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Mum’s accident 3

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It was nice with mum but her nurse was going be even better

So it wasn’t long when the nurse came I was sitting in the room with mum watching her TV programs.
She always let’s herself in I was lying on the sofa she came said hello to me and mum and said she was going make mum some dinner and a drink.
I followed her into the kitchen talking saying mum wants to go down the big park see the ducks and that. I looked at her she was looking sexy to me I think any women would at my age but it was the tunic red and a bit big and black tights and the gaps opened on the tunic and I could see flesh and a bit of her bra, I imagined it off her she must of been a size 18 and 5ft ish no idea on her boobs as was not pushing her tunic . Anyway she turned me said was a good idea and she had a spare few hours if i wanted to take her there great I said and ran back to mum to tell her .
So after her meal we head off me carrying a blanket and some pop and crisps like a picnic we arrived near the lake part and sat down on the blanket we lifted mum down too great view up mum’s skirt for me.
After a while we chatted I asked were she was from as I knew she wasn’t English she said Philippines and she been here 5 years she was 26 and lived in a small room in a house, mum said if she needed she could sleep at our house we have spare room and save her going back and forth. She smiled looked at mum them me and said that would be nice as she just sits in her room.
I had ideas spying on her setting up webcam in that room but at the moment could not take my eyes off the gaps in the tunic, I lay back dreaming and mum was lying back too I looked the nurse who I know knew was called Daisy was lying back eyed closed and I looked at her tunic it was open a bit more and had ridden up her legs I could feel my cock stiffen up I could see a part of her black bra through the gap and she lifted her knees up and I could see right up her legs it was sight I would not forget.
After a while it was time to head back so we packed up lifted mum back in her chair and headed back they were both knackered when we got back but daisy had to head back to work she had 1 more to see then come back do mum at tea time.
Off she went and I said to mum did you mean she could stay yes she said the room is always ready up to her if she wants too be nice for all of us especially me I was thinking.

I looked around and found a place for the webcam i the spare room, perfect she would not even look for one anyway .
I spent the next I heard daisy come in the room but pretended be asleep I squinted and saw Daisy sorting mum out and going to make her some food.
I got went my room put in some shorts when I came down mum said that Daisy was staying tonight.BINGO! hopefully see her changing, mum asked me to show her were everything was in the house after she had finished sorting mum out.
My cock was rock hard thinkng of her hoping get a nice flash

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    Please continue, I like it

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    Keep going