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Mother & Daughter (18) meet a Devil… or do they?

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When a single mother allows a pervert into their home and can’t control the consequences. First Time, Poss Impreg, Slow start, long story

Melanie pulled up onto her drive, home at last!
It was Friday and she was looking forward to a relaxed weekend with her daughter, Charlotte, home from College.

Melanie was a single mother. Having divorced when Charlotte was 5, she had brought her up alone, struggling to pay the rent and bills. But she managed.
She was 42, slim, only 5ft 2in tall, with brunette hair. An athletic build, the envy of many other mums. She wished she had bigger breasts, but you get what you’re given!
She worked 5 days a week at the local council in their housing department. It can be quite stressful, dealing with poorer families struggling to pay their bills and feed their children. She had learnt to put up a barrier to their hardships, to control her emotions so she could do her job in a professional manner.

Fridays she stopped to do the shopping on the way home and was now getting all the carrier bags out her car.

Charlotte would be home already, hopefully able to help with the shopping as usual.
Charlotte had just turned 18. She inherited her father’s looks and height. She was 5ft 11in tall, raven haired, a little chubby. No, that’s unfair, she had what they call a bubble butt today and generous boobs. She too was fit. She ran every day, 2 miles before college and 5 miles before breakfast at weekends.
Melanie wasn’t sure if it was her fault or not, but her daughter, although a lovely happy and cheerful young lady, was quite shy and gullible. Was it because she only had her mother’s care and love all these years?
At school, Charlotte used to get teased a lot. Other kids could always convince her that ridiculous things were true, she always believed them.
It didn’t help that she seemed to be emotionally 13 years old still. She still wore her My Little Pony tops and shorts, now too small, but she loved them. She seemed totally unaware of the effect the sight of her dressed in them had on other men, or women.
Melanie was really concerned at Charlotte’s inability to deal with some situations she might find herself faced with in the future.

As Melanie entered the front door, struggling with loads of carrier bags, she called out:

‘ Honey, can you come give me a hand ‘

There was no answer, but she thought she heard a brief scuffle sound come from the lounge.
As she moved down the hall way, she looked in and saw Charlotte on the sofa, with a man sitting next to her. Not just any man, but a much older man! Her first instinct was to demand to know what’s going on, but after years of work training, she was able to control those initial thoughts and became professional and ask ‘ Hi sweety, who’s your friend?’

Charlotte was so pleased to see her mother. Although John had been the perfect gentleman, she felt a bit weird in his presence.
‘ Oh, Hi Mum. This is John. He just moved in a few doors down from us’
Melanie turned her gaze to John and the first thing she noticed was his piercing blue eyes. They seemed to see into her soul and she had to break the contact by looking down.

A small smile came to John’s mouth.
‘Hi John. What brings you to our home today?’
‘ Hello Mrs…….?’ John asked in a deep slow voice.
‘ Mrs Winter……but…… Melanie, please’ She didn’t know why she was offering her first name to this stranger, whom she found sitting right next to her daughter!
‘Well Melanie, I’ve just moved in today and forgot to bring any teabags with me. I tried knocking at doors, but guess most of my neighbours are at work. As I was turning away from your door with no answer, your lovely daughter here walks up and asks if she can help me’
As John explains his story, Melanie looks him over. He is a very large man. About 40 she thinks, must be over 6ft tall. Dark hair, some stubble. It looks like he was once quite fit, but has recently gone to seed. He had a belly on him now.
She sees a box of teabags on the low table in front of the sofa. This lends some truth to his story.

Charlotte sits there, her head turned down and her hands together between her thighs pushing her college skirt down. Her mother recognises her shy nature and her heart feels for her awkwardness in these situations. She shouldn’t have invited a perfect stranger into their home, especially while she was here alone.
She wishes she could teach her how to be more assertive.

‘Let me dump these bags down a minute and I’ll be right back’ says Melanie.

As she leaves, she glances back and sees John’s hand brush the side of Charlotte’s thigh. Or was it just a innocent shifting of position.

When she comes back, she seats herself in an armchair across from the two sitting on the sofa. It seemed just like a work situation. She crosses her legs, as if she’s about to deal with a couples problems.

She’s wearing her work clothes, which are a white blowse with a white bra underneath, a tartan wool skirt, white panties and black, semi high heals.
She kicks off the heals with a soft groan.
‘Ahhh that’s better’ she purrs.
What do you do for a living John?’

‘ I worked in IT, travelling around to businesses and peoples homes updating or fixing computers ‘ John explained. ‘ But on day I was in a serious traffic collision and had a long stay in hospital ‘ he said as he shifted position slightly as if his leg or back ached, maybe from his accident Melanie thought. But then she noticed that as he settled back down, his hand was on top of Charlotte’s thigh, resting there.
Charlotte seemed unaware of his hand, but Melanie suspected she just didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

As Melanie looked up, John was staring straight at her, it almost seemed a challenge to see if Mother would say something about where his hand was. She decided she needed to trust her daughter to do the right thing and move his hand away. So she just smiled back at John….who grinned back. Almost like she had just got a tick for something!

He continued his story ‘ …..but when I eventually recovered, my company had replaced me and I found I was out of a job. So I took them for unfair dismissal and won because I was on company work when the accident happened’.
As He said this, this time he raised his arms up in the air as if to stretch, then as he brought them back down, he draped one arm across the back of the sofa behind Charlotte.
She saw Charlotte visibly stiffen at this move, but again, for some strange reason decided to say or do nothing. Letting her work this out for herself. …..’ so not only did I receive an insurance payout, I got compensation and redundancy, so decided to take early retirement and buy a nice house’ finished John.

Melanie tried to focus on him as he finished talking, but found herself watching his hand now drawing circles on her daughters shoulder. She was shocked to find she was getting a tingling sensation between her thighs which was totally inappropriate, from watching her being touched up!
She had to stop this, it was certain Charlotte wasn’t capable of this herself. God only knows where this might lead if left to her!

So ignoring the juices starting to flow from her Pussy, Melanie suddenly got up and stammered….’ Well, it’s been nice chatting to you John, but we girls have shopping to put away and dinner to prepare’.

As John moved to stand up, she watched his hand slide across Charlotte’s thigh and gently squeezer her inner flesh. This made her blush, but still keep her eyes looking down at her feet.
Melanie’s pussy clenched seeing this, which disturbed her. How can she be getting turned on seeing her sweet innocent daughter being groped by this older man!
As John left, taking the teabags with him, he turned to them both ‘ I’ll return a new box of teabags tomorrow if that’s okay’? Melanie said ‘ no, that’s okay, there’s no need really, it’s just a few teabags’…..but then Charlotte, who seemed to have recovered from her awkwardness, blurted out…..’ when he comes back with the teabags Mum, can he look at my old laptop, the one with all our old family photos on and see if he can fix it’?

Well, if it’s okay with you John? I must say I miss seeing those early family photos of Charlotte here’

John said he’d be delighted, he’ll pop back in the morning.
So John left.

As the door closed, Melanie was in two minds about what she had just agreed to. Had she just accepted a stranger back into her home who seemed to hold some sort of control over her precious daughter.
Or was it some hidden deep desire to see where this would go with her daughter. Would this be a good lesson to teach her how to guard against potential unwanted advances. Would she finally come out of her skin and stop it?
She decided this was a good exercise for Charlotte.

As the two of them busied themselves preparing dinner, She dropped hints to Charlotte about John.

‘Oh mother…..he seemed nice enough. I’m sure he was just trying to be neighbourly. Maybe his family are the touchy type, you know we aren’t!’ ……’ I know that sweetheart, and I do kinda blame myself, bringing you up on my own’….’maybe I should have explained things earlier to you…..you know….Birds and the Bees….’ She said quietly feeling her eyes watering up.
Charlotte came and hugged her ‘ it’s okay mummy, I’m just fine. Stop worrying’

So Mother and Daughter sat down to eat together.

Meanwhile John was walking home, with the widest grin on his face. Well, that was unexpected so quickly after moving to a new area.
John had history. He wasn’t classed as a pedophile, maybe a pervert. He never touch underage girls, but certainly looked out for shy, innocent ones who had just turned 18. He had been involved with several over the years and always managed to prove it was consensual, but ended up moving on after the parents or his neighbours turned against him.

But this one was different. He sensed in the girls mother, Melanie, a strange interest in what he was attempting with her daughter. Almost as if there was some inner conflict between stopping him but willing him to continue. Hmmm this could be very exciting.
He was really looking forward to tomorrow and a rather large bulge formed in his groin area at the thought.

That night Melanie lay in bed trying to sleep. She just couldn’t. She kept running the scenes of her gullible, shy and innocent daughter with John sat next to her on the sofa through her mind.
What would she have done if John had made any more advances towards Charlotte in her presence? Stop him? Shout at him? Call the Police on him?…..sit and watch him, smiling her consent…..WHAT! Wait, where did that thought come from???
She couldn’t believe she just fantasised about an older guy making moves on her precious daughter. As this thought went through her mind, without realising, her hand had slid under the waistband of her white panties and she was slowly sliding a finger through the wet folds of her sex!
WHATS WRONG WITH ME! Her mind screamed.
She snatched her hand away and turned over and was determined to go to sleep.

Charlotte was sitting at her mirror brushing her jet black raven hair. Her thoughts were miles away, thinking about her fitness run in the morning. Also the thought of seeing those long lost photos again, if John could recover them. He seemed such a nice guy.
She hummed to herself as she tied up her hair.
She stood, naked in front of the mirror, taking in her slim waste, wide hips. As she turned sideways, she saw her rather large butt…..bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt! ….that’s what some old school friends said to her. Oh well, it’s how she was built.
As she turn back, she looked at her pale large breasts. Almost perfectly symmetrical with small raised nipples but with a generous areolea that was quite dark. Apparently she was bigger than a 36D, which was the size of her current 2 year old bra. She knew it was a tight fit but she just couldn’t accept she needed such a large ‘womans’ bra.
Her gaze lowered down to were the legs met. She had a tight thatch of black hair there. She heard her college friends chatting about shaving, waxing, even laser hair removal! She just listened and wondered what all the fuss was about!
She finished tying her hair back into a lose pont tail which reached down to the middle of her back.
Now she turned and grabbed her nightie she always wore to bed. It had been hers since she was 14 and had an image of a large cuddly Teddy bear on the front. It was a bit tight around her boobs and now her backside as well, also it only came down to just below her butt cheeks, but she loved it.
As she drifted off to sleep, her mother’s warnings floated across her mind…..’ sex ‘…..’ intercourse ‘…..’ the pill ‘……’ guys ‘……’pregnancy’……she soon was asleep, caring nothing about those thoughts, she had no emotional reaction at all.

As John sat in his new home, rather sparce with nothing much unpacked yet, his thoughts were miles away from unpacking. He was still buzzed by how fortunate he was. He couldn’t wait until the morning. He was certain things would play out as he was planning.
As his thought turned to Charlotte, the shy young woman in his sights, his cock was hard. He was drinking tea, made from the teabags ‘she’ had given him. Just the mental picture of her reaching up into the cupboard for them, showing off her toned athletic legs under her skirt, tight across her huge arse……he felt the telltale tingling in his balls. He was so tempted to grab his cock and slowly stroke it up and down, but he wanted to wait, to be desperate……tomorrow.


As Melanie got up from the breakfast table to get another cup of coffee, Charlotte opened and came in the front door from her morning run. She was puffing out of breath from a 5 miles run.
As she reached to stop her smart watch, her mother was looking at her with a frown on her face. ‘ what’s up mum ‘? Asked a sweaty Charlotte.
‘ Oh, it’s nothing really, sweetie…..’ as her gaze took in her daughter standing there, bent over catching her breath, wearing her old Hello Kitty t-shirt which was skin tight across her boobs showing her raised nipples and only came down to mid tummy, exposing her toned, tight tummy. But worse, was the old denim shorts she must have really struggled to get into! They were all frayed around the leg bottoms and showed the low globes of her bottom. How she wasn’t aware of how she looked while out running was a constant concern to her mother……’ you look like the run was hard today, you’re very sweaty, heehee ‘.

‘ means it was good for me mum!’ Replied a recovering Charlotte.

‘ Well, you better go get a shower and change, John might be round soon ‘ explained Melanie.

‘ OK, in a min. I just need to grab something to eat and drink, then I’ll go upstairs ‘ was her reply as she bent over to get herself a cereal bowl out of the dishwashers bottom rack.
Melanie was shocked to see her daughters black tight curly public hair on display each side of her tight shorts crutch, in fact, the tight material was pulled up into her totally unaware daughters pussy, showing her labia each side.
She just didn’t get why Charlotte was oblivious to the display she was giving. Well at least she will change before John comes around.

John had got up early and been to the shops to get a replacement box of teabags. He couldn’t wait for today, he had a great feeling about this girl and her mother. Infact, over night he had had a few fantastic dreams about Melania getting involved. He was a little confused, because older woman just didn’t do it for him at all, so this was quite a strange emotion for him.
He was part of an online group, very hush hush, that used coded messages to chat about their various conquests etc….maybe he’ll ask on there. See if other people had similar feelings.
He hadn’t long to go before he arrived at his neighbours house now.

