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Honeymoon – Chapter Three

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Public sex and other perversions as Melissa and Hollie start the rest of their new life. MF, mf, Fm, Interracial, Unsafe, Impreg, Teen (14y, 15y, 16y)

The sharing was to start sooner that both women thought. The second day of the honeymoon had almost been a repeat of the first, but on the third morning Stephen announced that they would need to go into the local town to replenish supplies.

“But we have nothing to wear babe!” Melissa pointed out. Stephen turned to the boys.

“Do you still have those old basketball vests that were left by the American students who visited last year?” he asked.

“I think so dad, I’ll look for them,” Marty answered.

The vests were eventually found and given to the girls. They were meant for tall basketball players and hung down nearly to mid-thigh for the girls. But in front, the scooped neckline revealed a considerable portion of the swells of their breasts, especially Melissa’s D-cups. Furthermore, the armholes were so wide as to create openings at the side just about down to their waists. If they raised their arms at all, the sides of their breasts and even some glimpses of nipples would be exposed to any watchers.

“We could be arrested for public indecency!” thought Melissa, but she also felt a tingle in her pussy and nipples at the thought of the likely public exposure.

Stephen drove them all into town and shouted them lunch at a pub where the girls got many lewd looks from tipsy men. The group then got back in the car and began to tour the local area.

“I think we should spend some time at the local beach here. It’s very nice. I suppose that we had better get you girls some swimsuits,” Stephen mused. He drove a few blocks to a speciality lingerie store and guided them to a rack of Wicked Weasel swimsuits, which were known for being skimpy and slutty. He had them try on several of the bikinis and monokinis. All of them barely covered their nipples and bald cunts. The girls realized immediately that when wet the suits would effectively be transparent. Even when dry, the outlines of their nipples and slit were quite evident.

Stephen selected two suits for each girl. Each of them was given a bikini which had a narrow strip of material over their hairless vaginal openings, and small triangles covering their nipples. The rest was just string.

Hollie’s second suit was a white bikini, the bottoms more-or-less as the other but with a narrow boob-tube wrapped round her top allowing both the upper and lower swells of her breasts to be bare. Melissa’s other suit was a lime-green monokini. A thin strip ran between her legs and then separated into two slightly broader strips that ran across her breasts, leaving the sides exposed and then tied to a thin collar round her neck.

Stephen had them wear the bikinis in the store as he went to pay. They were terribly conscious of all eyes in the busy store on them. Both felt again the by now familiar conflict of emotions between embarrassment at being stared at by strange men and women, and arousal at the forced exposure. Stephen took his time settling up, after which they walked out to his car. A short drive took them to the beach, where they had to walk from the car park down to the quite crowded beach, one again continually aware of the exposure.

As soon as they found places to sit, Marty and Ken took them to splash in the surf for a while, to ensure that their suits were totally see-through. After a while they all returned to their spot on the beach and towelled off. Melissa and Hollie both dozed off lying on their stomachs in the warm sun. Half an hour later they were woken by a male voice.

“Hey, Stephen! I wondered whether you would be visiting your cottage. How’s the fishing?” the voice said cheerfully.

Both girls rolled over and simultaneously gasped at the speaker, a man of about Stephen’s age accompanied by a teenage boy of about thirteen. Melissa knew the man as Jack Stanford. She had for a couple of years been a secretary in the financial company where he worked, and also knew him from school PTA meetings. Hollie also recognized both Jack and his son Mike who were father and brother of her best friend Julie. She had shared many sexual fantasies with Julie, and Hollie had had a bit of crush on Mike despite his young age.

As the girls rolled over, Jack and Mike’s eyes popped out at the near nudity of the two girls, and Mike let out an involuntary exclamation.

“Wow!” they groaned, their mouths gaping open lustily. Stephen laughed at them.

“Jesus, it’s just fucken’ pussy! You seem to have lost interest in fishing boys!” he chuckled. Jack stumbled over his words.

“Ah, umm, well, your ladies took my breath away sir. But we’d sure still like to take in some fishing at your place if we can!” he stammered.

“I’m afraid that the girls will not be wearing their bikinis if you visit” said Stephen with a slight grin, knowing that the ambiguity would be lost on Jack and Mike. They looked a little crestfallen, but in good grace Jack confirmed their interest in a visit, and an arrangement was made for them to come by the next morning.

