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Trailer Traps

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My daughter brought a friend over to help with her homework, but I wound up doing sex-ed.

They went in the office, but Brooke stopped by the kitchen to nuke a couple hot-dogs in a zip-loc. I didn’t think anything of it, but I knew that trick, from my wife. It keeps the casings from drying out, and cracking, especially on the ends, but I had no idea what they’re planning on using them for, until I heard Claire type in.

“S, E, X. Sex.” Then, my daughter brought in the zip-loc and popped it open. Kicked the door shut.

“Look what I’ve got!” Brooke laughed, but then her friend, Claire asked.

“Which one? I had no idea there were so many sex sites.”

Brooke laughed, “Really? Like half the internet is nothing but sex videos. Here, try Xvideos.”

“X, V, I, D, I, O, S.”

“D, e,. Oh, it came up anyways. So, just type in whatever you want to see in there.”

Now, I didn’t know about my daughter showing a younger girl how to look up porn on the internet, but then I remembered the boys, when I was that age. Getting into our father’s stashes, and comparing all the different kinds of magazines until one of us got our hands on blue movies.

VCRs, and X-rated videos, I know how old it makes me sound, but back in the day, we didn’t have as much access to this sort of stuff. Amasing how fast technology lept ahead in. Well, lets just say a couple decades.

“B, O, Y, S.” She spelled it out, out loud, hunting, and pecking. “N, I, C, E. How do you spell wiener?”

“Well, they use adult words, because it’s an adult site, so Dick, Cock, Pussy…” I was a little shocked to hear such words come out of my daughter’s mouth, but I finally got up. Out of bed, the interior walls in my trailer are paper thin, and mostly 2x3s, to save weight. Then, I found myself listening at the door.

“No, that’s the gay site, you have to click straight up in the corner.”

“Nice boys share a double dong. Wait, why should we go to the straight side, when if you think about it. A bunch of boys means a better chance of one of them having a nice one.”

“Yeah, but it also means they’re probably going to do the dirty. You know, up the butt?”

“Well, they don’t have vaginas, but we can skip past that part.”

“Yeah, but if there’s no girl in it, then I can’t imagine. Here, let me show you.” I heard the computer chair roll out of the way, and Brooke typing faster. “There.”

“How do you think she gets all those boys to play with?”

“Well, they’re not boys. They’re full grown adult men, so they like boobs, and stuff. It’s the boys your age that don’t like girls.”

“Because I don’t have boobs?” Claire giggled, “She put it in her mouth!”

“Of course. Here, don’t bite it. Just get it wet in your mouth, that makes it easier to slip it in, because guys don’t get wet, like girls do. They get hard instead.”

There was a wet sucking sound, and then Claire asked. “Doesn’t it taste like pee? The real ones.”

“No, they’re professionals, so they probably wash it real good, and wipe, too. Ooh!” I heard typing.

“Rimming, what’s rimming?”

“You’ll see.”

Finally, I knocked. “Girls. Huh, I’m coming in, so if you’re not decent. Take a moment to fix your clothes first.”

“Okay, dad. We’re not naked in here, yet.” I peeked in.

“Look, I know you two are curious, about this stuff, but. Isn’t Claire a little young, to be watching videos on rimming?”

“Huh!” Brooke rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“And how come you like to watch, that. Kinda stuff?”

“I don’t know,” she laughed, “It’s funny!”

“What’s rimming?” Claire looked back, and forth.

“Ass kissing.” Brooke shook her head, and looked up. Biting her lip, but Claire just laughed, and shook her head. Started sucking the hot-dog suggestively, to keep her mouth shut. “Sorry, daddy.”

“Well, where did you learn about that?”

“Online, and I know I’m not supposed to be going on those sites.”

“Huh, well. I suppose the cat’s already out of the bag, but. I have to explain something to you, both of you. Uh, stand up.” Clair hopped out of my computer chair, so I could sit down, instead of standing over her, and my daughter. “Look, this isn’t a very realistic portrayal of men, women, and relationships.” I scooted over, and [x]ed out the browser. [Tiny Tits Gangbanged] up on the screen, and [Teens Rimjob] in the search bar, with the sound muted on the video. So, she hadn’t hit enter yet. “So, if you have any questions, I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but I have to warn you that this is dangerous, and could lead to even more dangerous, things.”

“Like what?” Claire finally stopped sucking on the hot dog, like a penis.

