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Fun with younger brother pt. 2

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Things continue to escalate between me and my younger brother

After the second time of us having fun (which you can read in pt. 1) i went upstairs and took a nice hot shower to clean off my brothers cum from my ass and back. He shot a good amount out and it felt sexy. When i came back downstairs later on he was back to playing on his xbox, he glanced over at me and i winked at him. He blushes and continued to play right as our mom came home from work. We didnt do more that night but i caught him looking at my ass while our parents were in the kitchen and i shook it for him, i didnt see but i know he got hard for me again. The next morning i woke up super early and went downstairs to get some water. I had on my little booty shorts again and a t shirt. I was surprised to see he was awake too, he got some water and was gonna go back to his room. He turned and saw me walking into the kitchen and blushed as i went right over to him and kissed him. He felt so nervous at first but gave in a bit and grabbed my ass. I pulled back from the kiss and used one hand to move down and rub his bulge through his shorts.
“How did you sleep?”
I aaked casually as if i wasnt rubbing his hardening dick over his shorts. He grunted a bit and smiles
“I slept good…. really good…best ive ever slept”
I giggled at him and then turned my head to look up the staies. Our parents door was still closed so i fsced him and dropped to my knees infront of him. He looked down a little confused at first but as i tugged his shorts and boxers down he started getting really excites
“Youre so hot hannah….should we do this now?”
I took his dick in my hand and jerked him off slowly. Looking up at him and smirked
“Arent you horny for your big sister?”
I asked as i leaned in and licked his tip. He shivered and let out a cute moan and i giggled again
“I thought so”
I opened my mouth and sucked his tip in. Wrapping my lips around it and flicking my tongue on his tip. He grunted and moaned and watched me. I loved seeing his cute pleasure face as i sucked on him. I went more and more on his dick and started to bob back and forth, sucking his cock. His hand went to the back of my head and couldnt take his eyes off me. I stared up at him as i massaged his cock with my tongue and mouth.
“Oh…hannah… that feels so good…”
He mumbled and i sucked his whole dick into my mouth and at the beginning of my throat. He wasnt huge so it made it easy and he loved that. He throbbed hard and i thought he would cum right there. He held my head and started to slowly thrust and hump my mouth. I loved the feeling of it and i let him do it. His balls hit my chin every thrust he went a little faster now and i moaned on his dick, he kept looking down and i could tell he was getting close.
“Hannah…i cant…hold itttt”
He moaned and with another thrust he started to cum. I swallowed every bit of it and sucked hard on his dick to get every bit out of it. He was breathing super hard and shot a good amount out. I sucked him for a little longer than pulled off it. Licked my lips and smiled
“That was yummy, you taste good”
He neevously giggled
“That felt so good hannah… thank you”
I stood up and kissed his cheek. I turned to look upstairs again and i raised my t shirt up for him to see my boobs. He stared at them super hard and just buried his face in them. I couldnt hell but laugh and watch him.
“You like them?”
He nodded and rubbed his face on them. I held his head close to them and moved his mouth to my right nipple. I didnt say anything but he saw what i was doing and just opened his mouth and atarted to suck on it.
“Fuck….thats it baby… suck on it good”
I said softly and held him to my boob. He pushed forward and got his dick right up against my pussy and humped. Even with my shorts on it felt like he was touching my bare pussy. I startes to moan more and he humped hard. I wanted to keep going and so did he, but we heard our parents door open upstairs and again we had to stop. Quickly separating and acting normal as our mom came downstairs. If she had not come down at that time i probably wouldve given him my pussy there. But the rest of the day we didnt get to do anything. I had my classes and he had school, and when we got home our mom was home all day so no free time. But the next day we all were home. No school, and no work for our parents. I was in my room on my phone for a while then went downstairs. My brother was in the kitchen making something to eat and i looked out the window from the living room and saw our parents outside talking to our neighbors. I smiledto myself and went in the kitchen. I went to the counter facing the window and i bent over it. They wouldnt be able to see in far enough to see us but we could see them and know when they would come in. I reached behind me and pulled my leggings and shorts down, arched my back and waited. His back was to me so he didnt notice right away. When he finally turned and saw me he gasped
But then he noticed our parents outside. We were alone and he dropped his food on the counter. Literally ran over, tugged his shorts and boxers down and started humping my ass as faat and hard as he could. I grippee the counter and moaned as he clapped and smacked on my ass again. I let it happen for a little bit then i reached back and said
He looked confused and worried for a bit
“W..what…did i do somethinf wrong?”
I smiled as i looked back. Rubbing his arm
“No baby….aim down”
He looked confused but then looked down at his dick that was aiming up and in between my ass. He aimed it down and started to hump again and i giggled again.
“No…push in”
He looked confused again
“Push in?”
And i smirked at him
“Push in my pussy”
His face went so red and i ciuld tell he was so nervous. He looked down and held his dick and aimed his tip at my pussy
“A…are you sure?”
I didnt speak and just backed up a bit so his tip touched my pussy. He grunted a little and instincs came in and he started pushing in. We both moaned from it as he sunk into my wet pussy. I could feel his throbbing much better now and it didnt take long to feel him balls deep in me. I relaxed and faced forward. Getting more comfy on the counter
“Mhch better…fuck your sister”
I said and he did. He thrusted in and out of me and i could tell he was in love with it already. He held my hips and started to give it to me. Thrusting in and out while smacing on my ass again. We kept careful watch to make sure we were clear, and then he sped up. Going faster as we both moaned more.
“H..hannah…this is amazing…w..what do…i do when i….cum?”
I heard him say all mumbled to me. He was going fast and hard and it was hard for me to repsond back at first. But i did manage to
“D..do what you want…baby…do what you want…”
I moaned out, i was interested to see what he would do with that comment and it didnt take long to find out. He ddnt fuck me for long before he was gonna cum and i felt it. He gripped my hips and pulled me back iinto a hard thrust and started to cum. Cumming right in his sisters pussy and i moaned feeling him pump it out. He stayed in me until he shot out his last little bit of cum then pulled out. It took us a minite to let out heads get straight and we smiled at eachother
“Better than you..expected?”
And he nodded
“So much better hannah…thank you so much”
He hugged me and we kissed for a little bit. I pulled away to go upstairs to take some bc. I have some for other reasons but it helped out here for letting my little brother live out a fantasy. It felt so naughty having his cum in my pussy. I stared at it in the mirror and looked at his cum while i spread my pussy lips. It was so hot to see. I cleaned myself up and took my pill then went downstairs. We have had more fun since then and i can type out a part 3 if you all are interested. Thank you for reading again ❤

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