Early the next morning, Stephen told the girls that he and the boys were going out.

“Tell Jack and Mike that we have gone to look at property or something. But make sure you seduce them both,” he ordered.

“What!” stammered Melissa, not believing what she had just heard.

“I need to get leverage on that fucker, and what better way than to catch him fucking my wife and underage stepdaughter!” he grinned.

“So you’re using us for your own business interests?” Melissa gasped.

“That’s right darling. But don’t look so offended! You know you and Hollie will enjoy it. I’m giving you my blessing to fuck other men. Go with it!” he grinned.

In truth, although Melissa did not want to admit it to herself, deep down she knew Stephen was right. She was becoming addicted to the thrill of exhibitionistic and illicit sex. She would never be able to go back to a conventional lifestyle. And as much as she had wanted to protect Hollie, her daughter had inherited the same nymphomaniac genes and was beyond protecting.

“Okay babe, we will do it!” Melissa decided.

“Oh and no condoms, you have to fuck them raw,” Stephen instructed. Melissa frowned.

“What if they have some disease? We hardly know them! And neither of us is on birth control, as you already know,” she stated.

“I know for a fact Jack gets tested regularly for his insurance, I’ve seen the documents. And his son is barely out of fucken’ diapers, I bet he’s not had any pussy yet. You could blow his cherry!” Stephen laughed.

The two men left shortly after, and twenty minutes later Melissa opened the door to Jack and Mike. They gasped at the sight of two totally naked women inviting them in. Mike was especially entranced by the sight of young Hollie, whom he had seen so often visiting his sister. He whipped out his mobile phone.

“I must get a picture. Julie will never believe me!” he muttered.

“Please don’t tell Julie, it’ll be all over the school in hours!” wailed Hollie, suddenly realizing the reputation she would get at school.

“Yes, she is a gossip, but she would also never forgive me if she found out that I had seen you naked and didn’t tell her!” he said, snapping photos of her tight teenage body. In the meantime, Melissa took Jack’s arm, let her naked breast rub against him and offered him a drink. She was still surprised to find herself getting aroused just at the thought of being naked with another man and seducing him. She got a thrill out of seeing the obvious bulge in his pants, fully aware that she had caused it.

Before long, Melissa and Jack were sitting on the one two-seater couch and Hollie and Mike on the other.

“If you tell your sister about Hollie, keep me out of it! And not a word to your mother about anything that happens here, or I’ll rip your balls off,” Jack warned his son.

“Sure dad! I get it,” Mike grinned, excited about getting some pussy. Jack turned and kissed Melissa full on the mouth and she responded, enthusiastically opening her lips to accept his tongue.

“I bet Stephen fucking knows of this and has no hang-ups. He probably wants some loan for one of his wild schemes and is using you to get to me. But who cares! I might as well enjoy this beautiful woman,” Jack thought as he kissed her passionately. His hands were by now caressing Melissa’s tits, and she was stroking the bulge in his jeans. In the back of her mind Melissa was aware that she had crossed a line. She had become a full-on whore, selling her body for some sort of commercial gain. But somehow even that thought enhanced her arousal. She opened her lips and sucked Jack’s tongue into her mouth again.

At the same time Mike stood and whipped off his pants so that he could rub his straining cock against Hollie’s pretty face. She opened her mouth and sucked the stiff prick as deep as she could go. Mike picked up his mobile phone to get shots of Hollie’s lips around his cock.

On the other bed, Jack had got naked and rolled on top of Melissa. She was already fully aroused and wrapped her legs around his ass. Condoms were not even mentioned, and with no difficulty at all the erect and unsheathed penis slid into the unprotected vagina, the mutual thrusting motion soon settling into a steady rhythm.

“Ah YES! Fuck me!” Melissa moaned. Their grunts and groans quickly reached a crescendo, and Jack suddenly thought about pregnancy.

“We’re not using any protection. I assume that you’re on the pill or some shit?” he grunted, the cum boiling in his nut sack. Melissa’s lust addled mind boggled and she decided to turn the lewdness up a notch.

“Nope, totally unprotected and probably fertile. But who cares? I just like fucking and I’m gonna get knocked up anyways. Cum as deep as you can and see if your sperm can beat Stephen’s and the boys to my egg!” she giggled.

