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Dogging & incest

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Discovering your stepdaughter a whore and making my wife a whore.

I have been married for ten years – happily married, I might add – so when all this happened, it was completely out of the blue. A real eye-opener in more ways than one. Jane was a wonderful wife. Raven-haired, sexy and long-legged, she was still as sexy now as when we first met, twelve years ago. We had two kids of our own, twins boy and girl aged eight . And then there was Julie my stepdaughter 15yr old

She was Jane’s daughter from her previous relationship. I say relationship, it was more of a one night stand – the dad hadn’t stuck around or been in touch since Julie was tiny. She was just 16 now but I’d helped raise her since she was a little girl and always tried to treat her as if she was my own, even if there wasn’t quite the same bond that existed between me and my two children.

Julie was the opposite to Jane in looks. She was shorter, bustier and curvier with long, blonde curls and got plenty of attention from boys all the way through school . Luckily she had always been choosy with boyfriends and had only ever had two to speak of, the latest being a lovely young lad called Ray who she met at her evening job at the local pub, and who she had been seeing now for a few months. They seemed very sweet on each other and looked nice together. We’d had ‘the talk’ with her several years ago, and Julie had told us rather shyly that if and when she was ready to sleep with someone, she would be careful and we believed her. Although she was very pretty and had the sort of figure to turn heads, she never really seemed to believe it herself and would dress conservatively on the whole, so as not to attract attention. Jane told me that Julie once told her that men staring at her made her feel uncomfortable. Not a bad thing in my opinion, I told my wife and she agreed. So you might be able to imagine how shocked I was when I discovered that there was a darker side to her.
I was tidying up one night after the twins had run riot before bedtime, playing in and messing up Julie’s room while their big sister was out with Ray at the cinema. I collected up their toys and had a bit of a general tidy around, picking up a few of her dirty clothes as I went along and putting some away in her draws, her panty draw had her usual run of the mill panties but at the back I noticed a few hidden . These were tiny see through and a few see through and quater cup bras plus suspender belts .
I noticed that she had left her laptop open. I went to close the lid and as I touched it, the screen lit up. She had left it switched on. Jane and I respected Julie’s privacy, she was an adult now – in fact, it was a rare thing that we even went in her bedroom and I was only in there tidying up after the two little ones because I knew Julie would go crazy if she knew they’d been in there. Under other circumstances, I would have just powered it down for her and closed the lid but what the screen presented to me literally made me gasp in shock. Facebook was open and logged in to her messages and the conversation chain that was staring at me made my legs go weak. I had to sit on the bed, wondering if I should scroll down and read more. Messaging her was someone called Martin and by his profile photograph he looked much older than her. The messages read:
Julie – I can’t wait for tonight. Where am I meeting you?
Martin – Me neither. Outside the pub like last time.
Julie- Where you going to take me this time?
Martin – I thought we could go down the lakes car park again?
That was the bit that caught my eye, simply because the car park down by the local fishing lake was a notorious ‘lovers lane’ type spot, secluded and quiet and frequented by couples in cars as long as I could remember. The rest of the messages were a lot worse though.
Julie- Okay. Is anyone coming or is it just us?
Martin – Just me but I’ve text a few people.
Julie – I really loved it last time. Fucking you with all those people watching. I came so hard I swear I thought my mum and dad probably heard me from home!
Martin – You filthy bitch, lol. I liked it when you wound the window down and that guy was feeling your tits while I fucked you. Hopefully there will be a few people to watch tonight.
Julie – I hope so too. I’m so excited. Have you sorted another threesome out yet for us?
Martin – Not yet, babe but I will. I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you at 7?
Julie – Yes, see you in a bit. Xxx
I read it through again, as if to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and having some sort of hallucination but there it all was in black and white. I was tempted to scroll backwards through their older messages, but I didn’t for fear of what else I might find. Instead, I closed the lid without switching it off and went downstairs to think.

Julie had always been such a good girl, a sweet innocent golden-haired angel. This just wasn’t possible. I checked my watch. It was just past 8.00pm and that made my stomach turned at the thought of what he might be doing with her right now. Would they have gone straight there or would he take her for a drink first? Surely they would wait for the night to fall before doing anything, and at this time of year it was around now that the skies started darkening.