As Charlotte was finishing her breakfast, her mother was making her an ice cold drink, when the doorbell rang.
Surely it couldn’t be John already?!
It was quite early really.
‘Charlotte! That might be John already, look how you’re dressed, oh my God, he can’t see you like that! ‘ exclaimed Melanie visualising what she had seen as her daughter was bent over!
‘Oh mum, don’t be silly. He’s come to fix our laptop, not look at me! ‘ she said back to her mother with a beaming smile.
Totally unaware of how revealing her attire was.
Melanie moved towards the hall way, eyes rolling at her daughter. There was nothing she could do. Well maybe there might be a ‘situation’ with John and her so innocent daughter would just have to be more assertive and get control…..yes that’s it….this could be a great lesson for Charlotte…..with her mother around to make sure things didn’t get out of control.

She had all these thoughts while heading to the door. She was thinking now that John coming back was a good thing….. so she opened the door with a big smile and welcome on her face for him.
‘Well Hello there Neighbour!’ Melanie greeted him.
‘ teabags I see, you really didn’t need to, but thank you’
‘Do come in, come in….’

John was a bit startled at such a warm welcome. He was expecting some sort of excuse, family drama, anything to cancel his visit. He had pushed the boundaries yesterday by touching young Charlotte, so this wasn’t the reaction that a protective mother would normally give to him. Wow, he thought…..I’m really on to something here.

‘ Good morning Mel….May I call you Mel?’ Replied John.
No one had called her Mel since school! That was years ago! Just hearing it took her back to her adolescent years and she felt pleased. ‘ of course you can, we’re going to be neighbours after all’
Mel stepped back to let him in. As she did so, he saw the object of his desires coming from the kitchen. He nearly chocked when he saw how Charlotte was dressed! Surely her mother can’t allow her to dress so revealing in front of a older man they hardly knew yet!
John started to think that maybe this was a police sting operation. Things like this just don’t happen!
His racing mind and emotions were dragged back to what Mel was saying ‘…..I told her!’
‘ I’m sorry Mel, what did you say just then?’
Said John.
Mel looked at John’s face and instantly saw the hunger there! Her fears about how her precious daughter dressed was confirmed. As she replied to him, she looked at what he was seeing…..a young, beautiful woman, silhouetted against the morning light behind her through the kitchen windows, showing her hour glass figure but with wider hips and also that she had a large thigh gap. Because her mother was aware of it, she could see her girls labia hanging down in that gap with whisps of hair, but was this mature lecherous man next to her also aware of this?
‘ I was apologising for how my daughter is dressed. We didn’t quite expect you so early and she’s not changed after her morning run yet’ explained Melanie.
‘Charlie, go get a shower and change please’ said her mother, using her family pet name.
‘ can’t you at least let me say Hi to John, seeing as he’s doing us the favour of trying to fix the laptop Mother ‘ she replied with a cheeky smile.
Charlotte walked up to him and stood there, nearly looking him straight in the eyes because of her height, but she couldn’t manage eye contact. She looked everywhere, but in his eyes.
Hmmm, thought John, definitely impressionable this one.
‘ Morning Charlotte ‘ said John.
‘Call me Charlie, I prefer it and all my friends do ‘ she replied.
‘Friends’ thought John, she sees me as a friend already. Better and better.

Melanie watched their interactions, seeing Charlie totally relaxed but still shy and reserved. But what really stood out, was the blatant hunger in John’s piercing blue eyes. She had her fingers crossed that whatever happened today would help her daughter deal with real life better, in a more adult way.

They moved inside and closed the door. This allowed John a better view of Charlie. His gaze travelled over her body, especially the exposed areas. He still hadn’t spotted what her mother was well aware was on display.

‘Right….I’m going for a shower and get changed….I’m still sweaty and yucky!’ said Charlie.
John couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked to the bottom of the stairs. As he watched her climb the stairs…..no…..surely that wasn’t……He swallowed audibility when he recognised what he was seeing!
He glanced at Mel, she was also looking.
She was aware of how her daughter was dressed! ‘Well fuck me’, thought John, this mother hasn’t made any attempt to steer me away or distract me from seeing her exposed daughter…..infact, I’d say she’s letting it happen!

Melanie watched as Charlie climbed the stairs, her bubble butt moving side to side as she walked but her focus was drawn to how the skimpy denim shorts did nothing to hide her exposed private parts……no, let’s say it….her virgin pussy.
She heard an almost strangled gulp come from beside her and turned her gaze to John. He was obviously trying to control himself, but was slightly red faced and was holding the teabag box across his crutch area. Mel could see the huge bulge hiding there. Today was definitely going to be a test for her daughter.
Should she make some excuse to get rid of him? Was this all just too risky. He was 6ft, well built. How would she stop anything if she needed to? But there was one thing that disturbed her even more…..she was wet between her legs. She was trying to ignore this feeling, but her body was betraying her. The worst, was that there was no attraction to John, so why was she feeling like this…..?

She gave herself a mental shake and said to John ‘ come with me, I’ll get you a cuppa and show you where the old laptop is ‘
John too had to shake himself to drag his eyes off the disappearing prize. He followed Mel into the kitchen. They both remained silent, each in their own thoughts.
She handed him the tea, then proceeded him upstairs to the wide landing area that they used as an adhock study.

It was a wide space with a double sofa, a desk facing the window, then a couple of office chairs, printer on a table and book shelves. There on a shelf was the almost steam powered laptop! She got it down and placed it on the desk.

‘ over to you then….. ‘ Mel said feeling the intensity of his gaze onto her eyes. Almost like he could read her deepest thoughts, which Mel wished he couldn’t. Even she was trying hard not to admit to them!
‘ oops, sorry! ‘ came from down the landing as Charlotte dashed across the landing from the bathroom to her bedroom in nothing but a towel around her head!
‘ Charlotte!! ‘ said her mum.
‘ I didn’t realise you would both be up here yet! ‘ she replied as she skipped through the door into her room.

John was busy processing the view he just saw. Charlie was smooth skinned and almost flawless. She was slightly wet from her shower and still steaming. Her arms were up holding the towel to her hair, so her young tits were pulled up, making their size even more impressive, but best was how the chill air of the landing made her nipples pucker up and stand out.
As she walked, he saw glimpses of her thatch of jet black hair at her pussy. It too was still wet with water and dripping down her thighs.
Soon she was gone, the image burned into his mind.

‘ erm, I’ll leave you to the laptop, I need to attend to something ‘ said Mel. She disappeared down the stairs rather quickly.

John sat himself down and plugged in the old laptop. While it took ages to boot up, his mind was running through how he could get between this raven beauties legs today! Because he sure wasn’t leaving this house without turning her into his personal fuck toy, mother or not!

Melanie grabbed herself a cool drink from the fridge and sat down thinking. She needed to check this guy out. So she grabbed her work laptop from her shoulder bag hung on the chair back and took it and her drink through into the lounge. Before she sat down, she went to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of wine. She opened it and pour half a glass into her nearly empty drinks glass. She needed some Dutch courage today.
She sat back down with the laptop and logged into her work account.
Being a Housing and Benefits Councillor, she had access to various services to check peoples situations. She checked John’s address against the Council Tax register and found his full name from the recent change of details at his address.
With this information, she checked for any rental properties he may have lived in. While waiting for the search results, she took a few gulps of her drink…. It was just what she needed….cool and relaxing.

