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I’m 11 And My Older Male Neighbor Stuck His Tip In Me

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He likes to rub his tip between my vaginal lips but said it is up to me for a penetration. Should I let him? I’m not on birth control, it feels good.

So my neighbor is like 40 something and good friends with my parents. One day whilst playing in the yard I fell with a dress on and the dress went up. My candy themed panties and everything was showing I was so embarrassed but no worries because my 40 something year old male neighbor helped me up. He told me we all fall sometimes. I hugged him and felt so comfortable and less ashamed.

The next day later in the evening I got off the school bus around 4 o’clock. Normally my parents are home but this time they weren’t and I don’t have a key to the house. My parents told me I’m not allowed to be home alone until age 13 and to just go to a friends house ‘til they get back. They were out shopping to get a few things. I told them ok and hung up the phone as I begin walking down the street of my neighborhood. I had planned to go to my friend’s house but was stopped by my 40 something year old neighbor. He said I could stay at his house until my parents got back. He had noticed me waiting outside the door of our house after I got off the bus. I trusted him because he had been so kind to me the day before and secured a special place in my heart. I see him as a friend and protector. He would never hurt me so I went with him.

Once inside, he helped me remove my backpack and coat. I was offered a snack and accepted. As I sought on his sofa, I ate an orange and some flavored water. He came by to sit next to me then turned the TV on so I could watch cartoons. “Kids don’t really watch cartoons anymore do they?” He said. “No, not really” I said. “That’s because you’re always on those phones looking up stuff you shouldn’t” He said. He then went on to say that a girl my age should enjoy their childhood while they can before we get older and our innocence is taken away. “What do you mean by that?” I asked. “Oh nothing, just you get older, start dating and begin to understand things. Life’s not fun anymore, you may get depressed. Childhood stages are truly the most precious moments. Don’t worry, you’re still a sweet little girl for now so just focus on that”. “Okay” I said, “Do you have any yogurt?” “Yogurt?, you want yogurt. Yeah sure”. He went into the kitchen then came back to hand me a yogurt cup and spoon. “Listen, I got some laundry to do, if you need me just holler for me”. He said, “And please don’t spill anything. I don’t want anymore to wash.” “I won’t. I promise” – “Alright sweetie”. He smiled at me and I honestly thought it was the cutest thing ever. He then disappeared into the laundry room.

In between watching toons a funny commercial came about so I laughed. I then went to open my yoplait yogurt cup but the foil on it was so tight you’d have to use your teeth to pull it back so I did. I pulled to open it with all my might but I tugged too hard and sent the yogurt spilling all over my denim shorts. I tried to scoop it up with the spoon as much as I could but the yogurt had seeped between my legs onto the sofa. There was even some on the breast area of my shirt. I know what sex is and it had appeared as if a man had finished all over me. I began licking the yogurt off my shirt and between my thighs using my fingers. I placed the yogurt cup on the table and at this moment my neighbor walked back in to check on me. “You’re gonna have to let me wash your clothes. I can’t send you home all messy. Take your clothes off honey” He said. “But I’m not wearing a bra” I told him. “It’s okay, you look like a boy at your age.” He implied. Since I wasn’t blessed in the chest area I went ahead and removed my shirt and gave it to him. I then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down but got a little stuck at thighs since I was beginning to fill out in this area. “Here let me help you” He said. I was pulled closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He then reached behind me to help pull my shorts down to my ankles. I took my feet out of the shorts.“You’re thick like your mother” He chuckled. He then spanked me, picked me up and placed me back onto the sofa. I’m not gonna lie I like being spanked and I enjoyed him picking me up. My mom spanks me when I’ve done something naughty such as fail a class in school or talk back to her and my dad rarely picks me up. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any type of attention from him because he’s always working. I really want a daddy.

