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Wife catches me touching our 12yo step daughter

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Surprisingly I get permission from my wife to give some sexual experiences to her daughter.

It’s not uncommon in the Philippines for everyone to sleep in the same bed. Even though I am a white Foreigner from America it’s me and my Filipino wife and her daughter who I’ve known since she was 3.
Of course the daughter sleeps in the middle and a couple of times I’ve snuggled up to her while having a morning hard on and it pokes her in the back. One time she felt the hard on but I was asleep and she turned and faced me and opened my boxers and was touching my hard cock. Of course that woke me up but I acted like I was asleep and her little hand was experimenting and holding on to my shaft. This type of touching has been going on for a couple of months and this time she turned back around and I didn’t know but she had pulled her panties down a little bit and scooted her butt toward my erection. I still acted asleep and thought what is she going to do? She lifted her leg a little bit and reach between her legs to find my hard shaft then scooted back more and the head of my hard cock was just about poking out the front of her legs. I guess what she was doing was sliding her pussy back and forth on my cock. I could feel after a couple minutes that she was wet. Sometimes when we were snuggling I would reach my hand under her shirt and cover and play and pinch her developing tits. The whole time my wife is sleeping on the other side of the bed.
I should also mention that even at the age of 12 Cherry is always walking around topless with a pair of panties and her little tits are about the size of an egg. When she was younger it was okay but recently her mother has been yelling at her to stop walking around naked or half naked.
Today my wife left early for a very long day trip to the next city for training. My stepdaughter Cherry came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and was totally naked and I thought okay you’re naked because your mother’s not here. She walked over with her thin lean body and she said Daddy I feel ashamed but I want you to look. I said why would you feel ashamed of what’s wrong she said I think I have an insect bite on my pee pee can you look at it I don’t want Mom to see. I said okay sit on the bed here and I had her lean back on the bed and I opened her legs and said I don’t see the insect bite then she raised her legs up and pointed to an insect bite that was near the bottom of her vagina on one side. I said you want me to put some ointment on it? She said yes Daddy because it’s itchy.
But she said Daddy first I want you to sniff it to make sure it’s clean since I took a bath. Of course I knew that my daughter was feeling horny and so I put my nose up next to her little undeveloped vagina and I gave it some good sniffs and she was leaning back on the bed on her elbows with her feet up high and a little giggle on her face as I overreacted on sniffing. I then took my nose and put it directly on her vagina and push my nose around while I was sniffing and making direct contact and I heard a little gasp come out of her mouth and now she has a much more intense look on her face.
This was the First time that I actually had my face on her little vagina and I was kind of worried what her reaction would be but as soon as she put both her hands behind my head and pressed my face more firmly I knew then she was going to enjoy it so instead of over exaggerated sniffing I decided to place my mouth on her vagina and begin licking.

As my licking became more intense I cud sense her getting ready to orgasm…her mouth was wide open and her teeth bared and then her first involuntary flex happened and I knew she was cumming. I stuck my tounge into her little fuck hole and cud feel the contractions biting on my tongue.

She collapsed back onto the bed and I asked her if she liked it and her reply was daddy I want that again and again!
We did that a few more times along with her sexual cuddling and suddenly my wife spoke to me in private and said I know what ur doing with cherry.
I froze but she quickly said it’s ok to do some things because it stays in the family. I know your clean and have vasectomy but there are rules. Don’t ever stick anything in her butthole and don’t ejaculate on her face or mouth. It’s to much for a 12 yo.
And lastly don’t EVER tell her I know. Just keep it a secret between you two.
Now we do some really fun stuff. The wife has a very small work out trampoline so cherry puts that at the bottom of the bed and then runs naked down the hall and jumps on the trampoline, goes pretty damn high in the air and while airborne she twists so she lands on her back. While she is landing I am on my knees next to the bed and with perfect timing on both parts I clamp my mouth on her slit as soon as her little butt lands. Cherry likes to do about 10 attempts before surrendering to my mouth and then she lays back and watches me suck and lick.

Her next move was to ask to see my hard thing so I sat on a chair and pulled my cock n balls out and they flopped out.
She touched it and I coached her how to hold the cock n stroke it and also the balls. Without asking me she just leaned forward and once my cock was hard she put it in her mouth and let me tell you looking down at that little 12-year-old with my cock in her mouth was very intense. She sucked but wasn’t very good and so I coached her on how to use her hand and her mouth together so her mouth doesn’t get tired and unbelievably she was doing pretty damn good and it felt great. I said young lady you better stop now before something happens and she said Daddy I want you to put your sperm in my mouth. I said I don’t know if that’s really a good idea and she said I know Mom does it and I’ve seen it on the internet and I want you to shoot your sperm in my mouth. Well needless to say I took over the controls so to speak and started masturbating and told her how to position her mouth lips and tongue right on the head of my shaft and I was showing her how to swirl her tongue while sticking it out and I was masturbating. It didn’t take long and I could feel my balls tensing up I said get ready sweetheart and as soon as I was getting ready to shoot she popped her mouth onto the head of my cock and I could feel several thick squirts shooting to her mouth her eyes were wide open as if in shock but when I was done coming she then just swallowed all of it like a champ and kissed and licked on my cock and after a minute or two another white drop of semen was hanging on the end of my cock and she said is that what sperm looks like? I said yes and she said Daddy your sperm was delicious it tastes like a pineapple.

That was 6 months ago and now whenever we get the chance we have some good firm sex. She loves the different positions and she loves to pull her mother’s mirror over to the side of the bed and it’s a full length mirror on wheels and then she will sit on my dick reverse cowgirl and put one foot on one leg and her other foot on my other leg and lean back like I’m a lounge chair. And she can see all of my pink cock disappearing into that brown Little flower. Now we’re at the stage where I’m teaching her more naughty talk and she says things like pump me dad and shoot that sperm into my little wet hole. Then take me to McDonald’s cuz I want hamburger and ice cream.
We also have a rigged up sex swing that her mother likes to get in which is nothing more than a few workout bands that they use in CrossFit but if you get the big thick ones a small woman or a child cuz dangle in there and I bounce her around up and down while I’m standing up and she loves it. Needless to say I have it made.
I wish Cherry cud stay 12 forever

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  • Reply Lucien ID:7zv2v6s4qm

    I spent just over 2 years working a contract job in the Philippines. Ended up with a woman who cooled and kept up the house. My work involved a lot of all night jobs that had my stumbling into the house. She would put me to bed and, often her 7 yo daughter helped. Things progressed very rapidly from there on. I fucked mom while daughter was watching. Next thing I knew the daughter was sleeping with me. Then all 3 of us. I never understood why her mom would encourage her daughter but then, women are exceptionally sexual creatures that I love being with.

    • [email protected] ID:3zxiso7eoik

      I’d like to hear more about your experiences

  • Reply Rebecca ID:1bqro67i8ri

    You can fuck me like that too

    • Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

      I will. Kik Dannylittledick

    • Voodoo ID:z34nlyev9a

      Want some sexy chat email [email protected]

  • Reply ew ID:iy7ren9k0a

    kys dumbass

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Fantastic memory

  • Reply Devilman ID:5u0x67i20a

    Learn to spell Retard!!

    • Big Daddy ID:2a74dr98ri

      Fuck u

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3jdo21z

    Love it sooo much. Brings back so many memories of my time spent in the Philippine’s. It is good to hear she is being taught proper as all young females should get the opportunity to be taught by an older man. It is NOT a privilege it is a human sexual right to use their bodies when and how they want.
    Wish i was there!.