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Moving in Together. Part 3

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Cindy isn’t as inexperienced as her uncle thinks.

It didn’t take either of us long before we started to cum and squirt our hot fresh cum into Cindy’s cute ass and hairless pussy. When Gerry pulled his cock out of Cindy’s ass and laid down on the bed. Cindy rolled off me letting my spent cock slipped out of her pussy.

She laid there on the bed between her father and me, finger fucking her own pussy and transferring the fresh cum from her pussy into her mouth with her fingers. It was easy to see that Cindy loved the taste of cum.

After catching our breath the three of us took a shower together. Then after drying ourselves we moved to the kitchen to have breakfast. When I looked into the cupboards and saw that they were empty.

When I said, “Let’s go out for breakfast.”

Cindy squealed, “Can we go to McDonalds, please Uncle George?”

Yeah we can go to McDonalds,” I chuckled.

Half an hour later the three of us were sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant eating pancakes, Gerry and me drinking coffee and Cindy drinking orange juice. There were several men staring at Cindy with lust in their eyes, raping Cindy with their eyes.

After we finished having breakfast, I said, “You both need some new clothes.”

“I don’t have any money, until I get new bank cards,” said Gerry.

“Here is some money for you Gerry, to go buy yourself some new clothes,” I said handing gerry some money.

“Thanks for all your help, George,” said Gerry.

“I will take Cindy shopping for clothes,” I said.

“George, are you sure you can afford it?” asked Gerry.

“Yes, I can afford to buy you and my niece some clothes,” I replied.

Let’s meet back here in a hour,” I replied.

As my brother went off on his own, I took Cindy’s hand in mine and took her into a children’s department store and asked, “What clothes do you want?”

“I need some new underwear and a new dress,” said Cindy.

“What size panties do you wear?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Cindy.

After looking around the store to make sure no one was watching, I lifted the back of Cindy’s dress and looked inside her panties at the tag. She was wearing a size 6 panties. I then opened the back of her dress to read her dress size, it didn’t have a number only a letter s, it was so confused buying clothes for a young girl.

When a young saleswoman that looked to be in her twenties with large breasts approached us and asked, “May I be of any assistance?”

I replied, “I’m looking for some new underwear and a dress for my niece.”

“Do you know what size your niece wears?” asked the saleswoman.

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“Let’s take the young lady into the change room where I can measure her,” said the saleswoman.

We followed the woman into the change room and as soon as the door was closed the saleswoman asked, “Can you undress your niece for me?”

After removing her dress, Cindy stood there wearing only her white panties, with her young puffy breasts on display. After a minute, I lowered Cindy’s panties down to around her ankles. As Cindy stepped out of her panties, the saleswoman ran her tape measure over Cindy’s naked body.

The saleswoman said, “You have a lovely looking niece.”

“My breasts are too small,” said Cindy taking the sales woman’s hand in hers and placing the woman’s hand on her breast.

“Your breasts will grow,” said The saleswoman giving Cindy’s breasts a squeeze.

“I wish I had breasts like yours,” said Cindy, reaching out to feel the woman’s breasts through her dress.

I watched as Cindy undone the buttons on the front of the saleswoman’s dress and opened her dress to show the saleswoman was wearing a lace bra and matching thong. With the saleswoman’s dress fully open, Cindy unclipped the front of the bra, letting the saleswoman’s breast fall free, she then gave the saleswoman’s breast a kiss, then took one of the woman’s nipples into her mouth to suckled on, just like a new born baby.

The saleswoman placed her hand on the back off Cindy’s head and held Cindy’s mouth onto her breast. I stood there in silence watching my ten year old niece seduce the young female saleswoman.

When I saw Cindy pull the saleswoman’s thong to the side and rub her fingers over the woman’s shaven pussy. The saleswoman gasped and took a deep breath as Cindy pushed her fingers into the woman’s pussy and started finger fucking her.

I gasped and took a deep breath and pulled my hard throbbing cock out of my pants and started stroking my cock.

“Oh this shouldn’t be happening,” said the sales woman looking at me stroking my cock.

Cindy sat down in a chair and spread her legs and asked, “Do you want to eat my pussy?”

The saleswoman didn’t hesitate she knelt between Cindy’s legs and buried her face onto Cindy’s young hairless pussy and began to suck and lick Cindy’s pussy as she finger fucked her.

I dropped my pants and moved behind the saleswoman and lifted her up onto her feet. With her bent over still licking and fingering Cindy’s pussy, I lifted her the saleswoman’s dress up over her back and pulled her thong to the side. Then buried my hard throbbing cock into her pussy, Cindy smiled at me as she watched me pumping my cock in and out of the woman’s pussy.

After my cock erupted and squirted sever loads of my cum into the saleswoman’s pussy and with my cock becoming soft and limp, I removed my cock from her cum filled pussy. When the saleswoman lifted her mouth off Cindy’s pussy, I watched in disbelief as Cindy push the woman onto a seat and buried her mouth onto the saleswoman’s pussy, sucking my cum out of the saleswoman’s pussy.

As Cindy stood up, I pulled on my pants and underwear. The saleswoman quickly stood and clipped her bra back into place and done the buttons on her dress. She rushed out off the change room and came back with a short dress and a few pairs of thongs and panties and two training bras for Cindy to wear.

“I think you will look good wearing these,” said the saleswoman.

Cindy was eager to try on the clothes and underwear, everything fitted perfect. As I paid for the clothes. Cindy came out of the change room wearing the short dress, she looked amazing and sexy as hell. The saleswoman and me exchanged mobile phone numbers and I promised we would keep in touch.

We left the department store and went in search of Cindy’s father, we found him sitting at a table having a coffee, he asked, “Where have you been?”

“It’s a long story, you didn’t tell me Cindy likes females,” I chuckled.

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