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The killing and rebuilding of mankind part eight

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The saga of Joe, his girls, and Ashley’s family continues. This is the eighth part. To find the previous seven parts, click on my author’s name.

Kristen and Amy were right behind me as I grabbed the trolling line. As I pulled in line, the girls grabbed on to help, making the task much easier. It felt like a good-sized fish. One foot at a time, we hauled it in. When the fish was just twenty feet from the stern, it finally broke the surface, only jumping a foot out of the water.

“Some kind of tuna!” I exclaimed happily.

“It’s a yellowfin, Daddy!” Amy supplied with excitement.

“It’s HUGE!” Kristen just as excitedly added.

I kept pulling, and when I just had the steel leader on my hands, I needed different help. That leader could easily slice open skin. “Girls, keep hold of the rope and just walk with it toward the bow! I can’t pull it all the way in just holding this leader.”

My daughters set to walking backward while keeping a tight grip on the main line. Hand over hand, I pulled as best I could on the leader until the fish was flopping on the stern deck. I picked it up by its gills. The tuna was heavy, and I estimated that it had to weigh over forty pounds.

“I’ll get the knives!” Amy excitedly stated as she ran for the cabin.

Kristen came up beside me. I took the fish a little further forward and knelt with it on the deck. Kristen knelt beside me. “WOW! We could eat for a week, Daddy!”

I reached out with my free hand and caressed her soft bottom. “Unfortunately, we don’t have cold storage big enough. We’ll cut it into steaks for tonight. Maybe we can dry the rest, but dried fish isn’t my favorite.”

“Dried fish is really not very good, Daddy,” Amy said when she returned with a large kitchen knife.

“We could give some to Ashley and David,” Kristen suggested while Amy just took over cleaning the fish.

“Good idea. I’ll get on the radio and let them know,” I replied cheerfully.

My daughters kept working on the big fish while I headed to the pilot station. Grabbing the radio, I pressed the PTT button. “Research, Explorer, you copy?”

It was only a few seconds before a young female answered. “Explore, Research, copy loud and clear,” she replied cheerfully.

“Hi. Who do I have the pleasure of talking to?” I asked, not knowing which of Ashley and David’s three girls this might be.

“Hey, Joe. It’s Joanne. Did you want to talk to Mom?” Ashley and David’s fifteen-year-old daughter responded.

I chuckled over the air. “Hi Joanne. You’ll do just fine. I’m just calling to let you know that we caught a really nice tuna. It’s much more than we can use, and we wondered if you all would like some of it?”

“Mom just showed up anyway. Guess it’s my turn at the faucet! Here’s Mom.” Joanne transmitted. That made little sense to me, so I let it go for now.

“Joe! How are things?” Ashely came over the air clearly, sounding happy enough.

“We’re good, Ashley. We snagged a big tuna and can’t use it all. You want some?”

“Oh, sure!”

“OK! Maybe when we stop for the night, we can tie alongside and even have time to visit.”

“That works! Maybe by then, the antidote will have taken effect for our men.”

“Um, antidote? Was there an accidental poisoning?”

I heard Ashley giggle over the air before she spoke. “A little tea overdose! Us gals have been trying to make sure the guys can get rid of excess cum. I just helped Bill unload, and Jo has taken over. We’re making sure that every cock is in a mouth or pussy at all times so our men don’t build up too much cum.”

I had to laugh. “Oh! So that’s what she meant when Joanne said it was her turn at the faucet?”

“Yep! We’re sort of rotating around. When either Dad or Rodger cums, whichever of the girls did it will come relieve me to take her place. It’s been a very long time since all four of us were so busy having sex with our men.” Ashley replied, sounding quite chipper.

“Oh, um, how much does it take to overdose? Does it really cause problems?” I asked a bit worriedly. All the warnings about long-term erections with things like Viagra came to mind.

Ashley’s tone became more serious. “Our men accidentally got served twice the normal dosage, Joe. We have another tea that’s supposed to have a little bit of an opposing effect and that’s reduced their orgasms from over fifteen minutes down to ten. So, they aren’t making such huge amounts of cum, but it’s still quite a lot. All three have had hard cocks for hours because of it.

“However, if your girls stick to the directions I gave them, you shouldn’t have any issues.”

