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Jacking Off For My 10yr old Step Daughter

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How I started jacking off nightly in front of my young step daughter.

We lived in a ranch style house that had 2 living rooms one of which my wife and I used as our bedroom.
My wife worked nights and didn’t arrive home from work until 3am 6 nights a week.So I had very little sex with my wife due to this.Most nights I would wait till my step daughter was in bed sleeping then watch a little porn and Jack off before I went to bed.
This was a Saturday night and my daughter wasn’t going to bed as usual and I was extremely horny wanting to cum bad.My daughter is only 10 but she is already developing very nice sized breast and hips.She had just came from her shower wearing a white tank top and pink basketball shorts.The way she was laying on the couch I could see up her short an almost make her pussy lips, she very obviously didn’t have any panties on,the very reason I was getting so horny.
As we sat and watched TV she would wiggle around giving me different angles to view sometimes her tit most times a look between her spread legs.I had convinced myself she was doing this on purpose.
I started to imagine I get up go over to her pull the shorts to the side and jackoff on her pussy.I was so hard I knew if I stroked my cock I would cum so quick.
This went on for about and hour and I had loads of pre cum in my boxers I really needed to cum.I tried so hard to build up the nerve to just pull my cock out and shot a load right there in front of her but I just couldn’t.
So finally I decide I’ll just go to my bedroom and lay on the bed and jackoff real quick.Like I said our bedroom was actually a 2nd living room so there is no door , just a big open entry way with a curtain for a door.So I say as I walk off ill be right back OK sis gotta take care of something real quick in the bedroom.She said OK hurry the movie is about to end .
So I get in the room pull down my shorts and boxers,grad a hand towel from the laundry basket lay back close my eyes and start stroking .The whole time I’m thinking of my 10yr step daughter and what I had seen.I had not been stroking maybe 25 good stroke and I hear the floor creek , I was so close to coming no way I was stopping.I barley open my eyes and to my surprise I see my step daughter staring straight at my cock , her eyes wide , she was about 2 feet away, and I’m on the edge of shotting a huge load of cum.I didn’t say a word I had no clue what to say.Shes 10 and has never seen a dick let alone the way she is seeing her very 1st look at one.
It seemed like time stopped, I kept stroking knowing I should grab a blanket and cover up but the erotic feeling of seeing my 10 Yr old daughter watch me jackoff would not let me stop.My cock was feeling so good , I had huge tingles all over my body,I could feel my balls tighten and there was no way I wasn’t going to shot this load right in front of her.
My cock exploded shooting the 1st shot all the way over my head onto the bed,then a long stream came next laying a diagonal line all the way across my chest.Spurt after spurt it just kept coming, the best orgasm I had ever had.The light wasn’t on but the light coming from the dinning room gave off enough light I knew she could see all the cum gushing from my throbbing cock.
After 8 good hard spurts of cum the slow drizzle ended my orgasm with cum all over my chest,my hand,and my cock.I had no clue what to say.I couldn’t speak.I just laid there holding my now soft cum covered cock hoping she would say something, ask me something , anything, but to my surprise she just turned around and walked off.I was terrified I knew I was for sure gonna be divorced and maybe even in jail.
After she left my room I cleaned up got the cum off me and the bed and changed into some sweat pants.I knew I had to go see what damage I had done and how this could be explained to her and eventually her mom.
I finally build up the courage to walk back into the living room and see what happens next.As I walk into the room my daughter is back laying on the couch legs open again watching the movie.As I sat down in my chair she looked over at me and giggled a very small giggle and covered her face.For some reason this gave me some needed relief of the trouble I may be in.So I decided to try find out if she liked what she watched.
So I ask , why are you covering your face sis, what’s wrong.I thought to myself I need to cover my ass and give a reason why I did what I did.I said to her. Sis I had my eyes closed I didn’t know you came into my room if I had known you was there I would not have been doing what I was I’m sorry OK.She peeked between her fingers , let out another small giggle then said its OK.I was shocked and surprised my 10 Yr old step daughter just watched me jack off and she said it’s OK.
She sat up moved her hands where I could now see she was smiling and looked very happy.I couldn’t help but notice her nipples were hard as rocks which to my cock delight made my cock start to get hard again.She ask me what I did and why I did it.So I really had no choice I explained to her its how a guy pleasures himself with the best tingle feeling there is.I said when a guy sees a pretty girl that is sexy his dick will get hard and that’s how guys make it go back soft and it feels really good .She giggles and is red in the face rocking back and forth a little looking at so intrigued.
So I build up the nerve and ask, are you going to tell your Mom what you seen?She giggled again covering her face saying nothing.So I ask again are gonna say anything to Mommy?My worry of yrouble was now 100% back but it wouldn’t last long, she ever so slightly shook her head no.What a relief I had jacked off in front of my 10yr old daughter and she’s not telling.My cock is back full rock hard again and my daughters nipples are about to rip the tank top open she’s wearing.So now my courage is huge and I decided to ask he , did you like what you watched me do.Another giggle , actually a couple giggles then a nod yes she liked seeing her step dad jackboff.
My cock is about to explode again and pre cum is pouring out the head of my cock.My next question was the beginning of what would become an almost nightly obsession for me and my 10yr old step daughter. I had courage in truck loads now so I ask her , do you want to see me do it again?More giggles and the nod yes.I said do you want me to it right now, more giggles and the nod yes.
So now I’m even more excited then when I had done it the first time.I reach down pull my sweats down to my knees and slowly start stroking.I say move your hands sissy and watch.She slowly peeks threw her fingers , giggles , then moves her hands with a huge smile and seems her eyes straight on my cock.
It took maybe 10 good strokes and shot cum all over myself.She never looked away and she had the biggest smile on her face.That night I jacked off 5 times with my 10yr old step daughter watching me the best orgasms I ever had.
My wife and I divorced when her daughter was 14.I had great sex with my wife I would always think of my step daughter while fucking her Mom and cum huge loads .So after the divorce I never seen my step daughter again , after 4 years of jacking off in front of her I still get aroused and Jack off to other thing we did in that 4 years which is several other stories.
A little teaser of what could come next if you all want more, yes I started fingering and eating out my daughter.Let me know in comments if you want more

