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Asshole jock becomes a pretty girl and get’s forcefully fucked by her football team (PART 2)

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Spencer embraces his new life as Lottie, a slut. She avoids trouble with a teacher and has a threesome with her rapist and her ex.

(CONTEXT: If you don’t know the story so far, go read Part 1. I’ll give a summarised recap anyway. Spencer is a high-school bully and a captain of the football team. His best-friend is Jack, and Spencer’s girlfriend is the head cheerleader, Margot. One day when Spencer picks on the freaky girl, Clara and she warns him that he’ll live to regret it. The following morning he wakes up as a girl, long story short, she ends up in the boys changing rooms and gets gangraped by her entire football team, Jack included. She tells them that she is actually, Lottie, Spencer’s sister. Jack invites her to meet her and Margot after school, Jack has been fucking Margot behind Spencer’s back. But first Lottie must find some way to get the perverted, Mr Peters, off her back, he flagged her up for inappropriate uniform, and the only thing she could find in the lost property was even sluttier than what she was initially wearing.)

After taking a long shower in the changing room to get all the football team’s cum out of her hair and her holes, she slid into the tight black tube skirt that clung tightly around her curvy figure. She slowly and shyly walked out of the changing rooms, slinking through the halls attempting to move unnoticed, she slunk into Mr Peters office where he was staring at his desktop intently, quickly changing the tab as Lottie walks in. He perched his eyebrows on the end of his nose and looked her up and down. “Young lady-”
“I’m sorry sir, It’s just…” Lottie had found that all of her chauvinistic loudness she had as Spencer had been fucked out of her by the team, she was left as a shy pretty girl “This is all there was in the lost property-”
“That’s simply unacceptable. I’m going to have to write you up.”
“Please sir no.” She said with a genuine sadness
“What’s your name”
“…Lottie- Lottie Hester.”
“Hester!” He said spitting out his coffee “You’re not related too Spencer Hester by any chance”
“Oh. Well in that case I’m definitely writing you up. That family is nothing but trouble”
Without a moment of hesitation or thought Lottie grabbed his hand, her mind only just now catching up with her body, she sighed as she realised what she had to do. She started shuffling in her place flirtatiously, looking up at him with her big eyes. “Is there no way I could change your mind”
His eyes lit up and he stared own at Lottie with pure joy “Like what?” he said, knowing full well what she meant.
Lottie turned around and turned the lock on his door, pushing her backside out as she lent against the doorknob, feeling the air on her cheeks, she realised that the skirt was too short to pull that move without fully exposing it. She whipped around quickly, throwing her back behind her ears and got onto her knees, staring up at him lustfully “We’ll have to see sir”
Almost instantly he responded “Yes!” composing himself, he adjusted his tie and coughed “I mean- That works for me”. Lottie turned her attention to his pants, where she noticed a huge bulge in the front. She unbuckled his belt as he threw his head back “Good girl” he said like he was taking a sip of lemonade on a hot day. Lottie pulled his pants down for a modest 5″ cock to spring out. Lottie stared straight into his eyes as she wrapped her hand firm around it, as much as she hated Mr Peters, this was an improvement on the 15 person gangbang she had been subject to, just an hour before. He moaned a load, long moan.
“Is this good sir?”
“Just like that” With that Lottie started slowly stroking her hands, up and down the length of his shaft “Suck it” he ordered down to her. Lottie, slightly resentful opened her mouth and slid his dick, now dripping with pre-cum straight into her wet mouth. Moving her perfect lips up and down Mr Peter’s shaft, he confirmed he was highly enjoying it with his straining moans. Having enough of her slow pace, Mr Peters grabbed a knot of her hair and began shoving her mouth, fast, up and down her cock. He moaned his frustrations into her head “You Hesters! I wish your stupid brother was here, I wish he could see what I was doing to his slutty sister.” His cock wasn’t quite big enough to gag her, so she wasn’t going to complain too much. The main concern she had was him fucking up her hair, “I should care about my hair looking good, I’m a man”, quickly that illusion was shattered with the sensation of a gallon of jizz flooding Lottie’s mouth, only then did she start gagging, he pulled his cock out leaving a stringy trail of cum from Lottie’s mouth to his cock. Quickly he rushed to his desk to get a box of tissues. He wiped the cum clean from his cock and gently passed her the box. “There’s water here too” he assured her. After cleaning herself up, Lottie asked whether she could go home early, to which he granted permission.