I made a decision. Jane was busy ironing, so telling her I was just going for a quick beer with my friend from work and wouldn’t be any longer than an hour, I grabbed my coat and jumped in the car. I almost told Jane where I was going, but decided against it because if this wasn’t quite what it looked like then it could cause a huge argument. Of course, it could have just been naughty talk – perhaps a fantasy or something – but it didn’t look like it to me. No, I needed to verify what was going on with Julie before I discussed it with her mother. I drove past the pub but decided not to go in. It wasn’t my usual local, and turning up there unannounced and on my own would look a bit weird. There wasn’t any sign of Julie around, so I continued until I was driving down the small unlit lane that led down to the fishing ponds. I pulled over, cutting the headlights and the motor in a clearing a short distance from the car park itself, and decided to walk the rest of the way. Pulling my collars up and fishing a cap from the back seat, I walked the path so I’d be approaching the car park from the cover of the trees. It was fully dark when the car-park came into sight but there was enough light to see five cars, gathered around was a small group of people looking into one of the cars. I had to know if it was Julie and this Martin, so I pulled the cap down over my face slightly and tried to act casual as I walked across the car park. I had no idea what to say if any of the six men already stood there questioned me, but none of them even gave me a second glance as I joined them. Four of them in fact had their cocks out, stroking off while watching whatever was going on. I looked over the nearest shoulder to see a familiar blonde head bobbing up and down in a guy’s lap in the back seat. I wasn’t sure that it was definitely Julie until they suddenly changed position, moving so that the girl was kneeling up, her naked backside turned up towards the window. The man inside wound down the glass so that the man standing next to me could feel her up as she resumed the blowjob. As they moved, she looked out at us and I got a clear view of her face. It was Julie. Her top was pulled down to bare her large breasts. Her skirt was hitched up with no underwear to be seen. Her hair was a mess and her lipstick was smeared, a million miles from her usual perfect prim-and-proper look, but it was definitely Julie. Judging by the way she was sucking Martin’s big cock again, eagerly and expertly, I realised that Julie really was no angel. Even if I hadn’t read what I had, I would have been able to tell this obviously wasn’t the first time she’d done this. She looked like she really knew how to give a good blow job. Then I watched as the man standing next to me reached in through the window and slid two fingers into her shaved cunt while she continued to suck Martin’s cock and that jolted me out of my shocked state. 1 watched as the guy fingered Julie smooth shaving cunt ,could hear the sound of her juices as she moaned with pleasure.I watched and felt my cock getting hard and my hand wandered down and started rubbing it as I watched my step daughter cunt being fingered ,i knew i should be stopping this but I was now getting to far gone as I saw the other guys watched wanking , my hand unzipped my trousers and my cock came out and i was joining them wanking.

The guy fingering Julie said “have a go mate she fucking wet and juicy” i tried to say no but he got out of the way and edged me on ,i was in a different place now as my fingers entered Julie cunt and felt the stickiness of her juices round my fingers as i wanked my cock .

The door opened and i heard martin saying ‘who going to fuck my dirty young whore ” i heard a guy say “mate she love that big fat cock of yours, go on fuck her ”

I felt Julie move back and a hand grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her cunt, she moved onto it back & forth till she had it all in .I heard moan and Julie say to martin

“fuck it’s a big thick cock ”

“fuck her hard ,the whore loves it hard ” martin said

“come on fuck my cunt hard you bastard ”

with that i went wild grabbing her hips and fucking her harder than i fucked her mother ,i heard Julie cum multiple times as i was nearly cumming I was going to pull out when i heard Julie say ” I want your fucking cum in me ,please cum in me “she screamed

with that I exploded in her more than I ever have done as I heard Julie moan .

As i pulled out Julie turned round and grabbed my cock and started to suck me hard again and lick it clean luckily I was leaning over onto the roof so she couldn’t see me moaning .

She turned round and place my cock by her ass hole and told me to fuck her ass hard ,yet again she pushed back onto my cock as it tried to force its way into her ass ,I was thinking her mum cant take my cock in her ass when suddenly it was in and Julie was pushing back on my 9” of cock till it was all in and she started to fuck me “harder, fuck me harder you bastard hurt my ass please ”

I was now fucking her tight ass god it felt like a virgins cunt ,Julie was moaning and screaming and swearing while sucking martin’s cock,
martin was saying

“do you like it my little school girl whore, shall i get you to wear your school uniform next time and the guys can cum all over it and you wear to school with cum stains ”

with that Julie screamed and her body shook as i carried on fucking her till I cum again in her ass , Julie turned round and slowly licked me clean of her ass & my cum juices .

I stepped back as another guy stepped up and fucked her in the ass and cum in her ass she turned and slowly sucked & licked him clean .

This carried on till all guys had fucked her cunt / ass at least once or twice in some cases ,martin got out and got Julie who was naked, her firm tits and lovely big fat nipples standing up and her smooth cunt which was just a red raw slit as martin placed her bum on the bonnet and fucked her in front of us .He was pulling her nipples ,twisting them, slapping her tits and face hard .I was just about to say something when Julie said

” harder martin slap your dirty fucking whore harder please”

with that he slapped her, Julie laid there and moaned on the bonnet .He pulled out told her to suck him, as he was being sucked he told us to come over to be sucked which we did .I watched as she sucked the guys , then martin cum on her face and tits and told the guys to do the same which they did . .

What a turn on as martin put the lights on and she stood there with cum on her hair,face,tits all dripping and running down her body .

