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Lily, my little fuckdoll daughter 2

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Lily experienced her first cock and being watched by pedo daddies

Today it the weekend, and my sweet Lily is waiting in the study. Dresses in a tight pale pink zip up top, and a matching short skirt. I am setting up the computer, camcorder and monitors in preparation for a live stream that is about to take place. Once all equipments are set up, l went onto dark web and logged into a platform which allows me to live stream and create a subscription account for users to join our site. I explained to Lily what we will be doing and she obediently said yes.

I positioned my spacious office chair in front of the laptop cam, and the camcorder making sure both will capture myself and Lily, and entered the site as admin. There are already a good number of subscribers logged in as audience.

“Hello everyone, welcome to my channel. Today l will introduce my daughter to you. She is 10 years old and is being trained to be a cocksleeve for daddy. I hope you will enjoy this.”

I beckon Lily and tell her to sit on my lap with her back to me facing the audience. I am naked and I have activated microphone to allow the audience to speak to us directly.

As Lily sit on my lap, l tell her to introduce herself:
Lily (L): “Hello, my name is Lily.”
Audience (A): “How old are you sweet doll?”
L: “I am 10”
A: “Oh good, such a perfect age…..how long have you been letting your daddy play with you?”
L: “A few months since l turned 10, after my birthday.”

As she is answering questions from the audience made up of men lusting after preteen girls, l am teasing her body. l stretch open her legs, showing to the audience her puffy pink virgin pussy, slick with her arousal. Her head is resting on my shoulder accepting her daddy taking charge. I move my hands to her titties, squeezing the budding mounds until l can feel the aroused nipples through the fabric, then unzip the top to show off her beautiful growing breast, with eager nipples aching for mouth to suck and lick them.

Daddy (D): “my sweet doll, do you like when daddy touch you like this?” I rub both nipples with my fingers pinching them, teasing them knowing this will make Lily super needy.
L: “Yes daddy…..ohhhhh……l feel soooo goood……..” She moan and grind her little juicy bald pussy on my hard cock, showing to the men what a little loli honey she is.
D: “Do you like this, showing off your tight little body to these men? Does it make my little slut wet?”
L: “Yes daddy, l like hearing they moan and call me nasty names like you do.” She says while frantically rubbing her in heat pussy on my hard 8 inches thick cock.
A1: “We have an eager one on here. That’s a good girl! All little girls should be use by their daddy, grandpa and uncle and their friends…”
A2: “oh good you little doll, you are making me so hard!!!”
A3: “I will contact your daddy to see if he will whore you out.”
A4: “l want to ram my thick cock in your tiny pussy!!!”
A5: “Fuck!!!! You are so slutty….l am going to cum….”

The room is alive with moans, groans and the sound of men stroking their cock watching how l use Lily. I moved my left hand to Lily’s wet slit, and began teasing it, coating my fingers with her juice. I pushed 1, then 2 fingers inside her tight juicy fuck tunnel and begin to finger her hard.

Lily is looking at the screen watching these filthy horny men wanking their cocks over her preteen body, wishing they are her daddy and it is their fingers fucking her child pussy.

D: “Moan louder, you bitch! Show these men how needy you are!”
L: “Yes……..ohhhhhhh….deeper daddy, your fingers are too good….when can you feed me your cock? I want daddy to fuck me hard like the videos you shown me of young girls being breeding bitch for their daddy….”
D: “Mmmmmm….l know daddy said l will wait until 11 but l think today may be the day. Do you want me to fuck you now? Take your virginity? In front of these dirty pedo daddies? Tell me, slut!”
L: “Please daddy….yes….l want you in me….your fingers are not going in deep enough…” She is writhing and grinding on my cock, covering my cock with her sweet juice dripping like a faucet.
I gently lift her up by her thighs and position my cock to her slits opening. “Babe, this will hurt a little bit but daddy promise you will feel really good.” I slowly push my cock into her tight little pussy and push her down onto my thick 8 inches cock. Oh dear fucking god! She is unbelievably wet and tight, gripping my cock as l go deeper and deeper until l am all the way in, pushing past her hymen. She winces when l pushed past it but start to enjoy the sensation.

L: “Don’t stop daddy…..mmmmm….this is sooooo nice….l am so full…..this is sex…..this is where daddy needs to be…..I love you daddy…..please deeper, and harder….ohhhhhh….yes…”.