While I talked with Ashley, I sort of lost track of where my girls were and what they were doing. That changed when both of them arrived at my side with wet hair. I smiled at them as I replied. “I’ll make sure to remind them! They’re much too young to be trying to make me orgasm that much.”

“Huh? We love making you orgasm, Daddy!” Kristen said in confusion.

“We really do!” Amy agreed as both girls started playing with my cock and balls.

“Well, Amy is plenty old enough but Kristen might be a bit young yet,” Ashley commented.

While Amy slowly stroked my newly hardened cock, Kristen snatched the radio. “I’m old enough!” she said over the air.

Ashley was giggling as she replied. “Um, Honey, do you think you and Amy could swallow your father’s cum constantly or have your pussies so overfilled that it’s always streaming out of you? That’s what has happened here because we accidentally gave our men too much tea! Our men have been making so much cum that us girls have to keep them having orgasms so it doesn’t build up too much, and that’s a lot of cum!”

“Oh, um, I still think I could do it!” Kristen replied while Amy nodded and grinned.

“Well, just don’t overdose your father! So, we can swing south and come alongside to pick up the fish. Is that acceptable?’ Ashley asked.

Kristen handed the radio back, muttering, “I could do it.” Then she and Amy walked to the foredeck.

I was still chuckling as I replied to Ashley. “That sounds good.”

“You’re laughing. What’s so funny?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, I think Kristen’s a little defensive about her abilities. The last thing she said, not happily, was ‘I could do it.”

I heard Ashley snort as she came back with, “Heck give them a challenge! See how often they can stand to bring you to orgasm. You’re their father so let the girls play.”

I had a smile as I said, “I will always let my girls play. No good father would ever deny his daughters whether it involves sex or not.”

“Joe, you’re a very good father! So, we’ll detour and meet up with you. It looks like it’s my turn with Bill. Research out.” Ashley signed off.

My girls had stayed close to me as I finished that radio call. So close that feeling their small bodies against mine was pretty much constant. They could hear both sides of the conversation quite easily. Both of them had moved their hands from on or near my crotch up to my shoulders and chest.

“Daddy, we’ve really been kinda pests. I mean, every chance we get, we’re doing something with your penis. We’re sorry, Daddy.” Amy told me while she and Kristen both caressed my upper chest and looked into my eyes.

I set the radio aside so that I had both hands free, which I used to caress their soft little bottoms. Both of them got closer, their chests on my ribs. “Girls, it’s OK. You’re both my daughters now. As your father, I need to ensure that you both know you can touch me anywhere on my body any time you want. Besides, I really do like all the touching you’ve been doing. I love making love to you and I want to have both oral and vaginal sex with both of you as often as you like.”

I actually felt their little bodies relax against me. Kristen and Amy both slid their hands down my front until Kristen was delicately holding my stiff cock and Amy was gently playing with my balls. I gave each of them light kisses on their lips in encouragement.

“Well, if I could, this would be in my vagina or mouth all the time, Daddy.” Kristen said as she stroked my cock slowly with her hand wrapped loosely around it.

“Me too. It’s brand new to us, really, so we want to do it all the time!”Amy agreed.

I pulled them tighter against me. “Girls, making love to you is brand new to me too, so I also want to have my penis in your mouths and vaginas as much as possible. I want to give both of you as much of my semen as I can make.”

Amy took hold of my wrist and moved my hand from her soft bottom up to her little breast. Kristen sank to her knees and slid her lips over the head of my cock. There wasn’t any hesitation. I had made it clear to my daughters that I yearned for sex with them, and they immediately acted on it.

While Kristen sucked me, I passionately kissed and fondled Amy. My arousal ramped up. But before making me cum, Kristen and Amy swapped places so that Amy could spend some time sucking me. Kristen kissed me ardently while I fondled her budding little breasts.

Twice more, my girls exchanged positions before I warned them, “Gonna cum, girls!”

While Kristen kept sucking me, Amy helped me lay down. My orgasm hit like a freight train almost immediately. I seemed to black out, but I never lost consciousness. I was simply unable to do anything but keep my lips latched to Amy’s little nipple for a good minute. As my orgasm settled, and I was able to take a breath, Amy moved down beside Kristen and I watched as Kristen slid her lips from my gushing cock so that Amy could suck and swallow.

A very thick stream of cum had splashed onto Kristen when she moved to let Amy take her place. Kristen, unworried about my cum on her, slid up my body to give me a passionate, cum flavored kiss. I caressed Amy’s head and Kristen’s bottom while we made out.