Some one said when will you be back again ,martin said with a smile “so you enjoyed my whore well we will be here same time next week and you might see what she wears during the day” there was a smile and wink .

We saw a car headlight coming down the road , martin and Julie had disappeared as did the rest of the guys leaving just two who stood by smirking, although they at least had the decency to put their cocks away.. I found the path and my car got in and drove off to pub had a very fast pint and arrived home .

3O minutes later while sitting and having a whiskey in the kitchen I heard the door and Julie walked into the kitchen her hair was a bit messy and saw her top clinging to her large breast’s and those stiff nipples sticking out

“So Julie how was your night had a good time you look glowing as though you been dancing ”

“Yea was alright a bit hectic but yea it was a great night met i
“the usual girlie fun”

My cock was hard as i went upstairs and changed into my pj’s and went to brush my teeth in bathroom while i was there Julie came in with her nightie and panties .

I watched as she went to sink and those breasts and nipples showing i could smell the sex on her as i felt my cock getting hard ,she bent over her nightie rode up and saw she was wearing a red thong .By now i was trying to hide my cock with towel as she turned and said “I be out next Friday with the girls is that OK ”

“Yes that be fine ” i said knowing what she be up to .

“Great ,goodnight dad ”

And with that, she shut the bedroom door, leaving me standing on the landing with a lot to think about. “You okay?” said Jane from behind me, making me jump. For a moment I panicked, wondering if she’d knew what i was thinking but it soon became clear that she hadn’t when she kissed me on the lips. “I’m fine,” I said as she stepped back. “You just seem distant and distracted,” Jane said, smiling at me. “I’ve just had a few things on my mind, but you have my full attention now,” I said. My cock was rock hard now as i sat on the bed thinking of Julie that night and in the bathroom and how many guys she had sucked and fucked including me.

Jane let her robe drop to the floor as she stepped into the bedroom and then stretched seductively as she closed the door behind her. Her long dark hair was down, contrasting against her pale complexion. The way it flowed over her shoulders framed her pretty face. Her bra was lacy enough to show her pink nipples, large for her 36B breasts and the panties did nothing to hide the tidy triangle of dark trimmed pussy hair between her legs. I stepped up to her and eased her towards the bed as she grabbed my erection and rubbed it until eventually the backs of her legs hit the edge of the bed. I pushed her and she fell on her back, but not without pulling me on top of her. I kissed her and she returned the kiss passionately, her hands pulling my pyjamas down over my backside and I helped her by kicking them off. I moved up the bed and she didn’t need any encouragement to take my cock in her mouth ,I was now harder as the thought that her daughter juices on there . I knelt at the side of her, so I could unclasp her bra at the back and then as she took it off, I slipped her panties down over her hips so that she was fully naked for me. Jane’s body was in good shape for a woman in her early forties. Her tits were small but still quite firm in my hand as I squeezed them, and teased her erect nipples then I slid my hand down to her trimmed pussy, a finger pushing into her wet folds.
“Go down,” she said quietly around my cock. “Please. I need to cum.”
I love licking her pussy, so I didn’t hesitate, pulling her to the edge of the bed for better access and then I stuck my tongue into her sweet little hole, licking up and down, flicking over her clit and sucking her small labia into my mouth. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, putting her hands on the back of my head. “Don’t stop.” I had no intention of stopping until she’d cum and I didn’t have to wait too much longer. As I sucked her clit, she suddenly groaned and bucked her hips towards me as an orgasm swept through her. I quickly stood up and pushed my rock-hard cock inside her, holding her by the hips and started to fuck her. Jane was soaking wet, her pussy not quite as tight as Julie’s as i imagined it was her daughter i was fucking , but she was still a great fuck, moving against me in time with my thrusts so I got in nice and deep. I loved looking down while we fucked, taking in the sight of her but just then I suddenly got a flashback . The memory of Julie, almost naked, her ass almost sticking out of the car window while she sucked hungrily on Martin’s cock. I could visualize Julie’s full, round tits bouncing in front of me rather than Jane’s which more or less disappeared when she lay on her back. It was Julie’s bare, smooth tight slit that I was fucking, rather than Jane’s tangle of short trimmed hair. I tried not to think about it, but I couldn’t help it and I came much quicker than usual, filling up Jane’s’ pussy with my cum. “I was so horny,” she said after she’d got her breath back a little. I don’t know what’s up with me Jane always said things like that as though she was a bit ashamed of being vocal during sex, but it was me that felt bad and terrible guilty at that moment. I wished I’d never seen the messages on that laptop and I wished I’d never driven down to the car park but what was done was done. Now I just had to deal with it. Perhaps it was a good thing because at least I could keep an eye on her now and make sure she came to no harm. I wrapped Jane up in my arms and we fell asleep together like that in the warm haze that follows good sex, but all I dreamt about was Julie and next Friday .

