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Cheating on my wife with tiny teens

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I can’t stop cheating on my wife with teens and pre teens!

I can’t stop cheating on my wife with tiny little teens!

I got married to my wife Victoria ten years ago and over the years I have betrayed her many times. she has never found out. the first time was with a girl who lived in the same apartment complex we did. my wife is a nurse so on the nights that she worked, I’d have my special friend come over. Her name was Lily and she was 14. she was blonde with green eyes and stood about 5 feet tall. she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs.
I was a chubby awkward kid in high school and never got girls like this. I think that’s why I lusted over them now at 45 years old.
Lily was incredibly fun to fuck. She also loved that I was cheating on my wife with her.
“Tell how much sexier I am than her” she moaned one day as I was behind her slowly pumping my cock in her so I wouldn’t cum too fast. I kept having to close my eyes because seeing her little ass bounce and that tiny waist beneath my hands was all too much. she was like a human sex doll.
“you’re so much sexier baby” I replied, pumping slower now, her words making me so hard.
“and tell me how much tighter I am”
Lily was not making this easy. I wanted to enjoy her tight 14 year old pussy for as long as possible, but her dirty talk was going to make me cum.
“Fuck. you know you’re tighter. that’s why daddy can’t fuck you as hard as he wants or he’ll cum too fast”
“But what if I want daddy to fuck me as hard as he wants?”
that was enough to send me over the edge and I started pounding her like crazy only to cum hard inside of her minutes later.
My wife never found out about my fun with little Lily.
My worst transgression was this last Christmas. My wife and I went to her aunts house for a big family get together. It was quite boring until I noticed the daughter of one of my wife’s cousins. she had bug blue eyes and thats what caught my attention.
I spoke to her for a minute and found her her name was Emily and that she was 10 years old. She ended up going upstairs to play with some of her toys she got for Christmas. The adults were preoccupied with alcohol and conversation in the living room so I went upstairs to continue talking to Emily.
“Emily, sweetie, could you come with me to the bathroom? I need your help with something.” the little angel followed me in to the upstairs restroom.
“Emily, I need help with my tongue. it feels really itchy and there’s only one way for it to stop.”
“How’s that?” she asked so sweet and innocent.
“Lay down for me, baby” I instructed and she did as she was told. I immediately slipped off her panties from under her red Christmas dress and dove my head between her legs. her tiny, hairless pussy was beautiful.
“ok Emily, I’m going to make my tongue feel better” and I started to eat her pussy. she tasted incredible, clean and fresh. she was moaning softly and I knew it wasn’t loud enough to hear from the outside. I also knew that i didn’t have a lot of time to get what I actually wanted.
I quickly undid my pants and sprung my hard cock free from my boxers. I placed my hand over her mouth. In one swift motion, I thrust my cock hard inside her, tearing her hymen to shreds. she screamed in to my hand. I didn’t have time to soothe her, just fuck. Her pussy was the tiniest and tightest thing I had ever been inside and I honestly never wanted to stop fucking it.
I pounded and pounded her 10 year old pussy, with each stroke my cock just got harder. I knew I wanted to cum in her but not before I flipped her around on all fours. She looked even smaller like this. My cock throbbed as I entered her again. she didn’t even scream this time. I grabbed her little hips and just went wild. I fucked that little girl harder than I’ve ever fucked anyone. Finally, I decided to pull her on top of me and bounce her little body up and down on my cock. That turned me on for how easy it was to lift her. I was bouncing her and watching the tears stream down her face when I pulled her hard down on my cock to cum. A deep, guttural moan escaped my lips as the cum shot from my cock in to this tiny little girl.
“Ddddoes your tongue feel better?” she asked through tears.
I laughed and pulled her off me. I parted her legs so I could watch my sticky mess ooze from her pre teen pussy.
“yes it feels great now. thank you Emily! but you can never tell anyone how you helped me today, ok?” she agreed.
No one ever found out.
Next week, our friends are going out of town and their two daughters are staying with my wife and I. They are 11 and 13. what should I do??

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  • Reply Jay ID:1d1tmwgeytls

    Ooooh this happened at a family event recently. My 39 year old cousin was caught POUNDING the little pussy of his sister’s 7 year old daughter. It’s all hush hush now and he’s still apart of the family and everything. Wish I was brave like that lol

    • Hohoho ID:1ea9y4ri8zfu

      Fuck that’s hot. Just imagining how tight she was. Your cousin probably wanted to cum in the little thing before he was so rudely interrupted

  • Reply Joe ID:15qc6viov9d

    Thats what little girls are for.

    • Daddysloli9 ID:1cm7k3iqj3b9

      We r daddy!

    • Jay ID:1d1tmwgeytls

      But fr. Tiny little human fleshlights

  • Reply Precum ID:4j4pmft0k

    Don’t be gentle, they’re old enough to get fucked right, and raped if they put up a fight. Take the pleasure you need from them.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Fuck them if they want it, rape them if they don’t!!

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      I wish you were my daddy I’d love this

    • Daddysloli9 ID:1cm7k3iqj3b9

      Yes daddy!


  • Reply Gonzo ID:1espp5i3zzla

    Damn you sound exactly like me lol.

    • Sara ID:bhskffskzl

      Loved it so much!

  • Reply Rocha ID:2pb5jvd6phb

    Have the older one eat the little one while you pound her from behind. The fuck the little one

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    Good story. Yes you definitely sounded like you had fun. Would be good to find lots of this in Australia

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story loved it, Emma from Australia.

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Chris I’m around the Ipswich area and live on a hobby farm with my two young slut daughters, one goes to boarding school and my horny husband works at the mines so he is away a lot but knows his wife is a slut.

    • Chris ID:1un6ej8k

      Hi Emma,
      Where can I talk you more privately

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      That could be just a little difficultly at the moment as my oldest daughter who is 13 will be arriving home for the school holidays and ware all going away for a few weeks, but don’t give up and when I get back I shall see what l can do. Have you read my other stories, my Grandparents taught me at age 12 to become a slut, Cheers Emma.H, it’s 5:30 here and I’m waring out this lovely fresh cucumber Lol.😋😋😋😋😋

    • Gonzo ID:1espp5i3zzla

      Emma I love u r stories and U r comments HAF.
      [email protected]

    • D.j ID:5spbi1kd2

      Hi Emma I love in Norwich and would love to talk more about your daughters

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi D.j what do you want to know about my daughters, one is 12 and the other is 14 and there not virgins.

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem

      Emma, does your husband prefer one of the girls over the other? I know the 14 year has budding breasts which are exciting and the other is sexy because let’s be honest 12 is a beautiful age. When they are both home bedtime must be incredible.

    • Golden ID:1e05q90r12ss

      Goldenbiguy on telegram or proton.me, daddy wants daughters, love to meet urs. Im aussie too

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Well Daddy when my Husband is home he doesn’t care which one of our daughters he fucks as they are all lovely and rather grown up for there age and I have put them both on the pill as they prefer bareback. Love Emma

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem

      I’d love to hear from you.

      [email protected]

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