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The first time I was raped I was 15

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Got more than I asked for one night. I discovered that the only difference between being fucked and being raped, was that when men raped you they real

Although I let any man use me in whatever way they wanted, there were always some who only got-off on rough sex and rape. From the age of 15 I got raped a number of times. One night I was laying naked alongside the canal in the Cardiff castle grounds, next to a path used by men looking for sex. It had been a quiet night and I had only sucked-off a couple of men in the bushes on the other side of the grounds. I went to the canal-side and stripped naked, as I had been had by quite a few men at that spot before, and I was hoping some more would pass by and use me that night.

After a short while, I heard someone approaching. Or rather, two voices approaching. But they were coming from the path from the main road, North Road. It seem they had just gone there to urinate.
When they came into sight, I could see they were both in their late teens, just a few years older than me and much younger than the middle-aged or older men who usually used me. They saw me and stopped. One said to the other
”Fucking queer. Let’s have him.”

I readied myself to get a kicking, but the first one seemed to be turned-on. He came up to me and flipped me on my belly. I could hear him unzipping his pants, and feel him wanking his cock hard. Laying on me, he spread my legs and pushed his cock to the entrance of my asshole. Then with one thrust he was in. The roughness of it really hurt. His cock wasn’t very thick, but he rammed it up me as hard as he could, murmuring
“Fucking queer. Fucking queer, take this.”

As he fucked me he grabbed my hair and pushed my face into the earth. I could hardly breathe. He continually pounded me into the ground until finally he pumped his spunk out deep inside me. He pulled out, and spat on me. The other guy was on me straight after, taking sloppy seconds in my asshole. His cock was bigger, and after the first man’s cock had ravaged my ass, the second guy’s cock hurt more than it should have one.

The first one stood there encouraging the one fucking me saying
“Go on, fuck the little queer. Rape him. Rape him hard. Hurt him.”

The guy fucking me needed no telling, and he thrust in and out of me even harder than the first one. When he was just about to cum, he thrust up me so hard I felt like his cock was coming out of my mouth. His body shuddering, he shot his spunk up me to join the other guy’s spunk.

He pulled out of me and stood up. The first guy said
“What are we going to do to you now, queerboy?”

The second one said
“Throw him in the canal.”

The first guy said
“Good idea. Let’s do it.”

They both grabbed me and dragged me to the canal edge, then pushed me into the dirty water. The canal was not deep, and the water just came up to my lower chest. The one guy picked up my clothes and threw them in after me. After looking at me for a few moments and laughing at me they walked off, leaving me to grab my soaking clothes and climb out of the canal.

Although I’d been used by a lot of men previously, that was the first time I had been raped. I discovered that the only difference between being fucked and being raped, was that when men raped you they really wanted to hurt you as much as possible when they were raping you.

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  • Reply Anna Canal ID:1atamu8m

    Its good he spit on you afterwards

  • Reply Tt ID:bhr2s9b09


  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    It sounds as if you’ve been raped several times since. Sure we’d all enjoy reading the juicy details of being abused by so-called straight boys

    • Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

      Yes, been raped a number of times, mostly when I was younger but also when I was a transvestite prostitute years later. But I’m doing things chronologically, so in my next piece I’ll just write about a few more times I was raped when I was young.

  • Reply Regina D. ID:7ecgnbdzrd

    I was 14 the first time I got raped. My uncle (acting like he was fucking possessed or something) pushed me face down onto his bed and pulled my shorts down in the back. He told me that sex in the “back door” wasn’t really sex so it was “ok”. (What a fucking asshole) Well it wasn’t “ok” to me and I wasn’t having it. He was pushing with his free hand on the middle of my back and I couldn’t get up. Next thing I knew he was pushing his dick in me. I told him if he didn’t stop I was going to scream. He said go ahead, but if I did and somebody came he was going to say I seduced him and I’d get sent to juvenile detention for 2 or 3 years so if I wanted that, go ahead and scream. I had no idea what the law was about that so like a dumbass I didn’t but I continued to try to fight him. It wasn’t working. He said to be still and it’d be over soon. My butthole felt like it was literally on fire. It hurt so bad. He kept saying “You’ll get used to it, baby.” which made me furious. After a minute it didn’t hurt as bad as it did at first but the most humiliating thing about the whole thing, after he did it in me, he made me go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and push. He wanted to see his junk come out of me. About a teaspoon or two did come out and he was grinning like an idiot when it did. He said if I told anybody about this, I’d go to jail, not him, since I had “let” him do it. Which was bullshit, but at the time I wasn’t sure if maybe he was right. I didn’t tell anyone but I avoided that asshole from then on. He told me one time at my grandmother’s house that we should go in the bathroom and let him do a “quickie”. I told him to fuck off and leave me alone.

  • Reply Mike ID:b8wriqjb7uc

    good one