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Popop’s Chair

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Me, my sister, and cousin went over to popop’s house while our parents were at the funeral. #TryBi

They had a special service after church, but we’re supposed to be cleaning up for them to move his stuff out. Momom, and popop were pretty much hoarders, so we’re talking about a whole pile of stuff. It wasn’t gross, or stinky, but they had piles of newspapers and magazines so old that the pages were yellow.

I was the only boy there, so I didn’t want to vacuum the floors, or pack dishes in boxes on the kitchen floor. So, I grabbed the remote, and sat down to watch TV while the girls got to work. “Come on, I need your help with something,” my cousin would come and drag me off by the hands to do some heavy lifting.

Now, I’m 12, so as little as I want to admit it, I’m not exactly Mr. Muscles. “But,” I protested, “It’s my favorite episode.” The Day of Black Sun, or one of my favorites. I really like Avatar: The Last Airbender, and they were just about to get to the good part where they discover Azula on the throne. There’s a really good fight, especially Toph vs the Dai Li, you can look it up on Youtube if you want to see it.

“Pause it.” Lisa picked up the remote, and hit pause. I didn’t realize that popop even had a DVR, because he still had a stack of video players in the entertainment center. A lot of them, some worked, and some didn’t, but he never threw any of them away. So, they were all still plugged into the black spaghetti of chords, and cables, with their clocks all synched to the exact same time. I watched them all change to [11:57] at once, and thought it must’ve taken him a while to get them all to do that, but he was pretty OCD about that kinda stuff.

“What?” She showed me the side-table they cleared off in the kitchen with more boxes piled under it.

“This table’s ready to go out to the garage, but be careful, it’s an antique.”

“Okay,” I tipped it up, and flipped it over, so I could stick the legs out the door, and the girls could go through the boxes under it. “Uh, get the door.” I looked back over my shoulder in the hall, careful to turn the legs so they didn’t bump or scrape on anything.

“It’s already open.” Lisa stood up from bending over the boxes, and shook her head.

“No, the garage door. My hands are full, and this is pretty heavy.”

“Well let me out.” The table blocked the whole door to the Dining Room, where I could have put it down right there, if she didn’t insist on it going out to the garage, so the least she could do is open the door for me, so I don’t have to pick it back up again.

“You’ll have to wait until I get out to the living room,” but all this talking, while holding the table, and trying not to bang it up got me out of breath. She ran around behind me to the door to the garage. So, I could go out, and find a place to put it. Not easy, because that was just as full of old junk as the rest of the house, and there was a car in there, too. He tried to restore it, until his back got too bad to bend over the hood, so he just covered it up.

Then, when I got out to the living room again, Lisa was sitting in my seat. “What are you doing?” Actually Popop’s chair, but he’s not going to be using it any more, “Get up.”

“Okay.” She kept the remote and flipped through the saved shows on the DVR. “You want to go back to Avatar?”

“What are you watching girls wash a car for?”

“I don’t know,” she flipped back, “You want to watch this instead?”

I sat back down, and shook my head. “What does anybody want to watch it for?” I swear, girls watching other girls clean stuff?

“Well, because they’re wearing bikinis, and this is one of those PPVs he recorded. Is that illegal?”

It said [Wet and Wild Coeds] on the bottom, when the bar came back up along the bottom, because she hit fast forward, and they started playfully splashing each other. Spraying another girl with a hose, and pulling the strings on each other’s tops so they flipped down around their waists.

“Oh, like Girls Gone Wild.” I had no idea that Popop still watched that sort of thing, but I guess you’re never to old to enjoy watching wet naked ladies, kissing, and rubbing their boobs together, touching each other between the legs, and.

“Yeah, except for hardcore. You get to see their bushes, and everything.”

I tried to swallow, and nodded, but the lump in my throat was dry, and I didn’t say anything about her being wrong. About seeing their bushes, because they didn’t have any. At best they had a little short hair, neatly trimmed, and some of them were in shapes like triangles, hearts, and even an arrow pointing straight down.

And by everything, she ment licking nipples, and a closeup of a finger going in. Then, it switched to the man in the car. He just sat there watching, but he had his dick out, and he scooted up to pull his pants down behind the wheel.