After a while some results showed up. John Ablott Smith. She smirked at Smith as a surname, so easy to hide behind. But with such and unusual middle name, it had to be him.
Yes, he had rented before. Recently private rentals. But a while ago he had rented a Council Flat.
She opened a drop down and looked for any additional information. This is were rent arrears or complaints were logged.
She found a complaint report. As she opened it, she took another long drink. She topped her glass back up, this time just with wine.
As she read, she stiffened in her seat. Here was what she feared all along. He had a police report for indecent advances towards young women!
As Mel read on it became clear there was a history of it. All the women seemed to be just turned 18.
Another long drink from her glass.

Upstairs, not more than 6ft from her just turned 18 year old daughter, sat a pervert, preditor even. Someone who finds innocent fresh young women, girls still and molest them!

While Mel sat there reading the reports about John. He was upstairs tapping away at the laptop keyboard. It was an easy fix. He was already into the systems settings and recovering everything. He started with the photos. Most seemed to be a young couple with a baby. Must be Mel, her Ex and Charlie. He’d recognise that black hair anywhere.
As he scanned forwards, more photos showed Charlie as she grew up. From a gangling kid to her turning into a teenager.
He nearly missed a group of three photos while flipping right, but the extra flesh colour made him go back.
There was a young Charlie, probably 13, in a garden by an inflatable pool standing posing in a two piece bikini. The bikini looked too small for her developing body.
As John looked closely, he wasn’t aware that Charlie had wrapped a bath towel around her body and had walked up behind him! She was seeing what he was seeing!
He zoomed into the image. Looking at this teen, beautiful even then. Just the hint of breast forming. No thigh gap yet…..

‘ I still have that birth mark there ‘ came her voice behind him!
John nearly jumped a mile! Caught red handed! Pervering over her photos! He was about to close the photos when she surprised him…..

‘ look! Just here! ‘

As he turned, there she was, one foot up on the desk, the towel fallen open, pointing to the small heart shaped birthmark on her inner thigh.
Surely she realised she had just given him a full close up view of her inner thigh and now dry pussy, there just within his reach.
He looked into her eyes and just saw excitement, nothing to show she knew what she had just done. No acknowledgement of exposing herself to him.
‘ hmm that’s a really pretty birth mark ‘ said John. He reached out and gently ran a finger across it. Charlie didn’t bat an eyelid. Just stayed there smiling at him as he examined her.

‘ thank you so much, you’ve found our photos, I’m so happy, thank you, thank you! ‘ she threw her arms around his neck and cuddle him. In doing so, her towel fell to the floor. Her breasts pressed against his arm because she was at his side. As she moved, the swivel chair turned and the back of his hand on the arm of the office chair, brushed against her public mound. He felt the heat there and the soft tight hairs.

‘ oops again ‘ said Charlie as she squatted to pick the towel back up. He got a good view of her pussy lips as they opened. Mmmmm.
‘ may I? ‘ she asked as she made to sit on his lap. ‘ I haven’t seen these for years! ‘
Before he could say anything, she sat on his lap!

Mel had just finished reading plenty of complaints and reports about John, THE John upstairs. Nothing seemed to have gone far enough to become a criminal offence, but certainly a moral one!
She emptied her glass and reached for the wine bottle only to find it empty! She’d just drunk a whole bottle to herself. She didn’t usually drink much alcohol, especially so quickly. She was starting to feel light headed. After what she had just learnt, she thought she better check what John was up to. As she stood up, the room started spinning, so she sat back down.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Charlie was sat on John’s lap, leaning forwards skipping through old family photos. She was so engrossed in them, that she hadn’t noticed that as she reach for the touch pad with one hand, the desk with the other, nothing could stop her towel falling open, revealing her boobs.
John was looking over her shoulder and could see her reflection in the laptop screen. He had a clear view of her firm young and large boobs on display. The thoughts in his head caused his manhood to start to stiffen. Every move she made on his lap just made the process quicķer.
She seemed totally unaware of the hardening lump under her generous backside.

‘ ha ha ha ‘ she squealed, suddenly sitting upright and pointing to the screen. ‘ That was on holidays ‘. The photo showed her covered in melted ice cream down her front.
The sudden movement she made on his lap made him grab at her to keep her still. His hands were now holding her sides and he could feel the soft flesh of her breasts.
He moved one hand and slid it around her middle, coming to rest on her tummy. Right below her hanging breasts.
He couldn’t believe she hadn’t stopped him and moved his hand away.
So there they sat, on a swivel office chair, a nearly naked Charlie and John with one hand on her naked tummy and the other nearly holding her right breast. Let alone the hard cock that was pressing up through his trousers into her bottom.

As this scene was developing upstairs, Melanie had recovered some balance and was at the bottom of the stairs. She wanted to check her daughter was safe from this molester.
After a few steps, her view of the landing opened up. What she saw froze her to the spot! Her daughter, virtually naked, sitting on an older man’s lap with her breasts hanging free, laughing as it looked like he was holding her and caressing her!
She was stunned, confused, but also found herself feeling turned on!
Her pussy floaded with her juices, her nipples hardened. She couldn’t understand why seeing her Charlie being held by someone that she now knew was only after making use of her body. Wanted to notch up another victim. Conquer her unused, virgin state…… ‘ Oh fuck! ‘ mumbled Mel as she thrust her hand between her legs. She just couldn’t stop herself. She needed to touch down there. Where John might soon be touch her gullible daughter. ‘ ooohhhhh ‘ she moaned as her fingers pushed inside her undies and found her engorged clit.
She couldn’t stand much longer, she needed to sit down. Soon she was back on the sofa, her legs apart and furiously rubbing her pussy while picturing what she’d seen. Wondering what might happen next.

As Charlie stopped laughing and leant forwards again, John moved his hand and cupped her right breast, then moved his left hand to do the same.
Charlie froze. Suddenly aware for the first time of where she was. Her mind processing the facts of what she could feel.
John’s hands holding both her bare, uncovered boobs.
The towel fallen open uncovering her top half.
The rather sizeable lump that was pressing up into the towel under her bottom.
The sudden realisation of the situation she had allowed to developed.
Her immature mind couldn’t deal with this situation. It needed to click into fright or flight, but Charlie wasn’t blessed with this thought process. The only way she knew to deal with it, was to pretend it wasn’t happening. Blank it out and focus on something happy.

So she relaxed and started flicking through the photos again. Her mind returned to the pictures and she found herself chuckling again.

John couldn’t believe it! He expected her to jump up, spin around and slap him. Or just jump up and run to her room. Never before had he experienced a girl ignore everything like it wasn’t happening!
Then to cap it all off, she started chuckling and looking at the photos again!
Here he was, holding a young womans tits without consent and being ignored.

He pressed his advantage and started squeezing them.
Charlie froze briefly, but soon went back to the photos.
This time he pressed a finger onto each nipple.
‘GASP!’ came from her. But then nothing. The photos kept scrolling.
So he increased his pressure on her now hard nipples.
She groaned a little this time and he felt her buttocks clench.
She tried to keep scrolling but the screen had frozen. The last photo was pixilated. The laptop was freezing up again, crashing.
John reached over and closed the top down.
‘ that’s enough of that distraction, I’ll need to get a friend around to help fix it now ‘

As he said it, John shifted in his seat slightly, closing his legs tightly under her. This had the effect of her legs sliding outside of his thighs to keep her balance. He decided to slow down. This was way too much fun!

Downstairs, Mel was slouched down, her fingers slowly working in and out of her sopping wet pussy, her undies pulled to the side, her skirt bunched up around her waist. She was imagining all sorts of images of what may be happening to Charlie upstairs.
Her lesson in teaching her how to stop unwanted attention seemed to have failed. Mel had failed. She must be a really bad mother. She had invited a known sexual molester into her home, her daughters safe space, then allowed them to be alone together.
She had even watched him starting his groping of Charlie and……did…..nothing! She made no attempt to stop it, stop him.
To makes it worse, she was so turned on and horny thinking about how her shy, gullible, repressed daughter was now really finding out what her mother had been warning her about these last couple of years.
As Mel came to the brink of an orgasm, her mind shouted ‘ serves the bitch right! ‘…….’ Let him use her ‘ ……’she’ll soon learn then!
‘ ohhhhh arghhhhh, fffuuucckkkk ‘ as Mel came in a crashing orgasm. Her legs trembling as spasm after spasm rippled through her womb.

Womb…..breeding…. BABIES!

Mel was brought back to reality with a crashing bump. Charlotte wasn’t on the pill! She was now with a mature guy very capable of impregnating her! Alone, inexperienced and unprotected.
As two women, living close together, their periods had aligned. They were the same cycle. As Mel let her slippery fingers fall away from her wet and dripping pussy, she calculated their last period. Three, no Four weeks ago. They were both due on soon, within the next week. She would be safe!

What was she thinking! She shouldn’t let it go that far. She needed to stop this all now! This minute.

As her mother went through her emotional whirlwind below, Charlie was struggling with the feelings her body was throwing at her. None she had ever experienced before. Yes, some tingling down there when she washed. A warm tummy feeling if she touched her nipples. But nothing like John’s hands had started.
She was finding it harder and harder to focus. Her body seemed to be getting more and more demanding of his attention.
Then John shifted under her. He managed to make her legs move, slide down and apart. Under her towel, she now had her thighs partly open, could feel the lump of his manhood…..penis……COCK…..lodged just below her vagina…..PUSSY……which she felt getting hot, itchy and wet.
As she ran these rambling images and thoughts through her mind, John hadn’t stopped. She now felt a large hand slip free of her left nipple, slide back and across the side of her breast flesh, making her shiver, then oh so gently down her side and back around to her tummy.
Her body trembled. She couldn’t control it.
Her body had never reacted to anything or anyone like this before.

She was losing control.

Even to blank this all out.
Her Mother’s words from her parental chats came to her. The Birds and the Bees chats. Stuff she found totally unconnected to her life, her body. But now she was starting to understand.

She was losing control.

John was relishing all of this. He could sense her surrender. He had been here many times before, just with more of a struggle or coaxing them. Cajoling them into the right situation.
Charlie was different. She had gone from total unresponsiveness, or even being aware of her bodies abilities, to total surrender.
He started to move his hand down her toned tummy, moving over the slight bulge over her womb. Still further, reaching the soft sparce hair at the top of her pubis. Now lower into the thicker hair leading to her pussy.
As his fingers pushed through her close hairs towards her clit hood, she tensed and tried to close her thighs.
Because of his earlier positioning, he stopped them closing by just opening his thighs. This just pushed her open again.
‘ Oh, ssshhhhiiiitttt ‘ Charlie moaned. Realising her predicament.
John kept his fingers moving down, finding the top of her slit, still moving down. He felt her heat increasing, he could feel her heartbeat rise as she started to lay back against his chest.

She had lost control.

She was his.

All Charlie could hear now, was a kind of rushing noise in her ears. Her heartbeat felt rapid and quicker. She was starting to perspire. All things she was used to from running, but also oh so different!
He had fingers twisting her right nipple, now also fingers sliding between her pussy lips. Exploring her most intimate area.

She felt like she was going to wet herself. There was a pressure building deep inside her tummy. A pulsing need. A need for what ever was coming.

‘ Mmmmmm, ohhhhh ‘ escaped her mouth.

Then a ‘ GASP, Sshhiitt ‘ as his fingers found her wetness, sliding up and down her lips, slowly going into ovals, spreading her, she wanted to see what he was doing to her, but the towel was hiding all his movements.
‘ arghhhhhMmmmm ‘ as he found her hooded clit, just at the top of her slip.
She jumped when he touched her there, she couldn’t stop herself. Her hips jurked forwards against her will! Seeking his fingers. Craving his touch.
‘ fffuucckk, oh God oh God ‘ she cried out as he pinched her clit and rolled it ever so gently between his fingers.
Her body shot upright, nearly making her stand up straight, just for a moment, before she sat down on him again. But enough that the towel slipped free to fall, bunched around her feet.

She was totally naked now, apart from the towel around her head for her wet hair. Finally she could look down and see John’s mature fingers working her previously untouch slit. As his fingers moved, his whole hand covered her mound. She was amazed at the size of his hand, how it could also be so gentle.
A feeling of being secure, safe, came over her. This older man, who had touched her without a single word seeking her consent, didn’t feel threatening anymore. Her feelings were really mixed up now……this shouldn’t be happening to her……she hadn’t sought this……wasn’t aware she had displayed any need for this……she NEEDED this……but didn’t know WHAT she needed. She had no idea where this was going.

She was his.

John was really getting a little impatient now. But he knew she was a virgin, he needed to take his time so Charlie would enjoy it with him and want more, much more. But still, he had his needs too.

His fingers kept her on edge, touching her clit repeatedly, making her squirm on his lap. This in turn rubbing his cock. Now the towel was gone, the sensations were even greater. He was struggling to control himself.
So he started to work her virgin pussy, bringing her towards an orgasm. What he didn’t realise, is this would be her first ever orgasm! She had never experienced any erotic sensations down there before. This was all brand new.
As his fingers started to press more insistently, becoming more urgent, he was aware of her panting breath, how there was a slight sheen of perspiration to her skin.
Her nipples stood up firm and angry looking, a deeper red, flushed with blood.
Deep in her throat there was a low growling starting. Her breaths were getting shorter.
She was approaching an orgasm.

