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My uncle and me

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This is a true story- I feel like I need to vent and tell my story.

This is a true story of when I was 10. I was on holiday in Italy at my grandmothers, who lived with her youngest son, who is my father’s brother. He was like 23 in age. It was extremely hot that summer I remember it pretty well. I was a slim figured young girl. I had started puberty at the age of 8 years old. And I knew about sex quiet early on. I saw sex in movies and I saw my father’s sex magazines when I was young. I was very horny that summer, and usually an home I would hump my teddies and experience orgasms. I would do this a lot maybe like 4 times a day. I started doing this from ages of 7. My orgasms back then were different to now. I think they were to powerful for my tiny body.
My whole family had stepped out to go to a relatives house and I chose to stay home with my uncle. My relationship with my uncle was okay. I do have memory of me being 4 or 5 and he was “helping to put me down for a nap”. I remember him trying to convince me to suck on his dick. Which I was refusing to do. I remember him touching my pussy as well whilst I was sucking on my lolly pop. I didn’t know at the time that it was not normal so I let him look. I was a very shy girl when I was young so I never said anything to my parents.
Around 10 I do remember I wasn’t very loving towards him. He tried to play with me Infront of my parents and he spoke with me Infront of them. But when we was alone he would ignore me and go into his room. So when I was left alone with him I was dreading it because I was shy and knew it would be awkward. I was in my room and I heard the front door downstairs shut. My first instinct when I’m alone is to hump my teddy. And being at my grandma’s I didn’t get much alone time. I rush to get myself ready. I always wished my pussy before I did anything. I think I forgot to close the door with all the excitement I had. I placed the teddy on the floor. And with my naked ass I lowered myself down to my teddy and started to grind my pussy on my teddy. I knew where I felt good which was in my clit area. Usually it would take me 30 minutes to reach an orgasm sometimes even more. I was young and inexperienced.
I remember being in my zone and my poor head leaning against my bed and my little moans begging for my pussy to release the orgasm. I don’t know why I had this feeling but I turn my head to look at the door and I see my uncle standing by the door just watching me.
I stood right up and just started crying. I knew what I was doing was naughty and I got caught. My uncle comes in and closes the door. I am frozen in the spot still crying. My uncles sits on my bed and grabs me by my shoulders and brings me towards him. ” Honey that’s naughty… You can’t do naughty stuff like that.. I think I’m going to tell your dad he has to know” I remember panicking. I started to jump on the spot. I totally forgot my pussy was on display. “noo noo please I’m sorry I don’t do it again… I was playing with teddy it’s only a game” I cried even more. But looking back my uncle just wanted to inflict fear in me. He started to rub on my shoulders to relax me. He grabs ahold of my wrists and says “Okay look I won’t tell anyone if you let me play…I want you to show me….okay just show me how you play and let me play this secret game okay” I immediately nodded, he wasn’t willing to not tell on me so I will show him. Maybe he will like the feeling and understand me.
He kisses my cheek and whipped my tears away. And hold my face in his hands. I’m in-between his legs and I look up and we both make eye contact, it felt like it was the first time we looked at eachother. He grabs me and lays my on the bed. I lay still and try to cover my pussy. He lays beside me and brings his face to mine and starts to kiss my mouth. I didn’t know what to do I had never kissed anyone before. I see his eyes shut and he was just kissing me so gently whilst sliding his tongue in my mouth. I just lay there and let him do what he wanted. He starter to grab on my breasts which had started to grow into B cups. My tits hurt because they were growing but I couldn’t dare to say anything. He then trails one of his hands down to my pussy and starts sliding his finger In-between my pussy lips. I was wet I remember hearing wet sounds. I had never had someone touch my pussy like this. I started to like the feeling of the kissing and his finger sliding in and out. I felt him grab my hand and he directs it towards his cock. It was hard. I have never touched a man’s cock. It felt so thick and hard in his shorts. He stops kissing me and starts to lower his shorts and removes his underwear as well. I remember looking at his cock in shock. It was so big like 9 inces and it was thick. His crown head was extremely big. I didn’t know what he was going to do maybe let me hump his cock like I hump my teddy. I got excited at the thought.
My uncles grabs my hands and shows me how to jerk his cock. I did as I was told. I remember the feeling of his cock on my hands. I could barely wrap my hand around it I was using both hands to jerk him. I kept looking up at my uncle and his head was just going back. I kept feeling his dick twitch. Like it was going to explode from the feeling. He grabs my head and with two fingers puts them in my mouth and tells me to suck his fingers. I doa s he says and he is jerking off his cock. “Suck and bit harder and move your tongue around….. Yeah well done honey” i didn’t know what was going on, I was fascinated by it though. He removed his fingers from my mouth and starts to lower my head to his cock. I immediately opened my mouth and I knew I had to do the same. He lets out a moan and starts to smile. I continued a little faster I was making my uncle happy. He lets me do this for like 3 minutes I had to stop because my mouth was getting tired.
He lays me down and gets in-between my legs and lowers his head. I tried to hide my pussy I was so shy. He held both my hands downs and forces his mouth to my pussy. At first I was resisting but I slowly started to enjoy it. I started to moan and little and it got my uncle to start sucking and licking a little harder. He grabs my pussu lips from boths sides and stretches them apart. He was admiring my tight pussy. I felt him lick my hole which was making me jump a little. This feeling was amazing I looked at my teddy on the side and it’s like I felt a little guilty doing this Infront of it.
My uncle stops pleasuring me and bring his cock to my pussy. He is sliding it in and out of my slit. “baby this game is now going to make you feel good. I don’t want to hear anything okay or the neighbours will hear and you dad will find out especially if your dad see your eyes and that you cried” I didn’t know what he ment, but I just nodded in fear that my dad will find out. He then places his cock in my entrance whilst separating my pussy lips. He looks at me and I look back and he closes my mouth shut whilst ramming his cock inside of me. I screamed so loud, my eyes were watering. “Nono shhhhhh remember what I said he will find out that you like to play naughty games…. The pain will stop” he holds his cock in place and starts to slowly move in and out. I look down and only his tip was in. After some movements the pain went, so he hold my thighs open and starts to go a bit harder and faster. I am watching his cock just forcefully enter inside of me. I see some blood but he had whipped it with his t-shirt. I felt all my pussy walls grip on tighter every movement he was making. I started to enjoy it and I was just letting it happen. I started to moan every time he was hitting my deep. My uncle started to play with my clit as well and I started to feel the same feeling I felt when jumping my teddy. And for the first time I spoke to my uncle ” yesss that feels good I like this.” My uncle smiles and with his cock inside of me he changes positions with me on top. “Move like you move on the teddy” he had such a big smile on his face. I was on top and I felt his cock deeper. I noticed when I tensed my pussy it would grip tighter. This made me move back and forth like I would on the teddy. Obviously this time I had a 9 inch cock in my it was different. My uncle started to help my but placing his hands on my hips and moving me back and forth. I felt my orgasm come. “Uncle my game is going to finish soon” I knew this by the feeling and that I had gotten even more wet. I felt my uncles cock stiffen more. He lifts me again takes his cock out gets my into doggy position with my legs of the bed and my body on the bed. He inserts his cock again wrapping one arm around my waist to hold me down and one to play with my clit. I start to moan louder as his cock was going in deeper. He starts getting more rough on me and my orgasm was building up. “uncle I need to finish now” his fingers moving on my clit whilst his thick cock thrusting in me was driving me crazy. I wrapps my legs around eachother and his hand get trapped. My orgasm hit me like it has never before, causing my eyes to roll back and my body to shake. I couldn’t controll the noise coming out of my mouth. I feel him push deep inside of me and I feel some sort of vibrations. He is breathing heavy and so am I. I really liked this game that we had played. My uncles takes me to the shower and makes me squat whilst he watched his semen come out of me.
We both had showered and went downstairs to watch a movie. We fucked a lot that summer especially because he knew I didn’t have a period. He would finish inside of me. We were literally behaving like boyfriend and girlfriend I remember. My parents and Grandma thought we was bonding. I am 20 now and we still fuck every time I got back home on holiday. And he just got engaged. I didn’t even know he was dating someone we literally speak everyday. I’m to go to his engagement party this Easter holiday so I will let you all know how it goes

