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Young Pretty Wife Gets Drugged And Raped By Old Man Part 2

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My wife is raped again by old ugly Harvey and a few of his old black friends.

This is part two of the story of how my beautiful innocent 23 year old brunette wife was drugged and raped by a old ugly man named Henry and later raped by two old rough looking black men. This all started by Henry who was traveling through our town in a old run down RV, which had given him mechanical problems so he decided to camp out in a parking lot of a closed down office complex that just happened to be behind our home. My wife and I befriended Henry, but Henry was a old perverted man who had a great interest in my young wife. What I thought was a friendship with Henry, turned into a real nightmare for me and later for my wife. What little did I know, was this old man’s dirty plans for my wife, and how he planned on blackmailing me, by videoing my wife’s rape by him, after I agreed to let him drug and use my wife for his sexual pleasure. Henry then used these videos and pictures of him raping my unconscious wife, to blackmail me into letting him have two of his old black friends rape my wife, while she was drugged and unconscious.and also, his black friends who raped her while she was drugged and unconscious. Henry also made videos of this, and he now had enough videos of my young innocent wife exposed taking his old cock and his black old friends cocks in her pretty hairy pussy to blackmail me good for what he wanted.

It was now Sunday morning and my groggy wife woke up from being drugged and raped by three of these men just a few hours earlier. My wife had no idea other than being sore between her legs that she had been raped. She had no idea that she had been videod having her innocent body used by these three old perverted men. My wife had no idea that she had these three old perverted men’s sperm shot into her warm hairy pussy.

I was now wondering what Henry had planned for my wife and I today because he told me that if I wouldn’t let him come back to my house and use my wife again that he would show her what I did by drugging her and letting him and his black friend’s fuck her.

Later that day my wife was outside on our patio and Henry walked over to my house from his old broken down RV. I saw him coming over so I immediately walked outside with my wife. Old perverted Henry had a sinister looking smile on his face as he sat down across from my wife. He looked at my wife and he said that she sure was a nice looking woman and he bluntly asked her if she would like to have sex with him right in front of me. My wife looked at him and became very mad and said what kind of women do you think that I am, asking me that in front of my husband. He said that he bet that she was good in bed, as he grabbed his crotch. My wife got up and she said look you fucking bastard, I have no interest in ever having sex with you and you need to go back to that old RV and I don’t want to ever see you on my property again, now leave.

Old perverted Henry smiled at my wife and he said we will see about that and he walked back to the parking lot behind our house to his old broken down RV. After he left my wife looked at me and said that she didn’t want me to ever talk to that disgusting man again and for me to keep him away from our house. About twenty minutes later, while my wife was in the other room, my cell phone rang and it was Henry. He said that he really didn’t like the way my wife talked to him and the way she ran him off a little while ago. Henry told me that my wife didn’t know that she had his cum inside of her pussy and he said that the way that she had just treated him that she should have to pay for being such a bitch.

Henry said that he wanted me to drug my wife again and he had a special person that he was going to let fuck her this evening. Henry said that if I knew what was best for me to have my wife ready for him at 6:00 pm.tonight. Henry told me that he would leave the knockout drug in the bushes behind our house and to crush one tablet in her drink tonight instead of two. He said that one tablet would keep her unconscious for what he had planned for her tonight.

I went outside to the back of our property while my wife wasn’t looking, and I took the bag containing the tablet back inside of our house. It was about 5:30 and I fixed myself a mixed drink, and I asked my wife did she want one also, and she said yes. I crushed the tablet in her drink mixing it good. My wife drank her drink, and in about 20 minutes, she was totally unconscious. I called Henry and he was knocking on my door a few minutes later with his cameras and video recording equipment. He looked at my unconscious wife and he helped me carry her lifeless body back to our bedroom, placing her limp body on our bed.

