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The blue door

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There this old amandon house with a blue door.l was looking for a rape,now I just had to find her,then when I was walking down the street towards the house.

ONG! Not just 1 but 2 pretty, black girl s, nice tits, nice ghetto bitty on one of them. They were 2 Yong black girl just begging to be raped!, they look between 12 and 16, they both look perfect.
I got an idea to rape both of them.
I had a gun with .me I felt for it under my shirt, yes it was there. I got the gun out ok I got the gun out, what do I do now both are wearing St Mary’s Catholic school uniforms.1 has small tifs, The other 2 has bib tits, they both look like sisters or BBFLs.
I had my gun in my hand.

I walked up to both of them and found them into the house at gunpoint the 2 girls were terrified, the girls tried to take,I told them TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! I shot the missing there heads and going into the wall. the girls look at me like he means business
They looked like they were going to die

Tne girls were forced into what look like alivingroom. I even found the oldest one into what look like a bathroomI t tell the young one to stay where she is or I will shoot her

They both started to cry, both was shaking.

They both asked me, what do your want with us? Who are you? What do you want with us? They still couldn’t figure out what I was thinking. I grab my backpack and got out my handcuffs and rope, I handcuff the young one and tied the older one wrist together.

They both asked ages what are you doing to do with us? Please,we just want to go home? I asked them how old are you and what are your names? The oldest said. I’m 16 and my name is Felicia. The youngest said. I’m 14 and my name is Danielle. Are you 2 sister’s? They both said.yes at the same time. I tkkk the handcuffs of. And I got my knife out of my pocket.

And cut the oldest ones ropes off, I force them down the hall when look like a half. This house was abandon, and now I think I know why, it is falling down and apart.they still looked terrified.

The oldest asked again Who are you? And the youngest one asked, what are you doing to do with me and my sister? We want to leave. I was thinking to myself fat chance. I stood there smiling at them.

Looking at the younger one again I asked how old did you say you was again? I I’m 14 please.

I aim the gun and cock it and I tell the girls to take of three school Catholic uniforms. Crying they slowly get undress, slowly they slide there skirts down and off, slowly they unbuttoned the school blouses and take them off and throw them on the floor.

They slowly unhooked there bras, they come off too,. They stand there sleeping and afraid. They take there white panties off.

I put the gun on the floor and then both by there arms dragging them into a bedroom .. NO! They both screaming! . In ty bedroom Alicia and Danielle stood completely naked.

Trying to cover there tits one arm, Danielle was only 14, but as a young black teen girl. I think she der sister out of the biggest breast department, and she had the bigger black nipples then her sister, they were sticking o

She had some pussy hair. But not like her sister, she also had a cute little black girl ass were big sister beat her out in the ass department with her big ol ghetto bonry

I went in and grab the gun I came back and put the gun down. Next to the mattress, I drop my shorts and take of my shirt. The girls are crying and begging for me to leave them alone.

I grab my backpack and grab the hand lotion out of it, I lube up my cock and I get between Danielle legs and force my cock into her black pussy.., it is so small, I started to rape Danielle , she was really tight. I was only about halfway.in my dick finally

Slip between her black girl pussy lips, it got me harder I forced it in more until I was all the way in, until I felt I was all the way in bed black cunt. I started to rape her deep and fast and she keep on crying.

Until she got to her breaking point and orgasm.. I keep on Raping into her litter black pussy. I was raping her.ovet and over.

I pulled my cock out of Danielle and slammed it into Felicia 16 year old black pussy, and tape her.

I don’t last.long in Felicia. I shot my cum into her black pussy!

Felicia crying out OMFG! Danielle what if I just got pregnant with white boys baby? I could you know at 16 it still not to Young. If you want to talk about this story or if maybe you want to do a force yourself email [email protected]

πŸ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.πŸ‘…

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