This is silly, I thought. Things like this never happen in real life. Then, my sister Joan stopped the vacuum cleaner, and looked out of the dining room. “What are you watching?”

“Oh, Wet, and Wild Coeds.” My cousin Lisa told her, “They needed money for college, so they held a car-wash to raise the money, and then they started getting naked.” She explained the story up till then, and Joan closed her mouth, but then her cheeks got real red, and she shook her head. Wiped that dirty grin off her face, and looked over at me.

“What are you showing her that for?”

“It wasn’t me, she took the remote. I wanted to watch Avatar.” The cartoon, not the blue Indian aliens movie.

“Well, I’ll put it back on Avatar, then.” She switched it back to the Guide, and flipped through the recordings. Lisa giggled, “He sure has a lot of cable porn on here.”

Joan came up behind the chair, “Well, with Momom gone, he had to use up his Viagra somehow.”

“Yeah, he’s probably too old to date, but it’s not all gay like that one.” Lisa nodded, and handed me the remote, but I already saw The Day of Black Sun about a million times, and the girls went right back through the dining room to the kitchen again. Talking, and when the plates started clinking together, I knew that they were busy, so I hit Guide again, and started looking through the whole thing.

I guess he didn’t know he was going to have a heart attack in bed, and in answer to Lisa’s question, I don’t know. I guess it is like downloading pirated movies off the internet with Torrents, like dad does, or stealing cable TV, which they both used to do. Dad’s dad, or Popop, they even called each other Momom, and Popop instead of June, and Marshal, which were their real names.

I don’t know about grief, I’m supposed to feel something, I’m sure. Mom, and dad took it badly, not to mention our aunts, and uncles, both times. Popop kept a brave face, my dad said he never wanted anybody to see him cry. So he did it alone, but then I guess he started spending his retirement money on PPVs, instead of DVDs, and tapes, for the VCRs, and stuff.

“Hey, I wonder if we should get rid of all the stuff on the DVR before our moms, and dads come over.” I went through the dining room, where we already folded up the table, with the chairs in the side to move it out of the way.

“Well, first you better get the dish barrel out of here.” Joan wiped sweaty hair off her face, but she still had a lot stuck to her neck. Meanwhile, Lisa held the flaps closed for her to get the tape, and cover up the cracks. Down the middle, and both sides.

“Uh, maybe we should wait for dad, and uncle Rob. That’s too heavy even for me. Ngh!” I tried pushing it, but I couldn’t even get it up on one side. Out of 8, this was one of those octagon shaped boxes, which is why it’s called a Barrel, even though it’s made of 2 layers of carboard instead of wood, and metal bands around it. Just one plastic one with the ends melted together like a waffle.

“Well, go get the box dolly out of the garage, and we’ll help you move it.” Joan took charge, because she’s the oldest at 14, almost 15, and Lisa’s only 13, but I barely even turned 12, and she’s already taller then me for the first time ever. That’s not fair, that they make me do all the heavy lifting. Just cause I’m a boy, even though they’re both bigger, and older.

So, then I got the dolly out of the garage, and rolled it up the steps. Just like Joan said, they helped me by pulling the top, with their toes jammed under the 1 side so it didn’t slide on the floor, so I could get the blade under it. Then, they pushed so I had to stick my foot on the pipe over the axel, and we could tip it up.

“Where do I put it?” Careful to balance it, because if it tipped over, and dropped down, the dishes would probably break no matter how much newspaper they packed between them. A good thing momom and popop saved so much of it, so we got some use for it.

“In the corner of the dining room, here.” They held onto the top of the box, on both sides until I had to push it thought the door.

“Hold the top of the dolly, it’s tipping!” We managed to set it down, right in the door, so we had to push it. I pulled the dolly back in while they bent over real low, and put their knees in the sides to turn it, and push it around the corner.

“Uh, huh!” They backed up, and Lisa put her arm around Joan’s waist. “There.” Both out of breath, Joan put her arm up over Lisa’s shoulder, and pulled her. “We better take another break.”

I just shook my head, and shut my mouth when they went out to the living room. Arm, and arm like that, I remember my sister saying that was so gay. The Wet and Wild Coeds movie, and she’s never said anything like that before.

