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Granpa intervention

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David confronted his dad about what his daughter Chelsea said what her grandpa was doing to her.

David just picked up his daughter Chelsea from private school and they were heading over to see his dad. 10 year old Chelsea enjoyed seeing her pawpaw and she was excited to see him. He also needed to talk to him about something Chelsea told him. Supposedly her pawpaw was touching her peepee. He had noticed his dad would always have Chelsea sit on his lap. He never thought anything bad about it.  He thought his dad was not like that.

Chelsea is very beautiful young lady.  Her long curly red hair brought out her green eyes. She was chubby but not obese. Her pinkish white skin made her seem like an angel.  She always dressed up in dresses or skirts. Today she was wearing her school uniform. Her uniform was a light blue button down shirt, dark plaid skirt and white knee high socks.. People have always thought she looked like Francesca Capaldi from the Disney Channel and  that we should get her into modeling.

Her pawpaw was waiting for them on the porch as they drove up. Chelsea jumped out of the car and she ran up to him. He picked her like a doll and gave her a big bear hug. He took her inside and they sat down on the couch in the family room.  He noticed his dad had Chelsea sit on his lap and not his legs. He held her in his arms as they spoke and caught up with each other.  He watched his dad hands drop down to her legs and was softly touching and rubbing her bare leg slowly trying to raise her dress. This whole time he would visit he never payed attention to his dad because he never was that way when he was younger.

He told Chelsea to go outside and play. As she got up and left the room he noticed his dad was sad she had left and he was adjusting himself to hide the bulge in his pants.
David had to say something to his dad.
“Dad Chelsea told me that you had been touching her peepee. Have you been touching her?”

“Why would you ask me something like that? I wouldn’t do that to her! You know better that that!” He said very defensively and looking away.

*I just really need to know if I can trust you with her. I have to believe what she tells me.”

“Son she is my favorite granddaughter and I am shocked that she would say something like that!” His dad was really nervous and uptight as he avoided looking at him.

What his dad didn’t know is that Chelsea was already sexualy active with her dad. She had been curious what it would feel like to have sex with someone else. She wanted to play with her pawpaw but she was afraid to ask him.  David was just wanted to see his dad reaction and see him sweat.

“Dad I really need to know that I can trust you with her. I need to make sure if you have sex with her that you would be gentle with her.”

“I would be very gentle with her,” he said not realizing what he said.  Then he put his head down in shame and embarrassment.  “You know what I mean son, but did I hear you right?”

“Yea dad you heard me, Chelsea wants you to. All you had to do was ask.”

“I don’t know son its been a long time since I had done anything like that.”

“Its ok dad I totally understand,  you don’t need to explain to me. ” he called Chelsea in and told her to take her clothes off. Chelsea quickly and excitedly took her uniform and cotton panties off and sat on her pawpa lap.

He was speechless and seemed terrified.  Slowly he started touching her leg going up to her small plump white pinkish bald pussy . Chelsea was giddy with excitement and laid her head on his chest. Her pawpaw touched her pussy for a few minutes.  He was admiring her young Innocence and beauty.  Chelsea was moaning and giggling from his touch. He put her in his arms and got up from the couch.  He took her down to the guest room and put her on the bed.  David just followed and sat in the armchair watching the show unfold in front of him.

His dad was running his hands all over Chelsea small body giving her a light massage and kisses all over. He had her roll over onto her stomach on a pillow. Her pure plump white ass was up in the air in a vulnerable pose. He put his face between her ass cheeks and started to kiss and lick her asshole.

“Oh pawpaw that feels so good,  don’t stop” Chelsea said exasperated.

