Cat: Reluctance

My confession

Can I just do a quick confession? I am 26 been married 4 years. I have always hated my mother inlaw. She has always treated me with disrespect and like I was not a good person. Always... # # # #

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Hi im maya 5’3 female . So one day i got off work i was wearing a sundress with flowers on it. and I had to ride the train home. When I got on I saw this man. He was a 6 ‘4... #

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Never trust

Got my 1st job at 16. It was nice having a little money, I would meet lots of nice people. But some only act nice to get what they want. # # #

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My lovely bff

So this is about my time with my bff in college, were close friends who soon ended up exploring each other’s bodies and so much more. Her name is Raiza. She was tall, about 5″11.... # #

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Santa’s Workshop

My first job was one I got when I was 15. It was a seasonal gig in the mall, I was an elf for Santa’s workshop, meaning I helped organize the lines of kids that were there to meet... # # #

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Little sister lust pt.2

After that night there was almost nothing stopping me she loved it. i know she loved it. i came so hard in her tight hole i almost melted and i wanted seconds. the next few nights i... # # # #

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Used by stranger

My Name is Kevin and when I was around 10 I lived in a Housing Apartment Building with Assistance, it was a big building 6 Floors and I lived in the 5th floor with my mom that worked... # # # #

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forced ejaculation

I don’t know why but my sister and her friend ambushed me on the couch, one gave me a blowjob and then they both ran off with my spunk in a cup. # # #

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