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13 year olds are so tight

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Birthday parties and little girls, a dream come true

It was my daughter Abigail’s 13th birthday and she asked if she could have a sleep over with some friends for her birthday. Of course I didnt care. Her mom died when she was 10 and I always felt a need to do whatever I could to make her happy. The house we just moved into had a pool and she wanted a chance to show it off to her little girl friends. She invited 5 of her friends over, Alyssa, Brittney, Katherine, Lexi and Kenzie. They were all around the same age, Alyssa and Kenzie were a year older than the other girls. Once all the girls arrived, I gave them all the house rules and told them I would stay out of their hair but if they needed anything just to ask. I went ahead and ordered them pizza as they all ran to Abbys room to change into their swim suits. I sat on the couch and started watching some tv, but couldnt help but notice as the girls came out of the room and walk past me to go outside to the pool. I was amazed at their little bodys in these 2 piece swim suits. Alyssa and Kenzie, since they were a little older than the rest of the girls looked especially good, definitely well matured body wise for their ages. I had seen these girls many times but hadnt noticed them this way before.

I couldnt help but watch as they jumped around in the pool, having fun with each other. I hadnt been with another woman since my wife passed, and it felt weird how I was feeling about these little girls. Still, I watched even as i felt dirty. I walked towards the window and saw as Kenzie dove into the pool and came up. The other girls started laughing. Confused, I looked a little harder and saw that her top had slipped down when she dove into the pool. I saw the perfectly round breasts that she had, with little pink nipples. After about 4 seconds she realized her top came down so she quickly pulled it up and had a laugh herself. The thought of her perfect little breast made my dick hard in my pants. What am I doing? I thought to myself. Just then the pizza arrived at the front door so I went and got it and brought it into the kitchen. “Hey Girls the pizza is here” I shouted outside to them.

“Okay dad were going to hang out here for a little while longer” abby said. “Dad will you grab us some towels out of my room? I forgot them in there!”

“Sure honey”

I needed a distraction away from the girls anyways so I figured Id go get them the towels. Didnt work though. As I walked into her bedroom, while very clean, there were 5 piles of clothes in different parts of the room. I walked to each pile out of curiosity. They were the clothes the girls had been wearing. The first pile I stopped at was Alyssas. I could see the Black Tshirt she had been wearing and white shorts. Stuffed inside the white shorts were a pair of maroon panties. Of course I had already been quite horny so I reached down and grabbed them to inspect them. I brought them to my nose to get a whiff and could smell a mixture of sweat and stale piss. I put my tongue to them, getting the slightest little hairs in my mouth. I put them down and moved to the next pile, this one was Katherines. I searched through her clothing and found her panties, these were white cotton ones with pink polka dots on them. Again, I brought them to my nose and smelled, these smelled much sweeter and less like piss. I tasted them, no hairs but could feel with my tongue that they were a bit crusted. Next ones were Kenzies. Her panties were black, cotton panties. I brought hers to my nose and it was the best smelling out of the 3 i smelled so far. I could smell her innocent little juices on her panties mixed in with some sweat. As I brought them to my tongue, to my surprise there were no little hairs on there, they did taste great though. I continued to move through the piles, until finally I got to abbys pile of clothing. Hesitantly, I went to grab her panties and I heard them yelling from outside. I quickly grabbed the towels and ran out the room. I watched them, in amazement, as they got out of the pool and dried their tiny bodies off, imagining what they look like with those swim suits off. “Pizza is in the kitchen girls”

“Okay were going to go change first”

After about 10 minutes the girls all came back wearing the same clothes I had just been rummaging through. I was still so incredibly horny though. “Girls, why dont you take your pizza and go into the front room and watch a movie. Ill whip up some brownies for you” I said. Although i had other motives.

I went into my bathroom and grabbed some sleeping pills I had. I figured, Im going to lace their brownies with sleeping pills and once they are all asleep then I would do some further inspections on their bodies. I went back into the kitchen and started making the brownie batter. I made the brownie batter first and as I was about to pull the sleeping pills out, Kenzie walked into the kitchen. “That brownie batter looks good Mr. J. Can I lick a spoon?” She said.