Mel sat, stunned and feeling lost. She should go back upstairs now! Break them apart before anything happens to ruin Charlie’s life. She could only guess at what John had planned for her sweetheart. How far he would take things.
But she knew.
She had read the complaints, the police reports.
She read in graphic detail what his previous victims had been put through.

Her hand moved of its own volition under her top and reached her hard nipple. It started to pinch and twist until it almost hurt.

At first he seemed very gentle. He allowed them to think it was their idea, what they wanted from him

Her other hand moved along her thigh and was soon back at her glistening wet pussy. Tracing around her opening, occasionally dipping inside.

He made sure that they were pleasured first, bringing them to an orgasm. Doing nothing for himself yet.

Her nipple was thrombin from the attention, her fingers were delving inside, trying reach her G spot……

Then after they come down from this orgasmic high, while they are a little incoherent……

‘ ohhhh ffffffffff damn it, not again ‘ cried Mel as another orgasm crashed through her body. It was so big, she was amazed to witness her juices squirting out of her pussy! It felt like she was wetting herself, she was! But it was her cum! Her legs clenched together, her whole body was shaking, she couldn’t stop! She still had her fingers at her pussy, now rubbing her clit furiously. Still she squirted, it kept coming. She hoped her daughter got some of this too…..wait…..what was she thinking……must……stop……him……ohhhhhharghhhhh…..hmmmmm…..Mmmmmmm……fuck the bitch…..John……take her!!

Charlie couldn’t hold it back anymore, her body was telling her to ‘Let go’……as a loud growl escaped her throat…..her body thundered into her first orgasm.
Her hands gripped the chair arms, her eyes rolled up into her head, her legs trembled, a slow shriek was forming in her throat, then it burst out……as she let it echo around the house, she was just aware of a similar sound coming from downstairs.
As the contractions in her pussy receded, she felt so drained, so washed out. She went limp. Just laying back against the Angel or Devil who had just made this happen. She was oblivious to anything around her.

John was pleased with himself. He had her now, his own. For a while anyway. The next step had to be quick.
He shifted under Charlie. As he moved, she just groaned. But remained limp. He maneuvered her until he could scoop her up into his arms. The towel wrapped around her head slipped away. He smelt the fresh smell of her damp hair, mixing with the pungent odour of her sex.
He carried her to the door he knew to be her bedroom. Pushing the partially open door back so he could carry her in. He kicked it too behind them.
As he approached her single bed, he took in her room.
Teddy bears around the edge of the bed. Pastel colours to the walls. Some dolls on a shelf. The bedding had a Frozen duvet cover and pillow cases. It looked like the room of a much younger girl.

As he lay her on the bed, still limp and almost unresponsive, he gazed at her, taking in the most wonderful view a man can ever witness, the total after glow of a woman after her orgasm. The slight smile to the lips, the nearly closed eyes, then the occasional jump as an after shock from the orgasm hits her womb. The slight groans, almost a purr like a contented kitten.

This was his time. The small window were there would be no resistance.

He stripped off his clothes. Totally naked, he climbed on the narrow bed and lay beside Charlie. He reached over and started oh very gently doing circles around her nipples. She groaned louder, then reached up to stop him, mumbling something incoherent.
John continued his efforts, waiting for her to recover more.
As she regained some senses, he turned onto his side and shuffled tight against her. Reaching over, he held her waist and rolled onto his back, she came with him.

Now Charlie was on top of him.

He could feel her boobs squashed against his hairy chest. His stiff cock was pressed against her thigh. With a little shuffling, it nestled into the closed line between her thighs. As he rested there, he felt her pussy juices running onto his lower tummy and trickling down, around the base of his cock and down his balls.

Charlie was only just aware that she was no longer sitting at the desk, no longer on John’s lap.
Her nipples were being touched again and the sensation was too much. It was like lightening through her body. Everything was so sensitive.
Then she felt a hot body next to her, pressed in tight. Now she was being held, but was on top of a hot, hairy body. She smelt a slight sweaty and musky odour. Also a sweet, yet sharp smell. As she lay there, she felt her own pussy juices run out of her, the sweet smell got stronger. It was the smell of her own juices.
She then became aware of a firmness pressing against her thighs, just down from her pussy.
As her mind started to clear, she knew it was John underneath her. How come she was on top of him? Had she crawled onto him?
She needed to get off. She might hurt him.
She tried to sit up, letting a soft groan escape her lips.
She managed to sit up but was very unsteady. She felt John’s hands reach and hold her waist to steady her.
‘ thank you ‘ she murmured.
As she rested, she was again aware of a rigid thing pressing against her buttocks. Was she crushing his manhood?
She shifted slightly, trying to lift up to free his trapped thingy.
John helped, he pushed her up.
As she lifted, his cock sprang through her thigh gap and was now pointing straight up infront of her pussy mound.
She hadn’t really seen a penis close up before, she was unprepared for what she saw. It was huge. All veins. The few pictures she had seen were of one with a big, red mushroom type head. This had skin all the way up to a puckered hole.
It wasn’t very long, but seemed as thick as her wrist.
She settled back down, feeling so very tired.
She started falling forwards again, towards his chest, he caught her and lowered her down slowly. The feeling of his warmth and hair was comforting to her.

As John watched her reaction to seeing his erect cock spring into view, he knew she hadn’t seen many and possibly had never touched one…..yet. she was sitting up, astride his hips, eyes down looking at it, her hair was a raven curtain falling in still damp tangles from her head.
Then she tipped her head backwards, made a small groan, her hair parting to reveal her lovely orbs, beautiful and white, peach smooth, her nipples large and stiff still.
As she moaned, she fell forwards, almost like she was fainting.
He caught her upper arms and lowered her to his chest. His erection trapped against her tummy, her pussy hair scratching against his balls.
He held her there for a while, his arms cross over her back, just enjoying having this lithe young woman across his body.
Then he moved his hands down to her butt. He held each cheek in his hands and massaged them.
He was surprised at how firm they were, he expected them to be kinda just fatty orbs, but they were firm, like muscle. He kneeded them and moved them around. Pulling they apart.

‘ Mmmmm that’s nice ‘ said Charlie in a dream like voice.

He continued his exploration.