“Well, I have a question for you, Claire.” Brooke changed the subject, “What’s a nice.” She glanced over at me, and said “Penis, to you? What makes a penis nice, compared to any other boy’s penis?”

“I don’t know? Not too big, but definitely not little, and hairless, like a boy’s.”

“How old are you?”

“Eleven?” She lied, and looked away, but even if I hadn’t seen the expression on her face, the way she said it. Almost like a question would’ve given it away.

“And how come you’re listening to us anyways, we can’t have a little privacy in this house?”

“I wasn’t, I just overheard you from the bedroom, because the walls are so thin.” I knocked on the drywall. “And you didn’t exactly keep your voices down.”

“Mr. Madsen,” Claire offered her hand, “Do you think you could walk me home?

“Yeah,” I didn’t need her help getting up, and I felt a little too wierded out to hold her hand. My daughter pulled the chair over, and spun it around to drop into it, and turn back to the computer. I didn’t say anything about giving her some privacy, after she complained about it, but on the way out, I said, “I guess I was a little in denial,” mostly to myself, “About her growing up, and I guess some part of me want to still see her as my little girl.”

“There’s this boy, in the neighborhood, and I’m a little scared.” She hugged my waist.

“You’re afraid he might do something to you?”

“Oh, he already has. He showed me his wiener, a bunch of times, and sometimes it was even all the way swollen up, but I don’t like it.”

“Too big, or too little?” I vaguely remember her saying something about that.

She shook her head, but she let me go, before we went out, in public. “It’s funny looking.”

“Well, I guess they’re all funny looking, to me.”

“Well, it’s bent sideways, and twisted. Mr. Madsen, how come Brooke calls you George, instead of dad?”

“Huh, she’s just. Well, she’s going through a phase, I guess. She likes to remind me that she’s not my real daughter.” Especially when I tell her what to do, or not to do.

“Well, what happened to her real dad?”

“I don’t know. Honestly, her mother won’t tell me, because it’s too painful, but she’s. Huh, Brooke never knew him, as far as I know, they never met.”

“Well, I guess the biggest thing I’m afraid of is him grabbing me, and hurting me. Especially my first time.”

“Oh, you’re. Of course you are, what a stupid question.”

“Oh, look.” We came around a house, so she could point down the side yard, at a window screen, leaned up against the skirt around the bottom of her trailer. It’s not a trailer park, but I noticed that the grass behind it hadn’t been cut, and also brown clippings were stuck to it, so it had been there a while. At least since the last time their yard had been mowed, whenever that was.

“Can you come in, just to make sure he’s not in there, waiting for me? I don’t want to go in there alone, if he might be in there.”

I just found myself nodding, and playing along. Knowing that it wasn’t a good idea, and guessing that she had taken out the screen herself, for sneaking out. I even suspected that she made up that boy, following her around, flashing her, and climbing in her window to wait for her, but I couldn’t swallow the lump in my throat.

This is wrong, I told myself that, and I even tried to tell her out loud. She knew it too, of course, but why didn’t I at least lead on that I knew what she was doing? She was inviting me in, after looking at pornographic movies with my daughter, talking about dicks, and trying to find a nice dick, that she thought was attractive. Not too big, and not too small. Just right.

Despite myself, I wondered if she’d like it. My penis, if she thought it was nice, or not, would she tell me if it was too big? How would I feel about that, hearing that it was too big from a little girl? A horny little girl, that lied, and said she was eleven, when I had to think, she was at least a couple years younger, but I remembered the pretense.

“Hello? Is anyone in here? What’s his name?”

“John, Johnny.” … She stopped to think of a better sirname than Smith, “Knoxville.”

I nodded, didn’t call him a Jackass, I just called, “Jonny?” Across the living room, “If you’re in there, I’m not going to hurt you, but you better get out. Before someone calls the cops?” i shook my head, feeling stupid, and dirty. Like a dirty old man, playing games with this little girl. “I guess he already got what he came for, and left.”

She backed up against the bedroom door, so i’d have to reach past her to pull the doorknob, and touch her to move her out of the way. My hands shook, so I just held them together, in front of me, and realized I probably looked like I was trying to cover my dick. Even though I didn’t have an erection, she might think that.

“Um,’ she looked up, and bit her lip. “I really appreciate you scaring him off, and I want to make it up to you. Somehow.”

I just sat down on her bed. Shaking my head, “You didn’t ask me to walk you home, because you’re scared of a boy.” I didn’t ask her, “You wanted something else from me?”

She nodded, but she didn’t look away.

