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When I was 10

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Short story of that day that change my life forever

I am 28 now. I have 4 children. Son is 17 and daughter 15 and going on 16, 13 going to be 14 next month, and one 11 but acts like 15.

I was 10 years old and I heard of what was called the bad side of the city. I don’t know why but I want to go and see for myself. My parents were gone for the weekend and my 18 year old brother just took off as well leaving my alone. So I told myself why not. I was wearing a short halter top. It was about half way from the top of my cut offs jean to my nibbles. I just started to grow tits. I did my hair and put on makeup and go on a bus and headed downtown. When I go to the area I started to get off the bus and the driver warned me not to go.

I started to walk down this one street. There was only one street light on. I say the alley. No light and very dark. I don’t know what made me do it but I turn and started walking do the street. I walked about half way I think. I felt someone ahead and I stop. He was talk black man of around 25. He was in great shape. He walks up to me and said “You’re in the wrong part of town caalled the hood” I turned around and ran right into 3 other men. I felt something over my face.

The next thing I remember was been in this room. One small light in a corner. Almost dark. I reach down and found myself on a mattress. The smell was ungodly. I could smell piss and shit. But there was this other smell that I could not make out. I try to move and i was shackled at my wrist and a chain was attached to the wall.

I was down there for a long while, I head a door open in can those 4 men. They were naked. I heard of cock but saw on till now. Each man was about 8 to 10″ long. I started begging to let me go and this said when we are done. They grab me and rip my clothes off. They then force me onto my back and one grabs my arms and held them. Two grap my legs and held they apart. I was the 4 man as his cook started to grow and become hard. He knee down and grab my pussy and started to play with it. I was screaming and begging to be let go. That did not help… He took his cock in his hand and guided towards me. I felt it and he just started to ram it in. I felt like I was being torn open. I scream the time. I felt it stop and then he started pulling it out and then it went back in. I never knew so much pain.

I not sure how long he was in me but after a while I felt his cumm in me. . After he got off the next one took over. By the time he was about halfway, it stop hurting and started to feel good. II did not know what was happen to my but I like it. In fact I like it a lot. I felt my first orgasm. My body gave way to them. But the time to 3 one was in me I was ready and wanting him to fuck me. The other just me go and I try to wrap my legs around him.

The First one then came with his cock and told me to open my mouth. I watch as he guided his cock into my mouth. For some reason I want it. I want it deep into me. The 4 one jack his cock off and on to my face.

I didn’t know it then but I was down there for 3 weeks.

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