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A walk in the park

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A story between a mom and her boy going on a walk

Thomas was a young boy at 10 years old only he was a special young boy, in the sense that his penis was 12 inches long and as thick as a soda can. He lived with his mom who was 45 years old and had a large voluptuous bottom with gorgeous brunette hair and green eyes contrasted by the blonde hair and blue eyes her son got from his dad.

One morning Thomas woke up seriously hard and tried wrapping both hands around his large erection and stroking just like mommy taught him, that’s when Thomas’ mom opened his bedroom door and greeted him. “Good morning sweetie! Oh, do you need help with that?” He nodded yes and she walked over and wrapped her hands around his penis over his hands. “You know you don’t have to stroke it. I can take care of it” and Thomas let go of his penis while Mommy stroked him.

“After you’re calm I want you to get ready for the day and put on your shoes we are going to the park.” Thomas loved going to the park, feeling the breeze on his testicles and penis, and sometimes having Mom stroke him on a bench while he eats ice cream.

Eventually, he climaxes and erupts a large stream of his offspring across his bed soaking his sheets and a little on the top of his toy box at the foot of his bed “Awww now you seem wide awake now hehe” his mom giggled “Now let’s go” as she held his hand and lead him to the bathroom so he could brush his teeth and comb his hair.

“We can get breakfast somewhere before we go to the park so go get your shoes and meet me by the door,” his mom told him and he hopped away after rinsing off.

He sat on the floor having to scoot his penis aside so he can put his socks and shoes on then went downstairs to see his mom at the front door with a sun hat and her purse on but nothing on her body unless you count the large amount of hair hiding her vagina from view.

“Look at my baby boy all handsome and ready to go walking with mommy.” As they were walking his mom grabbed his soft penis behind the head and said “I don’t wanna lose you. I also gotta let everyone know I care about you” So being led down the street from the house they eventually reach town. Walking down the busy sidewalk he saw all kinds of women, clothed. Nude, half-dressed and all the boys that were with these women were completely nude except for shoes.

Before they reached the diner where breakfast would be served Thomas saw a boy with a penis large like his, accompanied by a nude smiling older woman except the boy’s penis didn’t have a foreskin. As they walked Thomas looked at his mom and asked her “Hey mommy why does that boy over there not have a penis like mine?”

As he pointed out his mom responded “Well sweetie he’s circumcised, it’s not a bad thing but it’s like a preference you know? Like umm,” Thomas’ mom had to think of an example “You see how mommy is wearing a sun hat and other women wear sunglasses?” Thomas looked in curiosity as his mom explained “It’s a lot like that but with penises instead of hats and glasses, both protect from the sun and both penises shoot sperm, honey.”

They continued to the front door of the diner and entered to be met with the smell of delicious breakfast food. They entered the diner and stood in line, as they waited a black woman with a large butt and nude that was accompanied by a black boy holding his mom’s hand turned around and looked at Thomas “What a fine young man you got there miss.”

Thomas’ mom smiled in response “Thank you” she said “Your son is really handsome,” both boys were totally erect before they even ordered their food, as they looked at the women from opposite races standing before them.

“What’s his name?” Thomas’ mom asked.

“James” the black mom responded.

“Wow such a handsome boy and he’s dark too.”

James’ penis looked like someone took a chocolate candy and put a cherry in it while Thomas’ penis looks like a plumb tucked into a burrito. “Well, I’m glad we met, now go ahead and order and we will go after you” Both women and boys order at the same time and eat.

Once finished the black mom and son are seen cleaning up as Thomas and his mom leave the diner to go to the park.

After Thomas and his mom left the diner they started walking down to the park. As they walked they saw a mother and a boy sitting at a bus stop, the boy had a book in his hands and his penis which was held in his mother’s hands obstructed the cover. His mom had a voluptuous build with blonde hair and the boy had a slimmer build contrasted by his penis’ wide build. They continued walking for a few more minutes when a strong gust of wind blew through the street, Thomas couldn’t help but throb a little as the air passed him “Looks like someone enjoys the outdoors” his mom teased as she squeezed a little.