Amy reached up and tapped Kristen’s bottom. Kristen broke our kiss with a sweet, and seductive, smile then moved down so that Amy could let her have my still gushing cock. Both girls again got splattered with my cum. While Kristen resumed swallowing my cum, Amy moved up to kiss me.

The girls kept trading places, getting more cum covered each time, until my cum was spent. Then, both of them laid on my chest, smearing me with my cum too. I traded kissing one and then the other while fondling their backs, bottoms, and upper thighs.

“Mmmm, Daddy, that was delicious! Thank you! We love you so much!” Amy gushed while I kissed her adopted sister.
I broke the kiss with Kristen so I could kiss Amy. “It really is delicious to us, Daddy, but you’re tasting it too, Do you like it?” Kristen asked.

I kept kissing Amy for a few seconds before answering. “Well, it’s not my favorite thing, but it’s on and in my daughters. Nothing I have put on or in my daughters can ever be a bad thing for me to consume.”

Amy giggled. “So, you don’t like the taste, but since it’s your semen, it’s OK? Daddy, we made you put it there. We can easily go wash out our mouths and wash your semen off of our bodies before we force you to kiss all over us.”

“I never want to wait that long, girls. I want to hold you and kiss you. Taking time to go do all of that takes away from time I can have my hands and lips on you.” I said before gently shifting so that Kristen and Amy were laying on their backs side by side. Then, propped on my hands over my daughters, I began trailing kisses from their lips down their bodies. I would kiss one and then the other. Both of my daughters sighed and ran their hands over my head.

It took me almost another minute to satisfy myself with their little nipples. Even though so-me of my cum had splattered there, I kissed and suckled my daughters gratefully before continuing my kissing journey. Amy and Kristen had their knees up and spread for me as I got to their crotches.

“Turn around, Daddy.” Amy softly directed.

While licking Amy’s vulva, I did as requested so that my knees were spread wide, Agan, my daughters took turns sucking my cock while I reveled in licking their sweet young pussies.

“Explorer, Research, we’re close. Do you need us to hold off until you cum?” I heard Ashley’s voice over the radio.

Both of my daughters giggled as I got off of them to grab the radio. The yacht was closer than I had expected. “Research, Explorer. We’re ready. The girls and I were just exploring sex a little more.”

A chuckle came over the radio before Ashley said, “Fathers and daughters should do a lot of sexual exploration! Are you able to maneuver to our swim platform? It would be easier than letting down a line from our deck to one of your outboard hulls.”

“Yeah, we can do that. I’ll send my girls to the bows port and starboard.” I said, as I made my way to the helm to take manual control. Kristen and Amy happily skipped over the netting between the center hull and the outboard hulls to stand on the bows.

“Very good. We’ll come full stop just ahead of you.” Ashley replied.

The Tribal Research slowly pulled ahead as I got our engine running, the sail dropped, and the maneuvering thrusters into operation. Standing on either side of the swim platform were Jenny and Melanie. Right behind Jenny was Bill, holding her waist as he slowly fucked her from behind. Melanie had Rodger behind her, also fucking. I didn’t see Joanne and assumed that she was probably helping David have an orgasm.

Even though they were being humped by their brothers, Jenny and Melanie still managed to get us tied to the swim platform. I shut down our engine and went to the bow of the center hull. Amy and Kristen joined me.

Just as Ashley made her appearance, Bill and Rodger began their orgasms. I could tell that their orgasms hit them harder than any I had experienced. Their knees buckled. Jenny and Melanie skillfully managed to remain impaled on their brother’s cocks and help them sit.

“That was a close one. I didn’t think they would cum that quickly. So, how are you?” Ashley asked as I stepped onto their swim platform.

“Really good. Um, how are you?” I asked while my daughters and I watched cum gushing out of Jenny and Melanie. Their brother just kept pumping more cum into them.

Ashley let out a little groan. “As much as I love feeling my father and sons filling my womb with cum, this is just crazy. My womb is stretched to bursting, my stomach is so full of cum that I won’t be able to eat. Thankfully, the antidote is helping. We’re seeing a good half hour between orgasms and those are getting a little shorter each time.”

“That doesn’t sound very good. Um, we’re not family or anything, but if Daddy let’s us, we could kinda take over a little bit. Just so two of you can rest while we do it.” Kristen again offered her services.

