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A submissive tells her story

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My husband loves exposing my body to both strangers, and friends. He loves pretending that I am blind. He enjoys these fetishes a lot. He has these tiny ‘goggles’ that fit over just my eyes. They are really white large contacts. I can’t see through them and they are comfortable to wear. When he takes me places, I wear these. He exposes me to people. I never know who they are. I always wear button up, or zip up dresses with nothing on underneath. Sometimes men cum on me. Women, boys, girls and of course men, touch me whenever he exposes me.

And yes, this all excites me beyond belief. He puts remote controlled toys in me and lets people play with the controls, making me cum in public. He has driven me to parties naked, where I had to mingle, blind and nude among strangers. He never lets anyone fuck me, but never stops them from touching any part of my body with any part of their body. Just has rules. Always clean hands. No penis inside me. This has gone on for years. Not even my man fucks me, he can’t. So no birth control. No sexual worries. He enjoys his sexual games with my body. I enjoy the submissive side of exhibitionism.

I love it when he suddenly says, “Squat and pee”. I never know who is around. Sometimes I hear traffic, or schoolchildren playing nearby, or people talking or walking. My ‘blind world’ is filled with sounds smells and touches. Always when in our car, I am naked. Usually masturbating. He loves it, I enjoy it, when I masturbate in public. One day, years ago, I was sitting in the car masturbating, waiting for him as he went into a store. While waiting, my door opened and I was asked to step out. Thinking it was one of my husbands games, I did. Then the man fucked me really quick while standing up, said thank you, and told me to sit back in the car, closed the door, and walked off. I never told my husband, and thankfully did not get pregnant. He had a long thin cock.

When I was 30, my husband somehow got his hands on a seeing eye dog, complete with harness. He LOVED adding this aspect to our games as he no longer had to walk around holding me by my arm.
The dog was a great companion. And unknown to my husband, was trained to fuck. Wow, was I ever surprised. Well mannered, he never approached me for sex if anyone was around. And he knew what time my husband came home from work. So I never worried about getting caught knotted.

My husband died from another round of cancer and my dear dog died a year later. Now forty, dogless, and having had only one mans penis very quickly inside me, I felt totally alone. Then I met a man at the park playing with his dog. Well, his dog saw me, ran right over and stuck his head right up under my dress, placed his wet nose against my clit, and started licking my vagina. And refused to stop. My vagina, loving dog tongue went ballistic, suddenly dumping huge amounts of wetness all over the dogs happy head. the man instantly understood. And invited me for coffee.

We got along wonderfully. He wanted to fuck me, his dog wanted to fuck me. I said the dog could, but not him. I didn’t want to get pregnant. He pointed out that after 40 a woman could not get pregnant. I believed him. Sex with him was absolutely delightful. God, he was so experienced and taught me so much over the next ten years. When our daughter turned ten, we decided to get married. Oh yeah, he was so wrong about women over 40. LOL.

Our daughter loves her dog. Yes, she is like her mom. My new husband has now learned about my ‘goggles’. His fetish is watching me get fucked wearing them whenever he brings friends or co-workers home for dinner. I never know who is fucking me. They are all very good lovers. And I’m pretty sure not all of them are strangers. Remember, I hear and smell things most people do not notice. LOL.

My daughter knows about our sex games with other men in our bed, like she always knew about my sexual pleasures with our dog. She wants to hide and watch. And she probably will figure out how to someday soon. I have already caught her spying on her dad and I fucking. Yeah, kids do that. When I catch her spying on us, I pretend I do not see her. She pretends I do not see her. Afterwards, she smiles and gives me a finger wave.

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  • Reply Emma. H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Lots of nasty fetishes going on here! Nice!!

  • Reply FreeUseSub ID:1er27op6cbev

    I love the idea of blind-effect contacts! How delightfully fun for public play! My ex loved sensory deprivation play. He made a sensory deprivation cowl of sorts out of a balaclava, sleep mask, and noise canceling headphones. When he put it on me I knew, I was in for a long day or night. Once the music was going, I couldn’t hear anything either. I had no clue other than touch who was inside me. He told me once that he’d taken a Polaroid of me before he left, and left it pinned up at the bar, with our address on it and the message to help themselves. I never believed him, but years later an old friend of ours told me he’d taken it down and come to check on me, and when he got to our house he could hear me getting fucked from all the way on the sidewalk. I always assumed the guys were friends of my husband, it was hot to know it was strangers too.

    • MystyGardens ID:2pdvucf0v1

      FreeUseSub, several times in my life I have heard from women with experiences like yours.
      Sounds like a lot of fun. One of our friends would tie his wife up with pussy exposed, headphones and blindfold strapped to her head. She could not move, hear anything but music, or see. Lots of guys fucked her on Poker Nights. (poke her, lol)