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I felt my daddies cock enter my pussy with one quick push

Ginny age 11,

My daddy had been in a particularly bad mood for the past few days, so I knew I should be prepared for anything. It was the morning and I had been hoping for a pleasant breakfast, a bowl of cereal. However, when my daddy entered the kitchen, that all changed he had a strange look in his eyes and he said the words I had been dreading for to hear “GINNY I WANT YOU TO STRIP FOR ME'” I remained motionless, not knowing what to say or do. He didn’t seem to care about me being busy eating my cereal or cared about my feelings, and in a louder voice he repeated his request again. “GINNY I WANT YOU TO STRIP FOR ME RIGHT NOW” I was scared of what could happen if I didn’t comply, so I strip off all my clothing and when I was completely naked in the kitchen’ daddy ordered me to go sit on the couch and spread my legs wide apart. I felt a shiver down my spine as I felt his eyes looking ay my naked body . Daddy stood next to me at the couch and stripped off his clothes as well, I seen with my eyes that daddies cock was erect and I could feel my face flush with embarrassment as I watched him undress. I felt daddy touch his cock to my clit then I could feel his cock rubbing against my clit.

I had no clue what daddy was going to do I felt my body trembling as I waited for him to make his move. Suddenly, I felt his hands on my hips, and I knew he was ready for something. I could feel his hard cock line up against my pussy hole, and with one quick push, I felt him enter my pussy. I gasped as I felt his thick cock fill me up, and I could feel my body tense up. My daddy moved slowly at first, taking his time to make sure I was comfortable. As he moved faster, I could feel my body responding to his thrusts. I felt my pussy tighten around him I wanted to scream, but my fear had me numbed and all I could do was lie there. Motionless on the couch and shaking with fear I lay as daddy thrust himself deep into me, I could feel every inch of him as he moved inside me, and I could feel my pleasure intensifying with each thrust. As I felt my pussy tighten around him I nearly moaned and groaned with pleasure as he moved faster and faster. Soon the pleasure was too much and soon I felt myself reaching the peak, and I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. I felt my body quiver as I reached me pleasure my legs started shaking as my pussy gushed cum.

My daddy kept thrusting his cock inside my pussy until he too reached his climax, and then he pulled out of me and I felt more of my cum squirt out, daddy collapsed onto the couch beside me. The minutes slowly passed then finally, my daddy spoke. “GINNY YOU DID A HUGE CUM GUSH” he said. I felt embarrassed that I had cum from being fucked by my daddy. After a few moments, my daddy got up and began to get dressed. He looked at me with a satisfied smile and said, ” THAT WAS AMAZING SWEETHEART”

As daddy was fixing to walk out of the room he said, “I’M GLAD I COULD MAKE YOU FELL SO GOOD” So not to make my daddy angry I smiled back and nodded and daddy walked out of the room. I sat there on the couch feeling exhausted as I looked down a wave of embarrassment come over me as I seen my own cum stuck to the couch down there between my legs. I soon realized that my daddy had always told me the truth about me gushing out some much cum from my pussy, that is something hard for me to imagine.

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  • Reply Jake ID:1ck62xi813ji

    Would have loved to have had a daughter like you Ginny. Alas, no kids. Do you ever email? I’d love to hear more about the Joy’s of having a sexy daughter like you.

    • Bob ID:1davj7ej6p6d

      Just wanted to say that i have two preteen daughters that i am fucking every night.. Pam is my 8 year old and Nancy is my 10 year old… Actually my 8 year old Pam turned out to be the best fuck for me… It was very rough to get all of my cock into her because of the size of my cock and the small size of her cunt.. Actually Pam has a beautiful cunt, one that gets my cock as hard as a rock every time that i see it which is every night!!!.. Her cunt has the most beautiful cunt lips i have ever seen and they are very tight and she also has a beautiful high mound and it is so perfect to take my cock into it.. But every time i have tried i get 2 or 3 inches into her and she starts to cry and i have to pull my cock back out.. A couple of times when this happened i did cum in her but i wanted to get it all into her.. I knew that when i got it all into her she would become the best fuck that i ever had.. I knew that i just had to keep trying with her and sooner or later i would break her cunt open.. Nancy was also a very nice fuck and her cunt was looser then Pams…. Sometimes i would get so hot from trying to fuck Pam that i would take Nancy to bed and fuck her all night.. Just one thing was wrong.. Some how my cock always would wind up inside of Nancy’s belly.. My cock was just to big for her cunt… Nancy did tell me about it but she said it was working good and all it did was making her have a belly ache.. My ultimate plan was to get both of my daughters pregnant..

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Ginny ! My dad did the same to me when he was either in a bad mood or coming home drunk ! He also fucked me and my best friend together at the same time who is a beautiful black girl !

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Hope your daddy breeds you, like every daughter should be. Next time you need to beg him to breed you

    • Ginny ID:1cya5qml8yp5


  • Reply Family fun ID:1e6tcqdbwl0j

    Ginny I would love to hear more about you and your dad!! Add me on Snapchat if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback11