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My Boy Scout Camping Trip – from the writer of the Groomed at Young age stories

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While at camp, I was asked by one of the troop leaders if I would assist a local boy scout executive with stacking wood at his ranch for the winter.

I was about 14 years old at the time this happened. I had been a boy scout for just over 8 months and had gone on several over nights already. On this occasion the Head troop leader was not on this camp trip and was left to one of the assistant leaders.

This one particular leader seemed to have favored me for he always picked on me during monthly meetings or outings to assist him. He was also the touching/feeling kind of guy. Always had his arm around my shoulders when picking me out for something as we walked away to deal with whatever the situation called for. Besides that he rubbed his hand on my back and patted me in the butt when I did a good task. But the pat was not a quick thing. His hand would seem to linger for a bit. And it was always when no one was around that he did this.

I don’t know if I part of it was my fault as I, for some reason always seemed to look at the crotch areas of our leaders. I always thought I was careful to do it when no one was looking but maybe he saw me. Maybe he suspected I liked cock… I never seemed to mind that his hand lingered on my butt. In a way, I liked him touching it and sometimes fantasized him rubbing it for much longer.

During this camp trip as we set-up camp he he told me about one of the executives from higher up in the Boy Scout leadership that lived in the area. He had some work to be done around the ranch and needed help stacking his wood for the up coming winter. He asked me if I was interested in helping out and I agreed too. The next morning we drove out to the gentleman’s ranch and after introductions, the scout leader told me he had a couple errands to take care of and that he would be back to pick me up in about 2 to 3 hours. This was news to me. For I thought that we were both going to help stack wood.

Mr. Wright, (names are fictitious to protect the real names and individuals) showed me to the barn and the pile of wood needing to be stacked. It was quite obvious from the surroundings, the barn, home and horses that he lived a very comfortable life. Mr. Wright took a break from stacking wood and said he was.going to the house to get refreshments for us. I nodded and stated, ok, and continued loading the wood. After what seemed to be 15 or 20 minutes he appeared with a pit her of lemonade and several glasses. I went over to the wooden table and benches and he poured me a glass of lemonade. Although sweet, it was a bit tart but overall, refreshing. After several swallows of the drink I proceeded to stack wood. Mr. Wright stated that I appeared to be a conscientious and good worker. I thanked him but advised him that I wanted to get as much done before my troop leader returned. To this he said not to be too concerned about the wood. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as it was quite warm. I noticed that Mr. Wright kept looking at my legs and I also saw him grope his crotch while he looked me over. I was uncertain but had an idea where this was heading but decided to play along and play dumb.

Mr. Wright asked me if I wouldn’t mind to just stand there and look.at him for a minute. I stopped stacking wood and did as he asked but did not look in his eyes. Every now and then I sneaked a look at his crotch and I’m certain he knew it. He proceeded to grope himself again and my eyes followed his hand. It was like I was hypnotized. He told me to turn around. While facing my back to him he told me that I have sexy legs. That they look more like girl’s legs. He proceeded to tell me that my butt cheeks make the jean shorts I had on look sexy. If there were any doubts before, I definitely knew now where this was going.

Mr. Wright asked if he can touch my legs
I said it was ok and he motioned for me to come over to where he was sitting at the bench. He began to run his hand down my Calf of one leg and then the other. He told me I had very smooth skin for a boy and proceeded to grope my cheeks. As he did so he said they were firm. He pulled me closer to him and with hand on my cheeks and the other at my crotch, he began to feel me up. I, of course, just continued to let it happen knowing he was working himself up and getting an election. He asked me if I was OK with it and I just nodded my head. He pulled down my zipper and reached in to feel my penis which was still at a dormant stage.

It didn’t take long for my penis to a full election. The heat and tingling sensations had been building up inside me when he began feeling my legs and commenting on my body. He continued undoing my shorts and when completed, they dropped to the ground. He turned me around and pulled down my undies and began to feel me.up. it was then that I realized what he wanted was my vutt hole for his breathing began to take on deeper breathes and feeling my hole with his fingers. He told me to bend over and I just did it without any hesitation. He spread my cheeks and was happy with what he saw but also realized that I had been fucked before, and not once but several times. I didn’t realize that you could tell if you’ve been used by several men but apparently my hole was opened enough…

As he inspected my boy kitty he asked how many have fucked me. At that time, I believe I had been fucked by 4 men, and that’s what I told him. He asked me if I like being fucked and I told him yes. He asked if I like sucking cock and I told him yes. Then he told me something that I have thought about recently. That I was made to serve men. He proceeded to undo his pants and he released his cock from them. He asked me if I liked it and I nodded that I dis. He asked if I wanted to suck it and I told him I did. I began licking it and putting it in my mouth and licking the underside of the mushroom head with my tongue. He told me he really liked that that it feels good. He asked me how much of it I could take in my mouth and I proceeded take him deeper into my mouth. His girth did not permit me to go much further. He had to be about 7 inches long and fairly thick as well. I continued taking it in and out and going as deep as I could when he suddenly grabbed my head and told me to stop. That he didn’t want to come so soon.

