My son fucks me

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My name is Sarah. I’m a married woman and a mother of three -two boys and a girl. My eldest son, Rome is 23, Rachel is 20 and my last son, Brad is 17. All these when I’m 39.

I’ll describe myself a little bit. I’m a medium sized woman. Like I said I’m 39 but I’ve heard people say I look younger than my age. Most of them are men, so I guess they only flatter me for some reason. Maybe if they said I’m still attractive I wouldn’t doubt those words ’cause I think I still am. I’ve got some curves and an ass I can’t say is big but then not small, I guess I just suits a sexy medium size woman. I would just like to say my body is in good shape and stop describing myself but let me tell you this late one; my breasts are one thing everyone that’s touched or even merely seen appreciates. They have described them as round and the most sensational thing if touched. Only 4 men have got the chance to touch them and I’m writing this story sharing my experience with the fourth one.

I have been a loyal wife to my husband since we married and to tell you the truth. I hadn’t had a sexual relationship with anyone else but my husband. You’re probably wondering the other 3 men to have touched my boobs….one was a childhood neighborhood friend when I was 15, the other was a classmate and then my ex boyfriend when I was 15 still. But then my boobs were just growing into the pearls on my chest. So whoever touched my boobs at 15 didn’t feel pleasure from my boobs as these two fellas who have done in my later years. That’s my husband and my son, Brad.

My husband, apparently is loyal to me and you can call it a happy family. He comes shot from his tendency to work so much, leaving a little time to fulfil my womanly desires. He most times comes back late and tired and I’m this kind of woman who want never wants my man to sleep before we do some bedwork every night. In fact, when we were younger and my husband was still free, we had sex a minimum big three times a day. But now it’s like only 7 times a week.

One summer, Rachel and Rome gone to college. My husband would come home only when it was at least 8:00pm. Brad was in a holiday from school. Brad stayed home with just me and this is where it all started.

One morning, I slept too much from a sleeping pill I took in the previous night. On normal days, I always woke up before 8, this time it was a quarter past 9 and I was still sleeping.

I felt a tap my back and a little shake to wake me. I didn’t expect anyone in the room so it scared the hell out of me. I rose up quickly in physical response. I was completely nude and just to set my eyes on on the side, there was my son sitting at the edge. I quickly covered my boobs back into the sheet but it was too late for him to not have seen for at least 3 seconds. I felt shame. “Oh, sorry mom. I didn’t think I would scare you”, said Brad. Before I said anything, he came close to me and his hands on one side of my waist each, from his wrist to the elbow was at the end of my hips. His chest slight on my laps. He was quick to bite the sheet that covered my body and pulled it off. I hesitated of course but I knew what he was trying to do. I was starving sexually and my son was proving a potential satisfier.

We both went quiet. He pulled it off exposing my round tits and pushed himself forth to suck them. I still say leaning against the projecting horizontal flat part of the bed. My son sucked on my boobs for about 7 minutes and as he did, I had my arms around him pressing his face against my boobs. I felt a feeling of I can’t describe.

Brad wasn’t going easy on me. He went down and stripped the bedsheet off my lower body. Now my full body was nude infront of my son. I had a feeling that this wasn’t right but I loved it. Brad went down and ate my pussy like it was his favorite meal. He was eating but I was enjoying more, as far as I enjoyed. My body started shaking and my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Brad got on his knees and started removibg his clothes. Now I knew I was about to be fucked by my son and I honestly couldn’t wait. He got totally naked and before he came back to the bed, he reached the door and lock it. His seemingly 5 inch dick was hard as rock and it’s tip was all swollen. He was now ready and about to fuck his own mother. I was satisfied by being sucked on the boobs and licked in the vagina and I was almost cumming, I couldn’t imagine what the hell it would be when his dick was in my pussy.

Brad pulled me by the legs and got me lying on my belly. He spread my legs apart and waited no time to get between them and shove his cock inside my pussy. His cock felt bigger than it seemed and it’s length was all the way deep in my vagina. Was it that my pussy was tight or was it that his dick was big? I didn’t wanna know, after all I was contented by the feeling our parts contributed towards each other. He started pumping slow to fast to slow to fast. He made me scream like as though I wasn’t his own mother. After some good minutes of fucking, Brad would explode and fill my pussy with his warm cum and I always followed him. He was dirtier than I could guess, going down my pussy to like it all whenever I came. He fucked me for about an hour and a half while changing positions.

All that was in silence. I wasn’t saying anything and he wasn’t saying anything. Just me moaning and a mind blowing sound whenever his dick was pushed hard into my pussy. The words were back now after he collapsed on my body on his last explosion in his mom’s pussy; “Mom, you are fun. Nice to fuck you”. I replied, “I didn’t think you were capable of fucking you’re own mom. But what surprises me the most is how you did it so well. Nice to fuck me, son”.

We have been having sex everyday since then and every night whenever my husband doesn’t come home.

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    Honey, that is so hot. Glad to see your son loves the smell of your sweet cunt, sniffing your panties. I am a panty sniffer as well. Love the beautiful strong scent of vagina. No way you can convince your husband you want another child? Dropping the birth control would kick your relationship with your son to the next level. You could have your husband, but not your son, use a condom for a month or 2, “while your body adjusts”. Knowing your son would eventually get you pregnant would strengthen your orgasms (making you feel so good!) causing your cervix to dip deep into his semen, pull it into your uterus and increase the likeliness of the two of you having a love child.

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    I like the story, but how true is the story?

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