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Six Wives Sexual Adventures. 1

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A story by a woman, for women. A story of how six happily married women first started taking on lovers to enhance their lives, and 2 delight husbands.

My wonderful sweet adoring husband had coffee and juice waiting for me as I sat down naked at the kitchen table. He was making one of his delicious omelets, and like me, naked in the kitchen. His beautiful cock hanging there eager to please me, when ever I want. And I am pretty much forever horny, so his cock needs to be available whenever he is at home.

He woke me up this morning by sliding that wonderful cock between my cheeks as I laid on my side. Wrapping his arms around my big breasts and pulling me close, his cock slid through last nights mingled juices, found my asshole and snuggled itself deep inside my rectum. What a wonderful way to wake up! His cock filled me perfectly, like it was made to fit me exactly. As he stroked in and out of me, his lips covered my shoulder with wet kisses. His hand squeezed my breast with just the right pressure to make my nipple come alive in his palm and make me gasp with pleasure.

My bladder was too full for our lovemaking to last long this morning, especially in this position, so after he filled me with sperm, I rushed to the shower to pee and bathe. Once I was nice and clean, I called his brother to tell him that I love him and ask him if he could join us for breakfast. He agreed and said that as soon as he dropped his daughter off at school, he would be here. He arrived just as the omelets were being served.

I have known my husband and his brother all of my life. They have always shared everything with each other. And now as adults, they also share wives. We live next door to each other, so it is easy. They are so much alike. I sometimes don’t know who is fucking me in the middle of the night, unless I open my eyes.

I am sterile, which is great for me. I can fuck when ever I want without the worry of pregnancy. My husband does want children, so my sister-in-law who adores being pregnant has eagerly agreed to have both brothers babies. Right now, she is three months pregnant with her second child. My husband is the father, this time. They switch off. Both brothers want two children. She wants ten. Who the fuck wants ten children in 2024?

She adores breastfeeding. So breastfeeding anyone who comes to visit is important to her. And she only chooses lovers who love to breastfeed. My father is over there every day drinking his fill and leaving her belly filled with his sperm. He wants to breed her. Badly. We will have to wait and see if the brothers agree to this. Personally, I would love it if they agreed to let him breed her.

When we got married, my husband gave me the freedom to fuck anyone that I want, on the condition that I never fuck anyone without his knowledge. Sounds fair to me. So far, I have only fucked three men in my life. The brothers, and their best friend. I have also had some absolutely delightful sex with all five of my high school girlfriends. One of which is married to the other brother. And one who is married to the best friend. All six of us are naturally horny women with high sex drives. Our men know this and never expected us to be as faithful as we have been, so far in our marriages.

I think that because us six are so close, it probably has kept us home playing with each other when our men are away, instead of seeking out those fun men who get a large thrill out of fucking other men’s wives. But we know who they are, and we flirt with them a lot. Our plans are that once our children are out of diapers, my sister in law is beyond three months pregnant, and all of our bodies are back to pre-pregnancy fitness with ‘babybellies’ gone. We are going to have a party and fuck these ‘wife Fuckers’ silly.

My home is the chosen playground. I have no children and my husband and I have covered the house with hidden cameras and an excellent microphone system. He loves computers, and has everything hooked up and ready, for The Big Day. These ‘wife Fuckers’, as we call them, love fucking wives in front of husbands to ‘prove’ to everyone how much better their cock is in pleasing wives than the husbands cock can ever be.

LOL. These guys don’t know our husbands. Our husbands are all strong confident men and are all excellent lovers with absolutely beautiful cocks. Not one of them is a weak cuck. These ‘wife Fuckers’ will be brought over for our pleasure, and our husbands entertainment. Like watching live porn. It’s hot. It is going to be fun. Our husbands can direct the action, give encouragement, cheer us on and kick the men out when we are done with them.

Having only fucked three men in my entire life, I’m a bit nervous. Excited, true. But nervous. My husband calms my fears, telling me he will be right there, holding my hand, telling me how beautiful I look orgasming on another man. Telling me how much he loves me. His love means everything to me. I love him so very much. He is the perfect husband. Kind, loving, supporting, understanding.

We six are now in wonderful shape, strong with good stamina. Well trained vaginas, we can hold onto a penis and bring it to orgasm without moving anything except our vagina muscles. We are ready.
If we can get it into our mouth, we can swallow it. Our assholes have enjoyed cock since early teens. These ‘Wife Fuckers’ are in for a surprise. We are going to absolutely drain them, and send them home weak kneed and wondering WTF happened. LOL. Then we are going to fuck our husbands until they pass out. Then fuck them again when they recover.

The Big Day arrived. Our ‘guests’ started arriving after 10am on Saturday. They were greeted with us women all naked and in control. They saw us and expected to teach us how ‘a real man’ fucks a woman. And were told to strip themselves of all clothing. Then herded into the showers as several of us hate mans cologne and after shave. There were ten of them. Plus our husbands. That is a lot of naked men in my home. Drinks were passed out, rules were set. No rough sex beyond a good hard fucking. Not even ass slapping which too many men seem to want to do, without asking first.