He got up and led me to a couple bundles of hay and told me to lean over one of them. When I did, my upper body was support to the waist area by the hay bundle and my kitty butthole high enough for him to enter and use at his pleasure. He spread my cheeks with both hands and spat on my kitty. He then started spreading it on my hole and penetrating it with the finger. He spat some more and then had two fingers in me. After removing his fingers I felt the large mushroom head at my opening and as he began pressing inward I felt the pressure building up around my hole as his dick began to spread me open. Even after having fairly good size cocks in me you would’ve thought I wouldn’t have felt as much burning and sharp pain as I did this time. It burned as it spread me open and I felt the pressure as it made its way inside me pushing aside or rearranging my insides. After sometime, my hole created its own lubrication and it felt better. Even the pressures within were not as bad. He was now sliding in and out of me without much resistance and it actually felt good.

He did me this way for another 15 to 20 minutes and when he released his load deep inside me, it was a huge load for not only did I feel it as it filled me but the pressure created with so much cum and the limited space inside me along with his humping, it blew right out the sides of my boy kitty. I felt it as it ran down my thighs. When he pulled out he asked if I would clean it for him and so I got down on my knees and locked it clean with my lips and tongue.I had been trained to lick cocks clean back in the beginning when I became a faggot. (See Groomed at a Young Age by 22 year old)

After I cleaned his cock he got dressed and so did I. We started walking over towards the house as he proceeded to make a quick call. Before reaching the house he pulled out a Benjamin Franklin and told me to keep our secret to ourselves. That nobody must ever know about it. He then told me if I was interested in making another hundred, to let the troop leader know the next time we camp out in this area.

I didn’t wait long on the porch of Mr. Wright’s house for the troop leader. He was there as if it was right on cue. I thought about the quick call Mr. Wright made on our walk back to the house and I’m sure it was the troop leader he was calling. He was in on it too. Which makes sense now why he had picked me. I had allowed him to groom me at the scout meetings and during chores.

During our ride back to camp the troop leader asked about the wood piling and was it hard. I stated no and said no more. He talked about Mr. Wright and how sometimes he can be difficult. Probably trying to get me to open up some but I said nothing. I began to feel quite wet in my hole and wondered how much of Mr. Wright’s cum had been leaking out of me. I knew I was pretty much wet back there and possibly gone through my undies as well as my shorts. When we arrived at camp and I stepped out of the truck, I noticed a spot on the seat of the truck right where my butt hole was situated. The camp leader noticed it too. He told me to go to my cabin and change my shorts and undies. He said that it appeared I had sweated quite a bit while working today because it showed through my shorts. He also told me if I was interested in taking a hike with him sometime in the evening or tomorrow after breakfast. I agreed to go. I know what was going to happen during this hike….I’m sure you have an idea also.

My stories are true and I have chosen to share my youthful experiences that occurred many years ago. I hope you enjoy them. I still reminisce about those times and it would like to experience them all over again.

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  • Reply Hotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

    I’m glad that my stories have brought enjoyment and satisfaction in more ways than one to all who have read them. Thank you and know that all your comments are much appreciated.

  • Reply PostMaloneFan ID:4bn00en3fia

    good story

    • PostMaloneFan ID:4bn00en3fia

      good story

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    I have just read all your stories . They are super hot and sexy . I cum 3 times while reading them all . I loved the priest story , he should have fucked you over the alter in front of the congregation

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    Great story .

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    I loved the story! I often thought about a older male raping me and forcing his big cock into my ass hard. If you hear of a dominant man into raping let me know

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    Got and gave my first blow job at scout camp

  • Reply You lack creativity ID:1ehle0kv2

    Total ripoff from another story I recently read.

    • Hotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

      Sorry you feel that way about it. As for having read a similar story, well, there were many of us boy scouts that had been used sexually back then. I have also read some stories here that were similar to a few of my other stories I wrote for sexstories69… Again, sorry you were disappointed.

    • Jd ID:1epqr3gbzyfp

      I was thinking the same thing and tried to find the other one