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Daddy’s little girl

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My friend wants to be unknown. But this is her story I’m gonna call her emma

My friend Emma told me this dating from when she was 13 and now that we’re 19.

Emma had nice boobs and a body at 13 just like her mom she had the attention of everybody in school and her dad.

When her mom was on business trips because she worked at a modeling agency so she travelled slot.

Her dad would rub against always make her sleep with him in underwear and make her sit in his lap.

Pervert acts she said but on time he asked her too sleep naked with him because it was winter so cold even though there hear was on she always was a daddy’s girl so she said yes

And she was for her first time feeling his thick cock slid between her folds she got wet.

And she felt his too against her clit she knew about the vagina from our health class.

She told me just was in-between hating and liking she thought it was normal for dads and daughters to do it so she let him jump her pussy before he busted on her thighs.

And a little bit of cum came out of her they slept like that but it got worst when he asked fro her to shower with him eveyday and night and he did it until there mom came back.

She told me showers went like him jumping and kissing her she enjoyed The kissing and the humping seeing as she grew to have feeling for her dad.

But on her 14th birthday her mom had an EMERGENCY flight to California and sadly they couldn’t go and that night she said it wasnt really rape because she liked it but she realized later it was.

She slept with her dad baked and woken up to kisses on her neck.

She asked him what was he doing and he told her they were gonna make love and she didn’t get a say in it before he ate her cunt she came mainly to his bushy mustache rubbing against her clit.

Before she learned to suck a cock which I might say she is good at it and giving head to girls

She remembers semen overflowing her mouth.

He made her eat it then duck his balls and lick his asshole like a kitten.

Before he got into if her and pushed it inside it felt magical because he went slow and whispered sweet stuff in her ear

They fucked until dawn and she got her on birth control after almost cumming in her.

They fucked when her mom was away and at home.

Now that she’s 19 and currently were moving away for college she says her dad fucks her more then nirank because he’ll miss his daddy’s girl.

Now that she told me she stopped contacting his because he took her innocence Without her knowing how back it was but I tell her it’s okay.

This is her story

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hm1

    It is interesting, and yes her dad took her innocence, but as she stated she liked it, and at 13 she had to know what was going on. All those years and her mom never realized what was going on. I can understand why she did it and why she denied in her mind what was actually happening.

  • Reply Tdoogy ID:3zxjroruk0i9

    Cool story, could of been more hard pussy poundin but, good.

  • Reply Dirty Old Man. ID:15ey28gh20c5

    Come on be honest, this story is about you.

    • Satansslut ID:4ke8j2ozj5

      I wish it was but it’s about my friend really

  • Reply Linda ID:bo2qeoyqjq

    Hey Satanslut text me on hangout [email protected] love to chat I’m Linda