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My lovely bff

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So this is about my time with my bff in college, were close friends who soon ended up exploring each other’s bodies and so much more. Her name is Raiza. She was tall, about 5″11. Milky white complexion, beautiful eyes, mid size boobs and a big swinging ass.
We realised we had crushes on each other but she was committed and we didn’t wanna ruin the friendship. So we stayed friends while also playfully flirting. She’s an outspoken person who loves making sex jokes and is always kinda horny.
So one day we were sitting alone in class, none of the classmates or teachers were there, she was sitting next to me, we were bored, she suddenly asked for my phone and started scrolling through reddit, which has a lot of hardcore porn, I never bothered to hide that and saw her eyes bulge and go wide, she kept looking and scrolling. I placed my hand on her thigh and asked her if she was ok, she just whispered yes. I travelled my hand slowly, tracing my fingers on her inner thigh asking if she was sure, When I did that she gasped. She spread her legs a bit more, I looked at what she was watching on my phone, it was a girl being gang banged and covered in cum, I slowly rubbed up her in her thigh and pushed my fingers into her pussy through her pant and felt a wet patch, I whispered into her ear, “you slut, you want more don’t u?” She just moaned in approval, I pulled my cock out in excitement, she told me to wait but I was super horny and too excited to hold back. She told let’s shift to the last row of chairs and tables so no one will be able to figure what we’re doing even if they come. Saying so we got up, her eyes were on my cock, hardened, hungry and oozing, she walked in front of me, her ass swinging. I couldn’t control and before she could sit, I grabbed her from behind and grinded my cock against her ass while rubbing her pussy, by pushing one hand into her pants and god, she was so fuckin wet, my jeans were stained with her juices.I could no longer wait after that, I yanked her pants down, and she was wearing a pink panty, I grabbed and pulled it down, she felt exposed and tried to cover up but I grabbed her hands and pushed them at their sides. I pushed her against the table and she said it’d be better to do it on the floor rather than table, so I said ok, but rather than letting her lie on the floor, I made her kneel and pushed my cock against her face and rubbed pre cum all over her, she gasped and was not ready, but I was madly in heat. I grabbed her hair like a bun and she understood what I wanted, she sucked my dick like a good bitch while fingering herself, she was pouring all over the floor. She loved licking the tip of my dick and sucking the pre cum out. I thrust my cock in and out her pretty mouth while she moaned and gasped, tears falling down the side of her bulging beautiful eyes. My cock causing her to drool out precum and saliva.

While she sucked my cock, I reached over her and squeezed her ass, like i said, she’s petite and tall and has kinda medium boobs but god her ass, it’s so nice to spank and squeeze. There have been so many moments where we’d flirt and I’d spank her and it would jiggle. I spat on my hand spread her cheeks while she sucked me her asshole was so tight and small, looked like a caramel swirl, I pushed a finger and she squealed and pulled her mouth and told me she was super sensitive down there and never been touched. I love anal, so I knew what I wanted to do with her soon.

I told her it’ll be fine and she will love it, she was super hesitant however and kept fearing so I decided to do it later. I made her lie on the floor and spread her legs, her pussy was literally fuckin dripping, I cupped my mouth over her cunt lips and started sucking the juices while inserting my tongue inside, shw grabbed my hair and moaned like crazy, I rubbed her clit vigorously, pinching it every once in a while and would all together stop sometimes making her beg for it and desperately thrust her hips into my face. She loved when my beard rubbed against her warm crotch and inner thighs, I was licking her so much down there. Just as she was about to orgasm, I stopped, she looked at me angrily and told me to finish her, I told I will, if she lets me eat her ass out, she didn’t waste a second and lifted her legs up, and said, I hate u, just get it over with, I pounced on her. i pushed my tongue in and made her moan so much, she couldn’t control, her ass cheeks were so fucking meaty and soft. She twerked on my face and moaned and orgasmed her juices creating a messy puddle, her sweat and smell taking over the room as she panted.