Mel had recovered from her surprise squirting orgasm and was sliding back into her mother roll.
She stood up on shaky legs, but soon managed to walk steadily.
As she climbed the stairs, she ran through her mind the things she was going to say, going to do, to get this pervert out of their house.
She wasn’t sure, but as she crashed through her wet cum, she though she heard Charlotte cry out. Was he hurting her!
Melanie’s blood started to boil, No one hurts her daughter!
With stern words on her lips as she neared the top of the stairs ‘ John……’, there was no one there! The laptop sat closed on the desk, abandoned.
Just Charlie’s bath towel bunched up on the floor by the swivel chair, which was turned facing towards her bedroom door. She was naked, with Him!
Mel could smell the unmistakably sweet yet musky odour of a womans sex. Maybe her own, her thighs were really wet.
She moved to the towel and used it to dry her thighs and up to her pussy. No panties! She didn’t remember taking them off, but she must have. The back of her skirt was damp to. Her orgasmic juices.

She then heard a soft moan come from Charlie’s bedroom. They were in there! She moved towards the door, intending to burst in, but as she neared it, she saw it wasn’t fully closed. There was a slight gap. She hesitated, not knowing why, instead she quietly approached and moved her eye to the gap.
She couldn’t seem to see much at first, but she could her gentle groans and moans, some quiet words that she couldn’t make out.
Then her eyes caught sight of a pile of clothes on the carpet, his clothes, he was was naked!
Her daughter was naked in her bedroom with a now naked man. An adult, mature, experienced man.
She involuntary held her breath as she shifted position to see a better angle.
As her view shifted she saw the bottom of Charlie’s bed, all pink and decorated with childish stickers. Then the duvet, all a bit scrunched up and hanging half off the mattress.
Then an audible ‘GASP’ left her mouth as she saw large feet, on her daughters bed, pointing UP! She was in shock, but like a strong magnet to metal, her vision was drawn further, up his slightly hairy shins, to his knees. Then her daughters feet appeared, pale and smooth compared to his and much smaller. From her slight angle, she could only see her one foot, the other was across his legs the other side of him, Charlie was straddling him!
‘ No No No ‘ she muttered, this can’t be happening.
But as she shifted more, she saw Charlie’s backside, thighs open wide across his thighs, his very hairy thighs, covered in a light brown colour hair.
She was laying flat over his chest. His hands were groping her butt cheeks, one in each hand, massaging them, squeezing them.
‘ mmmmm aahhhhh ‘ was coming from deep in Charlie’s throat. She was enjoying it. All the warnings Mel had given her, and she had been oblivious to them all!
As John pulled her cheeks apart, Mel could clearly see her daughters sex, wet, open, but empty. She looked slightly open but still tight. He hadn’t had sex with her……yet.

Mel suddenly felt a jolt as something touched her pussy, then she realised her own hand was there without her realising it had moved!
The sight of her daughter, in the clutches of this man was getting her seriously aroused again. Not imagined images now, but real, live, in front of her.
She had the power to stop this now, but something deep inside Mel, the mother of this sweet innocent girl, also had the power to let it happen.
As this thought sunk in, she thrust her fingers up into her sopping wet pussy. Not gentle this time, but hard, rough, aggressive even. She felt like she need to punish herself for letting this happen.

As she looked back at the couple, yes, couple on the bed, she watched as John’s hands moved to the side of Charlie’s hips. He placed them under her and pushed up.
Charlie moved with him, still laying on his chest, but raising her hips up, higher, higher.
Then Mel almost jumped backwards as his fully erect cock sprang into view between her daughters thighs.
It was certainly big! Not long, but very fat around. It still had foreskin. Not so common these days from what Mel knew.

Then it struck her, this big cock was now pointing up, directly at her virgin daughters pussy, no condom, unprotected, her Charlies wet, lubricated entrance as yet untried.

Her fingers were frantically pushing at her own cunt, forcing her open, scraping at her sensitive spots, her other hand now grabbing her nipples. Really squeezing them hard, painfully so.

‘ do it…..do IT…..DO IT ‘ her mind screamed. Watching John move his hands again. This time they were back to Charlie’s sides, holding her hips. He started to push down, the gap between his cock and her opening closed a little.
Mel had a clear view of every millimetre, by millimetre they closed.
Then they touched!
Mel gasped, this was it, there was no other chance left to stop the defloweration of her young daughter.
She was getting close to her own release again and just as she took a breath to control herself and burst into the room…..she saw John move his hands….one to the middle of Charlie’s lower back…. the other up to the side of her head laid on his chest…..then in what seemed like slow motion, he held her head against him…..pushed down with his lower hand…..and thrust up with his hips!

Me’ls eyes shot wide open as suddenly she witnessed his erect cock pierce her daughters womanhood in one quick stab upwards. Charlie screamed instantly. John groaned loudly and Mel held onto the door frame as she gasped into a new orgasm from what she witnessed.

Charlie felt the moment John’s cock touched her pussy, waiting there, hovering as her juices coated the tip. She felt his skin slide back as the head exposed itself and pressed into her entrance. She had no energy to stop what she knew was about to happen. Why hadn’t her Mum appeared and stopped this. She must know what was happening to her daughter.
All these thoughts flashed through Charlie’s mind in milliseconds as her virginity was about to be taken. Maybe her mother was teaching her a lesson…..
With that thought, John moved…..

Charlie was suddenly wide awake, shocked and in excruciating pain from the sudden fast thrust of his cock into her tight folds. A bright flash of searing pain shot through hers eyes as her hymen was no more, she screamed loud which soon trailed off to whimpering and soft crying. There was some comfort in the way John held her tight. They stayed still together. He was making shushing noises in her ear and rubbing her head and lower back.
As she relaxed more, the pain subsided. She felt his presence inside her, the stretching, the sense of fullness, but something more…..something she was struggling to understand…..surrender….that was it…..no…..something else……owned! That was it! She was owned by this man who had claimed her as his.

She was happy.

Mel couldn’t take her eyes away from the scene playing out in front of her. The couple lay together, John comforting Charlie. As her screams subsided and turned to sobs, she say his cock start to slowly withdraw. There was a ring of watery blood around the base of his stiff pole, her daughter wasn’t a virgin anymore.
As she watched, he pushed back in, all very slowly and gentle. Charlie’s sobs got quieter and then started to change…….becoming little whimpers……then moans.
Mel was mesmerised by the sight, watcher Charlie become a woman…..no…..being made a woman!
Then she witnessed her daughter start lifting and lowering her hips in time with John’s motion.
She was engaging in sex! Starting to enjoy it.
She watched as Charlie’s pussy was stretched almost unbelievably wide by his girth, the bright pink of her inner flesh being dragged out with his rigid cock when he withdrew a little.
Mother stood watching Daughter being taken, but in the most beautiful way.

John himself was in a little discomfort to. Charlie’s pussy was so tight, really tight, it was hurting his dick! Maybe it was all her running, her muscles toned and strong.
He had to move, he couldn’t take her tight squeezing anymore. As he withdrew a little, he felt her tense up, ouch, fuck, but he kept going. Then paused before pushing back in.
She started to relax, feeling her stretching to accommodate his size.
He kept going, very slowly, only short strokes.
Then he heard her moan deep into his chest, felt her pussy ripple around his cock. He pushed a bit deeper, quicker. She raised up a little, but soon pressed back down on him, taking him deeper.