The men were thrilled to know that they had the freedom of cumming in any hole in any woman, without asking. Men like these absolutely LOVE the idea of making another mans wife pregnant. So when they arrived, I told them that 5 of us are on birth control, so no condoms are needed. The sixth is fertile, but who that is will stay a secret. Of course, this made each and every one of the men want to cum deep inside us, filling our wombs with their baby making sperm. The cocks started getting hard at this news. Every word I said was the truth. Except my sister in law was already pregnant. LOL.

The mood was set. The blue pill and lube is in every room, just in case. The party was on.

Listening to the men talk over the last few weeks, they let us know that they expected to show up, deeply empress us with the size of their magnificent cocks, eat us and fuck us for an hour or two. Leaving our husbands ashamed of their tiny cocks, and our holes forever stretched beyond any hope of being able to feel our husbands puny cocks. Their egos filled with boasting pride, they would be off to conquer another poor housewife.

They had no idea what awaited them when they walked into my home. Six naked beautiful wives. Very sexually experienced and super horny. Driven by never ending sexual desires. The men expected to jump right in and start fucking us. But we wanted this to last all day, and hopefully into the night. Dancing, flirting, fondling, kissing and edging beyond anything they ever dreamed was possible, all before noon. Constant intense erections leaking streams of pre-cum were on each man. These were steel hard throbbing erections like these men had never experienced before. One man thought his heart was going to burst in his chest, and had to lay down for a while to recover.

We rotated from man to man, keeping them edging so intensely, they stopped thinking, only feeling the overwhelming desire to explode into orgasm at any moment. A moment we were in control of. Completely. Each time they almost went over the edge, we switched partners. I have never seen so much pre-cum before. Strict rule, touch your penis with your hand,,, no pussy, no mouth, no throat, no anal. They tried desperately to rub their penis against our nude flesh. And it felt wonderful.

One by one, they went screaming into an orgasm, with nothing touching their cocks but emotions and pent up sexual tensions. Cum shot out in powerful squirts all over the nearest woman, then just as the most powerful orgasm in their lives poured and shook through their entire bodies giving that full body orgasm most men never get to experience, our mouths wrapped around those sensitive cocks, and brought the orgasms back, pounding through them like a bolt of lightening followed by loud rumbling thunder that shook their very bones. An orgasm that was unforgettable.

Then we gathered up the men, and took them into the dining room for lunch. Lunchtime, and not one cock had been inside of a woman, yet. The men looked at our husbands with wonderment. They had experienced only a morning with us. Our husbands satisfied us every day for years. “How?” They kept asking. “How can you possibly satisfy such sexual women?” Our husbands only smiled. They knew how.

We had a relaxing lunch. Good food and drinks. Kissing and fondling all through lunch. Erections started returning. Off to showers, more bodies rubbing together, kissing and almost fucking. Teasing time again. Return of more nude close dancing, flirting touching, kissing, and of course intense edging. This time with plenty of oral sex. Ah yes. Oral sex like these men never expected.

Our youngest wife, a beautiful chubby Latina with large breasts, silver dollar size areolas with cherry size nipples and thick brown hair, was sitting on this tall thin man. His long uncut cock sticking straight up in the air, pre-cum flowing down its length. Her wide ass completely hid his face as she rocked with his nose as deep in her juicy vagina as she could stuff it. “Inhale slowly through your nose as you lick my asshole. Fill your sinuses with my delicious nectar. Make me cum!”. We could all hear how wet he was making her. She is one of those women who takes her time climbing towards her orgasms. Enjoying each sensation as the feelings tingle through her, building and building seemingly endlessly on the way to her boundless orgasms, which truly seem endless once she finally lets them begin.

Next to her a tall shapely redhead with the whitest skin was dancing slowly with a black haired man her height, his skin almost as white as hers. His cock was almost in her vagina, sliding in her juices between her thighs as they kissed. His hands on her butt cheeks, pulling her towards him as he rocked his cock back and forth. They were kissing passionately as she pressed her full breasts against him. Her hands on his face, eyes looking into his eyes. Now there was a man who really knew how to kiss. She was definitely enjoying herself.

Me? I was sucking a mans big balls. Huge balls actually. Rolling them, one by one in my mouth, making them sloppy wet while two fingers were rocking back and forth across his prostate. My husband was watching, stroking his magnificent cock with streaming pre-cum down its length, coating his fingers. His huge grin broke for a few moments as he blew me kisses from across the room, winked at me and said, “I love you sweetie”. I could tell that he was having a really good time.

My sister-in-law was in the living room, laying back on a big comfy chair, butt scooted to the edge, knees up by her shoulders, feet in the air. A man with a fat cock was sucking on her big clit, lips moving, tongue swirling. Big fingers in her, dancing across her G spot as she squirted all over his chin and chest. Her large breasts constantly dripping milk as she orgasmed.

Nearby on the couch, another wife had a cock sliding in and out of her throat as she 69ed with her on top of man with a large perfectly trimmed brown beard. The beard looked very wet as she orgasmed on his talented tongue. His hips rocked up and down with each thrust of his cock down her throat.

The 6th wife was in the kitchen, with all of the rest of our guests, kissing them, rubbing her body against theirs, flirting and laughing. Having a wonderful time with those naked men, keeping all of their cocks hard.

Our dear husbands were all watching, talking and laughing together, drinking their bourbon and having a wonderful time. It is a really fun party.

To be continued,,,,,,

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