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Brotherly love (Part 4)

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Continuation of parts, 1,2,&3. The tribulations of Deena Beth and Caz. Bother with brothers. Who needs them…..!!

Deena sits on her ruined bed covers. A mixture of all their body fluids soaked into the material. The musky, piss and shit aroma getting overbearing. All three females were on need of a shower, a sleep and food. Not to mention some clothing to hide their naked humiliation. ” How much longer can this go on” D thinks.

Mark meantime is sitting in the downstairs lounge. His head reeling from the afternoons adventures. Though turning into a mother fucker, literally!! That was a surprise. “Didn’t expect Deena home so fucking early. That’s really messed things up now.
How can I get an end game for this now??” He ponders

Caz will be missed after tomorrow morning. Mum takes Beth to dance class? I can’t let them go out. I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand. I only meant to get off stripping sis and her fuck doll friend? Why’d that bitch get in the way?” He nodded off to sleep. The captives upstairs, his mum, sister, and her friend. Secured and unable to attemp any escape or call for help.

Mark returned to the room after eating and dressing in shorts and t-shirt. ” Hello sluts hope you slept well. I did.” He smirked.” ~ “Let the children have a shower and some clothes Mark? For pity’s sake. We can’t sit around smelling like this. We need to change this bedding too. Even YOU must see that for fuck sakes. “D’s voice getting louder as she rants at him. “Why are you doing this? Why hmm?”

“Because I can mummy dear.! As you’ve since found out!! Nice pussy you have Deena. Yummy mummy. Might try your arse next time?. Now shut your whining trap slut.” Deena stayed silent. “As you wish D. You and the little cum dumps, go do what you need to. Then, get this shitty mess cleared up. I will be watching, and waiting” He said. Flashing that large knife menacingly at them.

An hour later. Mark is bored, waiting and watching them fuss around getting showered, allowing them to dress, but no underwear. All three aware this implementation leaves easy access for further molestations. Bouts of sobbing break out now and then. As they finish doing what they can. This pleases the sadistic 16yr old. He has plans to make them sob even more. very soon?

“Deena. Your on kitchen duties” Her eyes widen, she looks at him. Terrified. ” Ha ha. Your face mum. Oh don’t fret slut. I’m saving your delicious holes for later.” Horrified, both girls sobs turn to pitiful crying. “Aw shut the fuck up. You two whores are long overdue a whipping. Or good arse fuck. So shut fucking up.” He tells Deena to secure them to the bed posts either side hands only. ” One sound from either and this cunt gets it bad, got it.” He growls, pointing the blade at his mother.

Both girls are quiet as Mark and his mother head downstairs. “At least I’ve got clothes on this time.” Deena thinks to herself. She gets busy cooking them a decentmeal. Time is getting on for Mark and he is getting horny watching his mum’s arse cheeks and bouncing tits in her leotard and yoga pants. His young rampant hormones again ruling his rational thoughts and increasing his need to relieve his stress.

“Your very quiet D. You thinking about getting out that door slut?” Mark jingles some keys in her face. Deena stammers, flustered at his closeness to her. “I’m just busy with this meal.” She says nervously. Mark puts his left hand over her shoulder, crawling it along over her braless tits and down to her stomach. His fingers seeking and finding the elasticated top of her yoga pants.

“Son! Don’t, please? I’m busy here After we’ve all ate and had a rest. I.. I’ll… I promise you…. I will come downstairs and, we can? You can… I’ll let you do anything to me.? Just please, don’t hurt Beth and Caz anymore. Please Mark. Please?.” Her voice fades, she’s staring unblinking as the hand reaches further inside her pants. Cruel scratchy fingers, incestuously seeking out her cunthole! Skating over her furry minge, feeling, probing, arousingher moist hardening clitty.

Deena’s throaty rasps are inducing his further arousal. D feels him hardening against her bum cheek. Then suddenly!! Deena grabs his offending hand. Dragging it from its prize?
“NOOO, STOP THIS. You sick perverted miserable animal. Just fuck off and leave us alone. I despise you !! You fucked up rapist sicko. Ide rather die! Than let your clawing mitt touch me or mine ever again.”

Deena turns unexpectedly and throws him off balance. She attempts to hit him with the pot in her hand. Hot liquid spills on both as they tussle onto the kitchen floor. Deena, though no lightweight, is no match for her demented son. Who in his present maniacal state seems to have more strength than his nerdy, skinny look implies. Deena tired and defeated curls up into a defensive ball as he kicks her relentlessly. The scalding liquid inches from her face on the floor.