I guess, maybe she just didn’t talk about that stuff in front of me, so I was a bit surprised to hear a girl say that. Any girl, because it’s mostly boys that call stuff Gay, or each other fags, and you never hear girls teasing by calling each other lesbians, right?

“Uh, I’m so hot.” Lisa said out loud, and by the time I walked through the dining room again, she already had her sweater vest off.

“Yeah, look at my sweaty pits.” Joan already had her’s taken off, so she didn’t get it all dusty, and covered in lint digging through boxes, and piles of stuff that had probably been there for as long as any of us had been alive. Momom vacuumed, and Popop had a home health aid come buy to help out after she passed, but that didn’t get all the dust, and stuff from behind the stacks.

So, even though they were pretty neat, and clean on the outside, every time you moved something, you found all the dirt that it was hiding behind it. I never applied that to my sister before, but then Lisa said “You better take it off, then.” That’s when I realized, a little late, what she was doing.

When she got me up so she could go through the DVR, and find something to show me. Joan thought that I was the one that put on a porno, because she wasn’t in the room, but the truth is, it was Lisa’s idea the whole time.

Now, she’s taking off her tie, and I remember thinking only a moment ago how it’s hard to believe that this ever happens. At the car wash, right out in the middle of a parking lot, where anybody could drive bye, and see them. Of course, that’s what gets men to drive in, and watch them shake in their bikinis. Leaning over the hood to scrub it with a sponge, their nipples poking out through the wet fabric.

“Oh,” Joan got her collar unbuttoned, and up before she realized what she was doing, so she held it down, still wrapped around her arms to cover her bra. She looked over at me, then Lisa came up, giggling. “You getting a stiffy again?”

“Uh,” I shook my head, and realized that I was hard, right before she touched me in the crotch.

“What’s this, then?” She pushed it up with her fingers, and turned her hand to rub it in my fly.

“I mean, it didn’t get hard watching the video, I don’t think?” Then, I realized that I didn’t even know I was hard until she touched me.

“Yeah, well it’s not gay if there’s a boy involved.” She turned back to look over her shoulder, at Joan.

“Yeah, but it’s incest.” She pulled her arms out, still holding her blouse up over her bra, but now she was blushing all over her face. Even her neck was red, sweaty, and her hair still stuck to it from where it pulled out of the braids.

“So? There’s so much incest in the bible, and Lot even had 2 boys with his daughters.” She took my hands, and stopped rubbing my crotch, but then she pulled me over to the chair in front of the TV, and turned me around. “Why don’t you sit down here?”

She’s not a private school girl, neither one of them are. We went to public school with everyone else, but then in their Sunday Best. They still dressed like schoolgirls, except for the logo on the breast, and the plaid on the skirts of their dresses. Joan wore red, and green like Christmas, while Lisa wore navy blue, with lighter blue, and white, but they could have been from 2 different schools.

I didn’t realize it at the time, because I was in denial, but later that day I realized that I was making up stories in my head. About them, Lisa, and Joan being someone else. Not my sister, and my cousin, even when Joan pointed out the incest, and then Lisa left my sitting on the chair.

The movie still paused right where I left it on Bisexual Bimbos. That was another thing Lisa said, that it wasn’t all gay, but just to get Joan to loosen up, and give into her horniness. She was horny, as hot, and red as I’ve ever seen a girl, even in porn. This wasn’t a porno, though. Even though Lisa was acting just like one of those hot bisexual college girls, and talking Joan into playing along, but I didn’t have to do anything but watch.

“Turn around,” Lisa pulled her arm, then turned my sister by the shoulder, to help her unhook her bra. “You’ve got the nicest tits, did anyone ever tell you that?” Reaching up under her arms to grab them in both hands, but sideways, I could only see her grab one.

Joan blinked, and shook her head. “Only boys, and this is gay.” She finally unfroze, and pulled Lisa’s hands down, but that just let her bare boobs bounce back up, and she looked over at my. Biting her lip, I covered up my crotch, but then Lisa bent over the recliner.

“It’s okay,” she rubbed my pant legs, why don’t you get it out?” Her blouse was unbuttoned, but that was it. It was enough to see her bra, and her boobs hanging down before I looked away, and then Joan touched my arm.

“Huh, this is so naughty, but you want to beat off for us?”

“Joan, really?”