Henry set up his video camera on a tripod at the end of our bed and he started removing all of my wife’s clothes until she was totally naked. Henry had brought a small leather bag with him. He opened it up and he took out four white ropes. He looked at me and he said that this disrespectful bitch is going to learn a lesson tonight. He tied my naked wife to our bed spread wide open. He stood at the end of our bed looking down at my pretty naked 23 year old brunette wife displayed on my bed. He said I am going to have to get me a quick piece from this bitch before his friends get here. Old ugly perverted Henry quickly removed his clothes and he got between my wife’s legs and he started licking her hairy open pussy. As he did this his old wreankly ass and his old gray haired balls were aimed towards me. I knew that his old grey haired balls were going to soon be emptied into my wife’s hairy pussy. After eating my wife’s pussy and rubbing his cock hard, he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my wife’s pussy and he pushed it into her balls deep called her a dirty filthy fucking whore. Henry fucked my wife very hard and rough for about 10 minutes and he grunted and groaned and I could see his old asshole winking as he filled her pussy with his white thick cum load. As soon as he pulled his old 6 inch cock out of my wife, his cum ran out and down across her asshole and onto our bed.

Henry got up off of my wife and he told me to take a rag and clean her pussy up good because his friends would be over soon. As I did this someone was knocking on my back door and Henry walked out of my bedroom and let them in my house. I was now wondering who the next friend of Henry’s was going to be, and I soon saw them as they walked into my bedroom looking down at my helpless naked wife tied spread wide open. They were black men, one was a old bald headed black man and the other was a younger black man who apparently was a retarded because he was moaning and shaking somewhat. I looked at Henry and I said do we really need to do this tonight with my wife and he said definitely so.

Henry looked at the black men and he said this is the pretty little wife lady that I was telling you about, and he looked at me and said this is her husband and he is going to let you fuck her good tonight in his bed. Henry looked at me and he said tell both of these men that you are going to let them fuck your pretty little wife and I did so, knowing he was videoing me giving them permission.

Both black men quickly removed their clothes. The young retarded man had a big fat short uncut that was already very hard. This young black man was very heavy and had very black skin, he also was definitely not the nicest looking person in the world. The other old black man was bald headed about 65 years old and he was very skinny with a rough look on his face as if he didn’t like a white person and I was right in thinking this because he looked at me and said that he was going to hurt fuck my wife tonight . This old skinny black man had a very long 12 inch uncut cock that was dangling down with it’s skin covering it’s hidden head.

The old black man looked at the retarded man and said for him to watch and learn how we treat a white bitch as he got on the bed with my wife tied under him. He got on his knees facing my wife’s face with his uncut cock hanging down he opened her mouth and he started jerking it with one of his hands in her open mouth. He then got on top of my wife’s face with his shinny black ass and he lowered his ass down onto my wife’s face rubbing his long hanging black balls over her pretty face. He then spread open his dirty puckered asshole and he started rubbing it on my wife’s nose and mouth telling her that she was an asshole licker. While he did this his 12 inch uncut cock was now getting very hard.

The old black man now hard positioned his hard cock to my wife’s pussy opening and he roughly pushed it into her balls deep calling her a white fucking whore. This old rough looking black man definitely knew how to fuck a woman like a bull. He started giving her his long cock roughly and fast. Grinding into her left and right in a bow hog grinding fashion. His long hanging black balls were pelting my wife’s asshole with his every stroke. As he did this the young black retarded boy was bending over looking at the old man’s long black uncut cock jabbing away in my wife’s hairy pussy. The retarded man was jerking his stiff hard 6 inch fat cock as he looked at my pretty wife being used and abused.

Henry told me to stand up and take my clothes off and stand at the head board of our bed and say to the camera that I wanted both of these black men to cum in my wife’s pussy and I had no choice but to do as I was told. The old black man fucked my wife for over 30 minutes until he grunted and groaned and he filled my wife’s hairy pussy with his vile load of white cum.