He stops his assualt only to regain his breath before ordering her to resume her cooking and then go bring the girls downstairs. ” No funny stuff remember cunt. I’m watching.” Deena stands up her grey yoga pants wet from the liquid are seared onto her arse cheeks and into her pussy. Her cameltoed cunt very prominent as she resumes her duties. Pain in every muscle and bruising for sure she thinks.

Her ribs ache, her tits are poking at her leotard as she fixes herself properly. Nipples like studs poke onto the damp garment. “You fucking bitch.”~”That hurts, you slag!” He yelps, touching the scald marks on his arms. “You will be sorely disappointed you tried that.” ~”mother.” Mark spat the word mother at her. “You have a lot of pain and misery coming your way bitch.” Mark had previously moved anything she could use as a weapon again out her reach. He shakily placed the blade of his knife on her shoulder. Cursing and mumbling in her ear.

Deena moved around very gingerly. Knowing how easily this meek looking boy. Could turn killer in a split second.
Afte all of them had eaten
Mark returned them to the bedroom. He secured their hands only. Leaving them able to toilet if needed. Though not without some difficulty. He knew they wouldn’t try to resist. Not after hearing Deena’s enforced telling of her attempted coup, and it’s outcome.

He had a quick fumble with 12 yr old Caz’s bald twat. Then, after forcing his sticky fingers down his sister Beth’s throat, near choking the child to death. He left them, mumbling and sobbing. Their troubled thoughts dwelling on what he intended for them next. It was now getting dark outside. The lights from the next few houses growing brighter as the night closed in. There wasn’t an immediate need to worry. Mark was thinking, Caz was staying over till the next day. The bitch could phone in sick at work? So…?

Mark entered the room with a noisy bang on the door. ” Up ladies. Chop chop. I’ve decided to play some more. Let’s see. what’s your favourite game sis? ” Beth groaned. Shrugging her shoulders. ” I know. It was always teacher and pupils. Remember sis. With your dollies and teddy’s. Oh we had fun hmm” Tell mummy. How you were a naughty pupil and what happened to you?” He taunted his sister. “Stand up Beth. Bend over and touch your toes. You know what to do.”

Deena never uttered a sound. Both her and Caz watching intently as Beth is bent over, her dress riding up her thighs from behind. Mark is stepping out of his shorts. His erection pokes out in front of him. Hardening by the second as it bobs upward towards his stomach. “Watch mother. You should have done this to us years ago. I may have been a better man for it.” He jibes her while grabbing Beth’s hem on her dress, then throwing it up her back, exposing her pantieless young arse.

Thwack smack smack… Her bum cheeks turn crimson as she is smacked horrifically by her mad brother. Twenty strokes later. Her wailing is deafening her butocks are red as her face. Beth wiggles in humiliating pain when told to stand in the corner her hot cheeks remaining bared with her dress held up by her own hands. “Mother dear.” I’ve brought your mobile with me. I know how much you like using Facebook etc.”

“Stand up bitch.” Deena slowly does as asked. Intently watching as his cock throbs and bobs heading towards in front of her. D takes her phone and he directs her to call Caz’s mum? Caz watching wide eyed clutching the bed cover so tight her fingers are white.” What do you want me to say Mark?” D asks. ” Say you want her to come collect Caz. She’s been doing things with Beth. Inappropriate behaviour! Tell her to bring Billy too. Beth has confessed shes been doing stuff with him and Caz also.”

Deena baulks at this. ” No way. Is this true? Beth!! Is it true.” ~”No mummy. I didn’t. We haven’t. Not ever. Tell her Caz.” Beth is reprimanded for turning round. Mark Hushes her and Caz into silence as D calls the teary girls mum.
” Yes that’s what I said too. Hmm. Yeah. OK Jessie, ten minutes. Bye bye.” Mark takes Deena’s mobile from her. “Well done D. This should be fun.” He giggles, then orders her and the girls to head downstairs.

“I can’t meet them like this.” Deena points out the stained yoga pants and leotard to Mark. Beth is rubbing her sore arsehole while Caz is hugging onto Deena’s waist. The mother comforting the shaking child while consoling her own daughter. “Why not? You to proud or something. Well bitch. Pride before a fall. You told me often enough?” He growls at her.
“Oh grow up. You fucking child. Haven’t you had enough.” Deena is raging now. Her frustration and humiliation boiling over. She continues.