“Thank you” I said. There I was with just my panties on the sofa of my older male neighbor. I never knew his name since moving here. He always talks to my parents and I’m usually upstairs in my room doing kid stuff. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Dave but you can call me daddy since it takes a village to raise kids” He told me. “Really! You’re gonna let me call you daddy!”. I got excited because I don’t even call my own dad daddy. He makes me say yes and no sir to him. So authoritative. I hate it. “Yes, call me daddy. I’m like a second daddy. I look out for all the kids in the neighborhood, especially when they’re parents aren’t home. All your friends have been to my house” He smiled. There was that smile I fell in love with a few minutes ago. I smiled too but for some reason my cheeks were getting hot. “Are you blushing cutie, how sweet. Do I make you happy?” He looked down at my panties. I covered my smile with both of my hands out of embarrassment hoping to have covered the blushing on the cheeks of my face too. He chuckled, “How about you go ahead and remove your underwear too darling, they seem a bit wet too. Looks like a little spot maybe seeped from the shorts in between your legs there” He said. “I don’t feel wet” I said. “Well…” He pointed his middle finger on my clit and began rubbing up and down the middle of my vagina outside my panties. It was so tantalizing I wanted to scream. “Are you feeling wet now? Got to be” He claimed. “Sometimes spills seep underneath your clothes onto the undergarments. You must have gotten a bit of yogurt here too” He said as he continued to rub up and down my vagina up into the clit region.“Ah,ah,ahhhhhhhh, oh God” I screamed with both my hands over my mouth. I felt juices coming out of me and felt very marinated between my legs like a moist, flavorful roasted chicken straight out of the oven. I started to get warm then he stopped touching me. I removed my hands from my mouth only to be gasping for air. “Oh my God that felt really good. What did you do?” “I told you your panties were wet” He reiterated. I looked down to find a small stain on the front of my underwear underneath my clit. “Did I pee daddy?” “No.” He chuckled, “Just got a little horny that’s all. Take your panties off, I’ll clean it for you”. I removed my underwear and was now completely naked flat chested on his couch. I started to remove my socks thinking he wanted to wash those too.”No keep the socks on” He said. “Okay daddy” I said. “Good girl”, He exited the living area to go put my clothes in the washer. I couldn’t help but still feel the effects of his finger on my small 11 year old pussy. I felt so at home in his house. He is always so nice to me. I feel calm in his presence. My house is like a dictatorship. I didn’t want to return there. I wanted to feel his finger on my now exposed virgin innocence. I had never had sex before but believed I wanted it. So I called him. I wanted him to touch me again. “Daddy!, Daddy!” I yelled. He quickly rushed in. “Yes sweetie” He uttered. “Touch me. Touch me again. Please” I begged. “I don’t want our relationship to get too awkward. I try to control myself against you young girls but you make it so hard for me. You tell me when you’re ready” He said. “I’m ready daddy. I promise. I won’t tell anyone not even my stupid parents. It’ll be our little secret. Just please touch me daddy. I’m ready. I can feel it” I began rubbing my own clit as I moaned in agony. What was this feeling? Was I masterbating? “Oh!” I moaned very loudly. “What is going on daddy? Why do I feel so good?” I wondered. “Because you’re wet. You’re wet and climaxing baby” he informed me. “Does this mean I’m ready to fuck daddy?” I asked as I rubbed between my legs in agony. “I don’t know, let’s see” He said. He repositioned me on my back and held my little legs wide open to see how small I was. He held a firm grip under the bend of my knees to keep them aligned with my head. I continued to rubbed the clit of my pussy as he stares me in the eyes. “You’re extremely beautiful you know that?” He said, “Put all your trust in me. I’m gonna be the one to make you a woman.” “Yes daddy” I said. Looking him in the eye almost made me want to cry. I think I was falling in love or perhaps my vagina is extremely sensitive knowing I’m just a child. He instructed me to stop rubbing my clit. He then took both his index finger thumb of each hand to spread my lips open. I jumped as I had never been pulled and taunted so abruptly like that in this area. All of my pink was exposed. It honestly was a pretty color for such a body part, light pink with hints of white visceral tissue. My legs moved to rest on his shoulders but he didn’t want that. “Keep your legs up for me sweetie. A woman should always have her legs up” He demanded. “I’m trying daddy but my legs are getting weak” I had been in such a position for a little over a minute however I am not too flexible. “I’m not very flexible” I told him. “ That’s because you don’t keep your legs up so they can stretch now get your legs off my shoulders so I take a good look at you” He told me. I pulled my legs up back to my head and held them in place using each hand. He continued to stretch my pussy with his pointer finger and thumb. “Ouch!” I yelled like the little virgin that I am. “There it is that sweet little cherry bulb. I would love to be your first.” He smiled.