“Yeah, if Daddy will let us!” Amy agreed quickly.

“Oh, girls, thank you, but you really should only have your father’s cum, not cum from men you’re not related to.” Ashley said sympathetically.

“Oh, God, Mom. At this point, I’ll take any help we can get.” Melanie panted.

“Ashley, she and Jenny both look worn out. I agree that sex should be reserved for family members, especially at my daughter’s ages, but if they really are willing, I’ll let them give you and your daughters a little bit of a break. Maybe one or two sessions.” I relented.

It pained me to see Ashley and her girls suffering from something that should be joyous. My heart went out to them and, though I had some worry for my girls, if they wanted to help, then they should.

“Yeah, Mom, we’re hurting all of you. We don’t want to.” Rodger panted out.

Ashley looked at her kids. “OK, next erections, Amy and Kristen can take care of you.” Looking back at my girls, Ashley said, “If it’s too much cum, get off the cock! Wether it’s in your mouth or pussy, don’t get hurt.”

“Thank you, Ashley! Thank you Daddy!” Do we have time to bring the fish over before they get hard again?” Amy asked.

Ashley laughed. “They haven’t even finished this orgasm yet. Yes, there’s time.”

While my girls went to fetch the fish, I reflexively wrapped Ashley in my arms and just held her tight. Her head only came up to my armpits. She hugged me back tightly.

“What a nightmare. If the pressure from cum builds up too much, it could cause that gland to get badly damaged. They would become impotent, Joe.” Ashley said with her face on my chest.

I caressed her back and bottom soothingly. “I hope my girls can help enough that you and your girls can recover a little.”

Ashley broke our hug and put on a brave face. “I hope so too. And, don’t you worry. We’ll make damned sure they’re all cleaned out so you won’t be sharing cum that doesn’t belong! Sharing family juices are fine, but non-family juices, not so much.”

“OK. Where do we take it?” Kristen asked as the two of them carried two plastic containers full of fillets.

“Oh! That’s a lot of fish! Follow me ladies, and gentleman. Kids, when you’re able, come inside and visit!” Ashley said cheerfully enough.

“Well, Dad, that was a lot less cum than last time.” We heard a female say as we entered the main cabin from the stern deck.

“Thank God! This is so hard on you girls!” David said as Joanne still knelt over his face, her head at his crotch.

“Dad, Joe and his girls brought us a ton of fish.” Ashley said as she led us into the kitchen area.

“Oh, nice. Thank you, Joe.” David said.

“Well, we have more to thank them for, Dad. Amy and Kristen want to take over making you men have orgasms long enough for me and the girls to recover a little.” Ashley told her father.

David managed to shift around on his couch to look at me. “Joe, are you OK with allowing non-family members to have orgasms in your daughters mouths and vaginas?”

“Shit, David, your daughters are full to bursting with cum now! They need a little time to recover. So, with that in mind, yes, I think I’ll be alright with it.” I replied.

“We want to, David. Besides, me and Kristen have been pestering Daddy for sex constantly, so he needs some rest too.” Amy told him.

“Whew, I’m actually all the way floppy for once today.” Rodger said as he came in with Bill, Jenny, and Melanie. Jenny and Melanie went straight to the shower, dripping cum the entire way. Joanne joined them in the same area, but went to the sink to brush her teeth and use mouthwash.

“I thought it was OK for you guys to kinda not worry about sharing semen?” Kristen asked while watching Jenny and Melanie using the douche.

Joanne laughed. “Well, we do try to clean up, but when we’re all really into heavy sex and kind of having a family orgy, we really don’t care at all. So, yeah, cum tends to get spread around between all the fucking, sucking, kissing, and pussy licking.”

“Family orgies don’t happen that often. Not more than once or twice a day usually.” David said with a straight face.

For almost a half hour, we were able to just casually chat and visit. Ashley and her daughters prepared the fillets with their own custom rub while teaching Amy and Kristen about making it.

David, Rodger, and Bill talked about plans for the future and we all shared our experiences. They shared about interacting with primitive tribes and I talked about hunting and fishing.

“Damn, here it goes.” Bill lamented as his cock rose to attention.

“I’m coming!” Kristen immediately called out as she ran from the kitchen area to Bill.

“How do you want to do it, BIll?” Kristen asked.

