Young Chinese girl passed out near my apartment

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I was 38 when I did this as well. A young 15 or 16 some Chinese girl I found passed out near my apartment was my neighbors sons gf was in her car. She was nearly blocking my garage so I tried to wake her. Nothing. So I picked her up out of her car carried her into my garage where my small camper is. Laid her on the bed in there moved her car a bit , went back in the garage and looked at her. Realized hot beautiful she was, undressed her fully as I was going to feel this girl fully. I made love to this sweet hot amazing body for 2 hours cumming deep inside her 3 times before I redressed her and carried her to her car. She ended up pregnant and her hf thought it was his till the baby was born ,totally white skin like me. Lol he dumped her and she was outside crying, I chatted with her and held her. Got to know her a bit asked her to lunch. Now she is my girl little dose she know her daughter is my daughter . She thought she got laid at the party they were at by someone they didn’t know. . Now I make love to this girl all the time and get to feel her amazing skin on mine all the time.

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    love that to happen to me

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    Good story, there be more.