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  • Reply Daddy ID:16kwcd1vubz1

    Your stories are great. I like knowing you had jack off writing them. Squirting cum on little girls is one of the best feelings. When I jackoff on my daughters they said they feel special. Since my 5 year old is too young to fuck I ejaculate rope after rope of cum on her little chest and Belly. When we are in public I put the head of my dick against her bald little pussy and squirt in her 5 year old pussy and all over her pussy lips then make her pull her panties back up and continue the day with daddy’s cum covering her cute little cunt.

    • little jane ID:1enhzxwsqxz7

      More, please.

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      Would love to join you with that fuck that’s hot

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  • Reply sexygirl ID:4bn00en3fia

    fuck m

  • Reply Jenicamiller73 ID:1d2wjxs9fqot

    I loved it with my brother jacked off in front of me

  • Reply NawtyGrandad ID:576cs2oik

    That moment between terror and ecstasy when you screw up your nerve and push the fears way way back never leaves no matter how many “first times” with a young girl occur. Loved your description, your reaction AND hers utterly authentic! Can’t wait for the next chapter. … Oh I’m late to this party, you already posted it!
    Or nawtygrandad proton.me

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      I have several stories not just of the jacking off in front of Helena.I just finished one I think it’s titled Cumming on my 6yr niece pussy .It sent but not published yet watch for it it’s pretty erotic and very descriptive hahah Glad you like the stories .

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Don’t stop send more ,sounds like my husband jerking of around my daughter’s.

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      I would love to have you and your daughter

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Keep reading the story Emma , there is chapter coming up that will introduce Helenas Mom into the story.Let me just say my ex wife use to ask me when I eating out her pussy she would say erotic things about young girls and how she was touched by her neighbor when she was 11.Chapter 3 comes out tomorrow and i tell how I watched Helena use the tub faucet to reach an orgasm and no she didn’t know I was watching.Would love to hear the story of your husband jacking in front of your girls.

    • Wen6123 ID:16nz5ozrzyw4

      I’d love to jerk off for her. Or she could help me.