All week I was thinking of Friday ,that week went so slow then Friday night came.I had told Jane that i be going for a drink with friends down the pub and might be a bit late back as might have a curry after, Jane was fine and told me to enjoy myself.

At that moment Julie came down with a long coat on ,Jane asked where she was going ,i said its ok, she out with her girl friends tonight she asked and i said fine.

With that we watched her go out shutting door

I followed about 5mins later and sped to the lake and parked up and walked down path and waited in trees .

I thought that she wasn’t coming then I saw the same car pull in and park same place , the passenger door opened and a school girl got out and walked across car-park and put a can in bin not before dropping it twice and bending over,she went back and got into back seat.

I saw guys coming over must have been 7-8 guys mainly 50+ heading for the car Julie was in .Suddenly the interior lights came on and there was martin who i would say was late 40’s with Jane in her school uniform her actual uniform hat ,blazer,shirt,tie,skirt and white knee socks .She looked out at the guys and slowly unzipped Martin and pulled his big hard cock out and gently rubbed his cock.The window was open a bit and i could hear her say”oh daddy your cock soooo big don’t know if i can put it in my young mouth ”

‘suck it you virgin daughter of mine’

‘please don’t force me daddy’

“suck it you dirty young whore”

with that he slapped her face a few times but now i knew that she loved pain could see some guys wince but Julie was smiling as martin pushed her down onto his cock .

God this was a fucking surprise didn’t know how dirty & perverted Julie was pretending to suck her daddy’s cock ( which she has but don’t know) by now my cock was out and wanking as most guys were watching a so called young school girl sucking her daddy’s cock .

Julie knelt up and martin lifted her skirt up to reveal a pair white cotton panties ( i know Jane don’t wear this type usually thongs ) ,I could see the guys now had all there cocks out looking at Julie as martin spanked her hard and again Julie was moaning saying she needed to be punished .

Martin lowered the window and Julie put her ass out the window

“anyone want to spank my daughter ”

A couple of guys came forward and spanked her ass

“harder spank me harder i have been very bad” Julie was saying .

As they were spanking could see Julie head going up and down deep throating martin big cock as she was being spanked .

Martin opened the door told Julie to go out and suck all the dirty pervs cocks , me being the most perverted of them all .

Julie was standing there in her school uniform as martin lifted her skirt to reveal her white camel toe panties with a large dark wet patch so wet it made it transparent .

The guys gathered round her feeling her through her panties ,grabbing her tits and pinching her hard nipples through her blouse all you could hear was Julie moaning as martin was spanking her ass .

I watched as Julie knelt and was sucking there cocks all in row ,wanking and sucking as I watched her come towards me and felt her hand on my cock wanking me then finally her warm mouth round my cock as I grabbed her head and fucked her throat making her choke as she deep throat me .It was the best I have had maybe as it was my stepdaughter maybe that’s why I cum so much over her face mouth on her school blouse and skirt as she licked me clean ,I then disappeared behind the other guys as they wanted more .

Martin came over with an old fashion cane and bent her over the bonnet and caned her bum over her panties you could hear whoosh then whack on her panties as she moaned he did this a few times then told her to pull her panties down . He then hit her across her cheeks 6 of the best as he said leaving marks on both cheeks ,now who like to fuck her by this time I was hard again as a few guys fucked her then I went over rammed my cock in as she screamed then fucked her hard for a while with her screaming she was cumming . I then put it into her ass and she loved it telling me to fuck her hard in her ass as she cum loads then after a while I could feel myself cumming again and shot my load in her then pulled out seeing her and my juices on my cock and like before she slowly licked my cock clean .

I watched as others had her for another 30mins then walked away as did the some of the others having relieved there cum in her .

I arrived home after I had stopped in pub for a quick pint with my cock still semi hard thinking of the night .

I went to bedroom and stripped off sitting on the bed and gave my cock a wank thinking of Julie and her mouth,cunt and ass when I heard Jane

“is that big cock for me ”

For some reason I said

” come here you dirty whore ” I thought shit I had it now when Jane came over in her dressing gown , I ripped the cord off and tied her hands behind her back and forced on her knees .

” Are you a dirty whore wife , suck my cock like a whore then ”

with that I grabbed her hair and pushed her down towards my cock but she resisted so I thought I slap her which she looked at me and smiled then I slapped her harder and forced her to suck me till she gagged knowing she was sucking up her daughters juices .

After a while deep throat me now which has never done I stood her up ,she had this sort of glace look in her eyes which I never seen

” you raped my throat with your cock you bastard ” Jane said

“Now I am going to rape you ,you dirty whore for fucking all those dirty pervs ”

I went upto her and ripped the front of her nightdress all the way down so it was completely open ,then jammed my fingers into her cunt which was soaking wet ,wetter than I ever known as I heard her moan as I roughly finger her .