He let go of my vaginal lips and got up halfway to unzip his pants. I knew what he was about to do. For some reason I grew scared and was suddenly uncomfortable. I got up quickly and crossed my legs. “No! I don’t want it! I’m scared daddy, please no!” I yelled quickly. “I’m just a little girl, I’m not ready. It hurts.” I screeched. My vagina grew sore from all the pulling and taunting he did. “What’s wrong?” He asked with his large penis outside of his pants. “Don’t you wanna know what a man feels like? All of your friends do.” I had zero idea he had done this to my friends and now wanted to do it to me. I wondered how many girls in our neighborhood had lost their virginity to him. I begin getting flashbacks from early in the day when I had went to school. I remember seeing my friend, Chloe hold her stomach in the hallway. She looked as though to be limping before PE class. “Did you fuck Chloe?” I asked. “Yep, sure did. Got all up in her guts. Little girls like that. Creamed her up real nicely. She should be pregnant by now. I’ve been meaning to check on her” he said. “At first she moved a lot but now she takes me pretty well. Definitely becoming a woman.” He smiled. “You see I groom you little girls then force my sperm deep inside of ya. You know, so you know your place in this life and that’s to serve men. Well, men like me anyway. It’s important to be stretched at a tender age so sex won’t hurt as an adult and will always feel good. It boost your confidence up knowing you can take any dick of any size because you’ve been trained by your daddy.” I sort of knew what he meant by sperm. I had Googled online that it’s what gets you pregnant. I live in a very conservative town so most kids here don’t get taught about sex in school. We rely on the internet. I wasn’t too sure what grooming was and became shocked that my friend might be pregnant from a grown man. “Well I can’t take your dick. I’m not ready” I said. “So let me know when you are and I will be waiting for you” He said. He zipped up his pants and went to remove my clothes from the washer to the dryer. “Clothes will be ready to wear in about 15 minutes!” He yelled from the laundry room. When the 15 minutes was up I went to go get my clothes from him still sore from all the stretching. I was almost limping like my friend Chloe from school only he had been inside her. I can’t imagine what she must be going through. Must have hurt really bad to get pregnant by an adult male at the tender age of 11. We had both just started our period a month ago. As I entered the laundry room a little sore between my legs my neighbor hastily grabbed my neck and pinned me against the wall really hard. My little body was naked and helpless as this big strong grown man held me by the neck up against the wall. I could see the veins popping out of his arms and neck. He looked so scary and angry and was sort of choking me as I begin to turn red. I couldn’t keep the spit in my mouth so I started drooling down his hand. He rubbed my sore vagina between my legs super hard back and forth as I cried and screamed, “Daddy please! Stop It hurts, it really hurts! I won’t tell! I promise I won’t tell! You’re hurting me!” I yelled, “Ahh! Ah! Please Aha-aa! Daddy!…” My voice fell faint and almost out of sound from all the screaming and crying. My vagina felt like it was bleeding but I wasn’t quite sure. It was very hot, almost on fire. He had rubbed me like two campfire sticks ready to ignite. I was in heat. He leg go of neck and I fell to the floor. My head hit the wall really hard. “Ow!” I shrieked. “Daddy I hit my head” I pleaded with sadness. “Because you’re clumsy sweetheart. Little girls need men to teach them how to think and conduct themselves” He said.

