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Fooling around with my sister

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Lisa is the best little sister any brother can dream of having. She loves having sex with me and she is just the greatest.

Mom left to go see her friend who lived down the road, “I’ll be back soon.”, as soon as she left I grabbed hold of Lisa’s hand, “Let’s go play in my room.”, and we ran together up the stairs to my bedroom.

Lisa is my sister, she’s 8 and I’m 13, it was the middle of the afternoon and we all just got back from our cousins 10th birthday party, we had loads of food, they had a disco, party games and a bouncy castle out in the parking lot and we both got our faces painted, Lisa looked like a panda and I had mine done like a dragon.

There was loads of other kids at the party, lots of girlies in fancy dress and stuff, Lisa was wearing a pink ballerina skirt and she looked so sexy, we’ve both fooled around before in my room, lots of times, but we hadn’t done it for a while and seeing her today in her outfit and her face painted really turned me on, I was super horny and my cock had been rock hard for the last hour, I needed a release.

We ran in to my bedroom and jumped on to my bed, Lisa’s knew what I wanted and like a good girl she laid on my bed on her back and instantly started to remove her clothes and giggling the whole time, “Are we doing it?” she asked.

“Heck yes!” I replied while impatiently pulling off my clothes at the same time.

Lisa had undressed before me and as I took off my boxer shorts, which were the last thing I was wearing, my erection sprung out, she instantly sat up, grabbed hold of my cock and sucked on it, I threw my boxers across the room then held her face, I pulled it up and gave her a big sloppy kiss, I could taste my cock on her lips but I didn’t care.

We put our arms around each other and I leaned forward, laying her back down on her back and I laid on top of her, her knees raised up, pressed against my hips, my cock sliding across the crack of her slippery hairless pussy, I told you we’d fooled around before so her hole was already opened.

My cock squeezed in to the crack and I pushed it inside her, “- Argh.”, as soon as I felt her bumpy hot insides squeezing around my cock, I was off and humping her pussy like crazy, I was so horny and eager to ejaculate.

I think I lasted about 10 seconds before I shot my load inside her, pathetic, I know, but it was never just one time, after a brief couple of minutes rest, I was erect again and ready for more, I pushed my cock back up her hole and started to pound her again, she made a sweetest noises when she was having sex, she loves it when I fuck her, and I love fucking her, we have the best brother sister relationship in the world.

She had gotten to know my reactions and she knew when I was about to ejaculated, “Ung – let me – let me eat it –“ she requested, she wanted to swallow my spunk, so at the last moment I quickly pulled my cock out, she sat up and I pushed my cock in to her mouth, “Quick!”, she closed her lips around my tip just in time, and I filled her mouth with my spunk.

“Mmm – Hmm – Mmm.” She sounded, she slid her lips off my cock ensuring her nothing came out of her mouth, she opened her mouth a little and giggled at me, showing the pool of spunk floating on the top of her tongue, then she closed her mouth, leaned her head back allowing it to flow down her throat and she ate it all, open her mouth again to prove she ate it, “All gone.” She said, proudly.

We kissed and said we loved each other, then we got dressed before mom came home.

I don’t know anyone else who has sex with their sister but I think sisters are better than girlfriends, they are awesome, Lisa is awesome, I love her.

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  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    Jenica, please give me your number so I can text you

  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    Jenica, I need you now baby

  • Reply Steve ID:ejocajo98d9

    Jenica, I want to play with you

  • Reply Jenica ID:y6syfudh1k8

    My brother and cousin would play with me like that when I was 10

  • Reply David marzean ID:5u1d7ch8ra

    Y’all are fucked up!

  • Reply Sean ID:fx7ita5hj

    Nice! I’m 45 years old, I can remember being 14, and wanting to have sex with 8 year old girl named Jennifer. She was a high yellow, very cute. I wanted to do her nice and good.

  • Reply Hornydude ID:14gscs5o8rj

    Me and my sister used to fuck in elementary school it was great

  • Reply Hannah ID:1ah770le20b

    Nice story little boy

    • Dane ID:1eilmje8m

      Loved it want to have one of your own

  • Reply Modikmike ID:7z8t8ghd9j

    12 what about u Ed ?

  • Reply The Mad Jacker ID:4my701bzk

    Damn… A hot 8 year old…YUM!

    • Ed ID:11awnw3im9k

      What the youngest you had and with who