“Any way you like, Kristen. I just need to cum!” Bill groaned.

“It’s not as big as Daddy’s, so I can sit on it. Is that OK?” Kristen asked.

Bill was panting and he nodded. I watched my daughter as she got onto the arms of the armchair Bill was in and slowly squatted, She held his cock at the entrance of her vagina and slowly sunk onto the young man. Seeing my daughter being so caring filled my heart with love for her and she soon had all of Bill’s short length inside of her.

“Mmmm, that’s very nice!” Kristen said as Bill carefully fondled my almost twelve-year-old daughter’s breasts and she gently rode up and down his small cock.

I was engrossed watching Kristen when both Rodger and David declared that they were getting hard too. “I’ll help Dad if you’ll help Rodger, Amy.” Ashley said.

Kristen, looking quite happy, said, “It’s OK! Rodger, I can suck yours while I’m On Bill. That way Amy can take care of David.”

“Let’s get on the floor, Kristen. Rodger can lay down and I can still do it from behind you while you suck him.” Bill suggested.

Amy had rushed to David and she squatted over his pelvis, sinking slowly onto his cock. “Oooo, OK, that’s very nice, David. You don’t fill me as much as Daddy does, so I think I can do this a lot.” She said as she began rising and lowering herself.

I sat on the other couch watching Kristen on the floor lovingly sucking Rodger’s cock while Bill so carefully, and gently, fucked her tight pussy from behind, Ashley came and sat with me. She pulled my arm up and ar0und her shoulders.

“You’re daughters are so caring, Joe.” Ashley said a little emotionally.

“I’m completely in love with both of them and so very proud too. You should also be proud! See how caring and gentle Bill and Rodger are being? This is the only time Kristen has had a penis in her mouth and another in her vagina at the same time.” I told her.

Ashley sighed. “It’s too bad you aren’t really related to your girls. There’s nothing wrong with adoption, but true blood relationship is so important.”

I chuckled. “If we were related by blood, I would be making damned sure not to get either one pregnant. I’m glad that you haven’t had any inbreeding issues yet.”

Ashley gave me a look as she leaned a bit more on my side. “We never will have any! The children this family produces will always be perfect, no matter what mix of sperm and egg the child comes from.”

“How can you be so sure?” I asked.

Ashley smirked. “We are a research vessel, Joe. Upstairs, in the lab on the next deck, we have the latest and greatest DNA analysis system known to man! So, last year, when we got it, we tested ourselves! The result was quite surprising.”

“Oh, look, David is helping Amy regulate her strokes! So, what surprised you?” I asked.

“Dad is an absolute expert when it comes to younger girls and fucking. Anyway, almost all human DNA is a bit corrupted. There are malformed strands, DNA fragments from other species, such as Neanderthal, and other anomalies. Those can combine with other issues during mating and cause birth defects if there’s much inbreeding.

“However, the analysis of our DNA didn’t show any of those anomalies! No foreign species DNA, no malformed strands, just one hundred percent, perfect, human DNA! Less than one tenth of one percent of the human population has DNA that perfect! So, even if Dad makes his daughter’s, daughter’s, daughter’s daughters, pregnant, the baby is going to be absolutely perfect! Ya know, we could test the three of you!” Ashley told me while we watched my two daughters taking such loving care of the three men.

“Hmmm, blood draw?” I asked.

“Nope, cheek swab!” Ashley grinned and pulled my hand to her little breast. I took the hint and caressed her.

“Well, Kristen has her mouth full at the moment.” I teased.

“But I can start yours and Amy’s. Then, once Kristen has cleaned up from sucking and fucking at the same time, we can do her cheek swab.” Ashley responded. She lifted my hand from her little breast, kissed the palm, then sashayed to the ladder going to the next deck.

A groan got my attention and I saw Bill slowly sink down onto Kristen. His orgasm had started and he pushed his small cock as deep into my daughter s he could. Kristen pushed her bottom upward to also get more of the young man’s cock inside of her as she also began stroking Rodger faster while she kept sucking.

Rodger slammed his head back on the thick carpet as he began filling my daughter’s mouth with cum. Kristen kept trying to push her bottom up for more of Bill’s cock while she contentedly swallowed Rodger’s cum.

Another noise from the other couch told me that David was filling Amy’s pussy with cum.