Lottie snuck home, luckily her parents weren’t returning from their holiday for a couple more days, so Lottie was safe at home. Lottie couldn’t help but start staring at herself in the mirror. She kinda looked like a mix between Sydney Sweeney and Jenna Ortega. If she had black hair should would like more like Jenna Ortega. Lottie admired herself, feeling slightly proud that she looked so… sexy.
Lottie pondered what to do for a while, she simply couldn’t stay home, that would solve nothing. She eventually decided that she would meet Jack and Margot after school, and then tomorrow she would finally consult Clara, the source of all her problems. Lottie first had to sort out what she was going to wear. She didn’t really have any other clothes apart from the slutty black mini-skirt that she had got from school, but that showed off her pussy and ass with every little movement. Lottie decided that she would put on a set of her mother’s panties and bras, but her mom’s bras were too small for Lottie’s big breasts. She decided to ditch the bra and wear the black tube dress with a pair of her mom’s black panties.

Lottie arrived back at school to find Jack and Margot sharing a cigarette behind the football field. “Look who showed up” Jack said with an almost pride, Margot was chewing gum, twirling her blonde beautiful hair in one hand and texting in the other, she looked like Margot Robbie in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.
She looked up from her phone and her mouth dropped open “Oh my god” she turned to Jack and back to Lottie in almost disbelief. “Jack was right. You’re drop dead gorgeous”
“Jack said that?” Lottie asked
“Words to that effect” He assured
Margot rushed over to inspect Lottie like she was some sort of experiment “And you do look a little like Spencer. You’re right.” she said turning back to Jack “Who knew that girl Spencer would be such a hottie”
Lottie tried to hide the fact that she was blushing, Margot didn’t realise how true that actually was. “Well thank you Margot that means a lot coming from you.”
“Please” she said gesturing with hands “With a little bit of make-up you would look perfect” Suddenly she loudly gasped and turned to Jack
Jack looked at her deadpan and said “No!”
“Please Jack” Margot said playfully, walking up to him
“Just no.”
“Please Jack” she said looking up at him seductively
“YAY!” Lottie was slightly confused, in the dark a bit. “Congratulations Lottie. Me and you are going to have a girls night!” Lottie blushed again, Spencer was fighting all the femininity from within. “Jack will be there too, but me and you we can go the mall, pick up the perfect make-up, the perfect outfits, because no offence Lottie but… that outfit is…”
“I know. It’s awful” Lottie assured
“Well I wasn’t going to say it but- Yes. You need some new outfits.” Margot grabbed Lottie’s hands and bounced on the spot, jumping for joy.

