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For the thrill of it

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A public park is not a safe place to be at night.

Darkness changes even familiar places into frightening landscapes.

The wind rustling leaves on the ground can sound like something following you.
The old tree stump on the hillside above the path looks just like someone crouching waiting to pounce.

You realise that you are on your own and going back to the well lit road will take just as long as continuing to your destination.

The urge to run is strong but you fight it, telling yourself that you are being a child. But you are a child and you should not be out here by yourself. The short cut from your friends house to your home is a bad idea, just like your friend said. Don’t go through the park, keep to the lighted streets you were told, but you knew best.

Your pace quickens, your breathing gets faster and you are letting your imagination get the better of you.
Now you are sure there is some behind you. You risk a look over your shoulder but all you see is darkness. There is no moon tonight so the sky is black and seems like it’s going to swallow you.

You start to run and your footfalls echo off the trees making it sound like an army is running after you.
You risk another look behind. There’s nothing there.

You nearly stumble so you slow your pace and give yourself a talking to. You tell yourself you are a silly little girl. You are 11 years old and you need to stop acting like a baby. That’s when a shadow detaches itself from the trees and you crash into the body of a black figure.

You scream and turn to run, but he has you by the hair and puts a hand across your face. You struggle to breath.

He is lifting you and carrying you off the path and into the trees.

He is lying you on the dirt and telling you not to make a sound. You are sure he has a knife in his hand.
You are shaking uncontrollably. He takes off your shoes and pulls off your joggers. He has got a knife. You feel the cold blade as it slices through first one side then the other side of your panties. You are now in shear panic but you feel paralysed with fear..

You feel your panties being pulled from between your legs. He balls them in his fist, puts them to his face and inhales slowly before forcing them into your mouth.

His hands are between your legs, rubbing, squeezing and probing your hairless pussy. He is turning you over and pawing at your young and tender buttock. He is trying to insert his finger into your bottom hole. You squeeze your butt cheeks together but he delivers several hard slaps to your ass until you allow his probing fingers.

He is biting your buttock and it hurts. You think there will be teeth marks left behind on your delicate butt cheek. He bites the other cheer.

He is rolling you onto your back and is lifting up your shirt. He gets to your training bra and forces his hand underneath. He has lifter the clothes clear of your little tits and he is sucking, biting and pinching them.

He stops and kneels up between your legs. You think he may be leaving and you wonder if you can scramble away.

He is not leaving, oh god, he is undoing his trousers and getting his thing out. It looks large in the shadowy darkness. He is removing your knickers from your mouth. Oh god no, he is trying to put that thing in your mouth. It is big, it will never fit. You clamp your mouth shut tightly, but he holds your nose. You have to take a breath and when you do, he pushes into your mouth.

You can smell him now. He is dirty, stinky and disgusting. Your stomach heaves and you think you are going to be sick. You fight the feeling. His thing is on your tongue you can taste him,. Your stomach heaves again. You think about biting him but are too scared.

He pulls his stinking skin out of your mouth. You see him spit on his hand and rub it on his thing. You know what he is going to do next but feeling the hot sticky rod against your little pussy entrance is still a paralysing shock.

Your whole body goes cold to the core as he pushes into you.

His face is next to yours now and his breath is rancid. His greasy hair is against your cheek and he is pushing harder.

The pain is unbearable and you are sure he is going to rip you apart. Something gives way and he pushes in further. You scream in pain and he clamps his hand over your mouth. You have to breath through your nose increasing the stench coming off him. Your stomach heaves for a third He’s telling you not to puke on him or he will strangle you.

He moves his hand from your mouth to your throat.

He is pumping that disgusting thing in and out of your pussy, stretching it with each abrasive invasion. It hurts so bad. You think it’s the worst pain you have ever felt. You wonder if this will ever end. Will he kill you when he is finished. You start to sob for the first time. You wonder why it’s taken so long to cry.

