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Playing games with my aunt’s 10 year old daughter ended in a hot fuck

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Last time they came to visit us, I only fucked her thighs in her tight leggings. This time I’m hoping for a little more.

It’s been several weeks since my aunt visited me with her daughter Maria. I really miss Maria a lot. Even though she’s only 10, we had a lot of fun together. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and get a boner. Every day I masturbate with the thought of being able to fuck Maria hard.

Last time they came to visit us, I only fucked her thighs in her tight leggings. This time I’m hoping for a little more.
Because I have great news to announce:

Maria is coming to visit today.

My little cousin Maria and her mother are coming to visit us in an hour. In the meantime, I masturbate so that later, when I fuck Maria, I can last twice as long and enjoy every second longer with her. When I had finished masturbating, the doorbell rang 10 minutes later. I opened the door and couldn’t believe my eyes. Maria is beautiful. Even more beautiful than last time.

Maybe she’s made herself pretty for me?

She looks at me with her hazel eyes. Her long brown hair shines in the sunlight. She’s wearing a gray dress and is already carrying a handbag at the age of 10. Wow!
In my opinion, her dress is a little too short. But that can only be an advantage for me, can’t it?
They both entered the apartment while my aunt turned her attention to my mother to drink tea with her and prepare dinner for us. Maria, as we already know, is passionate about video games. Her first destination is my room. However, she doesn’t know that I have deliberately hidden my computer this time so that we can play other games.

Maria asks: “Where’s your computer? I’d like to play the same game as last time”

I answer her with a grin on my face: “Unfortunately, my computer broke down, so I have to buy a new one. But we can play something else.”

Maria sits down on my bed. My eyes analyze her beautiful body. Her thighs are so juicy and thick because of the baby fat she still has. I remember from last time that her bottom is also very fat and drove me crazy. Her bottom is juicy and plump, but still small enough to be devoured by my hand. Her ass is just waiting to be mercilessly perforated by my 17 cm penis. My penis is also wider than average.

I don’t know if her small and tight holes would be able to take it. Just the thought of penetrating her doggystyle and hearing her moan and cry at the same time turns me on so much that I get hard in front of her.

I explain the game I would like to play with her. She is fascinated by the idea.
I blindfold her and she has to guess what’s in her mouth and what it tastes like. I have prepared several things and foods for her to try.

I stand in front of her while she is still sitting on my bed. Her face is exactly level with my penis. As I cover her eyes, I notice her beautiful lips. At first I thought they were lip gloss, but her lips are just moist. They are so shiny and voluminous. The perfect cushion for my penis, I thought.

Her eyes are now closed and she can’t see anything.

“Are you already, Maria?” I asked.

She replied in her young and angelic voice: “Yes, I’m ready”.

First she tasted a strawberry and immediately knew what it was.

“STRAWBERRY!!!” she exclaimed.

I told her: “That’s right. Take a little more time. Just try to suck on it. Just don’t chew it with your teeth, is that clear?”

“All right” she said in a joyful voice and was eager to continue playing.

Next, I shoved a banana into her mouth to see how she was doing at the same time.
She literally sucked on it. It turned me on so much that my hard penis hurt in my tight pants and I had no choice but to take it out. I locked the door to my room first.

“Banana” she said.

I answered her: “Very good my dear. You’re really good. It won’t be easy for you this time. That’s why you have to be very good now.”

I took my penis, which briefly poked her face and said:

“Open your mouth really wide”.

She did and I slowly slid the tip of my fat and hard penis into her small and wet mouth. Her tongue immediately wrapped around it and she took it deeper into her mouth.

It felt indescribably good. I moan uncontrollably and hold the back of her head. Her mouth is so small and tight. Nevertheless, she manages to take half of my large penis into her mouth. She sucks on it vigorously and ponders, not knowing what it is. She did it so well.
Maybe it’s not the first time she’s done this?
I fucked her throat very slowly and gently so that her saliva slid down my penis to my balls.
I slowly pull my wet penis out of her mouth and place it gently on her face. It’s fascinating that it’s as big as her whole face.

She said she didn’t know what it was.

I told her to comply. Otherwise I will never play with her again.

“Lie on your stomach” I ordered her.

She does as I tell her.

I have dreamed of this moment every day and it is finally coming true.

I slowly lifted up her dress. I can hardly believe it.
Her beautiful, 10-year-old, juicy and at the same time plump ass in a red thong.
Right in front of me on my bed. My fat penis twitches in anticipation.
Luckily I masturbated beforehand.

I sat down on her legs and placed my penis on her ass. I placed it right between her ass cheeks and slowly started rubbing my penis against her.

She moaned briefly and inconspicuously. She seemed to like it because she didn’t object. My pussy is already very wet. I pulled her panties down and saw her tight slit. It was so tight that you couldn’t even see the entrance. Just above it was her tighter asshole. I moistened my penis with some spit and guided it to her tight pussy.
I could hardly wait. Slowly I guided my hard wood into her and began to thrust slowly from behind.

She moaned loudly.

“Pssht! No one must hear us” I said.

I stuffed a piece of cloth into her mouth so that no one could hear her whimpering.

My penis slid deeper and deeper. I fucked her hard from behind and crushed her soft ass with my hands. She moaned and cried from the pain. Luckily no one hears her as I stuffed her mouth first.
Her pussy is so tight that the pressure on my penis is huge. Her clit devours my whole 17cm of flesh. My hands go under her dress and rub her flat chest. Her hair flies around due to the enormous fuck. I fuck her mercilessly until her freshly deflowered pussy bleeds. I’m already sweating from the exertion.

The bed squeaks and sets the pace. I’ve been fucking her doggystyle for half an hour and just can’t get enough of her ass. Meanwhile she lies there without making a sound.
It didn’t stop me from finishing what I started.

I fucked her faster and faster. I could feel the climax approaching.

“AHHHHHHHH” I moaned really loudly.

I came in her tight pussy.
As I pulled my fat blood and cum-covered penis out of her tight clit, the cum flowed out and down her pussy.

Relieved, I lay down on my side.

Maria took off her blindfold and the piece of cloth from her mouth.

Surprisingly, she lay down next to me and said:

“Don’t worry. This stays between us”.

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    Reminds when I was 30 my sister Jessica had to go to prison for 3 years and asked me to take my niece Lisa she was 7 years old she lived with me the entire time and my sister was in prison my sister got sentenced I brought Lisa to my house I was getting her in the bath that night while I was washing her pussy I started rubbing it I asked her if it’s all good she said yes after I got her out of the bath I laid around the bathroom counter and began sucking her pussy sticking my tongue deep inside of her she was moaning I asked her if it’s all good she said yes it does I said you want me to stop and she said no so I began sucking her pussy some more and I had her sit on the toilet I stood in front of her and told her to put my dick in her mouth after a few minutes I picked her up carried her to the bed later on the bed and slowly put my 30 year old dick inside of her she started to scream I told her go ahead and scream nobody’s going to hear you so as gentle as I could I put myself inside of her while she was crying and begging me to stop I told her you belong to me now I came inside of her twice that night as she cried about 3 hours later I told her how do you feel better now can we do that again tomorrow I said absolutely …. Someone text me 6304541055

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