His dad was really enjoying tasting her and he slowly inserted his finger in her tight ass.  Chelsea gasped as his finger penetrated her.  She raised her ass up as he fingered her and after a few minutes he put another finger in.
Finally He got up took his pants and boxers off. His 7 inch curved cock was very erect.  He got on top of her and  slid his cock between her ass cheeks rubbing it back and forth against her butt hole. Chelsea was getting really excited. She was breathing fast and moaning. She felt the warmth of his cock against her and she was getting excited. She hugged a pillow hard with anticipation.  Her pawpaw gave her kisses as he rubbed his cock up and down slowly. David was getting horny and hard watching Chelsea get molested by his dad. He saw his daughter tense up when his dad cock would touch her asshole.
After some time his dad said, “I am going to push it in sweetie.”

Chelsea didn’t say anything just nodded her head yes and gripped the pillow harder. He held his cock in place and proceeded to push it in her small ass.  She tightened up as he was trying to push it in.  The head of his cock slipped in and he stopped when he heard her squeal and scream into the pillow.  She slowly raised her ass up towards him making his cock go in more.

“God you are so amazing.  Its so tight. Take a deep breath ok.” As he pushed his cock all the way in her. She screamed again as the tears stained her cheeks and pillow. He stopped for a few seconds, as he felt his cock was wrapped in a vice grip and he didn’t want to cum yet. After he calmed down a bit he slowly fucked her in the ass. Chelsea was crying softly but grunting in pleasure.

David admired his daughter strength and seeing his dad cock disappear into her, stretching her asshole wide. He watched his dad give her slow gentle thrusts just like he said he would.  His dad pushed it in all the way in again and  he came hard as he screamed out profanities from the release.  Chelsea felt her pawpaw cock go all the way in her as he flooded her bowels with his hot cum. She squealed from the pleasure.  He pulled out of her and fell onto the bed exhausted leaving Chelsea gaping with a huge cream pie.

Chelsea got up and laid next to her pawpaw shaky and out of breath.  She reached over and grabbed  his wet and leaking cock. She started to slowly stroking his cock with her hand. He moaned as she was stroking him getting his cock hard again and draining the left over cum from his cock. Once his cock was hard again she got on top and straddle him. She put her wet pussy against his hard cock. She pushed down against him and started to rub her pussy up and down his shaft. He was lost in the moment and was enjoying the pleasure she was giving him.

“Its my turn ok.” She said softly as she leaned forward putting her hands on his chest as she pushed his cock in her tiny pussy biting her lip as it slipped in. She stopped for a second when it was half way in her.  trying to catch her breath and give her time to get use to his size opening her up. She adjusted herself and pushed it in. She rode and fucked him good pushing it deep in her.

He was in shock and surprised that his cock was in her pussy.  “Oh my God!
Oh my God! don’t stop sweetie!” As he grabbed her hips pulling her down onto his cock and thrusting his hips every time she came down on him.

David was ecstatic and extremely excited watching his dad fuck his daughter. He was so hard seeing his dad deep in her tiny pussy.  He pulled his cock out and started stroking it slowly.

His dad and Chelsea were fucking so  passionately and were enjoying each other with every thrust.  David was so elated and sexualy aroused from watching them fuck. Within in minutes his dad pushed his cock deep in her pussy and he came hard again.

Chelsea collapsed onto his chest breathing fast and moaning.  She rolled off him, sweating, breathing hard and shaking.  David couldn’t hold back anymore and he got up and grabbed her legs pulling her to the edge of the bed.  He raised her legs up onto him and she pushed her hips up towards him.  He quickly penetrated her wet cum filled tight pussy and fucked her good pushing his cock deep and hard in her.

“Oh daddy fuck me harder!” she said to him as she raised herself up to him.

He could feel her pussy pulsate and tighten up around his cock when he pushed it in balls deep cumming in her. He pulled out watching his cock slide out with the cum mixture  coming out from her gaping and swollen pussy. He collapsed back into the armchair exhausted and relaxed. His daughter laid on her side falling asleep and humming from the intense pleasure she was feeling.

“Son we definitely needed that.  She is huge  blessing and you taught her well!” As he laid there exhausted.

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