He pulls out of your pussy so violently that you yelp. He slaps your face leaving your cheek burning. He tells you to be quiet. Your pussy is hurting bad and your goin muscles ache.

He is turning over onto your stomach.

Oh dear Christ he is forcing his thing into you bottom. It is surely tearing. He spits on his hand and rubs this disgusting mess onto your butthole. He forces his finger in and you scream with pain. He gets another finger in and is stretching your hole. He has his hand over your mouth again and you scream into his palm.

His thing is pushing between your butt cheeks and entering your stretched asshole. He his in. He thrust hard until he hits something inside you that won’t let it go any futher. His balls are slapping your legs with each push.

You feel warm liquid between your legs. You have pissed yourself but he keeps pumping in and out of your ass.

You can’t breath properly with his had covering your mouth.

Did you pass out?

You are on your back again. He is inside you pussy again. Your legs are on his shoulders. He is going even deeper now. He has his hands on your chest pinching you tender young nipples. He is leaning down and biting them hard.

His body goes still and he throws his head back. His cock is pulsing inside you. You feel more liquid, this time filling your swollen pussy. It’s not piss this time, it’s his disgusting stuff shooting out of that thing inside you. Oh Jesus, will you get pregnant. Will he give you a disease.

He is swearing now. Telling the sky how fucking great it was. He is still pumping in and out but much slower. You feel the pressure in your pussy start to decrease. He slips out of you and you feel his nasty goo running out of your pussy and into your ass crack.

You hear a rustling in the leaves. It’s somewhere nearby. It’s a dog.

He jumps off you quickly and pulls up his pants. He’s running. You are sobbing uncontrollably.

There is a hand on your shoulder. You scream.

It’s a dog walker. He’s is concerned. He has put his coat around you and he’s on his cell phone. You can’t hear what he is saying.

You wake up. You are in a bed. You think it must be a hospital. There are lots of people standing by your bed. You see your parents, they are both crying. You are crying. Your Mum is telling you everything is going to be ok.

You are hurting all over. You just want them all to go away.

A public park is not a safe place to be at night.

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  • Reply Cpt. Schneider Inv. (Ret.) ID:1frga6r40

    I didn’t come across 11 year old girls very often, only two that I recollect all these years later. However, I am certain that both of those ended up in very similar conditions as the young li’l cunt in your story, and I certainly ended up with a similar satisfaction level as your protagonist.
    In the dark wooded park I used to frequent, and became somewhat of a legend with a very extensive list of coed victims. Being next to a sizeable university in a concrete jungle of a metropolitan area, I encountered a much more experienced cunt normally, but total rapemeat sluts nonetheless. Hehehe They all scream terrified shrills at first, even the frat twinks I suppose they would call them today…I only heard them scream, never saw them…getting taken over by the colored group of men, black men, negroes, working in tandem by the entrance that is closer to the tavern and dance clubs on the business side of Vine. I stuck by my old tried and true campus side for the lasses on a jog or, carrying presentation materials that made them like ducks on a pond for my sexual appeasement. The legal aged kittens would always relent initially, and then become a bit more willing and some downright cooperative by the end. They all loved my huge cock. and the amount of cum I sprayed into them. Maybe the badge, but that was many decades ago. I consider the altering of my modus operandi as the sole reason I am still a free citizen today, and didn’t wait around Burnett Woods waiting to get collared by that DNA technology they brought out right before I moved away from the coed rape market. All of the colored co-op got big time because of it, raping those faggots, usually walking in by twos to fuck each other in a corner of the park. Luckily I had the inside scoop about DNA’s effectiveness and utilization. That info gave me another good 20 years with my altered plan…in a new metro area, on a very extracurricular active and dirty force. From the Chief, to the beat rookies. I fit right in.

  • Reply Cookie ID:4tlbc8k

    I thought she gonna get gangbang

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    A wonderful rape for a lucky girl, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Nicely written!

  • Reply Fred ID:h9alcerd2

    I loved the structure of your story and the point of view you used. Unusual and effective. Well written, nice job mate.