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  • Reply Kiddy Kisser ID:7zv190kk0a

    Great story, glad to hear that you still enjoy sex with your uncle I’ve been hoping to convince my neice to have some fun, but it doesn’t look like it will happen for me.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story love enjoyed it Laura, I just don’t understand why people have to criticise someone’s story, at least there out there giving there best 🌹Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    You HAVE to learn to put paragraphs in. And in between each paragraphs, a blank line. But otherwise its a fairly straightforward story.

    • Jamie ID:3k40n6rnt0b

      Get on with your wank stop being a teacher. Your not here to publish anything gheeez

  • Reply Gonzo ID:2qj59q2a3e6

    Thank you Laura, I bet your orgasms are amazing. A girl I know Kylie started at 8 1/2 and she is now 10 and has the most intense orgasms I have seen in a young girl in such a long time then lay there and twitch for a few minutes afterwords.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:2qj59q2a3e6

    So freaking amazing when I hear of a young girl taking her sexuality seriously. I have only known two in my life that were hyper sexual at age 7 and 8. The powers that be say young girls having sex is wrong yet the complete opposite is actually true, the younger they start the more healthy it is for them. I started having sex with my daughter at 9 and truly we could of started at 8 but I gave her the tools and she finally at 9 had to have a cock in her.. Any young girl no matter what age that has sexual feelings and desires needs to be guided and show just how amazing her lil body truly is. Sex is completely natural and no girl should ever be denied a stiff cock she so desperately wants and needs.

    • Young pussy ID:1ck81rtaccci

      U r right my daughter started asking about sex at 6 so I showed her everything it was the hottest sex I’ve ever had

    • Daddy ID:1ck7hjbcopi0

      True. My daughter started being interested in sex at 8. When she was 9 she started sleeping in bed with me and her mom claiming she was scared to sleep alone, she really wanted to be in bed with us for sexual reasons. Many nights I woke up with my dick hard between her little but cheeks. I came so many times on her 9 year old ass. She still sleeps with me and her mom at 11. And we all enjoy each other’s bodies. She gets daddy’s dick anytime she wants.

    • Gonzo ID:vuf1ml9z

      Supper nice and I am glad. Maybe she needs another daddy for experience. To bad I was not the neighbor.

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem

      @gonzo. I wish we had neighbors like you as well. Coming to bed with us. My wife and daughter having our two dicks to cum in and on them. You would love the feel of my 11 year olds pussy.

    • [email protected] ID:8ldkjntqrb

      Damn, have room for a neighbor on your other side? That sounds amazing and the perfect way to socialize 😉


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  • Reply Anna ID:2kyjt9n49b

    Ooooo please update us after the engagement