my friend helped me up & cleaned me up, I had lost my verginity to that mut, soon I would learn I would be coming back to my friends house & have sex with that dog a few more times.

If anyone wants to chat leave your email in the comments, btw I’m lez so I’ll only talk to any girls out there;) girls you won’t want to miss any chatting with me

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