I got dressed while she laid half naked on the floor tired and spread. I told her to meet me at night and she said fine, I kissed her and hugged her then helped her get dressed, she was unsteady and I helped her to walk. At night we met by the canteen, there’s a bathroom there that’s unused, messy but couples go to fuck behind as no one really uses it. There was however a security guard there so I decided to let him have some fun too, I told he could watch us fuck and fap and surprisingly Riya agreed to it even tho she was furious
She was shocked at the beginning that I had let the guard watch us, she had stripped nude and was waiting for me when he came, she was super against it but the moment he pulled his cock out and started jacking off, she got that lustful look back. I grabbed her head and started deepthroating her roughly but at the corner of her eye she kept looking at the guard sitting in front of us and masturbating, Ig she was just super horny and slutty to give a fuck.
I noticed that and decided to take advantage, I pulled her by her hair and told her to give us a walk like a model across the length of the bathroom. Watching her ass swinging was hypnotic and we could see the juices leaking down her pussy and thighs.
I sat next to the guard and told her to give me a lap dance and twerk on me, the guard was literally shuddering with the urge to grab her as she gyrated her ass on my cock and danced on me, she sat on my right lap and started rubbing her pussy against my thigh and thrusting. I sneakily pushed my middle finger into her asshole while she was enjoying and she screamed and fell back onto me. She scolded me to not do that but I shut her up by kissing her and continuing to finger her asshole, she just couldn’t control and was moaning so much.
Her entire body was literally spasming as my fingers explored her anus and her tits were bouncing around. I made her sit on all fours on the floor and bend down so her ass can be in the air, she was so submissive her face was on the dirty bathroom floor, her ass in the air, legs spread for the guard and I. i pushed my thumb in her ass and my index and middle into her pussy and started finger fucking her. This is when she made both of us more happy when we realised the bitch was a virgin. Her moans were riskily loud, but we were too in heat to care. It went on for about 7 minutes, she was about to hit an orgasm, I loved to make her frustrated and beg so I stopped, she yelled in agony, I flipped her onto her back, And spread her legs, she prepared for the inevitable but I teased her more, I pushed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips more and more making her ooze juices onto my dick, then I gave her a few quick scares by rubbing my cock head against her tight virgin asshole too. She kept begging me to just enter but I wanted to see how much of a slave she’d become to me. I kept asking her, will u let me do anything to u if it means making u cum? She said yes please just do it, I lifted her up again and placed her next to the guard who was fapping furiously, I told her, this guard can do anything he wants with you as long as he doesn’t fuck u, she said yes yes yes and I grabbed my cock and I decided to let her get what she wanted, I slowly went in inch by inch deeper and deeper into her pussy as she moaned while the guard played with her breasts..
Raiza Mann, a very high class girl but no hesitation to be used like a low class slut. Because she liked being degraded too.
I fucked her really slowly, and deeply watching her moan and droop her head back giving full access to her breasts, navel, neck for me and the guard. The guard was hungry, he was literally slobbering and licking and biting her nipples and shoulder and neck. He never expected something like this from someone like her so obviously, I then grabbed her right nipple while the guard bit and sucked on her left and picked up my pace and started fuckin her hard and fast, my crotch hitting her swollen clit while my balls slapped against her inner thighs while the guard was basically spreading his saliva all over her face which she was both repulsed and turned on by, she orgasmed all over my cock and I pulled her off the basin, I pushed her onto the guard, I told him to make her sit on him, but his dick shouldn’t enter her, so his dick was rubbing against her stomach as she sat on him, She instinctively hugged him, moaning as he slapped and squeezed her cheeks. I told him to pull them apart and since she wasn’t facing me she wasn’t aware of what I was doing. She felt it in a minute, her asshole took a while, and a lot of effort and eating out to finally let my cock penetrate it. But sadly wasn’t able to do in that position, I had to get her in doggy, she screamed a lot so I told the guard to fuck her mouth, which she didn’t lose a second to start sucking like a lollipop, her asshole, one of the best I’ve ever fucked, the walls tightened around my cock, squeezing it so nicely, she hated it at first but just like I said, after I went in fully then a few strokes later, she was sucking the guards cock and twerking on mine like a pro. Everytime I stopped she would push her hips into mine and continue it, and I ended up cumming and so did the guard, I don’t have quite a big dick but I have a lotta stamina, I pulled out after emptying in her ass then straddled her and made her warm my dick with her juices. It became hard and I fucked her again, I pulled out and cummed on her beautiful face, I told her to swipe it all up and lick it clean which she did obediently.
That’s how my first time with her ended, and it lead to many more times and memories. But that is for another time.

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