“What is it?” I asked, just so that she was the one to say it first. I told myself that somehow that would make it better? Even though I was about to cheat on my wife, again, and Brooke probably knows exactly what’s going on here, or at least what they were planning.

I felt trapped, but then all the clues clicked into place, like the ending of a mystery, where the detective gathers everyone together, and tells them what happened with a montage of flashbacks, from different angles.

They didn’t keep their voices down, and she spelled out S, E, X. Sex. Out loud, so I didn’t have to imagine what they’re looking up.

“Huh, can I see your wiener?”

“Huh!” I just leaned back. “You just want to look?” She shook her head, but I started at my zipper.
“What else, do you want to do?”

“Can I touch it, too?”

“Huh,” I gave up, and even rolled my eyes. “Yeah, you can do whatever you want, but I’m not going to make you.”

“Huh!” Her jaw dropped, and her eyes went wide, when I fished it out of my fly. She licked her lips, and looked up. “Does it get, even bigger, when you’re hard?”

I nodded.

“You want me to take off my clothes?”

“It’s your room, I told you. I’m going to let you do whatever you want, but if I tell you what to do.” She slipped the straps off her shoulders firs. Then, she pulled her teeshirt out of the top of her dress, and pulled it off over her hair. “Oh,” she wasn’t as flat as I thought she was, and she had a training bra on.

She smiled, “How could you not notice that Brooke was growing up, when you bought her bras, and everything?”

“I didn’t buy her bras, I took her shopping, and waited out in the car, but. I didn’t want to look at her. Her body, or think about her needs. I didn’t even want to think about her having sexual needs, and. How young do you girls, start?”

“Having sexual needs? I don’t know.” She looked up, “Um.” Thought, “Puberty?” Then, she shook her head, and just squirmed out of her training bra. So, her dress wiggled even farther down her sides, and bunched up around her hips. “Huh, I guess it’s okay, or even better that you don’t like little girls, like me.”

“Oh, I like you just fine, I wouldn’t let my daughter hang out with you, if I thought. She’s not a bad influence on you, is she?”

She giggled, “No. Just because she let me come over, and use your internet?”

“Well, she showed you that hot-dog trick, I didn’t know she used them for that, but she didn’t trick you into doing anything, you weren’t ready for?”

“Huh, it’s nice.” I pulled it up, so the head flopped over my thumb, and held it out.

“You like it?”

“No, I mean. Yeah, it’s okay, but really. You know if you seen 1 penis, you pretty much seen them all. Huh!” She rubbed the front of her dress, between her legs, then turned, and unbuttoned the side. “Yeah, it’s pretty nice, but I mean. I like the way you don’t want to rush, or anything. You don’t really want to do this, at all?”

“Oh, no. I do, I just don’t want to mess it up. I don’t want to mess you up, sexually for life.”

“Especially the part about me getting to do whatever I like?” She looked up, grinning and blushing. “Huh! I really like that the most.”


Brooke (f… MG Voyeur)

“Huh!” I stayed back, at the house, and only came out when they were far enough down the street, but I can look at porn, and have my own little sausage party whenever I want.

Finally, I grabbed my inspection mirror, I got from Auto-Zone. It’s like a side mirror from a car, but on a corner like a car antenna. So, you can stick it under a car, and check the bottom without jacking it up, and crawling under it, but I couldn’t use a selfie stick.

As much as I wanted to record what happened, that would be child porn, and the last thing I wanted was for George to go to jail, but as soon as I held it up. “I guess I owe her twenty bucks.”

I never thought he’d go for it, but it wasn’t easy to see anything through the blinds. She had them turned down, so she could look out, and see if anybody was watching from the alley between her trailer and the house next door, but also. She could practice, on me.

I don’t know how gay she is, or bisexual of course. She likes dicks, but on our last sausage party, I managed to get a hold of mom’s phone, and showed her the dick pics she saved. I knew that she had the hots for him, and she even said that that was “The nicest one I ever saw.”

I had to explain to her that the reason why all the guys online are too big is 1: They only higher well endowed men for the mainstream movies, 2: Guys want to imagine themselves, being that hung, and 3: Those are full grown professional women. Not much better than whores, but they can handle it, because of experience.

So, if you search for little dick, you’ll just get little girls with big dicks. At best, you’ll get someone who’s a little above average, but George’s isn’t small. I guess it’s pretty average, I don’t know, about half a foot? Mom didn’t save any of him holding up a ruler next to it, but it’s like saying you’re 11, when you’re only 9. Okay, 9 1/2, but I’m so jealous, because he never looked a me like that.