She is now actively riding my cock, both hands on the chair arm rest for support as she bounce up and down on my super hard cock, taking and owning the pleasure it is giving her. Her budding tits with hard suckable nipples jiggle as she bounce. All of you watching her are now wanking frantically, moaning, and shouting filthy unspeakable things to us:

A1: “Use her hard!!! That’s what daddy’s little girls supposed to be. Horny nymphos that need her daddy’s cock to make her cum!”
A2: “She is a perfect nasty loli…look at her being stretch by daddy’s thick cock…you need to be gangbanged by multiple daddies…..oh my god, my cock is insanely hard and throbbing. Come one Lily show us what a filthy pedo slut you are!”
A3: “Incest is the best sex…mmmmmm….fuck!!!! Look how she ride his cock, born to be a cocksleeve, aren’t you? You need to be fucked hard until you pass out from cumming!!!”

I am crazily hard listening to the dirty nasty words spewing from the audience, the girlie moans from my sweet Lily as she ride my dick hard, my hand squeezing and teasing her nipple, her hungry pussy coating my cock as l fuck her without mercy:

D: “You are such a good little girl! Daddy wanting this for a long time, being the first to use your blossoming body, soon ripe for breeding. Daddy should always be the first man to experience their sweet daughter’s body, tasting their tits, teasing their nipples, sucking their pussy and fucking their eager child pussy. You are so good to daddy! OH FUCK!!!! Babe, l am so close…..!”

Lily is lost in the delicious sensation her daddy is giving her, how his cock is so hard and throbbing inside her, how she need to ride him. She doesn’t want it to end.

L: “Fuck me daddy….sex is amazing…..daddy!!! Please….please, use me, l am your good girl, l need daddy to use me everyday…ahhhhh……ohhhhhh…….”
D: “Mmmmmmm…..ride daddy……my cock is what your little pussy need…..fuck me you dirty whore, my little bitch cumslut…….do you want daddy’s baby making cream? Sweet god…..you are so tight and needy…..”

I am holding her waist with one hand while the other is gently squeezing her neck increasing the sexual heat inside her as her young cunt gripping my cock milking it, mewls and moans from her mouth as she hungrily, desperately ride my cock, extracting the delicious addictive pleasure that is swarming her mind.

D: “l am going to cum soon, tell me, where do you want my baby making cum?”
L: “Please daddy, please cum inside me! Do it, daddy, give me all your potent seeds! I love you daddy, l want to have your baby, l need to be sow and be your little breeding slut….l want to feel your hot thick cum in me!”
D: “Good girl! Such a sweet obedient cocksleeve for me. I will make sure you are filled with my cum daily, and share you with other pedo daddies and friends….you are made for cocks! All your holes needs to be smeared with fertile cock cream from grown men…..take it! TAKE IT!!! MY LITTLE LOLI WHORE……FUCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!”

I slammed her body down and pushed my cock deep in her reaching her cervix as I unleashed my first load of cream seeds in her young fresh cunt, flooding and overwhelming her senses as she cum at the same time.

L: “Oh…..Ohhhhh gawd, yes daddy…….awwwww…….oh sweet Jesus!!!! I am cumming……your hot cum feels so good in me……ohhhhh….daddy…..ahhhhhh………”

The room is filled with hungry lusty moaning as the audience also cum hard watching l bred my sweet slut daughter for the first time:

A1: “I am cumming!!!! You are such a good little girl Lily! Look at how much cum you have….”
A2: “That’s how little daughter need to fulfil their role…..accepting her daddy’s baby making cream….you are the perfect daddy’s fucktoy.”

I slowly took my cock out of her tight swollen well fucked pussy, seeing my cock covered in cum and her slut juice makes me so horny still. I lifted her off my lap and sat her down on the chair so she is visible to audience, l stood up over her, tilted her head, and pushed my cock into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth pussy:

D: “Yes, baby girl, suck and lick this cock clean. Your mouth is designed for this, sucking and deep throating hard grown men’s cocks…oh good little bitch, thar’s it, you know what l like…..take it deep…..”

I am now fucking her mouth making sure the audience can see what a hungry little girl my Lily’s is, worshipping my cock and giving me the best deep throating no 10 year old girl supposed to know…..thinking my next step in showing her off and using her thoroughly….

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