“Yeah, you still shooting blanks?” Lisa turned away from me, and told Joan, “You know the best thing about boys this young is they can’t get you pregnant.”

“Huh, Eric. Are you okay with this?” She leaned over, topless, and felt down my arm. To my lap, I didn’t know what to say. Yes, I want this to stop, or no I want to keep going, but I let her move my hand anyway, so Lisa took the other, and held it on the arm.

If the recliner, her skirt brushed up over my knuckles, and then she sat down on the back of my hand, to hump it with her hot panties, and the soft sex inside them.

“Huh, does it say anything in the bible about letting someone else jerk you off?” I never even touched myself with a boner before, but I just let it go until it went away. So I could pee, or stand up, but normally it was just an erection. I wasn’t even having sexy thoughts, but it has a mind of it’s own, and sometimes it just gets hard for no reason.

This time, my sister unzipped my pants, and stuck her fingers in my fly. “I’ts really warm, and you want to touch my breast?”

“Huh, yeah.” She didn’t even have to take my hand, and as soon as I squeezed it, she sighed, and hugged my head.

“Huh, kiss my nipple too.”

“Mh smwok.” I made the weirdest noise, I ever hear from my mouth, trying to feel for it with my tongue, but then it brushed across my nose, so I licked up to it.

“Huh, yeah suck it.”

I was so distracted by this that I hardly noticed Lisa getting off the and of the arm. Then, she pulled my fingers off, and turned it over, so her skirt brushed back over them, and she sat down backwards.

Bent over, with her panties pulled down, and her bare pubes slipping between my fingertips. “Huh, you have to try this.” She humped it. “It feels so good, uh!”

“Check this out.” Joan managed to get her fingers in my underwear, and pulled them out by the fly, so the zipper didn’t pinch my penis when she pulled it out of the flies. “Oh, he’s not hard.”

She let my head go, and her other tit slipped out of my hand, but she squeezed both of them, and pinched her nipples. “I better do something about that.”

Then, she got down in front of the chair, and Lisa climbed off of the arm to hold the skirt down in the back. “You better take your panties off too.” She kicked her’s off, and got down behind my sister, but then I felt Joan’s warm wet mouth on my penis, and closed my eyes when the blood started pumping in, and the last thing I saw was Lisa going down behind her.

Holding up her skirt, to pull over her head like an old fashion photographer, which made me think about a lot of stuff. Any doubt that this was really happening was gone, but then I guessed Lisa learned how by watching the way girls acted in the porno movies, and if they weren’t gay, they at least featured a lot of bisexual girls along with the boys.

I wondered when people started making porn, did they do silent movies in black and white before they invented the soundtrack? Even before that, I could imagine a wild west guy holding up a flash pan, in a brothel, and all the ladies holding up their skirts to show their legs, and bloomers, doing the can-can? I think that’s what that old French burlesque dance was called, when they ended up bent over, with their skirts in the air, but that’s just what you could show in public.

I bet that wild west photographer had his own collection of private photos, he’d taken of whore, in brothels, completely naked, and even closeups of the dick going in, with the balls hanging down, right before mine tightened up still in my briefs. “Uh fgh. Fuck!” I never said that out loud, but what was I supposed to say? It’s a little late to watch your language, once I got sucked off by my sister, while our cousin licked her puss.

“Huh, whahahihn!” I managed to crack my eyes, just to see the look on her face. Wide eyed, and grinning, with a little white streak beside her nose before I felt another spasm, and clenched my eyes to shoot another gob out. “He’s cumming, sperm. Lisa, you’ve got to see this, get up. Too late, it stopped.”

I didn’t lie on purpose, I didn’t even know. It’s not like I checked my underwear for white streaks because there’s at least a good a chance of brown, or yellow in there, and besides, that would be whit on white, and I didn’t even know what sperms smell like.

“Snh?” I blinked, but my sister wiped it down off her cheek, and to her mouth. She sucked it off her fingers, breathing heavy through her nose, and her eyes were so low I couldn’t even see a little green along the bottom. Just white, so she must have looked up under her eyelids.

“Mh, smup! Huh, too bad he got most of it on his shirt, but.” She felt my balls. “It’s hard to believe all that came out of your little nuts. Huh!” She pulled on the arm of the chair, and got up. Stepped on her panties, and pulled her foot out, somehow barefoot except for her sock, but I guess she kicked her shoes off when I wasn’t paying attention.