I undid her hands took her dressing gown and shredded night dress then tied her hands up again

” Let me go you bastard and don’t fuck my cunt ” she hated the word cunt when ever I said it

“you do what ever I say or you get a slap”

“No I wont ”

with that I slapped her and stood in front of our bedroom window naked with our lights on so our neighbour could see her as I know he always watch when our lights went on to see Jane naked but she always drew curtains so now her she was naked showing her tits and cunt and whispering that George can see what a whore you are.

With that I pulled and twisted her nipples which were harder than I ever seen them , I could see George light go out and his curtain pulled back with a silhouette in the window as my other hand was fingering her cunt as Jane moaned for me to stop but could tell she was enjoying it as I forced her down on her knees told her to suck me like the whore she was and as I thought she resisted so I slapped her hard and grabbed her hair and pulled onto my cock as she deep throat me .

I could see George clearly watching naked wanking but also saw someone else watching , Julie .Jane had left the door ajar and could see Julie in the mirror watching us especially her mum , so I told Jane

” are you a fucking dirty whore ,tell me whore ”

” yes I’m a dirty fucking whore wife ”

“Do want to be fuck by a lot of dirty perv guys like a whore you are ”

” God yes ,please, let me be fucked like a whore ,please”

with that I slapped her as she sucked my cock .

I glanced in the mirror saw Julie was nude and stroking herself , so I pulled Jane up and turned her round so she was facing Julie and started twisting pulling her nipples hard as she moaned

” do you like that whore ,tell me ”

” yes harder ,twist them harder ”

as I did it saw Julie twisting hers , I took her mother over to the window

“can you see George looking at you wanking from his bedroom whore”

” yes I can ”

” shall I stop ”

“no please fuck me so George can see what a whore I am ”

with that I bent her over and put my cock slowly into her wet cunt with that Jane came hard her body shook as I started to fuck her harder as Jane screamed “Fuck me hard,fuck my whore cunt you bastard”

“what you think Julie would say seeing her mum being a dirty whore ”

“God no don’t tell her ”

“Do you think she follows in her mum’s whores footsteps”

“No she still a virgin,fuck me you dirty bastard ”

with that she came again , hard by now my finger was in her ass fucking her I got her to suck it make it wet as I put 2 fingers in while fucking her, she never let me do this . As her ass got wet from her ass juice a third finger went in as she now pushed back on them getting her to suck all three fingers , finally I pulled out and replaced the fingers with my cock at the entrance to her ass waiting and on Que she pushed back
“tell me what you want whore ”

“I want your cock”

“where whore ”

“in my ass , fuck my ass ,I want you to fuck my whore ass”

with that I untied her hands and told her to pull her cheeks apart with that I pushed into her ass ,heard her scream as it went pop into her ass then slowly fucked her till i was all in and Jane was now moaning telling me to fuck her harder she was now screaming and swearing as she came .

I fucked her like that for a while and glance in the mirror saw Julie fucking herself while watching her mum getting fucked in the ass ,me seeing her watching made me shoot my load in Jane’s ass this was all my reserves going into her ass.

I pulled Jane onto her knees and made her lick my shit cum covered cock slowly ,could see Julie watching her mum being a whore as her knees buckled as she came loads .Jane was licking my cock and showing me on her tongue my cum and her ass juices as she swallowed with a smile on her face .

I got her up and told her to stand in front of window and make herself cum for George , I watched as she rubbed her cunt saying he watching you with that she came and like her daughter her knees buckled as she had her orgasm several times.

When she recovered I told her to wave to George and blow him a kiss which she did .

After we sat in bed and asked Jane why she let me treat her like that ,she said she always had a fantasy about being a sub slut/whore and love to be dressed as one and to be treated as one as well.I asked would she like a lot of dirty old men to molest her ,strip her and fuck all her hole like a whore or even get paid for having sex with a stranger with this she went down on my cock and sucked me hard then jump on me and lowered her ass onto my cock then dropped as my cock shot up her ass as she fucked me.

She was swearing and moaning I said better be quite or Julie will hear “fuck Julie I’m getting my whore ass fucked ( I thought yes I fuck Julie all holes ) ”

she said between moans that she do what ever I tell her to do if she didn’t to punish her hard ,with that she started to cum hard as I fucked her harder calling her names as she collapsed begging for me to stop which I didn’t till I was ready to cum when I was sprayed it all over her face as it dripped all over her face and of course she cleaned my cock slowly.

I told her to get me a drink and something to eat ,she went to put gown on told her naked and not to wipe my cream of her face .She went down stairs but also Julie was down there as well getting a drink as Jane walked into kitchen nude with cum over her face running down .

I asked her what happen she said Julie was also nude and said she didn’t realise what a sexy body her daughter had, I said what you mean, she said her body and those big tits & nipples and she so smooth looked sexy do you mind if I try shaving my cunt , of course being the gentleman said of course not .

