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Proud Daddy

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My wife suggested that it was time our daughter became a women, so she let me fuck her as an anniversary present and it was glorious.

My, and my wife, Carol, were in bed, it was our anniversary last week but as I was away on business we never got to celebrate it properly, it was late and we’d had a nice romantic meal, well, it was a takeaway, but it was very nice, and we’d had a lot of wine.

We were in bed and we were getting in to the mood, we had lots of foreplay, both naked, underneath white silk sheets that Carol had laid out especially for tonight, I just got my hard cock inside her and I was starting to get my rhythm and was fucking her hard, when suddenly our bedroom door burst open and my daughter, Sarah, ran in to the room.

“Mommy. Daddy.” She shouted as she ran over and jumped on to the bed.

I quickly pulled out of my wife, grabbed my shirt off the floor and covered myself up, “Sarah! – what’s wrong, darling?” I said.

“Had a bad dream.” She said, then she laid down on her side and cuddled up to her mom while clutching her stuffed rabbit.

“You’re a big girl now. You shouldn’t be afraid of a dream.” Said Carol, she was right, Sarah is 11 years old, “Go back to your room. Mommy and Daddy need some time alone.” She added.

“No. I want to sleep here.” She said, in that cute sweet voice of hers, the voice that made it impossible to say no to her.

Carol shrugged her shoulders and looked at me, we both knew out planned night of passion wasn’t going to happen now, “I’m going to get a quick shower. Cool myself off.” I said, then I went in to the bathroom.

I came back about 15 minutes later and sat up on the bed with a towel wrapped around my waist, Sarah was fast asleep still snuggled up to her mom, “Looks like tonight is a total loss then.” I said.

“Well. It doesn’t have to be.” Said Carol, looking at me flirtatiously and then flicking her eyes down to Sarah wanting me to look in that direction, when I looked down, Carol was slowly pulling up the bottom of Sarah’s Sponge Bob nighty and she exposed Sarah’s little ass, “We could still have some fun.” She added.

It took me a minute to realise what she meant, and I couldn’t believe it, “Are you serious?” I asked.

“I’m still horny. Aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah – but – what are you getting at?” I asked.

Carol rubbed Sarah ass cheeks and then slightly lifted her leg up and Sarah had a wet patch at the front of her pink panties, “She’s a big girl now. It’s about time she grew up – became a women.” She said, licking her lips.

I pushed myself up on to my knees, I could already feel my cock getting excited about the prospect of fucking Sarah, I am her father and it is incest, I know that, but I, like most men, have always had a fantasy about fucking my own daughter, “Are you for real?” I asked, smiling with anticipation of her answer.

“Yes.” She replied, then she rolled Sarah over on to her back, removed her nighty and then she pulled off her panties, swinging them playfully in a circle on the tip of her finger, she then rubbed Sarah’s panties on my face and then pushed them in to my mouth, “Taste that pussy and tell me you don’t want it.” She joked.

I pulled the panties out of my mouth, they tasted very nice, “Oh, I want it. I definitely want it.” I replied, I removed my towel and revealed my hard throbbing cock, Carol leaned over Sarah’s naked body and took my cock in to her mouth and sucked it.

She got me so hard and desperate to fuck, then she sat back up and starting rubbing Sarah’s soft little pussy, “You want to fuck our baby, Daddy?” said Carol, acting and talking like a little girl herself, it was so sexy.

“Yes!” I replied.

Carol separated Sarah’s legs, “Then come and get it.” She said.

I quickly crawled around and between Sarah’s open legs and first tasted her virgin juices, oh they were so delicious, my cock flexed and bounced between my legs, I almost came without even fucking her, then she woke up, her body jumped with fright, “Daddy what are you doing?!” she shouted in a panic.

Carol grabbed hold of her arms and kept her from sitting up and moving, “Its okay, baby, Daddy is just going to have some fun.” She said to her.

I kissed Sarah really hard on the lips, she didn’t seem to like it, trying to move her head to the side, but I kept going, there was no backing out now, I pushed myself up and kissed Carol, then I took my cock and pushed it against Sarah’s virgin pussy, she cried out, Carol covered Sarah’s mouth with her hand, “Keep quiet and let Daddy fuck you.” She snapped at Sarah.

