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To be used and bred by man

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Boys and girls have different purposes in life, things they are born to do, I found out my purpose when I was 13 years old.

Dad picked me up as normal after school, I got in to his truck and we began to drive home, there was nothing unusual about it, but then we stopped at a stop sign and I remember my dad taking something out of the glove box and then pressing it against my face, he held my head so I couldn’t move and I slowly started to feel foggy, my vision went blurry, my body went numb and I passed out.

My vision was still a little blurry when I finally woke up, as my vision cleared and I could feel my body again, I realised that I was naked, and I couldn’t move, I was sitting on a wooden chair in our basement, my legs were tied and my arms were tied behind me, I couldn’t speak, there was something in my mouth, it was holding my mouth wide open.

Then I heard voices approaching from behind me, my dad and 10 of his friends, who I knew, all gathered in front of me, and to my shock they were all naked, even my dad.

All of them were like uncles to me, I had known them since I was a toddler, and they were really big muscular guys, like my dad they were all bouncers, they stood in front of me stroking their cocks, it didn’t take me long to figure out what was about to happen.

“Don’t be afraid, darling. This is what you were born for.” Said my dad.

They approached the chair and started rubbing their hands and cocks all over my naked body, a few poking their cocks in to my ears and rubbing them down my cheeks, one of them, his name was Phil, grabbed my head and turned it to towards him, then he bent my head backwards, he positioned his cock over my open mouth and stroked his cock faster, and then he ejaculated directly in to my mouth, I couldn’t do anything except swallow and gag on his thick spunk as it trickled down the back of my throat.

My dad was next, but he shot some up my nostril and in to my left eye before dripping the rest in to my mouth, and a few others did that same, the rest ejaculated over my tits and legs.

They untied my legs and stood me up from the chair, dad carried me over his shoulder and laid me out on my back on the pool table in the corner, Gavin, one of the men, made a joke about how many balls they could get in the middle pocket, referencing my pussy of course.

My dad pushed him out of the way, “She’s my daughter. I’m breaking her in.” he said, and then he held my legs up, perching them on to his shoulders, and I lifted my head and watched his push his cock between my legs and then thrust it hard up my pussy, he got it in first time, and it hurt like fuck, for about 30 seconds, and then there was nothing but oh my god pleasure.

I was loving dad’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I could feel how hard and long it was as it stretched out my insides, his hairy sweaty balls were banging against my ass cheeks as he thrust, and then the incredible feeling of warmth as he ejaculated in to me with all his might.

I was actually a bit disappointed that it was over, but then Gavin stepped up and pushed his cock inside me, I was relieved, I wanted more of what I just felt and was happy for him to pound me hard, the harder the better.

One by one they all took their turn and fucked me for nearly an hour on the pool table.

Uncle Phil then picked me up, forced me to kneel on the floor and then he bent me over the seat of the chair, he got on his knees behind me and pushed his cock up my ass hole, I moaned with pleasure as his long cock slid up my poo tube, he squeezed and slapped my ass hard as he fucked.

Eventually they untied me and removed the thing from my mouth, my jaw was so numb.

“How are you feeling, darling?” asked my dad.

“Great!” I replied, I was loving it, getting my body fucked and abused by cocks was the best thing that could have ever happened to me, “More. I want more.” I begged.

They gladly gathered around me in a circle and I jerked and sucked them all off, I kept wishing I had more hands and mouths, so many big yummy cocks but not enough hands and holes.

My virgin body got more cock in those few hours than the average girl does in her entire lifetime, it was incredible.

My dad explained to me that he and his friend did the same thing to their daughters when they were 13 and I was the latest one to come of age so it was my turn.

The following weekend 3 of my dad’s friends brought their daughters over, they were 13, 14 and 16 years old, and the four of us spent all day and night Saturday pleasuring 11 big horny cocks, Jessie, the eldest, was already about 4 months pregnant at the time.

Dad said he’s hoping to get me bred as quickly as possible, and I can’t wait.

They believe that girls exist to pleasure them and to bear their children, and after taking so many cocks, and absolutely loving it, I agree.

That is my purpose in life, it’s so simple and exactly how it should be, I will be educating other girls and getting them to understand that it is their duty to be used and bred by man.

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    Hope some of you get captured and tortured until you beg for your execution

  • Reply Bob ID:1dhffk0nfpyp

    Good girl. You r so right. Girls were made for our pleasure.

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    Mmm yes this is 150% true. Women exist to take sperm in their cunts – whether for the pleasure of men or to breed is irrelevant all women should be trained that if a man wants to use your fuckhole to dump a load in you immediately present that fuckhole for use. Women that don’t understand that should be raped until they do.
    I don’t only understand that but have embraced it. My current record is 17 different dicks fucking my cunt in one day. Actively trying to beat that record

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