This old black man got off of my wife and he got dressed and he left my house leaving the retarded man now for my wife. Henry looked at me and he said look at him holding the video camera and say what he wanted me to say. I looked at the camera and I told the black retarded man that he could fuck my wife now. The fat retarded man groaned and shaking got on top of my wife with his big black heavy body and he put pushed his stiff hard 6 inch cock into my wife’s hairy pussy. This big black retarded man had a big black ass and he had big black legs. If I had to guess he probably weighed well over 350 lbs. or more. My wife on the other hand, only weighs about 120 lbs.lying underneath this fat man. The retarded man was moaning and never spoke a understandable word, he only moaned as he fucked my innocent wife. I couldn’t see his fat cock because I was at the head of the bed . Henry told me to start jerking off my cock because in a few minutes my wife would find out what a dirty bastard I was by letting him and this ugly retarded black man fuck my wife.

As Henry said that, I looked down at my unconscious wife’s face and I saw her opening her eyes and she was starting to come to. This was the reason Henry only gave me one tablet to drug my wife instead of two tablets. He knew that my wife would only be unconscious for 3 hours instead of all night long as before. I looked at Henry and I said why are you doing this, knowing now that my wife was going to see me in our bedroom naked watching this retarded black man fucking my wife. The retarded black man was humping my wife very hard, as he did this he was bitting and sucking on her small B-cup tits. He then looked at my wife as she opened her eyes wide open and started screaming as she looked at this big black man on top of her fucking her very hard. The retarded black man started kissing my wife on her lips as she moved her head back and forth trying to get away from him. My wife was pulling on her arm tied to the bedpost and trying to close her tied spread legs, but there was no use. Henry looked at my frightened wife who was now starting to cry and he said look at me bitch and you said that I was never going to fuck you shaking his old white 6 inch cock and balls at her. He looked over at me at the head of the bed and he told my wife to look back at me fully naked and with a shameful look on my face knowing that my ass was in a no win situation now. My crying wife said help me please help me. I looked at my wife and I said that I was sorry. My wife was very confused and really didn’t know what was going on at the time.

Henry told me to move to the side of the bed and look at my wife’s face as she received this black retarded man’s cum load. As I walked around the side of the bed my wife’s face Henry told me to tell my wife that I loved her and I wanted to see this black retarded man empty his big black balls into her, and I reluctantly said exactly what he wanted me to say. It was at this moment the retarded black man moaned and groaned and he released his sperm in my wife’s hairy pussy. The black retarded man pulled his short stubby fat cock out of my wife and her pussy was oozing the thick white load of cum down over her asshole and onto our bed sheets. The retarded man got up off the bed and he went into our bathroom and washed his cock and he came back into our bedroom and he looked down at my wife still oozing his load and he pointed and groaned grabbing at his shrinking cock.

Henry standing fully naked, looked at my crying wife and he said tonight is only beginning you miserable fucking whore. He looked at my wife and he said that he had me drug her so that he could fuck her along with a few of his friends. He said I have videos and many photos of old ugly black men raping your white ass while you were unconscious and drugged. If you and your husband don’t do exactly as I want from you. I promise you that I will expose these photos to your friends, neighbors and your employer. Henry said that you gave me the cold shoulder when I was trying to be nice to you and see if you would have an interest in having sex with me, and you turned into a bitch. He said that you young pretty woman think that a old man like me doesn’t need pussy, but we do. He said now I am going to make you give me what I want. Henry got on top of my wife straddling her upper body with his limp 6 inch cock in her face. Henry looked at my wife with tears in her eyes and he said get busy bitch. My wife moved her face away from his old soft cock and he grabbed my wife by her brunette hair holding her face to his crotch and he hollered, suck my cock now you fucking whore.

