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Father Daughter Bond

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When she turned 13 she became a bitch and teased me with her slutty clothes, so one day I just barged in to her room and fucked her good and hard.

Being a father to a teenage daughter in this day and age isn’t easy, it was better when she was younger, she always looked up to me, treated me with respect, I was her hero and she absolutely adored me.

As soon as she turned 13 all that seemed to just crumble away in an instant, I went from being “Daddy” to “Asshole”, she never listens to anything I say, treats me like I’m ruining her life, talks to me with absolute contempt, and has turned from a little princess in to a right royal bitch.

She threw out all her clothes and bought slutty outfits, for months I’ve been telling her not to wear short skirts, low cut tops and thongs, bloody hell, she may as well just wrap her crotch in dental floss, she walks around the house in skirts that barely cover her crotch, I can see her ass cheeks, her pussy and her cleavage, she leaves nothing to a boys perverted imagination.

I’ve told her that by wearing such provocative clothing she’s asking for trouble, she wouldn’t listen, I told her to stop wearing them, she wouldn’t listen, I told her it was inappropriate, she wouldn’t listen.

I’m her father but I’m also a warm blooded man, and having to see her parade her smoking hot body in such a revealing way around the house every single day is driving me insane, I’ve tried to ignore it, I try not to look, I take cold showers to wash it from my mind, but nothing works, she keeps giving me erections.

Last weekend her mom and brother were out in town shopping, I was in the kitchen making myself a late breakfast when she came downstairs and walks in the kitchen in her underwear, and only her underwear, she came down to put her school uniform in the washer, when she bent over to throw it in the machine, I got one hell of an eye full, “Stacey! – for fuck sake do you have to walk around like that.” I grunted.

She turned around, put her hands on her hips, stuck out her tongue at the side her mouth, smiled, brushed her long hair back with her hand, giving me a full frontal view of all her goodies, “Yep.” She replied, in a very cheeky tone before walking away with a giggle, she knew she was annoying me.

I was sitting at the breakfast table eating some cereal and trying to forget about the way she looked and praying for my erection to go away, but it wouldn’t go away, she got me really worked up, sexually, I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to have her.

I raced up the stairs and barged through her bedroom door, she was still in her underwear and sitting on her bed texting on her phone, “What do you want?!” she asked.

I stood in the doorway glaring at her, when I didn’t answer her she got up, stormed towards me, she put her hand on my shoulder and tried to push me out of her room, “Get lost.” She said, that’s when I slammed the door closed, I threw my arms around her and pushed my lips to hers.

She dropped her phone on the floor and maneuverer her hands to push me off of her, “Dad, what the fuck?!” she shouted, her complaining only made me want her more.

I picked her up and tossed her on her to her bed, then I crawled on top of her pinning her down, first I tore off her bra and then squeezed her tits in my hands before sucking on her perky little nipples, like a baby breastfeeding, she fought me some more, hitting me with her hands, “Get off me!”.

“SHUT UP!!!” I yelled, my voice scared her and she fell silent.

I pulled off her little thong, then I took off my t-shirt, pants and boxer shorts, her eyes widened and she gasped when my huge hard cock sprung in to her field of view, I held her arms down at the wrists and I dropped my face between her legs and tasted her pussy, it was deliciously fresh and juicy, she groaned with arousal as I ate her out and fucked her with my long tongue.

I was enjoying my meal but my cock was gagging for a piece of her, I held her legs by the ankles and lifted them up in to the air together, her plump little pussy was squished between her legs, “Get ready for daddy’s cock, baby-girl.” I said, then I pulled her legs apart, stretching them all the way out like she was doing the splits.

I shuffled forward, guided my cock to her crack and then pushed with all the power of my hips, “Aarrgh!” she screamed loudly, as my cock penetrated her virgin pussy and entered her body.

I was so horny I couldn’t be bothered taking it slow and easy, I just pounded her pussy, really ramming my cock in and out of her, I released her legs and then fell, wrapping themselves around me as I leaned down on top of her, her soft tits cushioned my stomach as I pressed our bodies together and fucked her good and hard like only a father could.

I had my arms cradling her pretty little head, she was tiny compared to me, I watched my cock sliding in and out of her, and I looked at her face, her eyes were closed tight and her mouth was wide open as she groaned and gasped through the pleasure and pain, I’d never loved her more.

“Isn’t this why you’ve been dressing the way you have around me. Why you keep flashing your body at me. You wanted daddy to fuck you, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Ungh – Ungh”

“You wanted this didn’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah – ungh.”

“Tell me. Tell me you want this.” I said.

“I wanted this.” She groaned, “I want you, daddy.” She said.

“Yeah…” I said, fucking her faster and harder, she had the tightest little pussy I’d ever fucked, “…Who loves you, baby-girl?” I asked.

“Daddy.” She groaned, then she had her first orgasm, she screamed the house down and opened her eyes and looked at me, “Oh daddy!” she screamed.

Hearing her tell me she wanted me and hearing her call me daddy brought me to climax, I ejaculated, forcing my cock as deep in to her hole as my balls would allow, I filled her with my fatherly seed and I can honestly say I had never come so hard before.

When it was over I brushed her sweaty hair off her face and gave her a lovers kiss, “Are you alright, baby-girl?” I asked, she was still my daughter, I had to make sure she was alright.

“Yes, daddy.” She replied.

“You know I love you, don’t you. Daddy loves you very much.” I said.

She smiled at me, “Yes, daddy.” She said, then she hugged me, it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting after she originally tried to fight me off, but I wasn’t complaining.

We both got dressed, for once she didn’t wear her slutty clothes, and I took her out for ice-cream, we found a secluded spot and sat down and had a talk, she apologised for being so horrible to me and for flashing her body around the house.

She didn’t expect me to fuck her, but she said that she really enjoyed it.

So now we fuck every weekend when her mom and brother go out and we have a new special father daughter bond.

If you have a teenage daughter who treats you like shit and dresses like a slut, just fuck her, she’ll thank you for it, and you’ll really enjoy it.

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    I came back to my story, to mention it’s fake, couldn’t you tell by my writing style? Like, no one actually writes like this, because realistically no one would say yes, and also you guys in the comments assaulted your kids.

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