My cock breached her virgin barrier and I was inside her, my cock was inside my little girl’s pussy and it felt better than I ever could have imagined, I could feel her innocence fading away as she moaned and cried as I fucked her brains out.

“This is so fucking hot.” Said Carol, smiling with happiness at seeing me fuck our daughter.

“Her pussy is so tight.” I replied, “Incredible.” I added.

“Yeah – Do it – fuck her hard.” She said.

“Take your hand off her mouth.” I said.

Then I kissed Sarah again, she realised it was pointless fighting me and her mom, so she just surrendered herself to my abuse, I placed my head beside hers and I whispered in her ear, “Enjoy this, sweetheart. Daddy loves you so much. Daddy loves you.” I said, fucking her harder and harder and feeling her insides stretching out with every thrust and I could feel the tip of my cock pounding against her cervix, I knew my cock was too big for her but I still gave her my entire length.

“I can feel it, Carol. I’m going to come. What should I do – Ungh!” I groaned.

“Fill her up, darling. Do it.” She replied.

I whispered in Sarah’s ear again, “Daddy coming, baby. Here it comes.” I said, and I pounded her little pussy without mercy.

“Ungh – Ung – Argh!” cried Sarah, over and over again.

“Happy anniversary, darling.” Said Carol, and then it happened, I came, I ejaculated my seed inside Sarah’s little pussy and felt it flooding her insides and I shot off load after load in to my little girl
“Ooh – Argh – Ooh shit!” I moaned.

After filling her up with my spunk, I rolled off her on to my back, I couldn’t move, my entire body was shaking and I was gasping for breath.

Sarah laid where she was, gasping for breath with me, her little legs still spread apart and my thick white seed slowly dripping out of her stretched open pussy hole.

I looked over at Sarah, “You okay, sweetheart?” I asked, reaching out and rubbing her arm, she didn’t answer.

“Look at Mommy, baby.” Said Carol, Sarah tilted her head to look at her, her face was red with tears, “It was good – wasn’t it?” she asked her, “It’s okay if you liked it. You can tell us. Was it good?” She added

Sarah wiped her eyes and then nodded, she quickly smiled, “It hurt, Mommy.” She said.

“Aww – I know, baby. Daddy a little carried away.” She said.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to fuck you so hard. You’re just so pretty, I couldn’t help it. Still love me?” I asked.

She nodded and then I rolled on to my side, she rolled on to hers and we had a really nice hug.

We had some soda and snacks afterwards and then Sarah watched me fuck her mom’s tits off, she was even brave enough to let me come in to her mouth at the end of the night, she didn’t like the taste of my spunk very much, but at least she tried it, I’ve never been prouder.

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  • Reply Curious Daughter ID:4kfdr5qr9m

    I just came so hard to this story. I am almost 17 and wish someone would have used me at 11. The thought of getting fucked and just sitting there and glazing over while primally taking it makes me so wet. Is it bad that I almost want to lose my virginity this way, by force?

    • Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

      It is definitely not sad. Daddy would be honored to help take your virginity like this.

  • Reply Cat ID:2cqaycjd9ck

    All these commenters are sick. This is only a story to get off by and not something that could ever be okay AT ALL in reality. This is literally child abuse and traumatising for children.
    Pedophiles should be executed for even thinking about children this way.
    This story is for getting into sub space or Dom space.

  • Reply akansha14 ID:5rb2r7qlm

    I’m 14 My step dad also started doing sex with me

    • Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

      Can you share some stories?

    • Lil girl lover ID:1g69ienr6iao

      What age did he start with you

    • akansha 14 ID:5rb2r7hl8

      13 years old

    • Naughty ID:c0l8dvzlm

      My daddy started me at 9. I miss him

    • Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

      I wish you and Naughty were my daughters. I’d love to rape you both.

    • MMDSage ID:14s76leq6ia3

      I’ve taken the virginity of many girls ages 13-15
      one of them, liked it so much we kept having sex before she turned 18.