The mere thought that he could impregnate his partner tripped his biological trigger and drove Jack to increasing heights of ecstasy.

“Then I’m going to fuck a baby into your womb you dirty bareback slut!” he panted as her cunt cream foamed up around their conjoined genitals.

“Yes, that’s what I am! A dirty fucking bareback slut! No fucking rubbers ever,” she groaned as she prepared to take yet another load of virile sperm into her uterus.

By now Mike was also fully stripped and had Hollie on her hands and knees on the floor, screwing her savagely like a bitch in heat, all the while still snapping away with his mobile phone camera. Having just lost his cherry, he too was excited about the unprotected fucking.

“What about you Hollie, are you on birth control?” he queried as his bare cock slammed in and out of Hollie’s tight teenage cunt.

“What do you think? I’m a bareback slut just like my mom! Cum in me Mike, see if you can make a baby in my tummy!” she squealed, cumming all over his cock at the thought of being pregnant at just fifteen. Making this thirteen-year-old boy a daddy. She shivered and came as Mike blew his first load ever in a girl’s pussy.

“Come on, NUT IN ME! If it’s a girl you can fuck her too when she’s old enough!” Melissa screamed at Jack who immediately came with a loud groan, ejaculating his semen into her vagina.

When the fucking was complete, neither couple made any great effort to pull apart and remained firmly joined at the groin for some time until the male organs eventually softened to the extent that they slipped out, allowing a trickle of cum to roll down the girls’ thighs.

“Hollie go get us some beers,” Melissa told her daughter. As Hollie moved to the kitchen, Melissa giggled softly as she saw Jack watching Hollie’s ass, his cock showing signs of returning life.

“You dirty old fucker,” she teased. “I do believe that you’re lusting after my fifteen-year-old daughter!”

Mike laughed out loud. “Dad’s always been turned on by teenage girls. He’s been perving at Julie and her friends for the last year or two. Doesn’t Hollie sort of remind you of Julie, Dad?” he said. Jack looked a little embarrassed.

“You’re one to talk! I’ve seen you trying to peep down your mother’s tops, and up her skirts. And I never told you, but I saw you jacking off into your mother’s panties in the laundry about a month ago, when you thought you were alone at home,” he countered.

There was a moment of quiet as all four swallowed down their beers. Melissa was very aware that Jack was eyeing Hollie while Mike was staring at her tits and pussy. Both men had by now recovered their erections.

“Well, if Jack fancies Hollie as a daughter substitute, and Mike would like to try out my curves as a mother substitute, we’re all yours!” she grinned.

The two males needed no second invitation. Jack quickly moved across to Hollie and pulled her to her feet. They kissed open mouthed as Jack fondled her young breasts. This quickly aroused her, and she pushed into him, feeling his hard cock rubbing into her tummy. Mike made way for them to fall on to the one couch without breaking the kiss. Hollie found his penis, still slightly damp from her mother’s juices and massaged it gently. Their French-kissing became increasingly passionate; their tongues intertwined as they explored each-others’ tonsils and exchanged saliva in between loud moans of pleasure.

Melissa lay back on the other couch and spread her legs to reveal her gaping juicy hole, and lazily beckoned Mike to join her. She pulled his head to her breast and suckled him like a baby. For the next ten minutes he alternated between breasts, sucking avidly as Melissa played with his cock, keeping him on the edge of coming. Finally, she spread her legs wider and pulled him up along her body so that they could couple fully, and soon they were humping against each other.

By this time, Jack and Hollie were also fucking like bunnies. “You’re not on birth control right, I heard you say to Mike you were unprotected,” Jack panted as he fucked her hairless slot.

“No daddy! I’m fertile right now too. Will you put a baby brother or sister in my tummy?” Hollie cooed in a little girl voice.

Jack groaned loudly. The mere thought of possibly impregnating a young girl the age of his daughter who had just called him daddy drove Jack over the edge and with a howl of delight he released a huge torrent of wriggling sperm into her teenage body. Soon afterwards the screams from the other couch confirmed that Mike was equally well trying to impregnate his surrogate mother.

Their passions were just subsiding when the door flew open to reveal Stephen and the two boys. Stephen feigned surprise and anger.