The following 5-6 hours was spent running around the mall, Margot telling Lottie everything she needed, all different kinds of makeup, all different outfits. All whilst Jack trailed far behind carrying all of their bags. It was kind of nice being involved in the buying process rather than being the bored boyfriend who always holds all the bags, it was nice to pamper herself, something that boys don’t often do.
Firstly Margot and Lottie sampled about 300 different types of makeup and Margot taught Lottie how to do it properly. Finding tones that matched her skin tone and applying the makeup correctly.
Then they got their hair done, Lottie decided to die her hair black, something that Margot supported completely. “Now you’ll be able to tell us apart” She joked.
Then the girls got their nails done, a new sensation as the two girls gossiped, Lottie’s gossiping game was not exactly superb but it was fine because Margot certainly loved to talk.
Then the girls bought a series of outfits, summer dresses, beautiful ball-room type dresses, sports wear, shirts, blouses, tank tops, mini skirts, skirts, dresses, booty shorts, jumpers, fleeces, cardigans. Every type of clothes you can imagine until Margot led Lottie into the underwear and bra section. A section that as Spencer, had got used to pointing his eyes towards the floor and leaving as soon as possible in. “What size are you?” Margot asked.
“Umm- Medium-”
“No, bra size.” Margot giggled
“Umm-” Lottie looked down at her hefty tits.
“It’s okay if you don’t know. I’d say your about a D-cup”, and with that they piled bra upon bra into their shopping kart and moved on.
They then walked into ‘Victoria’s Secret’, Margot gawked at all the lacey beautiful lingerie and turned around to Lottie “Does any one take your fancy?”
“Do I need lingerie?” Lottie asked
“Every woman needs at least one pair of lingerie for special occasions. But I personally think it’s best to get the opinion of a man.” With that she ushered Jack over to her and clung onto her arm. Lottie realised that she had never been asked by Margot what lingerie he liked best, he didn’t even know that she had a pair of lingerie. This caused Lottie to ask herself the question, how long has Margot been cheating on her with Jack.
“So are you two a thing?” She bravely asked.
“I thought you’d never ask sister.” Margot responded “Jack and I are unofficial, we have been for a while, Isn’t that right babe” she said tracing her fingers up his body like she used to do for her.
“What about Spencer”
“Don’t tell Spencer about any of this, okay? But Spencer just is a bit more-” She looked right into Jack’s eyes and groped the rising bulge in his pants “substantial. If you not what I mean”
“Yeah. I know.”
“Of course” Margot bit her lip and walked over to Lottie, placing both hands on each shoulder “If what Jack tells me is true, then we might have a bit of competition on our hands”
Realising what Margot is referring to Lottie is quick to apologise and assure Margot “Oh- Don’t worry Margot I’ll-”
“No. I’m just kidding.-Now! Lingerie!” She grabbed Jack’s hand and led him into the store, Lottie following behind. Margot started pointing up at ones, Lottie was distracted thinking about what Margot had planned for her, surely she has something up her sleeve, she always does. Lottie snapped back to reality as a pair of lingerie on a coat hanger was thrust into her hands, and she grabbed by Margot into a changing room. Lottie pulled the curtain closed and started putting on the lacey black lingerie. The lacey floral pattern bra pushed her cleavage together making it look perfect, the panties showed just enough whilst leaving room for the imagination, and the garters clipped nicely onto the slutty fishnet stockings that money could buy. After about 5 minutes, she heard Margot call her out of the changing room, she shyly stepped out to find Margot standing looking sexier than she had ever looked, wearing a matching lingerie to Lottie, but her’s was all in white. Margot gasped at the sight of Lottie’s sexy body. She looked and in the seat facing opposite the rooms was Jack, pants down, jerking his cock slowly. Lottie gasped as Margot grabbed her shoulder “What’s the matter Lottie. I just need you to prove that you’re a pro. Really prove it to me, Jack says you are, but I need you to prove it to me.” Margot pushed Lottie down onto her knees, tied her hair back and into a ponytail and forced Lottie’s mouth open. Jack got up, placing a hand under her chin and softly said “Prove your allegiance to me”. Margot was now on her knees too, holding Lottie’s hair back “Do it for Daddy” she said lustfully. Pushing Lottie’s wet mouth onto Jack’s large cock. Lottie was worried that Margot was plotting something, but in reality she was just cock drunk that was why she was acting so strange. Margot was biting her lip staring at Lottie slowly move her mouth up and down Jack’s cock, taking a little bit more with each thrust. She was holding Lottie’s newly died hair back. Jack groaned intensely and pulled Lottie off of his cock, Lottie was confused, had she done something wrong? Why was she stopping? “Watch and learn” Margot said whipping her hair back and quickly taking the full length of Jack’s large cock, stopping right as she reached the bottom and her lips reached the base, her nose nuzzled into his curly pubic hair. Jack started going a little bit harder on Margot, going harder and faster. Margot, with one of her rapidly decreasing breaks from having his cock in her mouth turned to Lottie and said “You get his balls”. Lottie wasted no time, she started to feel the slightly unfamiliar feeling of her pussy getting wet as she watched Margot’s head slam up and down against his hard cock. She gently started tonguing at Jack’s balls, he moaned out “Fuckkk” and Margot felt the wrath for Lottie’s gentle teasing, Jack grabbed Lottie’s beautiful blonde curls and started ramming her mouth even harder and faster down onto his cock, her mascara started to run and Lottie simply had to watch as she saw Margot struggle for air and start hitting Jack’s legs desperately clawing for breath. When Jack finally did let go and the gagging and glugging sound stopped, Margot start coughing and slapping his legs “You absolute asshole”
“Shut up slut” He said grabbing her hair tightly, Lottie gasped, the Margot she knew certainly would never put up for that. “You know you love it bitch”
“Sorry Daddy” she said looking up at Jack “I deserve it”
Jack turned his head to Lottie, letting his tight grip of Margot’s hair go. “Lottie.”, Lottie’s perked up and looked at him with puppy-dog eyes “Did you enjoy watching me punish Margot?”
Lottie turned to Margot to make sure she was saying the right thing, Margot however was biting her lip flipping her head from Lottie to Jack “Yes.” Lottie admitted
“Do you know why Daddy had to punish Margot?”
“No- No Daddy” Lottie could feel Spencer masculinity being shredded as she called her best friend of 10 years ‘Daddy’.
“Because Margot was being a slut. Margot was teasing me”
“I can’t help it Daddy. I am a slut.” Margot confirmed.
“But- Margot isn’t the only reason that Daddy got blue balls. Is she?” He said looking expectantly at Lottie. When Lottie said nothing he continued “You’ve been a slut too haven’t you Lottie.”
“Umm- yes Daddy”
“What do you say to Daddy”
“Sorry Daddy”.
“You girls are going to make it up to me aren’t you”
“Yes Daddy” Margot eagerly answered for Lottie.
“Lottie. Here now. It’s your turn.” Lottie crawled over on all fours right in front of him. He started slapping her with his huge cock. “Jesus. You look like such a good whore. I hope you know that”. For a second he observed Lottie’s genuine beauty before grabbing the back of her head with both hands and started facefucking her “FUCK YES” he moaned out “THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR” with each thrust into his mouth Lottie’s new and slutty make-up ran even more. Make-up that she’d spent ages on. “FUCKING TAKE IT YOU SLUT” at this point they he had clearly aroused the attention of the security. Jack looked panicked for a moment “Alright girls” he pulled Lottie away from his cock, she was clung around him tight. He pushed Lottie and Margot’s faces together “Alright girls. Open wide for Daddy” suddenly ropes of hot creamy cum spurted out of the tip of his cock and right onto the face of Margot and Lottie. Margot yelped with joy as the cum coated her face “Take that as your new makeup girls”. Margot’s pleasurable moans as it covered her and leaked into her cleavage inspired Lottie to start moaning too. You know what? She kinda liked the feeling of having it coat her face, it was like a heavy cream covering a face, like a massage. “Right we gotta get out of here, no time to clean up or get changed girls, if we get caught again it’s prison time for sure”
“Again?” Lottie said out loud
“Oh fuck yeah” Margot assured Lottie. Without having time to get changed, the girls followed behind Jack, they were both in nothing but lingerie and coated in hot spunk. Lottie felt the eyes of every men there, every man wanted to treat he like the fucking stupid slut she was. And they knew she was a slut, no non-slut would have a threesome in a Victoria secret. They all dashed into Jack’s shiny sportscar and rode off.

