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I wanna be raped

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I don’t wanna age, I wanna get raped when I was still a minor

I’m disappointed I’m turning 18, I’m legal to get raped. I want someone to rape me when I was a minor, assaulting my body and I’ll act like I don’t want it, it feels so good, a hard cook older dicks raping my underage horny pussy, saying things like “you want getting rape you little slut?” Or “This little cunt is gorgeous, you’re such a horny little bitch.” Spitting words on how they wanna fuck and abuse my baby pussy. I wanna be groomed by strangers but I never experienced it, I want a daddy, someone who’s older than me talking dirty about my body, but now I’m almost 18 I hate it. I wish someone can still rape me even though I’m not a kid.

I got my older brother to rape me but I wished he’d done that when I was 10, I also love splashing my pussy on kids playing outside and letting them watch as I pee or rub my dirty cunt.

When my brother abused my pussy last night he told me that I’m almost 18 and no man wants an old pussy and I got scared he might stop raping me. I love it when he cum inside me and just tosses me around like I’m nothing and goes back to fuck me again, he even took pictures to show his friends and he showed me their replies saying “I wish she was younger” and “tell your sis to dress young so I can rape her too” My pussy gets wet but I was disappointed.

When my brother is not around I sometimes rub my pussy alone or when I’m alone at the house I masturbate in the living room. Those kids will knock on the door and I’ll let them in to watch me, they would put their young fingers inside my cunt and lick my juices and it feels good. But one day my brother caught us and laughed and told me, “You’re letting kids rape you cause no old men to want to?” And walk away. I got sad but these kids continued eating me, I may let them fuck me soon, they’re adorable.

But I still wanna be raped by old men,..

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  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Tell us more, please.

  • Reply JAIEDENE ID:1e9evbj5hzo9

    Story could of been hotter I loved the part about his older brother raped his ass.got me throbbing so it was hot.

  • Reply OLD GRAMPA ID:1ehh6vd4nm01


  • Reply James Powers ID:2px1ogoll8z

    Than, I would have fucked you when you were 11… Would love to chat more… JamesPowers1234 @proton.me

  • Reply 12fg ID:3zxjhzgg20a

    You should have daughters and live it out through them

  • Reply BigDaddy7232 ID:1dkzi7t9s3y6

    Yolo_slaps is my discord I’m 22 add

  • Reply Hungg ID:21yyya5xv1

    I need my dad michael to suck me

  • Reply Layla ID:grl5166v1

    I just turned 16 and I feel like my time haa been running out too😭 started wishing for someone to rape me since I was 14 but it hasnt happened🤷‍♀️

    • BBoy ID:1d8s9hwjqzq0

      Layla, email me [email protected]

      We can work something out

    • Z ID:99x12g8j

      I’m interested

    • Daddy ID:27madjbv4

      Fuck I wish you were my daughter we would Fuck so much

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    How do I contact you? I want to discuss ideas. You should tell us where you live.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    You should let the young kids fuck you too

  • Reply 16y/oTrans ID:1d1sv12pytwt

    I feel the same way-
    I hate the fact I’ll be legal in a couple years, I just want to get raped so fucking bad before I turn legal…

    Maybe I can arrange that with someone? I live in Dallas, Texas if anyone is interested and nearby ;3
    Message me on Session if interested!


  • Reply Sam ID:1dj7drlzk7s2

    [email protected] Contact me, I’ve always wanted to rape a little girl, I’m so hot

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You’re a disgusting piece of fuckmeat! Of course dirty old men will want to rape you!

  • Reply L ID:1efke0ug5lr3

    Hey Than can you text in the comments for snap or tele, any information would love to see that pussy

  • Reply Yng lover ID:cor6b75hl

    I’m 46 I’d rape U any way U want if ur in aus

  • Reply The Groomer ID:pa1zf7w20d

    That would be amazing

  • Reply Your_new_daddy ID:74uq6fti44

    how can i contact you