“Huh! Right on time!” Ashley said as she returned with three swab kits. Both of us watched my daughters being filled with cum, Amy’s pussy and Kristen’s mouth and pussy. My heart swelled with pride at how happily both of my daughters had sex with the three men.

“Open up, Joe.” Ashley ordered with a smile.

I did and she swabbed inside my cheek then put the swab into its vial. After that, She went to the other couch. “Can you open your mouth for me, Amy?” she asked.

Amy was doing her best to get more of David’s cock inside of her, but she did manage to open wide so Ashley could swab her cheek.

The orgasms went on long enough for Ashley to take both swabs up to the next deck and return. “Mmmm, WOW! I don’t want to do that a whole lot, but it was pretty nice.” Kristen said as she slid her lips off of Rodger’s cock and Bill pulled out of her pussy. Both males had lost their erections.

“Come on, girls. Let’s get you all clean again.” Ashley took Kristen and Amy to the shower.
“Mmm, this is so good. Anyway, I agree with Kristen! I don’t wanna do that too much, but it was pretty nice.” Amy said while we all ate supper in the living area.

“Yeah, maybe a couple more times. Um, are any of you getting hard yet?” Kristen asked.

Rodger chuckled. “It’s only been five minutes since the last time we filled you two. No, not just yet.”

Amy and Kristen had been real little troopers. Both of them had relieved the pressure the men were feeling from their overdose of the tea three times each. Amy had sucked David while Rodger fucked her from behind while Kristen had sucked Bill, so Amy now had that experience.

I sat on the couch between my daughters while we ate and they both paid me a lot of loving, intimate, highly sexual, attention. As they ate, they took turns either sucking me, or just stroking my cock.

“Those tests should be done by now. I’ll go check! This is sort of exciting. Usually we’re testing tribe members.” Ashely said as she got up. She put her empty plate away then headed up the ladder.

After Ashley had left, I turned to Amy who was currently sucking me. “Amy, Honey, I’ll have an orgasm soon.”

“We’ll share, Amy!” Kristen said excitedly.

David chuckled. “They’ve swallowed so much already, but they’re still excited to swallow more.”

As I tossed my head back when my orgasm swept over me, I heard, Kristen say, “it’s Daddy’s semen!”

Though it took a full three minutes for my orgasm to finally fade, and Amy and Kristen had traded my cock several times, Ashley still hadn’t returned. David, Rodger, and Bill were still doing OK. They hadn’t gotten hard, so things were looking better for them.

Joanne and Jenny took all of the empty dishes while the rest of us simply talked. “So, David, do you have any solid plans?” I asked.

“We have a general outline. We’re a lot like you, looking for some remote, isolated, island that has good water, plenty of vegetation such as trees, preferably fruit-bearing trees. Decent soil would be good too. We’ve got a lot of seeds for vegetables and such that do well in tropical climates. Oh, and we’ve got a lot of seed for that weed we use the roots for making the tea! We must have that.” David explained.

“For both birth control and semen production?” I asked.

“Both until we feel truly safe. Then, my daughters intend to stop using it so that my son’s and I can make them pregnant! Oh, how I look forward to seeing swollen abdomens and knowing that at least one of those babie cam from my sperm.” David told me with a wistful smile.

“Um, speaking of babies. Joe, where were you born?” Ashley said as she came back with a sheaf of printouts. She had a confused expression as Amy made room for her to sit by me.

“Um, Half Moon Bay.” I answered.

“Dad, have you ever spread your sperm in Half Moon Bay?” Ashley quizzed her father.

“Um, well, quite a lot, actually. That’s where your mother got pregnant.” David revealed.

Ashley raised her eyebrows. “Huh. I wonder how many more brothers and sister I have! Joe, you’re Dad’s son. That makes you my brother, older brother probably, but my brother!”

“Wait, that has to be a mistake.” I protested.

Ashley shoved a printed chart at me. “DNA analysis by the best small system money can buy does not make mistakes, Brother.”

I blinked at the chart. David’s name appeared at the top of the chart. Directly beside his name was the name of Ashley’s mother. A line down from between David’s name and his ex wife’s name went to Ashley. A separate line came down from David’s name to my name.

“I, this, I, wow! Talk about coincidences! David, you’re my father! Imagine that!” I said as Ashley snatched the chart away. Wow! Hey, all of you are my siblings!”