My wife opened her mouth and she put the head of Henry’s cock in her mouth and she started sucking it for him. My wife looked at me standing naked by the bed and she gave me a mean dirty look as she sucked Henry’s old cock. Henry then lifted his body up above my wife’s face and he squatted over her face with his old grey haired balls hanging down and he ordered my wife to lick his balls for him. My wife took her tongue and ran it around his old musty balls. Henry then moved a little further up above my wife’s face and he spread his wreankly ass cheeks wide open and he ordered her to tongue fuck his asshole. My wife reluctantly but after a few hard pinches to her stiff nipples finally stuck her tongue deep in Henry’s puckered asshole Old perverted Henry looked at me and he said your pretty little wife is not so pure now. This bitch is doing exactly what a bitch like her should be doing and that is licking out my shitty asshole. After several minutes having his dirty asshole licked he then put his very hard cock in my wife’s mouth and he said make me cum bitch and you had better swallow my load bitch. My wife sucked his old cock until he grunted and groaned releasing his cum in her mouth, as he did this he squeezed her nipples hard telling her to swallow every drop, which she did.

I was standing by the bed and my balls were aching from watching my wife used by this. I now knew that my marriage to my wife was going to be over after this, and I was very turned on and for some reason Henry looked at me and he said to me as he got off of my wife, I bet you would like to fuck your wife one more time before she devorces you after this. Henry told me to get on top of my wife and start fucking her I looked at my wife with a very angry look on her face and I did what Henry said. My cock was already very hard and I got between my wife’s tied open legs and I pushed it deep in her very loose cum filled pussy and I started humping her. As I did this I told my wife that I was sorry about what I had done and she looked to the side of the bed and didn’t answer me.

Henry took the camera and took several photos of me with my 6 inch cock in her pussy humping her. Henry told me to tell my wife that I wanted her to fuck more black men and let them fill her pussy with cum. I hesitated and I said what he wanted to my wife. As I said I want you to fuck more black men I started cumming in my wife’s pussy. I then got off of my wife and the young fat black retarded man was standing beside the bed grunting and pointing at my wife holding his stiff hard cock. I got off the bed and Henry looked at my wife and he said suck the retarded boys black cock you filthy whore and do it good for him. The young fat retarded black man strattled my tied down wife’s face, and he shook his stiff black cock in her face grunting and moaning until my wife opened her mouth and she put his black cock in her mouth and she started sucking it for him. This fat retarded black man looked like a big black blob with his big black ass resting on my thin wife’s white body. It didn’t take very long before this black retarded man shot his load in my wife’s mouth, so much that she started choking on it and coughing some of it out of her mouth.

Old perverted Henry looked at my wife still tied to our bed and he said that he was going to untie her and she had better behave and do exactly what he said or she would regret it. Henry untied my wife’s arms and her legs. He then looked at my wife and he said now I am going to fuck you in your asshole bitch so get on your knees bitch. My wife was begging for him not to do this to her. Henry looked at me and said have I ever had my cock in her asshole before and I said no. Henry got behind my wife and he asked me if I had any lube and I gave him the tube of lube. Henry rubbed a ample amount on his hard cock and a generous portion on my wife’s asshole and he with no warning quickly and roughly shoved his of stiff cock balls deep in her asshole as she screamed very loud. Henry grabbed my wife’s brunette hair and he fucked her arched up body very fast and furious until he grunted and groaned releasing his load deep up her asshole as she screamed in pain.

Henry pulled his shrinking cock out of my wife and he asked the black retarded man if he wanted his turn at my wife’s gapped open asshole and he got behind my wife and he pushed his fat black cock deep in my wife’s asshole fucking her for several minutes until he moaned and released his hot loud up my wife’s asshole.

Henry said that he was through with my wife now and he had this video and the earlier videos of my wife taking black cock while she was unconscious. He said that if either one of us ever thought about reporting this to the police that he would show our friends, employer and our relatives these photos and videos of my wife being a whore. He and the retarded boy got dressed and they left my house. When they left, my wife told me to pack my bags because she didn’t want to be in the same house with me anymore. I did what she said. The next day I noticed that the RV was now gone from the parking lot behind our house. I never saw Henry again after this night, but a few weeks after this he called me and wanted my address to send me a copy of my wife being raped by him and his black friends. My wife and I got a divorce after this. My wife also got pregnant from one of the black men and I found out later that she had a baby boy who was half black and he was retarded also. This more than likely was the younger black retarded man’s child that he put in my now ex-wife’s hairy pussy.

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