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Little Fuck Doll

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Dennis catches a thief breaking into his house and makes her pay.

Dennis lives alone in a house that he purchased many years ago on a large track of land. The house is off the main road and has no neighbors. Dennis likes the solitude of being out in the woods and no one bothers him.

One evening he was in his bedroom about to get into bed when he heard glass breaking. He grabbed his pistol and quietly headed to where he heard the sound coming from. He entered the kitchen where he saw a figure opening his back door and walking in. It was mostly dark but he could make out that this person was not very big.

They shut the door and stepped further into the kitchen looking around but couldn’t see Dennis as he was hidden in the corner. Dennis flipped on the light and pointed the gun at the figure. Standing in front of him was a young girl who looked to be around 15 years old. She had long black hair that was obviously dirty and she was wearing tattered clothes.

She froze instantly when she saw the gun pointed at her face and she knew that she was in trouble as she thought that the house was unoccupied.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?” Dennis growled as he stepped closer to her.


“So you break into my house and think that you can steal from me?” Dennis said as he lowered his gun.

“Please mister, I’m sorry for breaking your window. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have anywhere to go or have anybody else to turn to!” She cried as she dropped to her knees and sobbed even more.

Dennis could see that she was scared and she obviously hadn’t eaten much as she was fairly skinny. But she had broken into his house so she needed to be punished.

“I’m going to call the cops and have you arrested. You will get some food in jail!” He said as he stepped over to the phone.

She immediately jumped up and ran over to him.

“Please mister don’t call the police! I’ll do anything that you want! I’ll work off the money for your window. I promise I will do whatever you want me to do!” She pleaded with him.

Dennis looked at her standing there crying. He really didn’t want the police coming to his house and didn’t want to bring attention to himself. He also had some things that needed to be done in his house but didn’t want to do them himself.

“Okay then I won’t call the police just yet. But the first time that you don’t do what I tell you, I will have you thrown in jail and make sure that you are kept there.” He said.

She wrapped her arms around him as she thanked him for not calling the police. Dennis felt her firm tits poking him in his stomach as she hugged him. He also got a whiff of her body odor and he almost gagged.

“HOLY FUCK you stink to hell!” He said as he pushed her away from him.

“Sorry mister, I’m homeless and I haven’t had a bath for a while.” She said as she looked down at her tattered clothing.

“Go get a shower and make sure that you use lots of soap and I’ll burn those clothes cause there’s no way to get that stench out of them!” He said as he pointed her towards the bathroom.

“I don’t have any clothes to put back on!” She said.

I’ll bring you one of my old shirts to wear until we can figure something out!” He said as she walked into the bathroom.

Dennis went to clean up the broken glass from the door window and put a piece of cardboard over the opening to keep out the bugs and wind. Afterwards he went to his room and found a shirt for her to wear and headed to the bathroom door. He opened it without thinking of her being in there.

She screamed out as she tried to cover her naked body with her hands. Dennis saw her cone shaped tits and puffy nipples and her bare little pussy before she was able to get them covered. Dennis’ cock instantly stood at attention as he continued to stare at her young body.

“What are you doing in here mister?” She said as she continued to try to cover herself.

Dennis stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. He grabbed her arms and pulled them to her sides so he could look at her nude body.

“Mister please don’t hurt me! Why are you doing this?” She asked as she began to sob again.

“You said that you would do whatever I wanted you to do! Do you want me to call the police?” He asked as he pulled her nipple out and let it snap back.

She gasped loudly as she felt his fingers grab her other nipple. She had never had anyone touch her before. She didn’t know what would happen to her but she didn’t want to go to jail.

Dennis stripped off his clothes and stood naked in front of her. His 7 inch cock stood at attention in front of her and she realized what he was about to do. Dennis pushed her down onto her knees between his legs as she looked up at him with uncertainty in her eyes.

“Open your mouth and you better not let your teeth touch me!” He growled as he grabbed her head with both hands.

