Cat: Reluctance

forced ejaculation

I don’t know why but my sister and her friend ambushed me on the couch, one gave me a blowjob and then they both ran off with my spunk in a cup. # # #

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Proud Daddy

My wife suggested that it was time our daughter became a women, so she let me fuck her as an anniversary present and it was glorious. # # #

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She lied about her age

Natasha was the perfect girl, I’d only spoke to her online, but when I arranged to meet her she wasn’t who I was expecting at all. “You’re not 12!” # # #

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Bicycle and Mare

This is my Story of prostate milking and escalation. I bought a bicylce last week and went for a Long trip of around 40 miles. And i heard from stories about woman having orgasm on... # #

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Cocks not dolls

My friends younger sister was playing with dolls. To me that is a waste of a perfectly good pussy. Girls her age should be playing with cocks. # # #

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fishing my uncle

hi I will keep name and place details anonymous for mt safety and privacy but in 19 now and im in college away from him in 2016 my parents went through a rocky divorce so I was due... # # #

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