Hmmmm, the sensation was bliss to John. He’d had tight young women before, even virgins, but none compared to how soft yet tight Charlie was.
He felt his balls starting to tingle. Deep in the pit of his stomach an ache was building. His cock was becoming more sensitive and inflamed……he was nearing his release.

At the door, Charlie’s mother was spellbound by all this. Watching her girl actually participating in intercourse……sex…..fucking…..for the first time.
Watching her start to moved with his rhythm, helping him to go deeper into her tunnel.
Then a worrying event happened.
She saw John’s balls tighten up!
She knew what this indicated……he was preparing to cum……to send a load of virile sperm up into Charlie’s waiting uterus and womb.
She would be panicking like mad now, if she hadn’t already worked out that Charlie should be at a safe time in her cycle, their cycle, they shared the same one, mother & daughter.
As she fixed her gaze on the union between them, his ball sack kept tightening up, then relaxing again. Was he trying to control himself? Not to cum in Charlie? Maybe he was going to be careful and pull out. Oh, she hoped so!

But as she watched, his sack tightened up again. His movements changed slightly. Instead of a gentle in and out, there was a deeper push in, a pause, then just a little pull back before immediately thrusting back in to hold deep again. This time his balls didn’t relax.

Charlie had passed beyond any pain that started this and was now overwhelmed by the feelings going on inside her. She could not control her body, it had a mind of its own. She found herself responding to John’s thrusts, meeting them, even pushing back as hard, which cause him to press against her clit, sending even more sparks of pleasure through her loins.
The more he moved the easier his penatration became, she felt him go deeper and deeper inside her tight core, pushing her insides around, making them conform to the space he required.
Her body was accommodating him, changing for his needs. A vessel for his use.
But there was one part, up high within her sex, that didn’t move. She first felt it when he thrust quite hard and deep and held himself there…..a sharp pain…..no, not pain……discomfort.
Her mind flashed back to Sex Ed at school, running through all the parts to a womans sex. Cervix, that’s what he was hitting. The entrance to her womb. Where his sperm would swim in and travel up to find her eggs to make a BABY!

She tensed with realisation of all the things her mother had been trying to tell her, warn her of, about boys and sex. Had tried so hard to get her to take the pill, to use contraception.
She had treated it all as silly, just unnecessary for her. She couldn’t see herself engaging in sex with anyone soon.
Yet here she was, being deeply screwed by a dominant man who she hadn’t stopped from using her.
Now there was a massive risk he could impregnate her. Give her his baby.

She couldn’t focus enough to work out her cycles, too many intense sexual feelings and emotions were flooding her brain. So she had no idea if she was safe or not.

Not that it mattered very soon….

Mel saw the first pulses at the base of John’s cock! His balls pulled up tighter yet and she could clearly watch the rhythmic pulses up along the underside of his stiff manhood. Pulses that were sending millions of sperms into her Charlie!
It was too much for her to watch now. The dreaded deed was done. She had every opportunity to break this up, but she didn’t. She had to come to terms with what she had allowed to happen.
She couldn’t blame her daughter, she knew exactly what she was like, that she wasn’t capable of recognising inappropriate behaviour, especially sexual behaviour towards her.
A final glance into the bedroom saw a still pulsing cock, she stood up and walked away from the sight.

John was in heaven…….no, he didn’t think he would go there……in bliss, rapture, elated……and exhausted.
His ejaculate when it came was so strong, he was surprised Charlie stayed coupled to him with the force of it! It just kept coming, pump after pump of his rich sperm shooting up into her pussy. He felt so deep in her, he could feel himself bumping against what must be her cervix. Right in line with the eye to his cock head.
Charlie lay still across him, very deep, slow breathing. She must has passed out! She made no move to climb off him, or demand what he thought he was doing. In fact, he was still inside her, slowly shrinking down, but still the occasional pulse of more cum into her.

As he lay there, he caught movement in the corner of his vision. As he looked towards the door, he saw it hadn’t shut fully when he had carried Charlie in here. The door was open a crack. He swore he caught the glimpse of an eye, watching.
Mel must have witnessed all of it!
Saw what he had done with her precious daughter!
And done nothing. No attempt to stop him.

Hmmmm he thought, this is a first. A consensual parent. I’m not into mature women, but……

As these thoughts occurred to him, he shifted on the bed and turned to let Charlie slide off sideways onto the mattress. As he did so, his softening cock pulled free of her not so tight pussy. As it withdrew, there was a small trickle of his cum flowing out with a stringy bit still making contact between them.
He admired the sight for a bit, then climbed off the bed. Letting a totally relaxed woman fall asleep. Yes, a woman now.
He pulled the duvet up and covered her. Stroking her raven hair back from her face. A smile crossed her lips and a small moan and a whispered ‘ thank you ‘.

John grabbed his clothes from their pile on the floor and got dressed.

With a quick glance bad, he saw Charlie curled up, under her childhood duvet, looking like a little girl again.

And left the room, closing the door with an audible click.

Mel heard the bed creak, the door click shut, so knew John was coming downstairs, but alone? Or would Charlotte be with him? To throw in her mother’s face what she didn’t attempt to stop happening.

John appeared at the lounge door…..alone. His piercing gaze to her seemed to hold a question. She dreaded him turning it into spoken words.
But instead he just looked at the state of her, obvious that she had been sexually aroused. Her panties were even on the floor by her feet. An empty wine bottle. He could see the glistening wet along her inner thighs.
No wonder she looked like a Deer caught in the headlights. Guilty secrets.

He moved to sit on the arm of the sofa. She flinched. Was she expecting him to make a move on her now?? She’ll be unlucky there, just not his bag.

But it gave him an idea, hmmm I wonder…..

He cleared his throat, then started talking to her….. ‘ I managed to get into the laptop and recover some photos, Charlie saw some of them….’ He saw her slump at the mention of her daughter, almost ashamed….’ But before I could save anything more, it crashed again. It needs a specialist program running which I don’t have. But I do know a guy who might be willing to help ‘
He saw the surprised, almost fear, flash across her eyes. Was she thinking he wouldn’t return?

‘ what I’ll do ‘ said John, ‘ is I’ll take your door key, then while your at work, we can come by and sort the laptop out ‘
While saying this, John reached for Mel’s bunch of keys sitting on the low table, beside her empty glass. He picked them up, looking directly at Mel, into her Hazel eyes, while he unhooked the door key.
As he held it up to her, almost gloating, she looked away. Not saying anything.
He put the key into his pocket and stood up.
‘ I’ll come by when I’m next free ‘

With that, he turned and left the house.

Mel sat there, confused, upset, but oh so horny!

Foot note: Should there be a part 2?

Any constructive comments welcome. First story, so be kind!

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