“Well, you better go get a shower.” Lisa suggested, with a big grin on her face.

“Yeah,” my sister covered up her chest, in both hands, but kept her skirt on.

Meanwhile, Lisa sat back, and started buttoning up her top. Underneath her dress, I pulled my underpants out so my satisfied pud dropped back in with my balls, and tucked in my underwear.

Then, we heard water running in the bathtub, but there was an uncomfortable silence until we heard the shower curtain, and the water change to spray herself off.

“So, you’re a lesbian.”

“You wish,” Lisa got up, and pulled her underwear up with her. I got a flash of her pubes when her dress was held up by her arms, but then she dropped it, and smoothed it down.

“Well, maybe we better clean off the couch so you 2 have a place to sit together the next time we take a break. Only, I guess it’s Joan’s turn to pick the movie.” I bet she’d want one with at least 1 dick in it, but I was starting to plan on turning the tables, a little. “You know, I’d be in just as much trouble if I told anyone I let you 2 molest me.”

“We didn’t molest you, you wanted it.”

“Yeah, but you tricked me into consenting. I didn’t want it at first, and you like licking my sister’s pussy?”

“Huh, I told you I’m not gay.”

“You said yourself it’s bisexual. Not gay, but you know that you never would have gotten the chance if I wasn’t here, or at least another boy. Huha! You know that if she ever even got over the fact that it was incest with me, she’d do it with any boy, I bet.”

“Huh!” She just dropped the clothes basket from the bottom on the top of the first one, and turned around to sit down. “Okay, I know what you’re doing, so don’t tell Joan, okay?”

“Of course not, but I’m not sure whether I should tell dad, or not. You know, he’d get a big kick out of me losing my virginity with 2 girls, but he doesn’t have to know it was you, and Joan.”

She looked up, a little worried, then smiled. “Okay, so now you’re blackmailing me?”

“Well, even if I get in trouble for it too, if he found out that you took advantage of her, he’d probably never let her see you again.” Except at church, I guessed, but I didn’t tell her that.

“So, what do you want?”

“Well, Joan got to molest me, and you got to molest her. So it’s only fair if I get to molest someone.” I held up my fingers, remembering where they been, and took a deep breath of her pussy on them. “Besides, you are bisexual, and not gay, right?”

“Huh!” She turned away, “Oh kay.” She shrugged, “I am a lesbian, you happy?”

“No, but I bet I could give you an orgasm, if you sat on my face.”

“What do you know about eating a girl out?”

“Nothing, I never even touched a girl like that before just now, but there’s no way that Joanie could ever get you off. Even if you made her do it, because she’s straight. So, even if a girl can do it better than any boy can, I bet I can do it better then Joan can, because she doesn’t like pussy.”

“So, let me get this straight,” She shook her head, and I laughed, “No pun intended, but what you’re saying is it’ll all be our little secret if I sit on your face?”

“Well, you’re bigger then me, so maybe you can lay down, and spread your legs instead. So you don’t break my nose, and I can breathe, but I just want to taste your pussy.” I nodded. “I don’t have to threaten you, though. Even though you’re gay, that didn’t stop you from molesting me, and how did you know that would get my sister to do incest?”

“I didn’t, honestly. I just wanted to tease you, and give you the blue balls so you had to go whack off. Ope!” The water stopped, and the shower curtain pulled back, so she put her finger up over her lips.

I nodded, but I stuck my pinky out. “You promise? Pinky swear.” I wiggled my finger, until she rolled her eyes, and shook on it.


“Come here.” I waved her over, and turned my head. “Whisper it. What do you promise?”

‘i bet there’s no way you can kiss me off.’ Huh, so that’s what girls call it? I don’t guess they can say he sucked me off, when there’s nothing to suck. Good to know.

“Okay,” I didn’t even bother asking what the bet was for, because I already won. Too, it’s perfectly fair now that Joan gets to molest me whenever she wants, Lisa got to molest her once, and I’ll get to molest her at least once.

Then, I bet she’ll let me kiss her off, if I can make her cum. I don’t know, maybe I can, and maybe I can’t, but it’s going to be fun to find out, either way…

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