Ever since I started popping out of my tops, when it was cold, and boys started paying attention to me, I guess I got jealous of mom, too. She got a real winner there, and it’s not just because he’s good looking. He cares about her, and he cares about me, but he’s got these stupid blinders on, so no matter how hard I tried, he didn’t want to treat me as a young lady.

He doesn’t want me to grow up, and mom makes him so happy, he wouldn’t dare look at another woman, let alone a girl my age, but what makes Claire so special? Okay, yeah, she’s pretty, but I wouldn’t call her hot. She’s barely got more than nipples, and her hips are, almost like boy hips. She’s got no ass, and barely any hair in her panties, but I guess she knows how to tease.

I should probably be taking notes, but she went slow, and talked a lot. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but George leaned back next to the window, and said “Whatever you want,” enough times for me to make it out.

“Huh!” Those just might be the 3 sexiest words I’ve ever heard, especially coming from him.

“Whatever you want.”

“Huh!” He took a while to even get it up, but that just let me appreciate the moment. Watching it swelling, and growing. Straightening out, and the wrinkles stretching flat on the sides, until the veins started popping out, and she must have gone out, while I was watching him.

Him, too bad he’s my dad. No, not my real dad, my step dad, but the only Daddy, I’ve ever known, and I always thought he was the most handsomest man in the whole wide world, because that’s what you’re supposed to feel, when you’re a little girl. I’m not a little girl any more, but finally, she ran up to the bed, in her undies, and socks, with a bag of grapes.

She popped one in her mouth, and then she gave him one, to chew. She sucked on her’s, and popped it in her panties, to roll up and down her crack. She didn’t say anything, like you wanna see a magic trick? Like she did at the store, when we went out in tights, and got busted by the produce man for shoplifting, he called it.

He just called the cops, instead of molesting us, when that was a bad idea from the get-go, but by the time they got there, we threatened him, so he said it was all a big misunderstanding, and let us go. Even though he didn’t touch us, let alone whip it out, and get it up, he didn’t want to risk it. Who do you think they’re going to believe, him, or us?

You’d think, that with all the scary stories they tell us, there was a monster around every corner, but it didn’t take long for her to make it disappear. In her cooch, warm from her mouth, and wet enough just from making daddy. I mean George, uh! I don’t know, if I want to stay his little girl, or not, honestly. I want to grow up, and growing up so fast is scary, but i also want him to see me, instead of looking right over my head like I’m invisible, and I doubt that I’ll ever get to have his babies, which is the worst of all bad ideas, but the problem is that my brain knows what’s right. This is wrong, so wrong on so many levels, but my heart wants, and feels things that my brain just can’t shut up.

“Huh!” I can’t watch this, any longer. “Snh!” Now I’m crying, but when i left. She put his hand on her leg, and work it up from her knee, to her crotch. “See? All gone.” Then, she leaned over, and took it in her hands. Both hands, and made it disappear behind the back of her head.

“Now, where the hell am I going to get twenty bucks?”

“Hey, Brooke?”

“Hey! Uh. Jeremy, right?”

“Yeah, uh.” He had his hands in his pockets, and I thought maybe he was playing pocket pool, until he pulled his hand out, and held up a wad of bills he had stuffed in there.

“Snh?” I shook my head, and wiped my nose. “What’s this for?” A $10.00 and 2 $5.00 bills.

“Well, what do you need the money for?”

“I lost a bet. My best friend got to third base before me.” With my step dad, when she was 9!

“Well, you can pay me back, whenever.”

“Hey, Jeremy?” I caught up. “Huh, I’ll totally pay you back.” I took my arm, “But, it wouldn’t make me a whore, if I gave you a hand job, because I want to?”

“You want to give me a tugger?” He grinned.

“Huh, yeah.” I’d settle for any dick, at this point.

“Well, okay, but. What’s your dad doing over there, with Claire?”

“Huh, don’t worry about her, stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker.”

“Well, what the hell do you see in her, when she’s 9?”

“I don’t know, I just worry about her getting in trouble. You know, there’s some bad men out there,” He would know, “and the way she acts, sometimes.”

“Yeah, well forget about her. She doesn’t like you, that way, and it’s starting to creep her out. That’s why my dad had to walk her home, so she wouldn’t be so creeped out from you hanging around her house all the time.”

“I’m not hanging around the house, and besides, it’s a trailer, you know.”