“Sure”. I handed her over a spoonful of brownie batter, and watched as she stuck the spoon in her mouth. I dont know why but it turned me on so badly. Luckily there was a counter inbetween her and me or else she would have seen my erection. “Its so good” She said as she handed the spoon back to me and walked out. I watched her as she walked out, she had on some extremely short shorts on and I could see the perfect make up of her ass. I took the spoon she had and licked it, reaching my hand into my pants and pulling out my hard cock. I watched into the other room, making sure nobody else was coming and started stroking my cock, thinking about the sweet smells of their panties and imagining what their bodies would look like. After a short amount of time, I felt like I was about to cum, but didnt know where to go. Quickly with my free hand, I grabbed the bowl of brownie mix and blew my load right into it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the girls moving around in the other room so quickly i put my dick back in my pants, grabbed a spoon and started mixing it into the brownie batter. Just as I was able to blend it in, the girls had come into the kitchen.

“Can the rest of us try some of the brownie batter daddy?” Abby said. I knew that she was going to be an unfortunate casualty in this scheme but if it was going to work she needed to eat the brownies too so I got the girls each a spoon and they each tasted the nut brownie batter. TO my believe none of them even noticed and loved the brownie batter. I couldn’t help but feel extremely dirty but aroused at the same time.

The girls went back to their movie and I grabbed the sleeping pills and crushed them up into the mix. After cookie for about 30 minutes, i pulled the brownies out and let them cool off. “Girls, the brownies are ready”

I watched as the girls came back and forth eating brownies, knowing in a few hours Id be able to do what i please.

Around 10:00 their movie was over, and they were all collectively tired so they told me they were going to sleep. I waited about 30 minutes and then quietly opened abbys bedroom door. “Girls?” I whispered quietly. Silence.

I turned on a lamp in the bedroom and walked over to the bed. Abby has a king size bed, so all of the girls were able to sleep up there comfortably. I pulled the blankets back, admiring each of them in their little PJs. I rolled each of them onto their backs, pulling their shorts down to their knees and their tops up enough to expose their tiny breasts. Closest to me first was Brittney. I straddled on top of her, putting my hands on her tiny breasts, rubbing her little brown nipples. I worked my way down her body, putting my tongue on her little tits as i worked my way down to her pussy. I lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulders so I could get a better view. Her slit was perfectly pink, and i could make out a little bit of peach fuzz on and around her lips. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart and used my tongue to taste her. Fuck. I thought to myself. Her pussy tasted exactly what I imagined it would taste like, little bit of sweat, little bit of piss but it was so sweet. I tried to stick my finger inside of her but could barely fit it in. Shes so tight i thought to myself. I put her legs down and rolled her onto her stomach. Then moved onto the next one, which was lexi. Lexi’s chest was fairly flat, but I could tell she was starting to develop. Nonetheless, I licked her little puffy nipples and worked my way down to her pussy. No hair on her, after spreading her lips and using my tongue, hers didnt taste nearly as good as Brittney. Again, i tried to shove my finger inside of her, and all i could get was my pinky inside of her. I rolled her over and moved onto katherine next.

Katherine definitely had bigger breasts, but still small enough to fit in my hand. I rubbed on her nipples for a bit then used my mouth on them working my way down to her pussy. No hair on her little pussy. My dick was so hard at this point. I used my tongue on her, her juices were so sweet. I used my tongue inside of her, getting her as wet as i could. Then I used my finger on her. I was able to get about half of my pointer finger inside of her, and I could feel her lips gripping my finger. I wanted to fuck her so badly. I pulled my pants off and put the tip of my dick inside of her. I slowly pushed as I could feel her pussy lips spreading and stretching on my dick. I slowly started fucking her, as her lifeless sleeping body just laid there. As i fucked her though, I looked over and saw kenzie and alyssa both next to her, both their older bodies just waiting for me. I pulled out of katherine as i saw blood dripping out of her pussy and on my dick. I grabbed my shorts and wiped myself off as I moved over to kenzie. I got to get a close up look of kenzies pink little nipples as I moved my way down her body to her perfect little pussy. Again, no hair on her pussy, and it was perfectly shaped. I couldnt wait to destroy her. I used my tongue, tasting her pussy. No piss, it was perfect. I got her as wet as I could and then shoved my dick inside of her, feeling the ripping of her pussy on my hard cock. She felt so fucking good. I looked down and watched as my dick went in and out of her, pounding her little pussy as I had her legs on my shoulders. I was just about to cum and i remembered I still had alyssa. I pulled out, cleaning myself up again of blood and moved over to alyssa. I immediately just went straight for her pussy. She had some little brown hairs on her pussy but nothing overly excessive. I used my tongue on her, tasting her virgin cunt until finally I couldnt take it any more. I grabbed her hips and thrusted myself into her pussy. She was absolutely tigher than both the other 2 and I knew she would be hurting in the morning. I continued to fuck her harder and harder, listening to my balls slapping against her taint until finally i busted my nut inside of her. I pulled out, watching as my jiz and her blood was dripping down her crack. I cleaned the girls up as best as i could and then started putting their clothes back on them. As I got to abby, she grabbed my hand. “Is it my turn daddy?” She said.

