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My niece Izzy made a mistake

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Just a pervert uncle taking advantage of his niece

Sitting home alone and horny one night, I get an sms, when I opened it I got the shock of my life. My young niece Izzy has a Boyfriend with the same first name as me, when that happens, she just labels them the name and adds a number on the end. She must have been drunk or just not paying attention, the msg she sent was meant for her boyfriend. A picture of her big young tits with a msg asking if I was ready to cum on them.

After having my dick swelling in record time and stroking it a little looking at her gorgeous tits, I msged her back. I told her she might want to check who she just sent this to. After a couple of minutes, she replied back saying she was so sorry and wasn’t paying attention when she clicked on her contacts. By this time I am already jerking off and probably going to hell anyways, so I decide to go for it. I ask if her mom is working the night shift again. She said yes, I told her I would be over after her mom left and we could talk about this.

When I pulled in I could already see her in the window looking nervous. She didn’t even wait for me to knock before opening the door. After stepping inside and taking my coat off I look her up and down, I ask her what she thought I should do about this situation. Right from the start she begged me not to tell my sister, her mom. I tell her I’m not sure if I feel ok lying to my sister. I can feel my dick already throbbing, it has been hard for almost 2 hours now. I tell her it is dangerous to send pics like that. I tell her to come over and kneel in front of me. I ask what she would do if some pervert got them and made her get on her knees, I then pull my cock out, so it is inches from her face. a man could use them to blackmail you, maybe tell you if you don’t suck his dick he will send the pics to your mom. grandmother, and friends. She nods and starts to understand. She takes my dick in her hand and starts to stroke it.

I tell her that a guy might make her suck it, hesitantly she kisses the tip of my dick, then licks up and down it. Come on suck it like your boyfriend, I say. She finally takes it in her mouth and starts bobbing her head back and forth giving me the sloppiest most noisy BJ I have ever had. She takes it so deep she gags a few times; she says she has only sucked her BF’s cock a couple of times and is still not used to it.

I pull my dick out of her mouth and stand her up, I move her to the couch and yank down her shorts and panties and make her get on the couch on her knees leaning forward over the back. I ask her how many times she has been fucked. She tells me only twice, and it didn’t last long. Pulling her shirt down and yanking her big tits out of her bra and pushing it down around her waist, I get behind her and tease her pussy and clit with the tip of my dick. She is already so wet; I ask if she was already wet when I got there. She said yes, the idea of her uncle looking at her big melons made her kind of horny.

Hearing that she was horny to, I can’t stop myself anymore. I push my dick inside her deep and hard. I just stand there enjoying the feel of her warm, tight, and dripping pussy around my cock. Then I pull it all the way out and then thrust back in just as hard 3 more times. Now I am fucking her hard and fast the couch is moving and shifting under her. while I pound her pussy, she starts to moan but also cry a little. I ask why she is crying; she replies that this is wrong, and we shouldn’t be doing this. I thrust fast and deep a couple more times, then tell her she is right, but there is something I could do that is not as taboo because she can’t get pregnant. Before she can even ask, I push my throbbing dick up into her ass. She screams and tries to move forward off it, but I just move with her and keep fucking. She is crying more now, but also still moaning. She tells me between moans that she has never had anal before and has only ever had the tip of her finger in it. At this point I am not even hearing her anymore, just listening to my own heart pound in my ears as I push harder and deeper up her ass.

I feel my dick swelling more getting ready to cum, filling her ass would be nice, but I am thinking of the most naughty and taboo thing I can do. As I am about to cum I yank out of her ass and shove it back into her pussy balls deep. She ask me what I am doing. I tell her trying to teach her a lesson, a pervert that she might accidentally send a pic to might not take no for an answer and take her like I am. she tries to move away and push me back, but it is too late, my cum explodes deep inside her. I wait until it starts to go limp and slips out on its own, a line of my sticky cum still dripping from the tip of my dick to her pussy. She then tries to push the rest out and it dribbles down her inner thigh. She pulls her panties up and drops onto the couch, she says she can’t believe I did that. She wants to know if I knew she had recently started birth control. I tell her no and neither would some random guy blackmailing her. After sitting and resting for a few minutes, I get up and tell her I better get going. as I start to open the door she asks if I promise not to show or tell her mom about the pic, I tell her we will talk about it again when I come over the next time.

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  • Reply Maddog1960 ID:1ctprnvyxpyk

    Lucky man

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Fantastic story

  • Reply White boy ID:1ck78njowllr

    I got my neice pregnant at 13 and her mom kicked her out cause she refused to tell her who the dad was so she came and stayed with me

    • Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

      You made her pregnant you’re responsible

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj43

    Normally I don’t do these kinda things like blackmail but there was a few fucking bitches that deserved it. I found out a friend of mine 12 year old daughter was fucking around and thought her fucking shit didn’t stink and always talked down to me calling a the P word and I was disgusting. I acquired some pics of her getting fucked from another close friends son. I blackmailed her and fucked her hard in the ass and pussy every time I called on her. She wound up pregnant at 13 but really who was the father since myself and at lease 6 others were fucking her. It was probably mine because I always fucked her on her side with me upright getting as deep as I could get. She always complained I went to deep lol

  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:1ejfqxu4qzau

    Look how much she is learning from one mistake.

  • Reply Crypto24 ID:1coyole3qrc

    You need to continue, but this time have her go spend a weekend at her uncles place

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    She needs fucking again