After about 30 seconds of having a giant 7 inch cock forced down my throat, head banging against the wall and whatnot. He finally gave me my clothing. But not before bussing all over my face and tiny developing breasts. As I stood up to put my underwear back on he licked his thumb and stuck it up my butt. My anus is so small at my age so it really hurt. I couldn’t stop screaming. “Shut the fuck up little bitch!” He yelled. I immediately closed my mouth as tears went down my face. He pulled his thumb out, licked his pointer finger and put it up my butt, pulled that finger out to lick the next finger and put it up my butt. He did it his until all 10 of his fingers went in my ass. I had no choice but to accept the pain. This must be what it takes to become a woman. He then let me finish donning my clothing. “Yeah, you’re right. You need to be trained a little more. You’re not ready yet. I need to rape you a little more.You need a little more torture before I give you the real deal” He said. “Mhm” He put his hand under his chin out of curiosity. “Can I go now? My parents should be home after all this time.” He stared at me. “Please daddy can I go home?” I begged. “Pull your pants back down, your panties too. I wanna see something” He instructed. I did exactly as he told me to do. I grew scared again as I prepared myself for more torture. I now saw him as a different man now. He pulled his penis out of his pants and spat on it. He then rubbed it up and down his shaft and told me to spread my legs shoulder width apart as he rubbed the tip of his penis between my vaginal lips. I felt very wet and sore but kind of liked it and was starting to feel turned on again. There I was with a grown man’s cock between my legs. Something I never felt before, both my pants and underwear at my ankles with my legs spread apart trembling because I’m so young, small and tender. He pulled me closer to him and backed me in the corner of the wall with his dick between my legs. He stood still as I was still trembling on his cock from fear and what felt to me like sort of orgasm. The spasms were so uncontrollable. He looked me in the eyes. Tears rolled down my face. “Don’t cry because I love you” He said, “I love every little girl I fuck. Next time you come over I will taste you that way your little pussy won’t be as sore. Okay?” “Okay.” I said faintly. “Have you ever kissed before?” He asked. “No, I’ve never kissed before.” I answered. “You promised not to tell anyone what happened today so I don’t expect to hear anything about it or else, right?” He reassured. “Right daddy. I won’t tell anyone. You’re the one that’s gonna make me a lady” I told him desperately. “Only when you’re ready sweetheart. But if you tell I will make that decision for you. Got it? And I will be very upset with you if I do. So don’t tell a single soul because I will penetrate your child pussy so hard you can’t walk” He told me. “Don’t fuck anyone but me. I’m your first. I will be the one to pop your cherry and make you bleed to become a woman. No one else so save your virginity for me when you’re ready okay? Good. You’re free to go now” “Thank you daddy. I love you” I said out of fear. “ I love you too” He responded. Somehow I felt loved by him out of fear of what he’s capable of. I wanted to follow his every command and be his sex slave. I want to be next to get pregnant by him. He backed up to zipped his pants up and I pulled my panties and jeans up to fastened them. He escorted me to the door as I grabbed my backpack off the floor. I quickly wrapped my arms around him as we shared a passionate kiss with tons of tongue action. I opened my mouth for him to spit in it before swallowing. “Bye daddy! I’ll call you. I’ll call you when I’m ready. Thanks for being patient with me” I said. “No problem” he said. I walked out the door up the road to my house. I tried my best to walk normally in case my parents looked out the window and think something was wrong. I entered the house and went straight to my room with my head down. I closed my bedroom door and locked it. Between my legs felt so wet I thought I had peed so I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my underwear down which now came down so easy now that it’s been pulled down so many times. I looked down to see thick white cream all over my underwear. It was my first cum. I used the middle finger of my left hand to touch the opening of my vagina. It too was covered in white cream. I sucked the white cream off my middle finger and walked out of my pants and underwear to my bed. It tasted weird. I laid down on my back with my legs up holding my feet in the air because I wanted to practice keeping my legs up. A woman should always have her legs up especially when a man is around. She should always be ready to give up her pussy for him to do as he pleases. I heard a knock at the door as I stared down at the cream in my vaginal hole. I couldn’t believe I was actually cumming. I had never done that before. My friends said I had to watch porn to do it but I found out today that grown men are much better than a stupid porn video. “Jordan, how was school!” My mother asked outside my bedroom door. “Good! I’m doing my homework now!” I lied. “Okay let me know if you need anything” She said. “I don’t!” I responded. I loved how the cum just dripped carelessly out of my 11 year old vagina. I know exactly what I need and that’s to be fucked in my small baby pussy by a grown man. What do you think? Should I let him? I don’t necessarily want a baby but it would be nice to carry his. After all, my friend my be. I bet her pussy feels so confident knowing she’s capable of holding a man’s seed instead of little boy our age. I want to feel him shoot up inside of my vulnerable little girl pussy too. Men really adore us little ones and my own daddy would never give me the type of attention I had today. I’d hate to miss the opportunity before my 12th birthday. I want to lose my virginity before I become a preteen. Dave is the perfect man to do this since he already has experience with young girls my age. He’s assertive just like my real dad but unlike my real dad he actually wants to fuck me and help me rid of my fear of penetration. I have a new daddy now and wouldn’t mind getting pregnant before starting high school at age 13. Do you think he’ll wait 2 more years to get me pregnant? I don’t know what to do. He’s leaving the decision all up to me so that I feel more in control of my body. I still taste his cock in my mouth.

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  • Reply Lina ID:58g1hxym2

    Wish i had a good neighbor like him,. what a teacher/daddy he is.

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    Depends on how bad he wants you,this guy is that good that he had you were he wants you, he didn’t rape you. He letting you tell him when.

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    young mom. do you live on the west coast

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      Hey…. Please check your email.