Lottie spent around $8,000 on clothes, make-up and jewellery that day. Money that she had, but Spencer certainly never would have spent so willingingly. Margot assured her “If you short on money by the way Lottie. Just do my trick”
“What’s your trick?”
“A boy a ‘favour'”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Give him a handjob or blowjob or whatever”
“Whore myself out?!”
“Never do something you’re good at for free” Margot winked
“Is it good money?”
“Oh yeah. I charge $100 for a blowjob, $75 for a handjob, $200 4 a facefuck, $190 for a titty-fuck ($160 with top on) and $300 to fuck me”
“Have has anyway ever payed to fuck you?”
“Oh yeah, all the time!” Not only was Lottie ashamed that she never knew about this when she was Spencer, but she also was ashamed that she was considering it. “Listen next client I have. I’ll tell them to come to you, Okay?”
“Alright” Lottie said timidly. Jack dropped Lottie off at his house, he knew where Spencer lived, so it was only natural to assume they lived together. When Lottie got in he realised “I just spent $8,000 on being a girl. I might as well be a girl for a couple more days… I’ll talk to Clara next week…


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    I raped my ex and now she gets raped by me and 5 of her black ex boyfriends

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    I bet Lottie is going to have to do a lot of ‘favours’ for teachers

  • Reply Ashton ID:2wcg8yx6ib

    The title saying “asshole jock” reminds me of something that happened in middle school. I got my cock sucked in school when I was 14. It was surreal. This asshole jock (he really was) named Steve was in the weight room of the gymnasium one day (you may be imagining a large room like an actual gym but this weight room was pretty small) and he and I were the only ones in there. Neither of us was lifting weights. He was sitting on one of the benches and I had gone in there to get my friend’s gym bag. He said “Come here” (bluntly, as asshole do) and like an idiot, I went. He said, “You ever had your cock sucked?” I knew he meant by a girl and I also knew he was being an asshole because he was pretty confident that I had not. And, coincidentally, he was right. Long story short, one thing led to another and he ended up sucking my cock. He told me I could consider myself dead if I told anybody. I didn’t but not because of his stupid threat. I just didn’t want to let it be known that I was involved in anything like that. I liked it, but it seemed like a thing you’d keep pretty secret. That never happened again but I was kind of hoping it would.