    • Gina ID:1dej4fur26xb

      Emma, it is so hot that your husband jerks off around your daughters. My daddy did it to me all of the time. Would love to share stories with you

  • Reply Greg G. ID:tiupfn8l

    Great story! Very believable. Maybe that’s just because I had a similar experience, although there are quite a few differences. First, it just happened one time but I jerked off countless times thinking about it. Long story short(er), my step-daughter was 13 and her mom was almost never there (work). One time this girl her age was spending the night with her but it was only me and those two, which I’m pretty sure her parents (rightly) would have disapproved of. I wasn’t looking forward to two young girls monopolizing my time all weekend so that first night I laid down some rules: they stay on their side of the house and I’d stay on mine. Needless to say, that made them think I was doing something interesting that they weren’t privy to and wouldn’t leave me alone. At one point, we ended up back in her bedroom which is where they were supposed to have been. We talked and carried on for hours. At one point, the girlfriend said her boyfriend sent her a picture of him jerking off. They acted like it was the grossest thing they ever heard of but didn’t change the topic. Somehow, I have no idea how, the talk eventually turned toward my step-daughter saying she had never seen that and the girlfriend saying I should show her. “Hell no!”, was my response to that idea. She kept on then my step-daughter joined in. I still said there was no possible way. Then they convinced me that they only wanted to look at it, not me actually jerking off. Against my better judgment, I stuck my cock out for a second and said “There. Now you’ve seen it. Shut up about it.” Then they said they wanted to see it hard. Again I declined but eventually caved in. But I told them that it wasn’t going to get hard just for no reason and the girlfriend suggested my step-daughter strip. She said no way. Then they agreed to take their pants off and sit on the bed in their panties. Which they did. To wind this long story up, I eventually did jerk off right in front of them.

  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    Thanks for the awesome comments.This is going to be a several chapter stories as there is to much to tell in one story.
    To give a brief of what’s to come in the next few weeks.
    Our serial relationship bloomed into i show you,you show me with some great jacking off and fingering going on.A lot of mutual side by side orgasm,cum on her pussy an nice A cup titties.And the day I loved the most she finally jacks me off on to her pussy.Stay tuned I’m writing chapter 2 today.

    • Anonymous 696969 ID:7pqjf5vk0i

      Your story got my cock so hard I’m jacking off right now

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dr1kwx1dgar

    Perfect age as approaching puberty between 9 and 11 are the most perfect ages. So many times I had baby sat for friends with this very scenario playing out even with my own daughter and our daughter. They are so curious and are literally drawn to the scent of cum and a fat cock. From the first grip of a hard adult cock with their lil hands they are completely hooked with the natural sexual desires and urges kicking in very strong.
    I am completely in love with a 14 year old soon to be 15 and I can not stop thinking about her. Age does not mater if two people love each other and get along so well. Sure it will be difficult because of the societal brainwashing of our society but we are very much in love and with a lil hard work well will have an amazing relationship for many years to cum.

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Wow,you should write about the experience and give detailes.I would love know the look on there faces when you came.Helena loved watching me cum someday I would jack off as many as times but only if Helena ask me to.Every time was so erotic.There is something about knowing a little girl is seeing cum just makes me hard.Ill have several chapters to this story , chapter 3 is one you won’t want to miss.I tell the story of how Helena knew to use the tub faucet to get herself off,and also in chapter 3 will be the first time Helena shows me her tits.Tell your story I wanna hear it.

  • Reply Watchdog ID:5unq5vk9zm

    Awesome story! More is welcum.

    • Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt


  • Reply matt ID:eytui5y8z5t

    don’t stop now

  • Reply Popcorn 's boss ID:1crn4prpgusk

    More… Great start… Maybe a 14 year old come to find Daddy

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Just keep watching for more stories this went on for 4 yea4s and the last few months got really good and yes Helena was 14 by then.

  • Reply Mike Johnson ID:1cr2gl2blbqd

    Oh my God yes please tell me more. Being a pedophile and listening to your story has truly truly turn me on

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Glad you like it Mike.There will be at least 10 chapters in this saga I hope you have some cum shots.

    • [email protected] ID:sgxjn2hm

      Young pussy, I would love to hear all about it.