“Or nieces and nephews. Both are correct.” David stated dryly.

Melanie snorted. “Uh-huh, just like you’re my grandfather or father, both are correct, Dad. Hey. Bro! I’m so glad to finally meet you!”

“Ahem, yep, Joe’s our brother and Dad is his, well, dad! Now, Joe, how much sperm have you spread around the world?” Ashley asked.

“Actually, not so much. I almost always wore a condom, even though I hate the things.” I replied.

“Why?” Jenny asked.

“I wore them to protect myself from diseases since I actually didn’t know the women I was paying to have sex with. I hate them because, in my opinion, they rob the woman of a precious gift.” I decided to answer both possible questions.

“Ah, I see. Was there ever a time in the San Diego area when you didn’t wear a condom?” Ashley asked.

I had to really think about it. “Just with one gal I had sex with twice, as far as I can remember.”

“Huh, what did she look like?” Ashley asked.

“She was so beautiful! About five feet tall, maybe shorter. Long, wavy, bright red hair! Oh, and the prettiest little breasts with perfect little nipples. ” I recalled the stunning little hooker.

Ashley looked over at Kristen. “You’re going to be so beautiful! Joe, I would like to introduce you to the daughter that woman gave birth to, your daughter.”

I blinked. “Wait, what?” I asked as Kristen and I shared stunned looks.

“The woman you paid for sex and neglected to wear a condom for got pregnant and gave birth to Kristen, Joe. She’s your real daughter. Your semen has been going to the right place! Now, Amy, where were you born, Honey?” Ashley asked sweetly.

Amy had a look of anticipation. “My mother got pregnant in Acapulco but she moved in with my uncle on the coast of northern Mexico and I was born in his hut there.”

“Joe, dear brother, did you ever forget to wear a condom in Acapulco?” Ashley grinned.

I knew the answer immediately. “Yes! I couldn’t force myself to use one and one of the most beautiful little women I had ever seen, as beautiful as Kristen’s mother, was so sweet. She had long, long soft, black hair that feel down to the cheeks of her perfect little bottom. Her face looked so young and innocent! And, her breasts were almost an “A” cup, but so beautiful.”

“She had just turned thirteen. Mom told me about the only time she actually got paid for sex. She was ashamed to have charged money, but she said she loved what the man did for her while they had sex.” Amy had tears streaming out of her eyes.

“I think a father should properly greet his daughters.” Ashley said as she moved so Amy and Kristen could come into my arms. We hugged, kissed, cried, and caressed each other joyously.

“My God. The lord does work in mysterious ways.” David said quietly.

“No, we just met our grandfather and uncles. You all still need to rest and we need the semen our grandfather and uncles can give us.” Amy said when Ashley offered to let them rest. My father and brothers had gotten hard watching me and my, real, daughters getting to know each other. Now, they all needed relief.

Amy chose to suck Rodger while Bill fucked her from behind. Kristen chose to sixty-nine with Dad, not David, Dad. Ashley scooted over and began nursing on my cock. Jenny, happily pressed her little nipple on my lips.

My family had very suddenly expanded. Through the DNA testing, I learned that the girls I had so accidentally met and adopted were truly my daughters. My sperm had fertilized the eggs that had grown into babies. In addition to that, I learned, along with everyone else, that Dad had played around a lot and he had been the man who made my mother pregnant while out having fun in his younger years. So, I was a close blood relative to everyone on the yacht. Ashley, my sister, could make love to me in good conscience. So could my other three sisters. My father and brothers didn’t need to worry that their cum was soon going to fill two non-family girls because the girls were very closely related to them.

Ashley slid her lips from my cock so that Melanie could suck me. I pulled away from Jenny’s little delectable breast and gave my sister a deep, passionate, grateful, kiss. “God does indeed work in mysterious ways. He guided me to my daughters and now, He’s guided me to my father and siblings!”

“When Dad and the boys recover from that stupid overdose, I propose a full day of family orgy!” Ashley grinned after we broke our kiss.

I reached down to caress Melanie’s hair. “I Couldn’t agree more! But, orgy or not, one of you is getting a belly full of my cum!”

Melanie lifted her lips off of my cock so that Jenny could have a turn. “Whichever of us is sucking you when you cum is the lucky girl!”

Dad was panting while licking Kristen, but he managed to say, “Family orgy rule, if it’s hard, it has to be in a girl.” Then he went back to licking.