She had never saw a cock much less suck on one. She opened her mouth as he pushed his cock into her mouth. She immediately gagged and tried to pull away but he had a grip on her head and he pushed his cock deeper into her throat. She tried to scream out but his cock blocked her sounds.

Dennis pushed his entire cock into her mouth and his balls slapped her chin. She struggled to breathe as she panicked and slapped his legs. This only spurred him on as he began to hammer into her mouth and throat. She allowed her teeth to scrap across his cock and she found out quickly what happens.

Dennis pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her face hard. She saw stars and her ears rang.


She was disoriented and dazed as he grabbed her head again and forced his cock into her throat without hesitancy. He fucked her mouth hard and deep. She didn’t have any chance of getting much air in her lungs and she went in and out of consciousness as he raped her mouth.

Dennis gave one final thrust into her mouth and held her there as his cock exploded and pumped stream after stream of his cum down her throat. She had passed out from the lack of oxygen and was nothing more than a rag doll.

He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and she immediately gasped loudly sucking in air. He picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. He put her onto his bed with her head down on the bed and ass in the air. He pulled her arms down beside her legs and took some rope and tied her arms to her legs so that she was only able to be head down ass up.

She regained consciousness and she looked back and saw Dennis standing behind her. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she felt his fingers pushing something wet onto and into her tight little pussy and asshole.

“Please mister let me go! I promise I won’t tell anyone about what you have done.” She cried.

“No one is going to know anything about you. I have no intention of letting you go!” He groaned as he felt her hymen still intact.

She felt his fingers stretching her open. She then felt his cock pushing against her tight little pussy. She screamed out in pain as his cock forced its way into her pussy. Dennis pushed his cock against her hymen until it gave way and he sank all the way to his balls.

“Scream all you want cause nobody can hear you slut!” Dennis growled as he began to rape her tight little pussy.

She couldn’t move as she was tied up. She screamed and sobbed as he continued to assault her pussy. She felt his thumb push into her tight little asshole. Dennis hammered into her over and over again. Her body shuddered from the intense pounding of his body against hers.

His balls slapped her clit with every thrust. Her ass cheeks jiggled from the pounding. Dennis had a death grip on her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. Their bodies slapped together loudly as he manhandled her like a fuckdoll. She had stopped screaming and was only grunting as he continued to pummel her pussy into submission from behind.

He then pulled his cock out of her battered pussy and began to push against her tight little asshole. She again screamed out in pain as his cock pried her ass open and drove balls deep inside. She felt like he was splitting her apart. He slapped her ass cheeks with his hand as he continued to rape her asshole.

“THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW SLUT! I own you and I will show you what happens when you break into my house and think you are going to steal something!” He growled as he pounded his cock into her tight little asshole.

She began to sob again as she realized that she had broken into the wrong house. Even though she said that she would do anything that he asked, she didn’t realize that this would be what he wanted. The pain was beginning to ease up as her body responded to Dennis’ actions.

Her own body began to betray her as she began to moan. She was actually beginning to feel an orgasm course through her body. She was actually going to cum from being raped in her ass.

“OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO!” She moaned as she orgasmed.

Dennis growled as he felt her asshole clamp down on his cock. He knew that she was cumming and he took advantage of it.

“I see that you are starting to enjoy this slut! Good girl cause you are going to learn to be my little fuck doll!” He groaned as he reached down and played with her pussy.

She went off again as he strummed her clit as he hammered her ass.

OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” She moaned as she orgasmed again.

Dennis growled as he felt his cum boiling up his shaft.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS LITTLE SLUT!” He groaned as his cock spewed his hot cum deep into her bowels.

She moaned and whimpered loudly as she felt his cum splashing her insides and it triggered another orgasm in her body.

When he finished filling her with his cum he pulled out and left her abused body on the bed. He went and drank a beer as he thought about what he was going to do next.

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    By the way, if anyone wants to message me, I have session! I accidentally deleted the app and I had to make a new one. If you messaged me before, please message me again! Once again, I live in Dallas, Texas so hoping to hear from people near there!


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