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Impregnating the New Neighborhood Girl

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How I fucked the new girl in the neighborhood and ended up getting her pregnant.

Most of my stories are fictional, downright sick, and pretty vulgar. However, this is one of my true stories that is a little on the easy side and is near and dear to me.

I was about 15 years old at the time when I remember seeing one of the girls riding her bicycle around the neighborhood. She had just moved to the neighborhood. From what I could tell, she had blonde hair and her legs looked kind of thick from afar. I remember running to my buddy’s house and telling him that there’s a new girl riding her bike around the neighborhood. We immediately hopped on our bikes and rode around trying to find her but had no luck. So, we just went back to his place to play video games.

Later on that day, I went home because it was dinner time. When I got to my house, I saw a random bike in my yard that looked a lot like the bike that the blonde girl was riding earlier. When I went inside, I saw the new girl and my little sister watching television in the living room. My heart dropped because I couldn’t believe she was in my house.

I asked my sister, “Who’s this?” and she replied, “Alexis. She’s in my class.” So, I responded, “Oh cool”.
Since my sister Cassie is 2-years younger than me, I assumed that this new girl, Alexis, was around 12 or 13 years old. I walked into my room and my mind started flooding with thoughts. I’ve already fucked my little sister Cassie on multiple occasions, but I wanted this new Alexis girl. That is when I got a pretty good idea.

I walked out of my bedroom and into the living room and asked Alexis and my sister if they wanted to go swimming. Happily, they jumped up and agreed. Cassie responded, “Yes! I want to go swimming so so bad!” Alexis also responded, “Do I have enough time to stop by my house and grab my swimsuit?!” with a huge smile on her face. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and super thick. She was wearing tight jeans and you could see her thick thighs and her ass was a nice bubble butt. Her ass was just as good as Cassie’s except Cassie’s ass had more depth, with no hips, whereas Alexis’ ass had more width, but still a decent amount of ass was sticking out from behind her. Her hips were very, very wide. It could have been the tight jeans pushing her ass in.

Anyway, my sister and I changed into our swimsuits (Man I love looking at my sister’s ass in her swimsuit) and we rode our bikes over to Alexis’ house so she could change. Her parents weren’t home, and it was summer break, so they let her stay home alone since she was the only child. She went up to her room, changed, and came back down. She changed into some baggy shorts and a baggy shirt, which kind of disappointed me.

I asked her, “You’re gonna swim in that?” She replied, “No! My swimsuit is underneath it.” I became relieved.

There was a private lake about a mile into our neighborhood that a lot of the kids would go to. It was a really huge lake where the older kids would Jet Ski, have boats out there, kayaks, and all sorts of other water sports. On the weekends, the lake would be packed with all the adults and kids from the neighborhood, and everyone would just have a good time. Alexis’ jaw dropped when we arrived because she didn’t know that the lake even existed. She looked so happy, and we were technically the first friends she made in the neighborhood, other than my sister of course.

My sister and I jumped into the water, and we told Alexis to hop in. Without hesitation, she took off her baggy shirt and her baggy pants. I got an instant boner after I saw her body. It was magnificent. She was wearing a yellow swimsuit with blue designs (just the bra and panties). Her stomach was flat, and she just started growing boobs. However, what I really wanted to see was her ass. She finally turned around to set her clothes down and my eyes just widened. Her ass was unbelievably fat. It was just jiggling as she bent over to set her clothes down. I even saw my sister staring at her ass too. From that point on, I knew I needed to have that ass.

Alexis finally jumped into the water with us, and we were swimming and splashing each other. I would intentionally splash her more, showing her more attention. Eventually, another idea arose in my head. I swam over to my sister and picked her up and playfully threw her a few feet across the water. Cassie resurfaced and was laughing hysterically saying, “OMG! OMG! That was so crazy!” I then looked at Alexis and told her, “I’m gonna get ya! I’m gonna get ya!” while flirtatiously chasing her around. I finally got ahold of her and pulled her towards me. Her skin was so soft. I then threw her like I threw my sister and she giggled. At that point, I just kept getting more and more perverted as the day went on, and I kept taking it further and further.

At one point I pulled her by her hips towards me and placed her ass cheeks right on my erect dick while under the water. She was just giggling and not saying anything. So, I kept taking it further. I started tickling her and then I moved my hands down and started to tickle her ass. She still didn’t say anything and just kept laughing. To avoid making it awkward, I went over and started tickling my sister as well. I didn’t want it to seem that I was just giving her new friend all the attention. I eventually went back to Alexis and was play wrestling with her. I went to pick her up for a body slam, and I completely grabbed her crotch where I can feel her entire vagina. Still, she said nothing and didn’t seem bothered by it.