By the time the park was around the corner, they saw another mom and son, both brunettes walking out of a store, the boy had a penis that dangled to his knees, and his mother wore a blue dress with brown sunglasses, he was soft and around his penis was a condom filled with sperm like a water balloon, the boy’s mother gently rolled off the condom, tied it up and tossed it in a garbage can outside the store, the boy held his mother’s hand as she grabbed her shopping bag and walked down the street with her son “Such a clean mother, making sure her son’s sperm doesn’t make a mess indoors like that” Thomas’ mother said out loud.

Finally, they reached the park and walked through the gate and saw the distant figures of women and children running through the park and lying in the grass or playing in the playground, both were eager to get closer to the party. Thomas and his mom went forward into the park, and on the way they passed a mom and son, the mother could have passed as a European model with her blonde hair, large bust, and curvy form, the son, on the other hand, was dark like chocolate with a light pink penis head wrapped in dark skin, and this penis was very very thick like a burrito and hung down to the boy’s little knees, Thomas’ mom was slightly scared as she watched the boy walk with his mom.

Eventually, they make their way past a picnic table and the women have soda cans in their hands and are holding them against the boys’ penises, some even taking photos with their phones

They kept walking and an athletic woman with ginger hair and a large firm bottom jogged past them, Thomas saw this and sprouted an erection that his mom squeezed as they walked “Did she excite you, honey?” His mom teased as they continued through the park reaching an open grassy area.

They saw several boys playing tag with their mothers. Eventually, all the boys sat down in the grass while their mothers stroked their large penises.

One exciting vision they saw was a brunette woman wearing a tight gray sweater that only exposed her curves at the bottom of a slide while a brunette boy slid down it only for the woman to catch him by the penis and start stroking him really fast with both hands

Thomas and his mom kept walking and as they walked, a boy caught Thomas’ mom’s attention. He was a small redhead boy sitting on a park bench licking a vanilla ice cream cone while his redhead mom rolled his foreskin up and down his veiny shaft while licking the head which was a pretty shade of purple, occasionally taking a small break to go and kiss each of his large testicles before coming back to lick his plump penis head. “Seems she’s enjoying her own treat,” Thomas’ mom thought, “what a cutie with a cutie!” As she stared at the freckled boy and his large penis that his mom was caring for eventually he turned and looked back, and she was hypnotized by how his orange freckles contrasted with his pale skin.

They continued walking and saw a black mother on a bench with two brunette white boys, the only thing about the boys that both Thomas and his mom could see was the testicles of each boy and their hair, the black woman seemed happy with a large smile as each boy fed from her, the woman nodded as they walked past.

Eventually, they made it back to the front of the park, in the same direction the blonde woman and black boy from earlier were walking in, Thomas and his mom found them both passed out on a picnic blanket not too far from the path, the woman was passed out with a wide gaping vagina and leaking snow-white sperm, while the boy was also passed out and rolled over next to his mom with a trail of clear fluid connecting his penis to her vaginal opening.

”That looks like it hurt,” Thomas said, “it would hurt sweetie” his mom replied.

“But why?”

“Well, sweetie it will hurt more because of the difference between them.”

Thomas then replied “Well how does it happen, Mommy? And what do you mean?”

” Honey, because he’s black his sperm is gonna affect her differently and her body will shape around his baby when it grows.” Thomas stares as his mom explains “and this happens by chance, but it happens on purpose.” Thomas observed two soda cans near them and a small brown spot in the grass “The boy was sent to get mommy and him some sodas but his foot caught that hole over there and he made a baby with her” Thomas stared and waited for his mom to stop staring as well.

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    you should have mentioned they were at a naturist site.

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    Make more stories I love them

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      I’m glad I have such an enthusiastic fan hahaha