After a bite and drink we both fell asleep Jane with my cum over her face .

The next morning we all sat down to breakfast me looking at Julie thinking of her body getting hard under the table and Jane with hard cum still on her face and the thoughts of what we did together didn’t help,as Jane hand worked its way into the opening of my PJ’s and started to stroke me as Jane whispered about Julie’s tits and her nipples .I don’t know if Julie knew what her mum was doing or what she said about her as she went on about her daughter body and her smooth cunt.

When Julie left and we was all alone in the kitchen I ripped Jane nighty off as she resisted i slapped several times and fucked her in her cunt and then her ass making her cum several times as she screamed “your raping me you fucking bastard ” and pretended to fight me .After several rough minutes i shot my biggest load into ass and made Jane get on her knees and clean my cock which was a mixture of her ass & cum juices which surprised me as she licked my cock clean slowly .

We both sat in the bath and asked her about what she said at the kitchen table ,she asked if it turned me on and not to lie as she knew the answer ,i said it did big time .Jane asked if i would fuck her ,i didn’t know what to say to her ,she said to be honest about everything as i felt a hand wrap round my semi hard cock ,so i said if she was not my step daughter yes .Jane looked at me i thought god i have gone to far but she suddenly smiled and said it was her kinky fantasy to see me fuck her daughter, slide my big cock into that virgin cunt of hers as she watched while fucking herself.

Now i thought fuck this is so weird just a week ago everything was normal and now in that time i have fucked my step-daughter several times ,turned my quite shy wife into a kinky perv, seen her daughter watching her mother being treating like a whore,her daughter being a whore for other guys …………..I’m in heaven.

Over the next few days sex was fantastic my wife was now acting like a dirty perv whore mother doing what ever i wanted to her etc .

On the Saturday we went shopping and decided she need some whore clothes ,we ended up buying some short skirts ,a few dresses very low front and short, stockings and a few hi heel shoes and boots .

That night i told her to put a dress on we bought stockings and hi heels and lots of make up.She looked so damn sexy when she came into the living room even her daughter Julie was shocked.

We ended up in a pub with lots of older guys drinking and chatting as Jane went to the bar and got our drinks i saw all the guys looking at her ,Jane dropped her changed and bent to pick it up i could see her tits but guys behind had a better look of her stockings and her newly shaved cunt .

We stayed there till about 10:30 Jane was feeling horny and wanted to go home but i had other ideas as we drove into the ponds carpark and as i parked up saw it was fairly full.

I flashed my lights and put interior light on and started on Jane, stripped her of her dress and kissed and pinch her nipples by this time saw there was a crowd of guys around her side told her to look she was shocked as I lowered the window and hands came in and groped her tits and cunt I got out and open her door “Get out Whore” she got out “now get on your knees and suck these cocks” sure enough she was sucking wanking cocks some cumming over her in her mouth .

A guy asked if he could fuck her i said “ask the whore” she agreed to be fucked ,he bent her over and fucked her ,Jane was moaning telling him “fuck my cunt harder you bastard I’m a dirty whore,yes yes I’m cumming don’t stop “with that she screamed and her body shook as the guy carried on fucking her ,then she came again this time the guy shot his load as she was bent over the bonnet legs apart. Another guy entered her this time her ass and fucked her hard . Jane started again moaning screaming him to fuck her whore ass ,Jane came again several times before guy shot his load ,told Jane to get on her knees and clean his cock slowly which she did so whorish licking her ass juices and cum .
Told the whore to lean over and let the guys loose on her ,she was fucked in every hole several times by at least 10+ guys some twice she was running with cum all holes all over her face hair tits & body after about 90mins we called it a night and drove home ,Jane licking cum of herself .

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I saw Julie face dropped and realised what her mum been upto, the same as she been, I looked at her and smiled and asked if she knew the ponds car park and saw her blush so did her mum .Her mum asked if she been there ,first she said no but Jane kept on at her until she said yes and cried .

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“Oh my God,” Julie kept repeating as she pulled her skirt down and her top up. “Oh my God.”

The man – Martin – got out of the other door and walked around to me, his hands raised in the air in a surrendering gesture. “I’m really sorry,” he apologised. “This isn’t as bad as it looks…”

“I suggest you just fuck off,” I glared at him. “I’ll take my stepdaughter home. Don’t come near her again. Do you understand?”

“Or what?” the man dared to challenge me, lowering his hands.

“Oh, stop it you two!” Dawn sobbed. I hadn’t noticed she was crying until that point. “Just leave it, dad. I’m so embarrassed.” She ran past me towards the lane where I’d parked the car and giving Martin one last warning look, I went after her.

I caught up with her at the car, where she slumped over the bonnet, still crying.

“Dawn, I’m sorry, but what the fuck are you playing at? This is dangerous!”