“What the hell’s going on here? I invite you to my house and the two of you violate my wife and underage stepdaughter. Me and my boys should beat the living shit out of you!” he growled. Mike got a fright and had jumped up, but Jack was unperturbed.

“I knew you were after a loan, so I was just inspecting your assets. I guess you’ll qualify!” he grinned. Stephen laughed.

“Oh well in that case, don’t let me stop you!”

Suffice to say that very little fishing was done that day. Jack and Mike fucked Melissa and Hollie again while Stephen and the boys watched and even took more dirty photographs for their collection.

This set the scene for the remainder of the honeymoon. Every couple of days they went through to the local town, where Melissa and Hollie were paraded round in their nearly nude states. More often than not, Stephen and/or the boys met up with friends who were invited out to the cottage. Other friends ranging from teenagers on motorbikes to men in their sixties in expensive cars and including all races and colours, arrived to visit and be entertained by the naked mother-daughter pair.

One day an all-black rock band arrived to visit. This included four men, each of whom fucked both Melissa and Hollie twice, and the woman singer who welcomed Stephen and the boys into her pussy. Melissa realized that there was every possibility that she and Hollie might end up with black babies, but somehow in her perpetual sexual high she really didn’t care. All they wanted was cock, cock and more cock.

By the time they packed up to head home, Melissa estimated that she and her daughter must have had unprotected vaginal sex with at least twenty-five different men over the past ten days. She started to wonder what would now happen to them. Were they just playthings that would be cast aside?

“What are you going to do with us now?” she asked Stephen.

“What do you mean?” he said.

“Now that Hollie and I have been fucked by every Tom Dick and Harry and are probably pregnant, are you just going to divorce me and throw us out?” she queried. Stephen laughed.

“What and lose these great investments? Actually, I’ve got some good news for you. I can’t divorce you,” he said.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because, doll, we aren’t married,” he said gruffly.

“What the fuck??” Melissa shouted.

“You see, the `priest’ was an actor, in fact one that usually acts in porn movies that I direct,” he explained. Melissa was nearly in tears now.

“But why? How could you do that to me? I thought you cared for me. What are Hollie and me going to do now, especially if we’re pregnant and on our own?” she wailed.

“There’s no need for you to be on your own darling! This whole charade was just to reveal your true selves so that you can find your true calling and destiny as high-priced hookers and porn stars. You know that’s what you really crave!” he grinned.

“My motor dealership is a front for my real income earning, that is producing and directing porn movies, and providing a high-priced escort service for select clients. The moment I met you, I knew you were a natural, especially the first time I got you into bed. At first, I could not quite understand why you seemed to have some inhibitions at times, but not others. And then I understood about your trying to protect Hollie. But when I met her, I immediately sensed that she too was a natural slut like you. I immediately realized that both of you could become my stars,” he said.

Mother and daughter looked at each other, initially with concern and confusion, then gradual acceptance, and finally collapsing with giggles into each-others’ arms.

“You’re right”, confessed Melissa, “I have never felt so liberated and fulfilled as I have been over the last ten days. But will I still work at your dealership? And what will Hollie do, especially if she’s pregnant?” she said.

“Well, I hope you’re both thoroughly pregnant. I’ve been slipping a fertility drug into your drinks for the past ten days. I have commissions for preggo theme movies. You will still work officially in the dealership, where you will also entertain potential clients for the higher priced vehicles. In this role we will select some sexy outfits for you, to be worn of course without any underwear. Hollie will naturally continue at school until you are asked to withdraw her because of her pregnant status. She will push the school uniform regulations to the limit, short skirts and minimal underwear she can get away with. Her friend Julie and her brother will no doubt ensure that her reputation is non-existent. I expect her to fuck any boy in the school whenever and wherever they ask. Indirectly that will help to advertise our services,” he explained.

Once again, Hollie and Melissa looked at each other, and smiled. This was going to be the life they wanted. There were no more inhibitions of any sort. Melissa asked for Stephen’s knife, and carefully slit the sides of her and Hollie’s basketball tops from the hem to the waist, leaving only a narrow strip at about waist-level to hold front and back together.

“That looks good!” commented Stephen as Marty pulled the car into a service station. “Let’s see if you can convince the proprietor to give us a free tank and some beers,” he grinned.

They did. It was the first day of the rest of their lives.

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