  • Reply Sluttymum ID:2nhm7btfid

    I adored being groomed by my neighbour, I was 8 Enjoy it sweetheart, do as you’re told and embrace it I do so miss perverted older men, hopefully you’ll have his babies, wakt til you meet his friends and the real treats come you’ll be spoiled rotten with gifts too for being a good girl

    • Ruck ID:5u1d7ch499

      Hey mum give me your email and let’s talk

    • Jhonny sins ID:o5ck26vm3

      I agree 💯 with u x

    • Brittany ID:99uwotzm

      Sluttymum same I enjoyed being groomed by uncle since I was 10 it makes me wet thinking about it

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      It’s the best feeling to be fuck by perverted old men. I don’t care about the gift I just want to my offer up my daughters to them to please themselves

    • CuckedHubby1970 ID:yl5s2bv1

      Hi Slutty Different for me, I was a 12yr old boy, and at the time lived next door to a family. They had children similair age to me, and I used to go over and stay some nights. One night I remember waking up to someone touching me between my legs. I was scared and didn’t know what was happening, but it was Mrs Simpson, she just whispered it’s OK sweetheart be quiet in case you wake anyone. I just lay there as she kept stroking me to until I came. Then she leaned in and kissed me and said good boy and said goodnight. I stayed over many nights after that and she did things to me, I never told anyone, and a few years later they moved away. I wished there was more older women like her that could have taught me things

    • Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      Sluttymum i would love to hear your story do you have a way for me to contact you ?

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a cock at a young age. Many younger ones get their sex switch turned on at a very young age. All females should have pleasure and the right to a hard cock, It is natural to want it as is nudity. No female should be denied her given right to sex no mater what age. It is a pleasure to teach and breed the younger ones showing them the art of sensual sex and foreplay leading to a very healthy sex life filled with many, many massive orgasms.

    It is their body and their right to do with it as they please and if they want a hard cock then who am I to deny them their natural right to many orgasms. I encourage all young females to explore themselves and their beautiful pussy they were gifted with. Seek an older man and have them show you all the wonderful feelings the gifted pussy can bless you with.

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    • Gianni4364 ID:7zv3a3km9b

      I was willingly involved in an incestuous relationship with my father from the age of 7 until I left for college. My father died while I was there leaving me a complete tragedy. I spent the last 20 years on a quest to make some sense of all of it and to find a path for acceptance.. I know my experience is probably one in a million that I could have caused such an experience and it didn’t completely blow up in my face. But if I could do it all over again, without a doubt I don’t know if I’d change a thing. Real talk. If anything I might have taken it farther!I know It was wrong for most people. I’m not saying I would suggest anyone take the same path I did. But I am saying there was only one thing my father left me in my heart that has never faded….and that’s a deep sense that I was loved. if you wanna share and hear more message me at googlemail at jtbrunotte at

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    11 and horny, you should add me on snap bumpyzim

  • Reply 11 & Horny ID:161qogcev9i

    Sorry for some grammatical errors. It’s hard to write when you’re so confused and uncomfortable. I promise you I’m smart and do very well in school. My neighbor has always looked at me in a light hearted way only this time he actually attempted something. This happened to me last week 10/11/22 to be exact. I know it was wrong for him to touch me by society’s standards but I liked it.

    • TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

      Wish I was your neighbor
      Discord: Jonah Farquaad#4964

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

      Fuck society’s standards. Like I said let him breed you and have him up his collar on you to remind you that he owns you

    • Turtle ID:161qln3jd9a

      Can I touch you??

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Nur weil andere sagen es ist falsch wie kann es falsch sein wenn es dir gefällt geh soweit wie immer du magst scheiß auf die Gesellschaft die eh nur aus Heuchler besteht

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      Give me your email and will talk ok

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      As a horny slut myself I support grown men marrying and dating little girls I had sex with my uncle since I was 10 he didn’t force me I seduced him I wanted him to fuck me cuz I was so horny.

    • Brittany ID:99uwotzm

      A. Yeah today society is are a bunch of bigot assholes that don’t understand true love I’ve been in a secret incest relationship with my uncle since I was 10 and I’m now 16 there is nothing wrong with grown men and little girls being in a relationship it’s natural as long as it’s consent

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    What a great story, what a lucky neighbor

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    • Young mom ID:vuf0ij44

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    Definitely go ahead and let him breed you and make you a woman/ sex slave.
    I started fucking my biological dad at 9, and 2 days after turning 13, I was pregnant with his baby.

    • TT ID:3zxi7uylzrd

      Sounds like fun

      Hmu on discord if you have it

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      Hi Samantha email and we can talk

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      @Ruck, Sorry but I don’t do email, I have WickrMe and kik, but for obvious reasons I’m not giving out either contacts,on this site.

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dyumasaeklm

      Good for you and well done to your daddy too…

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      I’m a dad would love to get my two daughters pregnant.

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    Not only allow him to breed you now, but tell him you want him to put a collar on you

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