How a Dog Forced me into Submission

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I was helpless as my simple tanning session turned into my dog taking my virginity.

Let me give you a little background about myself and my situation. My names Alyx and I’m 17, a cheerleader at the high school in the small town I live in. I’m only 5’4 and of average weight with long blonde hair. I don’t want to say I’m the best looking, but guys certainly can’t help looking when I walk the hallways at school. With all my beauty, I still have pretty bad luck. I used to live alone with my mom, but her boyfriend, Brian, recently moved in. He has to be the biggest jerk alive, the king of douche bags. He acts as if I’m the slave of the house just because I’m a teenager and he does anything he can to annoy or bother me. My mom being lovestruck, does nothing to help me out and usually sides with him in arguments. He even bought a dog, just because he knows I’m scared of big dogs, and even took it upon himself to make it my responsibility.

The dog’s name was Max, I’m sure Brian put a lot of thought into that name. Max is also a Great Dane, since Brian had to find the biggest dog he could to make the most trouble for me. We got Max as a puppy and he was pretty cute, but as soon as he got older and bigger it became very annoying and a little bit aggressive towards me. It seemed to mirror Brian’s attitude towards me as I was the target of the animal’s harassment. He’d get into the house and trash my things. Dump his food and water anytime I fed him, and any mess he made, I had to clean up.

One day, I had gotten back from cheerleading practice and decided to tan on the deck we had connected to our pool. Our deck was in our backyard but luckily it had a small fence around it, stopping Max from getting to me anytime I wanted to swim or tan. I got myself all set up, set down my towel. I took off my swimsuit to avoid tan lines leaving my body completely naked other than my favorite silver necklace I always wore. Rubbed my coconut smelling tanning oil all over my body and I began to lay down on my stomach listening to my ipod when I realize that the gate is open and Max is 12 inches from me, staring me in the face.

“Nice Max, please go away” I say as I slowly get up and prepare to push max off my deck. Max barks angrily towards me. “Okay lets get you off now” I start to grab his collar but Max quickly darts at my legs, forcing me to trip and fall face flat on the wooden deck. I start to get up and then I get a chill as I feel something wet in between my legs and realize that Max is trying to lick my pussy. He puts one of his massive paws on my leg and I fall down again on my back. He quickly gets in between my legs and in a frenzy began licking my pussy and all the skin around it. Momentarily the feelings overtake me as his textured and long tongue lap at my lips, slightly going inside me with every stroke. “Max.. stop, go away” I try to say but I can barely make more than a whisper. While I’m being licked by this evil dog, somewhat scared but also a little bit turned on, I get the idea to try and jump in the pool. I grab the rim of the pool, get up to a crawl, interrupting Max’s tongue , pull myself close to it, and right when I’m about to jump in I feel Max’s paws wrap around my waist.

I used all my strength, trying to pull myself towards the pool, but Max was just too big for me. He slowly dragged me away until I couldn’t reach the pool anymore, and that’s when I felt something poking at my butt. At that moment I lost all my nerve and started panicking, my arms had no strength left so I tried kicking with my legs and waving my hips around. Max seemed to enjoy the struggle I was putting up but it didn’t stop him, his prick kept jabbing itself at my naked ass. Slowly working it’s way down my crack. That’s when I felt it at my asshole, it went in only slightly, forcing it to open, but he accidentally pulled it out thinking he missed again.

After knowing how close he was to getting his dick inside an orifice, he started humping much faster and with more force. I tried bucking him off my back, but this only excited him more, and that’s when I felt his prick slide between my pussy lips. He knew what he hit, clenched his paws tighter around my waist, and began to fuck me furiously. His dick was much bigger than I thought, I could feel the walls of my pussy gripping onto it as he slid it in and out of me. I made one last attempt to grab the pool, I wasn’t going to let this animal take my virginity! In retaliation Max grabbed my necklace I had around my neck with his teeth and pulled, forcing my head as back as it would go, almost choking me. He was so strong that it took the pressure off my arms. He had me. His prick continued going in and out of my pussy, hitting my cervix with every trust inside me. I was helpless, I couldn’t move my body at all. The feeling was so intense, I didn’t want to like it, but I started to moan. My arms were now completely off the ground, so to stabilize myself I grabbed onto Max’s sides behind me. His trusting getting rougher, his penis getting deeper if that was even possible. I couldn’t believe it was even real, this animal, this dog, had me under his control, doing whatever he wanted with my body. I could feel his ball sack slapping my clit with every thrust inside of me. My pussy, surrendering, gripping, his huge dog penis.

I couldn’t help myself any longer, my body began betraying me as I grabbed his sides even tighter. I was about to cum. Right then I feel something baseball size instantly fill my pussy. I scream with surprise and I quickly hit my climax. As I started shuddering from my orgasm I felt his hot sperm filling inside me. I hated it, but it felt so good. What is this thing stuck inside me though? Max dismounted me and tried to walk away but we were connected, his penis, his knot, stuck inside me. He decided he didn’t care and started walking again, pulling me behind him. I grabbed onto the towel so I wouldn’t be scraped across the ground. He pulls me all the way back to the backyard door of the house when I hear and feel a pop. His knot released me, and all of his sperm leaked out of my pussy, down my legs and onto the towel. I quickly stand up, realizing now the effect of the furious fucking I just received, and can barely walk. I slowly make my way to the door and shut it behind me.

Later that night, not speaking a word of this to anyone, I sit at the dinner table with my mom and her boyfriend. Thinking to myself about how this evil dog made me his bitch. I was completely powerless, the thought scared me but also turn me on just a little. That’s when Brain started speaking, “Hey Alyx, I know how much work you do for Max and what he means to you” Ugh I thought, what he means to me? ? “That’s why we’re getting you another dog.” Brain said, smirking. “What?!” I yell , “Another dog? I’m not taking care of another one, I already have so much that I ha-” My mom interrupts me, “It’s too late, we already bought him, a big golden retriever, Brain had one when he was a kid.”

I retire to my room, thinking of what tomorrow will bring, and what troubles this new dog will bring me.

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