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My friend’s little sister

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I got a big surprise what I stayed over at my friend’s house.

My friend’s little sister.

It happened during year 10 of school.

I was staying overnight at my friend Donnie’s house, on a Friday night. He said we were going to have a lot of fun.

It was eight o’clock and his parents had gone out. They were not expecting to be home for a couple of hours. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was standing next to the bed, watching my friend fuck his younger sister. She was moaning and thrusting back up at his cock. As he fucked, hard and fast, into her cunt, she was looking straight at me.

Soon, he looked at me, “I’m gonna come soon. Get your clothes off if you want a turn. I told her you were coming over and she said she wanted you to fuck her, too.”

As I stripped out of my clothes, I watched Donnie suck on one of his eleven-year-old sister’s 30-B tits while still pounding his prick in and out of her. Mary came first. She howled, loudly, and her eyes rolled back up into her head.

Then Donnie pushed deep into his sister’s cunt. He held still and groaned. I knew he was shooting his seed into his sister. I had expected him to pull out because he was not wearing a condom, but he didn’t.

I stood there, slowly stroking my already hard cock. “You came in her?”

“Don’t worry. The school nurse put her on the pill. She loves feeling my cum squirting into her. You are going to be just the second guy to fuck her.”

Donnie pulled out and moved away.

“Oh Paul, your cock is bigger than Donnie’s. I want to feel it in me. Please fuck me hard and deep.” I got between her legs, lined my cock up with her fuck hole with my hand and easily pushed in.

“I feel it stretching me and going so deep. I love it.” She was really wet inside. Donnie must have filled her with a lot of his cum. I didn’t say it, but she was only the second girl I had ever had sex with, and with that girl, it was only three times. It was also my first-time having sex without a condom. I could feel the difference, and it was a lot better.

I could feel her pushing back to match my thrusts. I hadn’t been in her for a minute when she had another orgasm. I only lasted another couple of minutes, before I could not hold back, and added my load to Donnie’s. As I pulled out, I could see cum running out of her hole.

Mary told us to lay on our backs, side by side. When we did, she got between us and took a cock in each hand. Then her mouth went back and forth, sucking each or our pricks. Being young and horny, it did not take long for us to get hard again.

Donnie had her get on her hands and knees. She kept sucking me, as he got behind her and started fucking her, doggy style. We lasted longer that time. Finally, Donnie came in her pussy, and I came in her mouth, just seconds apart. Donnie looked at the clock. “That’s it for this time. Mom and Dad might come home a little early. Let’s get cleaned up.”

We all went into their parent’s bathroom. There was a walk-in shower that was big enough for all of us. We had fun soaping her and having her soap us. We got hard again but did not do anything.”

Their parents got home about fifteen minutes later. We were dressed, in the living room and watching a G rated movie on TV. Donnie and I were on the couch and Mary was over in a chair.

The next morning, Donnie’s mom made a really nice breakfast. Then Donnie and I played video games for a couple hours. I had to go home. Their mom said I was welcome to come stay again. When they were out of the room, Mary gave me a big hug and a quick kiss, “You can come back any time you want and fuck me again.”

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    I used to fuck my friends 11 year old sister when I was 15. He never found out till years later. I probably fucked her more than any girl in my teen years.

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    Nice very very nice reminds me of my sister

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    Love this story I’m so horny reading it and the pictures are great who are they reading about young Boys and girls having sex is so Hot

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    Part 2..???

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    Fun story and that third photo is VERY hot!

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    Ligit this is good and photo evidence however should have blurred out the faces

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    PO469 I see you posted the pictures of me sucking your cock and you blowing your load into my pussy .

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      We sure had fun that day.

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    I LOVED this story PO469

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