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Raped by a dog

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Seconds later the attack came out of nowhere, I was pushed from behind onto all fours onto the muddy ground.

My name is Brooklyn 27 years old with a slim curvy figure, I used to have a partner but was forced to end it as I ended up paying for everything, i.e. Holidays, food, gas electric, I’m sure you get the picture, all he wanted to do was sit at home on his Xbox which I paid for, in other words he contributed nothing and became an expensive liability despite being offered good jobs with reasonable pay I could have excepted that.

Anyway I was out one night at my local social club which is only a quarter of a mile from my house, had a really good night dancing to the band a having good time with some friends, of course all nights out must come to an end and we all left around 1 in the morning, everyone had taxis waiting for them except me I always walked home, this night was to prove a disaster and an eye opener for me.

About a minute after setting off home I needed the loo, I wanted to pee as a matter of urgency and the club was already locked up so no going back there, of course the more you think about it the worse it gets and having to wait at a rail crossing for the train to pass didn’t help and it got to the point where urgency became critical, it was either pee myself or find cover and do it, finding that where I live is no problem and lucky for me at that time in the morning there was no one around.

It had been raining earlier and the ground was muddy and soft but still needs must, pulling my underwear down was sweet relief I can tell you, seconds later the attack came out of nowhere, I was pushed from behind onto all fours onto the muddy ground, I initially thought it was a person but I was wrong, it was a dog and a big one, as soon as I was down he jumped up on me I literally had no time to react and was being restricted by having my underwear around my knees and the slippery ground.

I could feel the dogs hard penis poking crazy fast on the inside of my thighs and at my naked crotch and was in total shock of what was happening, the more I struggled and tried to get free the more he growled and was fast and furious like a crazed sex machine, after what seemed like an eternity and lots of thrusting  his cock started sliding in and out of my wet pussy fast, he held me in place with his front legs like a vice and was being scratched by his claws, not that it mattered to him, I was in such a state of panic I was literally froze to the spot as my pussy stretched to accommodate him, then as in a moment of ultimate betrayal, my pussy exploded in orgasm, my fingers and nails dug into the ground my nails filling with mud as it felt so good.

Another orgasm hit me bigger than before as this thing continued like a crazed demon, after what seemed like an eternity but probably only 5 minutes, I felt a lot of pressure as my pussy was being pushed apart, what I didn’t know then but do now is this was his knot being forced into me, I was so wet it didn’t take much forcing as he pushed it inside me, I was being hit by orgasm after orgasm and had my first squirting one being raped by a dog for christ sake but they came one after the other, I lowered myself onto my elbows and pushed back onto him as I screamed out yes, yes, yes.
With my eyes glossed over I felt so relaxed, from the intense multiple orgasms I momentarily forgot how disgusting the ground and everything else smelled.

The knot inside me he suddenly went still, I remember the sensation of very warm semen being literally squirted into me and all I could was be still and let it happen, I’m assuming it lasted a good half an hour before he finally got off of me as his cock slid out with an unbelievable amount of cum running down my legs, then he was gone, After gathering my senses and dealing with what had happened I somehow got to my feet after having the biggest cock I ever had inside me, it must have 9 inches at least if not more, much bigger than any man I’ve had, I must have looked a sight covered in mud and reeking of wet dog and other things, emerging from those bushes thank god there was still no one around, unbelievably this happened in clear sight of my house too.

After a shower and half a glass of whiskey I went to bed, sore and confused and the next morning I was still sore and I swear to god I could still feel it inside me like some phantom cock, I never saw that dog again but I had thoughts of it following me home by the scent but it never showed up.

I did come to realise though it was the best sex I ever had, I had multiple powerful orgasms and it surprised me, not surprisingly though I ditched all the clothes I was wearing that night, they were ruined.

I didn’t know it then but I was hooked despite being frightened out of my wits that night and got my own dog, and Labrador which I named Cody, 10 months old and he took no house training whatsoever, after a while when we were both used to each other I started being naked around him and if he wanted to sniff I let him, I found out quite early dogs are naturally attracted to the scent of a woman’s pussy! Sitting on a chair and allowing him to sniff and lick me brought on the most electrifying oral sex giving me an almost instant orgasm, and of course, I wanted more.