“I’m an adult, I can do what I like!” Dawn shook her head and wiped her tears, smudging mascara across her cheeks. “Look. Just don’t even talk to me! I’m mortified.”

I let her in the car and she sat huddled in the back seat as I got in but I didn’t make any move to put my seatbelt on just yet.

“We have to talk about this, Dawn.” Martin’s car drove past us and this time he didn’t even look at me. “What am I going to tell your mother?”

“You don’t have to tell her anything! Oh my God!” Dawn screeched. At least she wasn’t crying now. “How did you even know I was here?”

“You left your laptop open, with Martin’s messages on the screen.”

“And you read them?” Dawn practically screamed.

“I couldn’t help it. I saw him mention the ponds car park and well, you know the rest.” I replied honestly. Dawn put her head in her hands as I twisted around to look at her. “Who the hell is this guy anyway?” I asked. “How did you meet him? And what about Ryan? I thought you two were an item?”

“We were… We are… I don’t know,” Dawn sighed. “Oh, what a mess.”

“I won’t tell your mother,” I said after a moment. “Just promise me you won’t go doing dangerous things like this again?”

Dawn lifted her tear streaked face and looked straight at me. “I can’t promise you anything. I’m an adult. I make my own decisions. It’s my life and besides, that’s blackmail.”

I didn’t reply. She was right. I was only trying to do what was best for her out of concern. Dawn might only be my step-daughter but I cared about her. “Why can’t you promise?”

“I met Martin on a website,” Dawn said slowly, “He’s a nice guy. I’ve known him for a couple of months now. I’m not in any danger. I’m still seeing Ryan. It’s just complicated.”

“Okay,” I started the engine. “Let’s go home. I won’t say anything to your mother. I’ll let you get cleaned up and then we can talk later, or tomorrow maybe.”

Dawn nodded gratefully and we set off home. I went in first, distracting Becky so that Dawn could slip in unnoticed to get cleaned up without her mother noticing what a state she was in. We didn’t talk that night. Dawn hid in her room for most of the evening, but that morning I told her in no uncertain terms that I would be picking her up from college later and we’d go out for a drive and a chat. Dawn rolled her eyes but said ‘Fine,’ in a resigned tone.

So that evening, I picked her up and after asking her whether she wanted a bite to eat while we talked or if she’d just prefer us to chat while we drive, we went to a quiet restaurant nearby and found a corner where there was enough room to speak without being overheard easily.

“Do we really have to talk about this?” Dawn said first, when I took a deep breath to speak.

“I caught you in a car park, sucking a guy who is old enough to be your father, while a load of strangers stood around watching.” I said bluntly. “Don’t you think we have something to talk about?”

Dawn folded her arms, pushing her cleavage right up under her chin almost. For some reason, her low-cut top made me feel uncomfortable. “Okay, I’m sorry,” she said. “I suppose I’ve put you in a bit of an awkward situation.”

“You could say that,” I actually chuckled, “I’m sorry that I embarrassed you too. I suppose you feel really weird too.”

“I got caught doing… that… by my step-dad, so yes!” Dawn grinned wryly.

“You can understand why I’m worried, can’t you? You’re only eighteen and Ryan seems such a nice young man. I don’t know why you would go with someone like this Martin, let alone do the things that you were doing,”

“Ryan’s lovely. He really is, but…” Dawn looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. “He’s not very exciting in bed and well, to be blunt, his cock isn’t very big.”

“Size isn’t everything,” I said hesitantly, a bit surprised at her bluntness.

“If you know how to use it, then okay, but he doesn’t.” Dawn shrugged.

“And this Martin is… big?”

“Not especially,” Dawn paused while the waiter brought us our drinks, then continued once he’d gone. “But he knows how to fuck.”

I blinked, trying not to let her see how taken aback I was. “And he’s into dogging?”

“Amongst other stuff,” Dawn answered, holding my gaze defiantly.

I couldn’t help but ask. “Like what? My goodness Dawn, what have you done? I always thought you were sweet and innocent.”

“Shows how much you know. I’m no angel,” she replied, echoing my thoughts from earlier. “I haven’t been for ages. I’ve done threesomes. Men and women at the same time. Some BDSM stuff. Gangbangs…”

I almost spat my drink out. “You’ve been in gangbangs?”

“No. Calm down,” Dawn said, looking around to see if anyone had heard my outburst. “Not yet anyway, but I would like to try one.”

“You’re eighteen!”

“Will you stop saying that?” Dawn pouted at me, pushing her cleavage up even if higher if that was possible. “I know perfectly well how old I am!”

“You know what I’m trying to say,” I said, calmer this time. “Don’t you think you’re a little young to be getting involved in stuff like this, and with older men like this Martin. How did you meet him anyway?”

“On a website.” Our meal was served to us just then, so we waited again until we were alone. “A swingers website. I’ve always fantasized about things like this, especially being watched while having sex and god knows how many times I’ve imagined being in a threesome when I was growing up.”