“I know, but still.”

“I live across the street, so it’s not like I can avoid her.”

“Huh, well. I tell you what, you want more than just a hand job?”


“Well, if you promise me that you’ll stay out of her yard, and stop trying to look in her window, then I’ll let you go, a little farther.”

“How much farther?”

“I don’t know, we’ll have to see, how far I’m willing to go.”

“Well, I hear you give the best blowjobs on the block.”

“Where’d you hear that?”


“Huh, well what does he know? Like he’s had his penis in anyone else’s mouth.”

“So, you did suck him off, under the portables, at school?”

“No, he couldn’t keep it up, so I’m not even sure if he’s shooting blanks or not.”

“Oh no. He’s shooting his load all right.”

“Well, when did he start?”

“Oh, I don’t know. A couple moths ago?”

“Well, that’s probably why he couldn’t keep it up. We hooked up on winter break.”

“Well, what were you doing at school on winter break?”

“Hooking up. We knew there was no way there’d be anyone there to see us, because the school was closed. So, where do you want to do this?” I looked around.

“Well, I know this spot. It’s pretty nice, and romantic.”

“Phf!” I rolled my eyes, “Romantic.”

“Well, check it out, and you tell me whether it’s romantic, or not. It’s a lot less dirty than under some trailer.

“Okay, fine.” I don’t even know what Romantic means, honestly. I mean, i even read the stories, we’re supposed to, where they turn the lights off before the action starts, and then wake up satisfied in the morning, but what does he want to do. Watch the sunset, go for a long walk on the beach? Because that just kills the mood for me, when I’m horny now, and if he doesn’t stop beating around the bush soon, I’m going to get bored, and lose interest.

“Here, what do you think?”

I just shrugged, and didn’t even look around. “Come on, get it out.” I helped him with his pants. “Huh!”

She’s right. It must have grown crooked, or something, but I don’t want to risk asking if there was some accident or something, now that it’s hard. Maybe after I suck him off, but I just want a mouthful of jizz right now.

We can talk about it later…


Claire (GM…)

What’s my secret? I don’t know, there’s something about me that’s desirable, and believe me, if I had a switch, I’d turn it off, most of the time. I sure as hell can’t see it, but even some girls, and I mean older girls are attracted to me, too.

I sure can’t see it, but then again, I’m not even a little gay, and any curious stage I might have gone through was satisfied a long time ago. How long ago? Well, let’s just say that I don’t want to get anybody in trouble.

Mr. Massen, though. That’s how he says it, the D is silent, but I guess it just took a while to wake up? That’s a joke, but I kinda take that as my greatest conquest. Because he doesn’t look at anyone else, except his wife. He never even looked at me that way, so when he said he’s not attracted to young girls, I believed him.

He’s only got eyes for Claudia, and I really can’t see that. Some guys go for fat chicks, I guess. She must really do something special in bed, to keep him so loyal, but whatever it is, even her own daughter doesn’t know.

I know, I lied. Tried to play it off, and hide my excitement, but it’s true. He’s got to have the nicest wiener I’ve ever seen. How do you spell wiener? I guess it’s the hot-dog trick, but for some reason, it just feels right? Calling them wieners, I mean, but it’s just so perfect. Again, I can’t even say what it is about it, it’s not too big, not too small, it’s just. Perfect.

I just had to kiss it, feel how warm it was, on my nose, and my lips. Take a deep breath of his manly sweat, and lick the salt off my lips. I want to suck him off, and hold the whole load in my mouth. Savor it, but I don;t want to rush, either. Then it’s over, and he said whatever I want?

Well, I want to take the time, to enjoy it. Every inch, I can get in my mouth, and then pull it out before I gag myself on it. That’s another thing, some girls do, that i just don’t understand. Deep throat, gag on it, and choke, until they want to puke. When I can tell just looking at it that I can’t get it all in my mouth, but I can lick it all over, and.

“How do you get it back out?”


“The grape.”

“Oh,” I closed my eyes, and concentrated, on squeezing the right muscles, without tensing up, so it popped out, right against his fingers. “Like that.” I took a break, and he took another one off the vine. Gave it to me, and let me warm it up in my mouth while I turned over, and held it up to his face. His nostrils flared, and then he kissed it. Sucked in, and closed his eyes, to taste my sex all over it.