Remembering what happened I got myself a towel from my laundry basket, he wanted to jump up on me while all the licking was going on but now I was going to let him, in the chair my legs were spread apart my pussy waiting for him, he didn’t so much jump up but stepped up onto the chair with his paws either side of me, he starts to hump and jabbing forward until he hits his mark, as he felt the wetness and warmth of me he got faster sinking his cock into me, It took me right back to that night but this time this was with my own dog screwing me.

As he got deeper his knot begin to swell and rub at my pussy lips, I totally relaxed and allowed him to slide it into me, it felt like everything was swelling up inside me and it was building me up to a massive orgasm, I can feel it  as he cums deep inside me, our juices are mixing and at this point I begin to feel his knot start to throb, his hot sperm shooting inside me brought to a head as I pushed back on him and squirted my juices out,  I might have had 5 in a row while this is happening, I wasn’t time watching but I estimate we were together for at least twenty minutes that first time, only when he was finished and got soft did it end with a tremendous gush of fluids coming out of me, the towel didn’t catch it all but this was a learning curve.

After a while it wasn’t enough, the sex was great but not long enough so I got another one, and called him Rusty, I had to be a little careful to make sure they got on with each though, I started by letting rusty see Cody do what he does but as it turns out rusty is a randy little scallywag, he knew what a pussy was and what to do with it and they have no problem following each other when I’m full of the others cum, I now have the perfect length of time for me and by god I know I’ve been screwed thoroughly and without the worry of getting pregnant too, I do still have sex with men though and do protect myself from getting pregnant as most men couldn’t care less if you do or not and usually say it’s not mine!

Missionary is my preferred way with Cody and Rusty and after much experimentation to get the right chair at the right height it means I can hug them as we fuck and if I stay there they will jump on me again.
Loaded up three pics, No’1 is Cody doing his thing, the other two is there cum draining out of me, the one with Cody was difficult to get so I hope someone out there appreciates it!


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  • Reply Cheryl ID:4aosux7dt0a

    Doesn’t surprise me you got hooked because I did, my husband works long hours often away from home, one night when I was asleep Jay (our 🐶) licked me to an orgasm, initially being horrified it did lead to more until I let him have me, he got deeper and fucked harder than any man could, my first big orgasm I’ll never forget it as my pussy tightened around his shaft, it felt like my eyes had been sucked into the back of my head as I came, like you I had to find a way to deal with the mess as he cums a lot!

  • Reply Sutton ID:2m816q0m9j

    Scientists report that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human’s so he’s smelt your pussy and thought why not! not uncommon even when being raped by a human for you own body to betray you and you orgasm but in the end you said it was the best fuck you ever had and you were hooked, your very lucky he didn’t decide to rip you a new asshole instead but dogs give an incredibly good fuck.

  • Reply emjei13 ID:314kjyby8ra

    so hot cannot see all the pics, do you have Telegram?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0a

    PS. say goodby to your pics as they are GONE! imagine that!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0a

    I have been fortunate to be involved in maybe 10 knottings and loved every one of them. One was a 10 year old girl that had no clue how big the dogs cock was and screamed and cried for 30 minutes. Took her a month to get over that one lol.
    I loved the story and actually wished I knew you as I do love watching and ofc getting a bJ while the dog is busy. The best one was me on bottom with my cock in her ass then the dog entered her and fucked like crazy. I think she came like 9 times in less then 30 minutes.. Word of advice, check the size of the dogs cock before your try this girl. It will save you a lot of screaming and crying lol

    • Chaz ID:1etw28dxlbkd

      Knotting is so hot. I watch my GF at the time riding my golden retriever she was so turned on. And then he knotted her. She went frikin’ wild
      She screaming something unbelievable. I tried getting him calmed down. He would him anything to do with that. At least not until he was ready.