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Me and my Rottie

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The family dog makes me his breeding bitch, and I couldn’t be happier

I’ve been having lots of naughty playtime with our 2 year old Rottweiler, Octavius, since I was 11 years old. Our old neighbors across the street moved earlier last year and couldn’t take Octavius with them, so we took him and and have loved having him around ever since. Especially me!

Octavius was full intact when we took him in, and he never really goes outside except to play or use the bathroom, so we never felt the need to spend the money to get him neutered. That fact really came in handy one night my parents went out to dinner together, leaving me and Octavius alone for the evening. It started off as a regular Friday night. Me and my dog were curled up on the couch watching a show on TV. The position I was curled up in became uncomfortable and I wiggled around to get comfy again, but in doing so accidentally knocked the remote off of the couch.

With an exasperated sigh, I threw the blanket that I was cuddled under off of me, where it settled on Octavius as I got up to retrieve the remote. I looked around where I thought I heard it fall, but couldn’t find it. Octavius became curious and jumped off of the couch to help me look.

Not being able to find the remote, I got down on my hands and knees in the hopes that it fell underneath the couch, and it was then that Octavius found his opening. I felt him jump up behind me, placing his heavy front paws on my back, pulling me towards him. As he pulled, I felt something hard yet squishy push against my pajama shorts.

I yelped in surprise, squirming out from underneath him and swinging around to sit on my butt. To my surprise, I came face to face with the massive red cock my dog kept hidden away in his furry sheath. It was absolutely dripping with his pre-cum, and his panting was causing it to swing up and down.

Now, I knew what sex was already. I was too curious for my own good and clicked on a suggestive ad on a video game website I frequent, only to be taken to a hentai website for my eyes to be assaulted by voluptuous women and well hung men. That soon led me to discover the wonders of porn, which I frequently watch as a horny preteen.

Like I said, I’m too curious for my own good, and wondered what it would feel like if I sucked my dog’s big cock. So, with a heaving chest, I crawled on my hands and knees towards him, until I was underneath his belly and within sucking range. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth and gave his tip a quick lick. I loved how it bounced with the movement, so I licked it again and again, pleased with the slight salty taste. I opened wider and took him slowly into my mouth to give him a blowjob, just like the ladies I watched in the pornos.

Back and forth I bobbed my head, taking as much dog cock in as my little mouth could handle. I could hear Octavius’ panting become even louder, and he began thrusting his hips to shove his dick further into my mouth. He did this for a few seconds, but then pulled his cock out, to my dismay. He wasn’t even close to being done with me, though.

Since I was on my hands and knees, he walked over me to get behind me. My ass and pussy were sticking up in the air, covered by my thin pajamas. I could feel him sniff at my privates, taking in my scent, before lapping at the pussy juice that was seeping through the fabric. It sent a jolt through me, but his big tongue felt so good that I wanted more. I reached back and pulled down my shorts and panties, giving my dog full access to me.

He soon rewarded me with strong licks all over my ass and pussy, back and forth dragging his tongue across me. When he lapped up all of the juices that had flowed out of me, I could feel him slip his tongue into my pussy, drinking everything inside of me as a moaned beneath him. I was ready, and he soon let me know.

Taking his tongue out of me, he jumped on my back again, digging his claws into my back to make sure I didn’t go anywhere. I was thoroughly turned on and had no plans of doing anything other than becoming his bitch. I could feel his cock poking my butt, searching for my tight hole, and it didn’t take long before the tip of his cock found the wetness we had created with his tongue and my pussy juice.

With a decided thrust, his doggy cock hit home. I cried out as it was painful and I had never had anything in my pussy before, but could not help but note the pleasurable feeling of fullness as he thrust into me. His paws pushed me down as he pounded my pussy, his heavy balls smacking against my clit. It was beginning to feel so good, and I panted like a bitch in heat. Octavius licked the back of my neck before biting down gently, reminding me that I was his whore and I wasn’t going anywhere until he was done.

The more he fucked me, the more I could feel the base of his cock swell, spreading my cunt wide open until I couldn’t spread anymore. He was stuck as his thrusts became shorter and faster until I felt warm liquid ooze into my pussy. With a couple more quick fucks, Octavius stopped, the both of us panting as my upper body collapsed into the floor. My ass didn’t follow, as I soon came to find that my dog’s cock was firmly stuck inside of me. I could still feel him twitching as he dumped more and more cum inside of me.

As I looked back at our union, he licked my cheek and then my lips, which I opened to entwine my tongue with his in gratitude. We kissed for a couple minutes while we waited for his cock to start shrinking, and after a few more minutes we were finally freed with a wet ‘pop.’ I stood on my hands and knees as he cleaned me off with his tongue, and when he was done I returned the favor for his dick, which was slowly beginning to disappear into his sheath.

I pulled my pajamas back on and me and Octavius curled up together on the floor, falling asleep quickly after our fuck fest, knowing that would not be the last time I enjoyed being a breeding bitch.

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  • Reply Worried person ID:1xgcgd9h

    Hi there. Is there anyone out there thats knowledgeable about the risks of having sex with dogs? My dog just got onto me on saturday when i got out of the bathroom. Before i could push him off he was inside and swelled up and got stuck in there. Can i get any diseases. Must i get a tetinus shot or something. Is there a risk of passing any diseases to my husband?

    • Anonymous ID:20pdyuewql

      No problems at all

    • Worried person ID:1ardd6tkd4

      How so

    • Bitch who knows ID:ndoolerk09

      As long as your animal is up to date with his shots there are no health risks at all. You cant get pregnant with animals. You wont get diseases. You can also pop its vock and knot out of its sheath for an antiseptic rinse for added peace of mind before a fuck and/or suck.
      Leave your email if you want to discuss further

    • Human bitch ID:ndooleo8rb

      You have nothing to worry about. Just keep them up to date with their shots and practice good hygiene like washing their cocks and knots before use. Leave your email. We can discuss further on email

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

    Such a naughty little ho, simply loved it. Would love to be a part of Split roast with the dog and I at either end.

  • Reply Tommy ID:2pfqyt7hynr

    Sent you an email

  • Reply HAHAHAAH ID:1dmgnvpgnkh6

    fake asf lmao

  • Reply 15y/oTrans ID:7z895vjc40

    I wish I had a dog like this… I’d do so many things with him!

  • Reply Tommy ID:2pfqyt7hynr

    Well that got me hard!
    Great story and very well written.
    Imagine if we had a daughter together and we bought her a puppy for her 10th birthday 😉😉 xx

    • SitandSpin ID:92a5kb0b

      I’m glad you enjoyed yourself 😉

      I would love to know her and the pup were having some “playtime” together; I’d like to join in myself

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1deufz9q8y0b

    Such a hot lovely story. I’d definitely love to hear more

    Kik & Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply SitandSpin ID:92a5kb0b

    My @ is [email protected] for anyone wanting to send me a surprise ;D