Eventually, we all decided to go on the sand shore and just relax. My dick was throbbing under the water, and I had to wait a second for my erection to go down. I eventually met them at the sand shore, and they laid out the towels. I immediately laid down next to Alexis. Cassie then said, “I think I’m going to take a small nap”. I said okay and we just laid there. There was some awkward silence between Alexis and I so I just made a move. I turned to face her, and I just poked her tummy. She started giggling and then she turned onto her stomach and faced her head towards me. I sat up, pretending to adjust myself, and was just staring at her ass. My boner came back twice as hard and I just stared at her ass.

I told her, “I’m gonna give you a body massage”. She said, “umm. Okay?” So, I began rubbing her shoulders and then back down to her lower back. I started pressing firmer and rubbing her more vigorously where her ass cheeks were shaking from side to side. I was extremely turned on at this point. I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. She replied, “what about your sister?”. I said, “she’ll be okay, and we’ll be right back. She comes here by herself all the time anyway.”

There were trails and paths all around the lake that all led to these secluded “sand pits” is what we called them. There were like a chill spot all surrounded by high shrubbery. There were logs to sit on and all the kids would go there to smoke weed or drink alcohol. We would find empty beer cans and liquor bottles thrown into the shrubbery. When we got there, I told her let’s sit down and we kind of just sat in silence. Honestly, I didn’t have any intentions of having a conversation with her, I just wanted to feel her ass. All of a sudden, I just said, can I massage you some more? She looked kind of weirded out and just said sure and moved her hair to the side, exposing her shoulders.

I positioned myself behind her, so I could get a better view of her ass while sitting on the log, and I began massaging her. My dick got super hard again and was pointed right at the small of her back. It was just silence between us two, and I don’t know what hit me, but I just said, “fuck it”. I looked around and made sure no one was nearby, and I was going to make my move.

I leaned my head down and started kissing her neck. She jerked away and asked what I was doing. I just replied, “it’s okay, just go with it”. She kept saying, “no, I don’t want to do that”. I kept replying, “it’s okay, it’ll feel good”. Her face looked scared and uncomfortable and as I was rubbing her shoulders, I went in and started kissing her neck some more. Her shoulders tensed up and raised and she kept leaning away from me. While massaging her, I used my right hand to make my way down her chest and I slithered my hand onto her boob. She just casually pulled my hand out and kept saying she’s ready to go back now. I told her that it’s okay and just grabbed both her small boobs with my hands and started playing with her nipples. She let out a small moan, which kind of turned me on more, but I could tell she did not want to do this.

I removed my hands from her breasts and gently pushed her forward, insinuating her to get off the log. I told her to lay down on her stomach. She asked why and I just said, “so I can massage your back”. Reluctantly, she slowly got on her hands and knees and laid down on her stomach. She immediately put her hands over her face, like she was ashamed as to what was happening. I started rubbing her back and then I moved down to her ass. I just grabbed both her ass cheeks and was just massaging and rubbing all over them. Eventually, I slipped my hand under her swim panties and felt her bare-naked ass cheeks. Wow they were heavenly and so soft. I was leaking pre-cum all in my shorts.
At this point, she wasn’t even saying anything. She just kept her face covered. So, I pretty much told myself, I’m going to have my way with her.

Her panties had a string-tie on the side, so I pulled the string which undid her panties, and I moved her panties to the side. Her ass was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t believe that hours ago, I was drooling over her ass in jeans, and now, I’m staring at them completely naked. She leaned up and looked back at me with her face bright red, and almost looked like she was in tears, and asked, “What are you doing? Can you put my panties back on please?” I replied, “It’s okay, I just wanted to get this fabric out the way so I can massage your butt better.” She just put her head back down and covered her face again. Like a neanderthal, I just began aggressively rubbing her ass and just smacking it. I even leaned down and nibbled on her ass cheeks with my teeth. The whole time, she just laid there and accepted it.

My cock was just throbbing in my pants and just dripping precum. Now, when I initiated all this, I did not plan to fuck Alexis. I genuinely just wanted to feel her ass, but I never thought I would’ve gotten this far, especially in just one day. So yet again, I told myself, the hell with it.