“Huh!” That just made me spit out mine, and go down, for another mouthful of the real thing. I guess, it’s about as long as a hot-dog. Not a footlong, or even a jumbo. One of those that plumps when you cook it, but a little thicker. With a firm head, and blood vessels I can feel squishing under my fingers, with each gentle slow stroke of the shaft. From my lips to his balls, I kept going, and rolled them around in the hairy little bag. Swirled my tongue around his head.

“Oh, god. You’re really a virgin?”

Of course not. I just nodded, and let it slip out. Felt it slide up my cheek, and his thick musky pubes crinkled under it.

“I guess, oral doesn’t count?”

“Huh, I don’t know, honestly, but you’re. Certainly not new to philatio.”

“Huh, no.” I turned over, and made a face. Moved down to his thigh, so I could keep petting it, and stroking it. Running my fingers around, and around the head. “Huh, my mom. She dated for a while, but then she stopped. When she found out that one of her boyfriends was only going out with her, to get to me. He used to bang her, to get her to go to sleep. Then, he’d get up, and come see me. In my room. Not here, back at the old house.”

“How old were you?”

“Huh!” I just shook my head, and he shook it back. “Don’t ask.”

“Sorry, it’s rude?”

“Yeah, for a grown woman, but for a girl, that’s talking about learning to give head, it’s. Worse then that. Okay, I. I thought that I could handle it, but it kills the mood. I’ll tell you about it later.” I pulled the skin up, so his balls came up, where I could turn my head, and nuzzle my nose in the hairy smelly man skin. Kiss one of his balls, and suck it. “Huh!’ Let it fall back down, and roll under my cheek. “There’s not trick to it, if you love it. I love it, I love your whole body, and I just want to kiss it all over. Taste every inch of you, every hair, and every. Oomph!” I just shook my head, and rooted his other ball out, to suck it.

No, I didn’t hang out with Brooke to get her step father. I’m sorry, Brooke, but he’s too good for you. Maybe she’s not fat enough, or dirty enough, but is it conceited to take pride in getting him, where she couldn’t? No, she’s not his real daughter, but he can’t look past that, and see her needs. It probably wouldn’t be appropriate anyhow. I tried to tell her, that it get’s awkward, later. Especially when you live together, and he has to watch out for you, knowing that he took advantage of you, and your youthful curiosity. Her girlish little crush, and that’s if you’re lucky.

If you’re not, then you give him 1 blowjob, and then he follows you around for 2 years, get’s jealous of every guy, and every other girl, whether you’re really doing anything, or not. I hope you’re watching, Jeremy. I hope you break it off, this time.

“Huh!” Well, that was a surprise! “Uhn huhHhHhHhHhn!”

“Are you?” I swallowed, and tried to unlock my jaw, but all I could do was nod. I forgot all about his hand. His fingers found their way inside my undies, and he just kept rolling the greap, back and forth between my lips. “Nhm!” Finally, I could stop clenching my teeth together, he’s lucky I didn’t have anything in my mouth to bite. “Snh! Huh! You didn’t feel it?”

“You’re orgasm? No, not through the grape, but I can smell it now.”

“Huh!’ I had to get this underwear off. “Well, why don’t you see if you can taste it?” He tried, to lick me off again, and he did a good job, but with his mouth busy, he couldn’t ask me distracting questions, so I could concentrate on the job at hand. I used my hair, to drape over his thighs, his balls, brush over his boner, and his panting tummy. Then, i dried him off, and wrapped it around, to stroke him, and feel the strands rolling between my fingers, until finally.

“Oh, fuck. Uhhhh, huh. Fuck.”

Then, he said it.

“Oh, Brooke.” Not my name, not his wife’s, and not anybody else’s. He said Brooke, and I smiled to myself. I almost laughed, but I managed to hold it back.

Methinks, he doth protesteth too much? There’s different levels of lies, but this one. Even I bought it, because he never looked at her. He was afraid to, when she went out of her way to give him every opportunity.

Now, I’m no expert on lies, but I just bet, a million dollars, that this one was the best kind. the kind you believe yourself, first. He lied to himself, so everyone else believed him too, but now I know the truth.


^I can go on, but denial doesn’t change anything. She’s a narcissist, by the way, and “I’m not expert lies…” ? For what it’s worth.

It’s a fairly common fantasy (Power Reassurance, if you want to look it up) that the girl you’re stalking is into it. However, you have to ask yourself, what kind of girl would be into that kind of attention?

In a word, a Narcissist. Sometimes, bad influences can get together, and influence each other. When that happens, they tend to only escalate, and accelerate from there…

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