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Mom Loves to get fucked from my dad’s friend

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This is a real incident which happened around 2 weeks ago when my dad,(49 yrs slim body) went to our hometown for Property issues.At this time i was checking on for colleges to get enrolled in.
My mom’s age is around 39 her height is around 5’4 with huge tits and curvy big ass which can draw anyone’s attention.She is kind of conservative and modern mixed thoughts woman.
Main story starts when one day i saw her chatting on WhatsApp with someone as i know the password of my mom’s mobile i unlocked it when she wasn’t there and when i checked the chats then i was shocked to see that she was chatting with xxx uncle(name hided due to privacy) from a long time.She was getting good morning and evening messages dialy on her whatsapp and many times she used to ask my father that why don’t he meets his friend (the uncle with whom she was chatting) then my dad said that he doesn’t have much time to talk to him.Uncle was a rich man and unmarried (46 yrs old fit).He even used to compliment on my mom in chats and my mom was also attracted towards his money that’s why she used to chat with her .
Next day i woke up early in the morning i used to wake up at 7 A.M but on that day i woke up at 6:30 and when i came out form my room then i saw that the door of the master bedroom was locked from inside .After 5-10 minutes my mom came out .When i checked her phone around 11 AM then i saw that she had sent her nudes on uncle’s request. Many times i noticed her talking to someone on phone when i asked her then she said that my dad was on the call.She even used to parise uncle in front me that he’s good man and can help us if we require extra fees for my college.
After 2 days i had to go to give the entrance exam of one of the colleges and i told my mom that i would return till 8 P.M at evening. But my exam was till 5 PM only and when i returned to home then i saw uncle’s car backside in our house and our house has 2 doors and both were locked but i took the spare key of the backdoor with me and opened the back door and when i entered inside the house then the thumping noise started to increase as i was moving towards the master bedroom and the gate was also opened and my mom was on top of the uncle’s dick and he was fucking my mom like a horse then i went near the window and started to record the whole scene .She was exhausted fully but uncle was not as he wasn’t married so he wanted to let out his rage .He then grabbed my mom’s hair and slapped her and came in Missionary position and my mom was moaning as she didn’t get her pussy stretched by my dad as uncle did and then he came inside my mom’s pussy and his cum was ooozing out from it .Then he spanked my mom’s ass as it was very huge then he started to lick my mom’s ass and inserted his dick in ass even after my mom refused but he didn’t listen to her and slapped her and started fucking her ass vigorously which made her scream very loudly as the TV was on which made her voce supress and then he banged my mom’s huge ass for another 20 minutes and came all insided her ass . Now she was exhausted completly but uncle didn’t stop and went another round of her pussy in doggy style my mom was screaming and fucking and kissing in between and even he spitted on her face and made her a bitch.She was enjoying it a lot and was continuously saying this line “Chodo mujhe i love you meri jaan aaaahhhhh….” and uncle was saying that “kya gaand h teri chut bhi ekdum tight h Mai tujhsee itna pyaar krta hu mere saath chal chhod de inhe(Me and dad)”.Then he came inside her mouth.
The time was now around 7:10 PM and then she said “Bs kro ji ab Sahil ata hoga aap jao nhi to vo kya kahega” then uncle replied “Ab vo sirf tera nahi mera beta bhi h ” and my mom became very happy after hearing this and uncle also gave 350000 rupee to my mom saying that ye “Sahil ki fees k liye lekin agar poori fees chiye to mere saath chal mere ghar tujhe raani banakr rkhunga aur tere ladke ki poori fees pay krdunga 20 lakh”.My mom was surprised and replied that she would ask me .Then uncle started wearing his clothes and took my mom’s panty saying that it will remind him of her.They both kissed each other and when uncle started to come out then i went out of the house quickly and i went to park.Around 8:00 PM when i rang the doorbell then my mom came to open the fromt door and looked very happy when i asked about it then she didn’t say anything and kept smiling but her smile didn’t last for too long as when i showed her the whole video of her fucking session with uncle then she started crying and said that she did this for me for my college fees then i hugged her and said that if you love uncle then why don’t you settle with him then she said what about your dad then i told her that she should follow her will not to think about others.Now in next part i will tell you about her decision.

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  • Reply Jake ID:1e7cdg34nkjo

    Looks like your mom was too busy being a whore to teach you how to spell.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    What were your mum and uncle saying to each other . Can you keep the story in English. I hope your uncle keeps fucking her

  • Reply Steven ID:7ecgnbdzrd

    Me and my friend caught my step-sister letting his dad fuck her one time. Me and him were 13 and she was 14. She always wanted to hang out with us, kind of tomboyish, and even when I had a sleepover at my friend’s house she wanted to go. One time, he woke me up at like 2:00 in the morning and said “Hey, where’s your sister?” She wasn’t in the sleeping bag on the floor where I had last seen her and assumed she had fallen asleep. “In the bathroom, I’m sure”, I said. I really couldn’t have cared less right then where she was. Then he said, “Listen”. We heard a woman or girl’s voice like giggling and then talking and some dude’s voice too. We could just barely hear it and weren’t even sure if we actually heard it or not, it was so faint. We wondered what the fuck it was. So we went looking. Nothing. The whole house seemed quiet as a tomb. His mom worked at night and his dad was asleep so we had no idea. Just then we heard something again and it was coming from his dad’s room. We very carefully opened the door just a crack and there she was, butt naked on top of his dad riding his cock like a porn pro. I had never paid much attention to her body before but she looked nice as hell naked, that was a fact. We stared as long as we dared to but got nervous and left before we got caught. “Dude. Your dad is tearing that pussy up.”, I said when we got back in his bedroom. “No, your sister is putting that pussy on him like he hasn’t had in a long time”, he replied, and we both laughed. Of course, being young assholes, we told her the next morning we saw what she was doing. She denied the hell out of it and said she didn’t know what we were talking about. We insisted but so did she. She never would admit it.

    • Derick ID:30hsknncm99

      Who asked

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    You have to do what you can, especially if somebody is giving you money your pussy is like a gold mine

    • Sahil ID:30hsknncm99

      My mum has become a whore now she hooks up with a new man daily as every night i hear different noices of different men from her Bedroom.I enjoy it a lot and if you want then i can share my experience that how i made my mom to ride my dick .