I stood up and pulled my shorts halfway down to my thighs, exposing my 8-inch, throbbing hard cock. And looking down, I saw this bare naked, plump butt, thirteen-year-old just waiting for a dick to enter that thick, juicy ass. I spread her legs apart, exposing her pussy, and I positioned myself behind her, lining up my dick with her pussy. I started rubbing the head of my dick all around her pussy lips and she was whimpering, “Please. Don’t”. I didn’t care at this point. I felt her juices making the head of my dick wet and I just started sliding my cock in, Inch by inch. When the head of my dick entered her hole, her legs went stiff, and her body tensed up. Her arm sprung up behind her and her hand grabbed my thigh, squeezing it tightly. I could tell this was the first time she ever had a dick inside of her and that she was still a virgin. She was unbelievably tight.

Eventually, I kept pushing and pushing and then she let out a huge moan, like she was also turned on. Finally, my entire dick was inside of her, and I just started fucking her. It was one of the sexiest moments of my life. Just the way her ass cheeks were clapping back against me. She started moaning with pleasure and started getting more into it. Eventually, she was throwing her ass back onto me. It legit looked like she was twerking on my dick because her ass cheeks were just clapping on my dick.

I propped her up in doggystyle, face down and ass up, and I was just tearing her pussy apart. She was screaming and moaning with pleasure, and I knew she loved the way my cock felt. She was spraying fluids all on my groin area and she was unbelievably wet and gushy. I finally felt the urge to cum and I shot my load all inside her pussy. I just felt squirt after squirt leaving my dick and just filling her insides. When I pulled out, cum was pouring out of her and she was just propped up in doggystyle position. I slapped her ass one more time and told her, “I’ll meet you back at the sand shore with my sister”.

I pulled my pants up and got the hell out of there. I couldn’t wait to go tell my buddies what I did. I didn’t even go back to my sister, I just bailed on them both. Fast forward to later that evening, we get a knock at our door and my mom goes to answer it. It’s Alexis’ parents. I hear them ask her if her son is home. She calls me to the door and when I walk up, I see Alexis’ mom in tears and her dad is holding a baseball bat down the steps in our driveway. I look at their car and I see Alexis crying in the backseat.

Her dad yells at me, “Did you rape my fucking daughter you piece of shit?!” I responded, “No sir, she let me have sex with her.”

Anyway, they wanted to press charges. I had cops show up at my house. They told me I had to come to the police station and do a report. I told them everything that happened and that she just let me do it (which was true). I told them that she didn’t want to at first, but I never forced her. It kind of just happened. Our lawyer said the medical examiner said there wasn’t any signs of resistance, forced entry, and there were no scratches on me, bruises or marks on her, etc. This investigation went on for a few months but there was nothing they could do. They chocked it up as two teenagers having sex.

Eventually, we found out that Alexis was pregnant. Our family had a no contact-order with their family and when we drove by one-day, we saw a moving truck at their house.

I eventually gave my sister a note to take to her at school, even though it broke the no-contact order, and told her that I was sorry; and if she wanted to talk, that I would be at the big tree right down the road from her house this evening.

Around 5PM, I waited at the tree, and I saw her walking out her front door around 6PM and she came towards me. I began apologizing to her, and told her I felt like a complete asshole, and she just ran up and hugged me. She told me that she didn’t intend for me to get in trouble, and that her parents blew it out of proportion, and that she is in love with me, and she wants me to be in the baby’s life. She said that she couldn’t stop thinking about me, and that day at the lake, and how it was one of the best moments of her life. I began kissing her, because I knew the painI had caused her, and our kissing began getting sloppy. Eventually, she put her hand down my pants and started jacking me off and she whispered, “I want your dick back inside me”. I told her that we can’t do it right down the road from your house!! She said she didn’t care. She turned around, pulled her shorts down, put her hands on the tree and told me to fuck her. So I did.

She pretty much snuck out of her house every other day and we found someplace to have sex. Eventually she moved away, and I was devastated, because I was actually falling in love with her. I have been looking for her for 15 years now, but I never got her last name. I have basically given up on trying to find her. All I know is that I have a 15-year old son or daughter out there that doesn’t know their real dad. Her parents made sure of it.

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    You guys are sick, you know that?

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      Then stop reading our stories. The fact you keep reading them says a lot, dude. Stfu or enjoy the stories.

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    I can relate to this story big time and know exactly how you feel. The two twins I met when I was 12 and they were 7 Kayla and Kylie fucked me until they were 16 and I was transferred to SD. I got them both pregnant with both having twins. I search for three years and It was like they vanished. Somewhere in this world I have four grown daughters. Probably for the best because I would of fucked moms and daughters daily as it should be.

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      The story I made about having a brother was fiction. I don’t have a brother. Just a younger sister. I read a story about a guy being horny and humping his brother, so I thought I could make a better one. Who knows..

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      Read my other story, “Puberty Hit, and my Mom and Little Sister weren’t Safe”. That is the first time I had sex with Cassie

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