“When I was growing up, I used to imagine being a superhero or an astronaut,” I said, knowing that made me sound really old, but it was true.

“Yeah, but you wanked then, didn’t you? I bet you didn’t think of things like that while you were masturbating? Admit it, you thought of dirty stuff. You just didn’t have the balls to try it.” Dawn stuck her tongue out at me.

“Everyone has fantasies,” I conceded, “But most people keep them just as fantasies.”

“Most people are just chicken,” Dawn said around a mouthful of cheeseburger. “Tell me, what are your fantasies? What do you think about when you wank, or while you fuck mum?”

She was obviously just trying to embarrass me and deflect me from the patronising lecture she obviously thought I was going to give her. Combined with her pretty looks and the lush expanse of cleavage which I realised she was flashing deliberately now, it was working. I felt my cheeks reddening slightly but I decided to try and be as candid as I could and not let her win her little game.

“If I’m being honest, then yes of course I have fantasies.”

“Like what? Seriously, I’m interested.”

“You’re my step-daughter,” I tried to change the subject slightly, “So it’s not appropriate for me to discuss them with you.”

“Ooh,” Dawn clapped her hands together, making her breasts wobble for a moment. “They must be really dirty then? We’re both adults. You’re not even related to me by blood. I’m only your step-daughter. We can talk about anything. And you’re the one who brought me here to do just that. So talk. And I’ll listen to what you have to say about whatever you like. I’ll answer whatever you want in return.” She sat back in her chair. “Sound fair?”

I bit back an angry retort. I was a forty year old man. Dawn was barely out of school but she had me on this one.

“I just wanted to try and talk you out of going down this path,” I answered as calmly as I could. “I don’t want you to do anything now while you’re young, that you’ll regret when you’re older.”

“Fair enough,” Dawn said, “But this is getting interesting. Does that mean that you did things when you were younger that you regret now? Or do you regret not doing certain things? Is that what you fantasize about when you’re with mum? The things you wish you’d done that you didn’t?”

“No, I got all of that out of my system before I settled down.” That was only half-true but I doubted there was anyone who had ever done or tried all the things they’d ever wanted to do sexually while growing up.

“And that’s all I’m trying to do,” Dawn sat back in her chair, a self-satisfied grin on her face.

I realised I’d shot myself in the foot. “Well, I suppose that’s right enough but I still think you could get out of your depth here.”

“I know,” Dawn reached across the table and took my hand in hers. “I know you’re just looking out for me but I really am big enough to look after myself. Thank you though. I love you.”

Dawn had never said that before, and I genuinely smiled. “I love you too.”

“Don’t tell mother?”

“I won’t,” I assured her. “But will you just do one thing for me? Whenever you go out to do these things, just let me know?”


“So I can look out for you? At least I will know where you are. And then if anything should ever go wrong, you can call me and I can come and get you or whatever.”

Dawn thought about it for a moment. “I don’t see why not. In fact, that would be quite nice and comforting for me. I know you’re just being protective.”

And that was that. We ate while talking about other things for the rest of the meal and on the drive home, and nothing more was said about it until late that night. I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed when Dawn stuck her head through the bathroom door.

“Can I ask you one thing privately, before bed?” she whispered.

“Sure?” I spat the toothpaste into the sink and turned to see her standing there in just a vest top and shorts. Her breasts were clearly visible through the thin top. “Can you cover yourself?” I asked and threw her a towel.

Dawn caught it then looked down at her erect nipples poking through. “Oops. Sorry.” She covered them with her arm. “You’ve seen it all already though. Actually, that’s what I wanted to ask you.”

“What is?”

“How much did you see last night?”

“Close the door,” I told her, then trying to be as vague as possible, I told her that I had seen ‘everything.’

For the first time, Dawn went bright red. “I don’t just mean what I was doing. Did you see my breasts?”

I nodded, suddenly feeling uncomfortable again.

“My pussy?”

“I told you, I saw everything. So did all the other guys too.”

“I can’t believe that guy just started fingering me from behind like that.”

“You didn’t make any attempt to stop him.”

Dawn giggled, “I was a bit preoccupied with Martin’s cock in my mouth.”

I suddenly realised my own cock was getting hard, so I cleared my throat and made a move to get past her. “Right. I should go to bed, if that’s all you wanted to ask?”Dawn frowned at me, then glanced down. I couldn’t move fast enough and she saw the growing erection in the front of my pyjamas.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” she giggled again. “I better let you go but one last thing, if I can ask?”


“Did you get horny watching?”

“That’s enough,” I snapped now, but Dawn just grinned. “Leave it now. There’s no need to embarrass me.”

“I guess that’s a yes then,” Dawn quipped as she walked out of the bathroom and then she said quietly over her shoulder as she went into her bedroom. “It makes me horny, thinking of you watching.”

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