Cat: Reluctance

Pervert uncle

Okay so I have this pervy uncle. He would always comment on my “little boobies” or how beautiful I’d be when I grew up. He’s always been like that. I had 2 different boyfriends.... # # #

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My brothers bully

When I was 15 my younger brother had a bully. He beat the shit out of my brother more than once. He was my age so I tried talking to him. He pushed my up against the lockers, ran his... # # #

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Babysitter revenge

We had a babysitter that I thought was great! The kids loved her and she was a joy to have around. I came home and my husband was there before me. I didn’t think how weird that was.... # # #

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raping my sister pam again

After raping pam with her husband’s help he left her and took our girls with him to his moms to live .. Pam was at work and I got to her house hid my car and went inside using... # #

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