“Look at you. Stood there! With your sharp tongue, sharp knife and big boy dick poking around. All you do is bully and hurt people! Especially little girls!! Bet you can’t even get it up with a real girlfriend. That what this is son, hmm. You not capable unless your in control.” Deena went spinning towards the bed. Caz flung to the floor as Beth and she watch on in horror.

Mark strides over to the stricken mum. Knife glinting. He chokes her throat, lifting her onto the bed, he screams in her face.”Pull your fucking pants down slut. Then bend over and spread your legs. NOW – YOU – BASTARD” Each word eliciting a slap on her covered tits. Deena, swiftly complies. Her jet black pussy pointing proudly at her son and the girls. Mark holds the knife to her face, free hand finding her labia, moistened already!! He very roughly thrusts two fingers up his screeching mother’s pussy. The assault on her aroused cunt doesn’t last a minute.

He wipes his sloppy fingers across Deena’s lips and tongue. Then screams at Beth to come and finish her mother’s rape? Young Beth is wailing, along with her mum, Deena is humping unconsciously onto her daughter’s fingers. Beth’s ministrations eliciting grunts and gasps from her mother as she nears her arousals completion. Mark noticed and shouts for Beth to stop fingering D’s squelching fuckhole. He tells his mother to pull up her pants and stand beside him legs open?

When she does. He cruelly taunts her about her stained clothing. Then groping her wet cunt through her pants. He friggs his mum’s hot abused fanny. Bringing her to a knee bending head banging, orgasm. He removes his hand and the girls see a dark wet spot growing larger on the front of Ds yoga pants. She sinks to her knees crying miserably and still jerking from ti y after shocks in her cum drenched pussy.

“Now fucking move bitch. Your visitors will be arriving soon.” Mark pulls head up, her reddened, sweat covered face looking into his. You happy now. That wet spot will hide the stains you are so worried about. He snarls while wiping his prevcum onto her lips. See you do as your told when they do get here. It’s going to be very entertaining. For me at least!!” All three watch him get his shorts on then head downstairs.

Caz remains very scared for her mum and 10 yr old brother. Mark blows her a kiss, patting his bulging cock when he catches her eyeing him. They all sit in the large open plan lounge area. Deena on her usual armchair. Mark likewise on the other. The girls on the sofa. Legs pulled up with their dresses hung over their knees, covering their bare pussies.

They all jump when car doors clunk shut outside in the driveway. The doorbell rings. Deena watches on the ring system monitor. Caz’s brother is chatting along with his mum Jessica. Or J as she’s known to her friends and family. Mark welcomes them in. Deena awkwardly stands to greet them.
J stares open mouthed, unbelieving. seeing the state her friends clothes are in. The smell of Ds musky cunt is overpowering.

She hugs Deena saying. “Why are you… D? What is going on.. I can’t..”~ “Sit, and shut your face. Mrs Mason.” Mark calling her by the title he’s used for 10yrs. Billy yelps loudly as the girls scream. Jessica Mason turns quickly to confront Mark for He is holding little Billy. His knife poised at the boys throat? Billy just stands frozen and silent. Staring at his mum

J and Deena please with Mark not to hurt the little boy. ” I’ll slit his fucking throat if any of you cunts try to get away.” “No please Mark. He won’t try no one will. Please. I’ll do anything. Just let him go.” Mark, satisfied, releases the crying terrified boy who rushes to his mums side. Deena awaits her manic sons next revelation. It comes quickly, with no real shock for the three previous captives.

” Mrs Mason. Or may I call you J now?”
” Why are you doing this? ~ What is wrong with you. ~ Deena? Why did you say those things on the phone. Why bring me here with Billy? ~ What about those things you say he did with the girls?” J was delirious with fear and anxiety. Needing answers to questions she didn’t want to ask. Billy sat between Beth and his sister Caz. Billy repeating over and over. It wasn’t me mum it wasn’t me…..??

Mark told him to “fuck up runt” Billy sat open mouthed. Mark continued. ” OK. Mrs Mason. Why don’t we all just settle and whilst I’m keeping the kiddie’s happy. The bitch and you can get a catch up. Then we can all get on with things. Move it slut and don’t try anything dumb. Or else!!

