no regrets part5

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I had been ill with the flu and just got over it so hadn’t gone into my sisters room for over a week It was saturday morning and decided to go to the beach early I asked mum and she said that I had to stay home as her and dad had to go out and I could go later as I had to look after my little sister. So I said I would take her with me for a couple of hours and mum said OK
I threw on my boardshorts and sis put on her white one piece with a hem on it that went around the waist it was a little small for her as she had grown alot since last summer When we got to the beach it was low tide so I decided to walk around the rocks up to the next beach.we started walking and about half way round we found some rockpools which sis wanted to go in so we went in and had a swim after a while I got out and said to sis lets get going as she got out the wet nylon swimsuit clung to her and produced a large camel toe that gave me an instant hardon
We walked for a while and climbed over some big rocks and sis said she was getting tired so I said we can rest here for a while we laid down the towels and sis laid on her back,I look over at her and the cameltoe was still there.
I moved over and started rubbing her belly she opened her legs a little
I had never ever touched her during the day but seeing her with legs apart made me horny again so I moved my hand down and started rubbing her vagina,her face was bright red but she didn’t resist,I slowly pulled the nylon to one side and started fingering her
In daylight I could see what it look like and it actually facinated me ‘I spread her fanny lips to reveal the lovely clit I had been playing with all those nights ago and then probed deeper and looked inside.but she started to resist when I pushed my finger in further.I was as horny as hell so I asked if I could lick her.she jump up and said no but you can keep playing with me if you want’
I continued and she was getting worked up then she said ok I said ok what and she said you can lick me.
I told her to take of her swimmers and lay down on the towel She was fully naked with her legs spread wide apart I started licking softly at first but damm I was so horny I postioned my cock between her legs and tried to enter her,she flinched and said it hurt so I went back to licking her this time with longer strokes from the top down to her arsehole
I could tell she was enjoying it but every time my tongue went to her arsehole she would moan louder.I started fingering her bum and used my thumb to play with her clit she started to hump my finger which was in her bumhole so I worked it right in as far as my finger would go and pulled it neary out then back in again after about 2 minutes she arched her back and came, my finger felt like it was going to be chopped off when she came
I was so horny and my balls were aching like hell so it was either put it between her legs and rub my cock over her pussy or see what she would do if I tried to put it in her arse
she enjoyed the finger in the arse so why not try my cock so I asked her and she said no way its too big
I got a little upset and said we had to get going we walked for another mile or so up the rocks then she stopped and said ok but if it hurts I would have to stop
she put her towel on a sandy area and took off her swimmers and laid on her back again spread her legs whitish liquid stuff was dripping from her I once again went down on her but concentrated on her arse hole just licking and trying to put my tongue in it but it was tight again so I used my finger then after awhile I managed to get 2 finger in it
It was now or never so I placed my cock at the entrance and just put my head of the cock inside once past the muscle it went easy I started to go deeper and deeper until my whole cock was inside I started to fuck her and she didnt say any thing but was starting to move towards me with each thrust suddenly she said deeper deeper go deeper and then she came her whole body was shaking like I have never seen before
That was it, I exploded inside her, the best orgasm I had ever had, we both just laid there for ages with my cock still buired in her arsehole up to my balls
I had kissed my sister many times before but today I kissed her on her lips softly usually we would part after a couple of seconds but this time we didnt pull away and kept it up. my cock was limp but still in her arse but my cock grew again still kissing me she grabbed my arse and started humping me that was it I last another minute or so but this time I pulled my cock out and blew all over her pussy she reached down and finger her clit which was covered in my come until she came again (part 6 coming soon)

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    Its good that she learned to love anal sex so early in her life.

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    lucky boy i had also same experience

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    Fucking hot