In shock, i looked down at her and could see her staring at me. “Ive been awake this whole time daddy I cant sleep. What were you doing to my friends? It seemed to make you happy, is it my turn now daddy?”

I didnt know what to do or say. Before I could respond though, she took her shirt completely off and sat up in the bed. My daughters breasts were stunning. Perfectly round, with pink nipples hard as a rock. “Look daddy” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. “What do you think?”

“I love them sweetheart but we really shouldnt” Before I could finish what i was saying, she reached down and pulled her shorts completely off. She grabbed my head and pushed it down inbetween her legs. “Feel daddy” She had no hair on her pussy. “Honey if i hurt you please tell me” I told her.

I started using my tongue on her, and her pussy tasted better than all of her little friends. “MMM do you like it daddy?” She said, moaning.

“Mhmm” I said. I couldnt believe how wet she had already been. I kept using my tongue on her as i felt her body start to tense up. She let out another moan and i felt a gush of wetness leave her. She sat up again and said “WHat now daddy”

“Get out of bed sweetie and kneel down for daddy”

She knelt down in front of her mirror and looked up at me with her baby blue eyes. I pulled my dick out and put her hands on it. “Put it in your mouth sweetie”

Without hesitation she listened and started sucking my dick. I watched as she took the whole thing down her little throat, pulling it out and stroking it with her hand and putting my balls in her mouth like she was a professional. I dont think my cock had ever been harder in my life. I watched in the mirror, seeing her tiny asshole in the reflection with the soles of her feet. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and helped her get up. I set her on her beanbag chair next to her mirror and put her in a doggy style position. I reached down between her legs and could feel how wet she still was. I put the tip of my dick inside of her pussy, and slowly pushed myself inside of her, hearing her moan as i ripped her pussy. I continued slow, holding her hips as i slam against her ass. I take my thumb and put it in her mouth, getting it wet and then slipping it in her ass as i fuck her pussy. Within minutes of fingering her ass, her body tenses up and i feel her lips tighten against my dick. She lets out a bigger moan as her body releases, letting her orgasm out. I grab her hair, and force my dick harder inside of her pussy until finally I bust my nut inside of her, going as deep as I could go. As i pull out, Im still Cuming so i made sure to get some inbetween her asscrack. I pick her up and help her get her clothes back on. I helped her back into bed and she whispers into my ear “I liked that daddy”

“I did too sweetie. But you have to promise not to tell anybody about anything that happened tonight or else they will take me away from you.”

“Dont worry daddy I wont say anything because I want to do that again sometime. Maybe we can try with one of my friends being awake if you want?”

“Daddy would like that a lot hun. Go to sleep”

The next morning, Abby and I were able to convince the girls they must be sore from playing in the pool. They had no clue what I had did the night before and I planned to keep it that way. The girls all started leaving one by one. Alyssa was the last one left. “Hey alyssa” Abby said. “Do you want to sleep over again tonight? Ive got a fun game to show you with my dad.”

Alyssa looked at me, looking for my approval. “As long as your parents are okay with it I am”

To be continued…

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    Really hot story. God I wanna fuck some underage pussy again.

  • Reply Shis15 ID:4bn00en3fia

    I’m completely satisfied with what my daughter and I do but she has this one friend I would love to have join us

  • Reply OZ73 ID:bmt1ntfii

    Great story…
    Can’t wait for part 2…
    If only I had daughters..🤤

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    I, 9 years ago, raped my 11 year old sister twice. And I don’t regret it!

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  • Reply HornyHippie ID:1e0f1n4jfpz1

    I remember waking up at a sleepover with my friends dad inside me. Apparently he and his brother had tried to drug us by offering us beer with idk what in it. She finished hers, I thought it was gross and poured out half. We fell asleep watching a movie, and I woke up feeling someone touching me, and I could hear them talking. I just pretended to be asleep still. It didn’t take long. I wasn’t a virgin, but he was big enough to tear me a little and get blood. I heard her uncle say something about popping her cherry. They didn’t clean us up at all, so in the morning my friend was very confused and we were both sore.