Both mother’s moved into the kitchen. The noise of a coffee maker drowning out their conversation. Mark wasn’t caring he knew neither would try to escape. Not while he held their kids captive. What J didn’t expect though was to return and find her daughter on her knees skirt up her back with her naked 10yr old sons arse pumping back and forth thrusting his little pecker up her squelching fanny.

J screamed and shouted for Billy to “Stop that! Right now boy. She’s your sister for fuck sake.” ~ “Mark. Son don’t make this any worse for yourself”
Deena pleads. ” Worse for myself. MYSELF” He screeches. ” Look to yourselves slut. You too Fuck meat.” He snarls at J. ” D get that cunt stripped. Then get her wet. My divks sore waiting.” ” Hurry up or Billy’s tight baby bum will get a good stretching.”

J looks on in horror. This nightmare relentless as she is forcibly stripped for raping!! By her good friend and neighbour Deena. Her attention though is focused on her 12yr old blonde blue eyed daughter. Her tight young arse cheeks rippling as she’s raped by her 10yr old brother. Billy being forced to resume his incestious attack by Mark.

He too is now naked, manic, rampant. His cock throbbing and dripping pre cum. Mark enjoys the enforced humiliation and disrobing of his frantic distraught, neighbour. The mother of the grunting girl and boy now fucking in front of them. J is down to her bra and knickers. Nice pink cotton panty and bra set. He instructs D to leave them on. “For now?” Deena cable ties J’s hands, as instructed. Mark does the same to Deena. Leaving both women crying miserably. Watching in terror and horror. Wailing, as Mark plays with little Billy’s pumping buttocks.

Running his hand over his tight, baby soft cheeks, delving into his puckering ring. He feels the boys arse cheeks clench. Young Caz moans. Mournfully, like a wounded calf. Billy grunts and pumps once then another twice? Billy pants and sweats just laying now on his sister’s bare back. while he squirts his cum into her squishy hole. Mark roughly pulls him away, displaying Billy’s little cock. Still semi hard and wet. His sister’s raped labia dripping watery cum out of her abused 12yr old cunt. Mark binds Billy to his mother on the chair. Then… He pulls J’s cotton gusset aside to run his fingers over her plump ginger haired fanny lips.

“Mmm. Nice Jessica. Guess that’s where Sandi gets her colouring from.” He chimes. Knowing that soon. If all goes the right way. He would find out for himself just how her colour is. Top and bottom. Mark had always had the hots for Jessica’s eldest child. Sandrina. Sandi to all. She was 18. At college, always polite to Mark. Though rejected his advances. He felt. Humiliated by her constant rejections.

Mark held a deep resentment for her after that. her snobby friends and her had him feeling paranoid about them. Mark assuming he was being talked about all the time? This was going to be payback time… Mark pulled his fingers out the sobbing woman’s arsehole, wiping his shit stained finger on her nice pink panties. Then forcing it into her reluctant mouth.

“Nice tight bumhole Jess old girl. I’m going to fix that for you though.
“J squirmed cursing and swearing at her attacker Her plump labia still gaping from their cotton drape. D and her both red eyed from crying. Beth was terrified. Again watching poor Caz be abused and raped. She wanted to kill Mark so badly. How could her own brother be such a beast. Now he had two more people to hurt. One only turned 10 two days ago!! Gosh it seems so long ago now. His party. The laughing, the fun, the loving feelings from everyone. Now this nightmare.

She squeezed when Mark picked her up. Pulled her dress over her head leaving her in socks and shoes . He laid her over the arm of the sofa facing both mother’s chairs. Beth’s maked arse and cunt in full view of Billy. His little abused cock now hard again. Mark then forced the sobbing Caz on top of Beth. Both girls holes available and we’ll exhibited to their mummy’s horrified view. Caz’s obviously still very moist from Billy’s spend earlier.

Mak slapped both girls arses really hard a few times before thrusting into the screaming arsehole of young Caz. She fought to get up her legs flailing and causing Beth to moan in pain. Not like the pain she was soon to be in. After fucking Caz up the shittr for a while. Mark pulled out and presented his dirty knob end to his sister’s bumhole. Mark raped her hard. Eliciting terrible screams from the pain wracked child. He fought the urge to empty his balls up he pulling from her vice tight rectum with a loud plop.

Just as he was recovering. The doorbell rung??? ” Who the fuck???”…

To be continued.

If anyone wants to find out who is at the door that is?

Thank you.

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