  • Reply Blueeyes513 ID:87yabb0k6

    I wish I had a husband who wanted to fuck my little girl like this

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzl3

      Hey Blue Eyes 613.
      It will be a very rewarding experience for them. You should join in with them and make it a real family affair

    • Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

      Wanna get married? I’d gladly rape your daughter. It’d be even hotter if you watch or help while Daddy rapes your daughter.

  • Reply ian ID:2vqw7fs7499j

    yeh sure lol

  • Reply Robin ID:6gnnkdiq8

    I don’t understand why people call this taboo. Unconventional, sure. But there are families who raise daughters into this. For them it’s completely normal. Like for me. One of my earliest memories of family time was sitting on the couch on my dad’s lap watching TV with his fingers rubbing my little vagina. I was maybe 4 or 5. I was eased into a penis atleast halfway up me by 6-7. I bore his twins at 15. I was never mistreated. This is just how we show love. I am 19 now. I have a son and a daughter. Both 4. I’ve always let my Dad touch my daughter. For her, her brother or her grandfather or even me touching, licking and lightening fingering down there is normal.

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzlk

      Hey Robin. I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying.
      It’s a wonderful thing especially in my life. Being dad/daughter along with us being lovers too. My dad and I have 2 beautiful kids together and we’re both extremely proud of them. I started with my dad at 9 ,and wouldn’t change anything for the world
      Just because society says it’s bad, doesn’t make it so. I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family.

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      There’s a difference between normalizing sexual abuse, and “Completely normal.” It’s not normal, because it’s abuse. I find it hard to believe that you had twins, a boy and a girl, at 15. It’s not impossible, but implausibly convenient. Also, I don’t want to believe it, but the more generations (Like grand/father) of inbreeding, the more likely recessives will be reinforced to birth defects. That’s why inbreeding is abnormal: It eventually, but inevitably causes birth defects.

  • Reply Lady ID:6rkcaxw209q

    I’d definitely let my husband fuck our daughters. And he should start fucking them young

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzlk

      Hey Lady. I agree 100%.
      It’s the most rewarding experience they’ll ever have. I’ve become totally addicted to my dads dick and cum. We have 2 kids together too.
      Hope all is well with you.

    • Daddy ID:5rj2c7wahrd9

      Wish I was your husband.

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09l

    It’s always great when daddy is a little girls first fuck. My dad was my first. And it was fantastic. I was 7, it hurt so much at first, but that pain quickly turn into pleasure. He dick was so big & long. He stuck it in, broke into my tiny body, pumping me so hard. When he came in me, l didn’t know about cum, l just knew my insides were warm. It was so ELECTRIFYING! I was crying from the pain of the rape, but licked my swollen, sore pussy. It felt better.

    • Jayded ID:ennts60m35

      It’s amazing you enjoy this! I’ve wanted this so long! Can we chat more about it…I’d love to hear your story

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

      Hey ReeRee, I know exactly what you’re saying. I’ve become totally addicted to my dads dick and cum.
      Hope everything is going good with you. 😘😘

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

    HOT story. There’s nothing like dad/daughter fucking, it’s a very natural thing. I started with my dad and him being my first. I wouldn’t change anything for all the money in the world.

    • Kiss ID:2kyee16vm3k

      I would love to be your friend

    • Jayded ID:ennts60m35

      Mmm that’s hot! I’d love to hear your story…can we chat?

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      Could you just write your story, so we can all read it? After all, that’s what this site is for. Hence the name: SexStories69.

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

      To “Kiss” I’m down for being friends.

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

      Hey Psiberzeker, I’m going to write a story very soon. To bad I can’t post a couple pics of my pregnant 13yo tummy and my 23yo pregnant tummy.

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soib9

      Hey Jayden. Yeah we can chat

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      I look forward to reading it…

    • Chris ID:22lszenrd2o

      what app do you normally chat on?

  • Reply jackyboy ID:45xxwr0ozr92

    damn good! i want to chat with you! no matter who you are!

  • Reply Other ID:c0ks5oik6

    Damn this is so hot

    • Shadowing ID:28xm3mjg8m2

      Fuck its damn hot I want in the chat to…