    Nothing like that happened again until 8th grade, when I was 13. I made friends with this rocker chick, who lived with her dad, and it was obvious he did meth or something. I slept over a few times, and he would sneak her sleeping pills, and then we would have sex. I even lied to my parents and slept over a couple times when she was out of town at her mom’s.

    • Sting ID:8hdrzf4st5d

      That story was so hot, I want to hear more. Do you have session ?


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      Sting, don’t have session, but look for me at free chat now dot com. I’ll chat you up.

  • Reply St James ID:16lnjtsmtonb

    So you’re trying to tell us ( even in a story ) that non of the girls woke up from ANY of this, because you weren’t able to put the sleeping pills in the brownies. You told us one of the girls walked in and you couldn’t, it would have been better had it been one girl with getting caught by your daughter..

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    Fantastic cant wait for part 2

  • Reply Gozo ID:7mkmumjj42

    I absolutely loved this story and loved the ending where your daughter slides into baiting for her dad. My own 9 year old daughter did exactly that to all her school friends at one time or another. She would have sleep overs from 3 to 5 from the time she was 9 1/2 until well over 16. My own daughter baited and worked these girls so well most of them just begged for my cock. She started by pulling out all her lil toys I bought her and showed each girl how to use them. After experiencing many orgasms they were ready for cock. She started bragging about daddy’s cock and how hard I shoot out basically working the girls into a frenzy. On her 12 B day with 5 girls over they all decided they were going to have a cock sucking contest and I was the only male in the house. 5 completely naked 11 and 12 year old horny as fuck in my house wanting to suck my cock. It stayed hard all night until the last girl swallowed her load and I dropped to the floor. My own daughter had been sucking cock for almost three years by then and damn that girl can suck a cock. She had way more experience so yeah she always won making me cum fast.. To this day her friends all love sucking cock and none of their husband know about it. How I made it through those times I will never know being sucked and fucked so much I had to go back to work to get some rest. Do I love 9-12 year olds…..Hell fucking yes I do.

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      Ops! a lil sleepy, Gonzo not Gozo

    • HornyHippie ID:1e0f1n4jfpz1

      That’s beautiful. Reminds me of Poppa (my grandfather) teaching me to suck. I always have men tell me how good I am, and I know it’s because of his training.

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    A teen girl showing her tits or making you feel them and ask, “What do you think?” — This is spot on!

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    My daughter had sleepovers all the time. There was this one little girl who loved taking my cock while everyone including my wife slept. Sometimes I’d even take her to the car so we could be a bit louder. Never got caught

    • Aries ID:19iamkeiwluy

      What did you two do? Can you give us more details. Not only that but do you still fuck her?

    • Kurt ID:bbhgl9o8k7u

      Aries, She was 10-12 when this happened. The first time, I took her in the bathroom and fucked her slow missionary and it didn’t take me long to cum because she was a virgin and her body was perfect. Filled her. I loved fucking her from behind because she came really easily. She loved getting eaten out too. In the car, I’d have her ride me which was just as incredible as it sounds. A tiny 10 year old just bouncing furiously, it’s unreal. I came in her so many times but also loved having her swallow it. Her family moved states so we don’t fuck anymore

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      Do you fuck other girls? Or was that it?

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    These stories are great. I have only one experience anywhere near these you guys have. My next-door neighbor’s (our apartments were adjoining, actually) daughter was about 12 or barely 13 and she started dressing pretty slutty. Halter tops and shorts with half her ass exposed. I had never thought of fucking so young a chick before. I did jerk off a couple of times thinking about fucking her, though. One day she came in my front door and said she wanted to hang out until her mom got home. Nothing too unusual about that. However, as she was sitting on the couch watching TV, she had her knees drawn up and I could clearly see kind of her pussy lips a little bit on the sides of the seam of her tight shorts. As my bad luck would have it, she busted me looking. She asked me what I was looking at and smiled. I said nothing. She said she knew I was and I denied it again. My cock was hard, naturally, so when she said I should sit on the couch beside her and jerk off so she could see it, instead of being an adult and saying no, I did it. She said she would sit however I asked her to if it would help. What a little slut. I told her to sit with her legs spread so I could see better. She did. The seam was in the middle so basically what I saw was her pussy lips on the sides. I jerked off and when I came she actually laughed and clapped her hands. I was nervous as shit for a while that she was going to tattle to somebody but I guess she never did because I never heard anything about it. Wish more had happened but the truth is it didn’t. I jerked off thinking about fucking her quite a few times after that but that never happened.

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