“There’ll be no dry cocks!” Jenny chirped when she let Joanne have a turn sucking me.

My orgasm hit soon after Dad, Rodger, and Bill began their orgasms. My youngest sister Jenny was sucking me, but she took a lesson from Amy and Kristen. She shared with her mother and sisters.

The mood on the yacht was so joyous, that after kissing the cum flavored mouths of my sisters, they went to Dad and my brothers to passionately kiss and make out while my daughters came straight from my brothers to kiss me too. Of course, they tasted of cum, but it was family cum. I even spent a few seconds licking Amy’s cum filled little pussy, and I didn’t care that it was my brother’s cum I tasted.

The evening turned into that family orgy that Ashley had suggested. Far into the night, we made love. All four cocks emptied cum into all six mouths and pussies multiple times. The girls didn’t even try to clean themselves between sex partner. Their pussies and bellies were filled with a mixture of cum from four men they were so closely related to.

After we moved to the huge family bed, I laid with my cock lodged as far into Kristen’s little pussy as I could get it. Amy laid behind me, pressed against my back, her sticky cum coated breasts pressing me. “Mmmm, Daddy. My real Daddy. I’m not adopted! I’m your real little girl!” Kristen cooed softly as she rocked her little hips just enough to get an inch of my cock sliding in and out of her.

“This is the most blessed day of my life, girls.” I whispered as my eyes started to flutter closed. It had been a very long day. The evening had been exhausting for all of us, but it was an exhaustion filled with joy and love. Sometime during the night, I had an orgasm, filling Kristen again. She kissed me tenderly before trading places with Amy.

I awoke with Amy in my arms, my hard cock lodged in her tight pussy. I felt my orgasm approaching and pushed as deep into my daughter as I could before it hit me. After that first phase, I was able to regain control. Amy was still trembling in orgasm, so I began very long, slow, soothing strokes in and out of her while I kept pumping cum.

Amy’s orgasm settled as I kept filling her. “Mmmm, Daddy, that feels so good.” She murmured softly.

I caressed her little breasts and kissed her shoulder. “Good morning, Daughter.” I said loving that she truly was my daughter, born from my sperm.

“Well, it’s about time you two woke up. How do you feel, Amy?” Ashley asked as she sat down with us. I reached out and caressed Ashley’s inner thigh up to her bald vulva. Ashley being my sister meant that we could share all the intimate touches we desired.

“Very good. Daddy’s still inside me. I am a little sore though, but Daddy’s making me feel better.” Amy replied with a sweet smile.

“That’s the good thing about real fathers. They seem to know just what to do to make their little girls feel good.” Ashley told her.

“I hope I know just how to help my sisters feel good too.” I put in.

Ashley laughed. “You do, brother! You proved that to all of your sisters and both of your daughters very well last night. So, breakfast? We’ve got fake sausage made from freeze-dried beef, powdered eggs, and hash browns made from freeze-dried potato shreds.”

“After we shower, but yes! That sounds great.” I told her as I gently pulled my softening cock out of my thirteen-year-old daughter.

“Perfect! We’ll have a chance to change these cum soaked sheets for clean ones that’ll be just as cum soaked tomorrow morning.” Ashley teased.

“Is it family orgy day?” Amy asked as she sat up.

“I think we kinda covered that last night, Amy. So, today, everyone should try to just relax! We haven’t given Dad, Rodger, or Bill any tea today, so they shouldn’t be getting aroused too easily.” Ashley suggested after getting up so Amy and I could head to the shower.

My trimaran stayed tied to the stern of the yacht being towed as we got back underway and on course. The decision to simply live with my family on the yacht was an easy one. For the next twelve days, we sailed west, sometimes a bit south too.

The days were rather casual. I tried to keep a trolling line or two in the water most days and, occasionally, I would catch a Mahi-mahi or a small tuna. Love making with my daughters and sisters also occupied my time. Of course, Dad and my brothers also made love to my daughters and sisters. It’s what good, loving, families should do.

“Can I have your baby before I have babies by Grandpa and my uncles?” Kristen asked. She was on top of me with my cock still lodged in her. Amy lay beside us kissing my chest.

“I hope so, Honey. I want to make both of you pregnant when you’re old enough.” I said while caressing Kristen’s back side from her head to her upper thighs.

“Ya know, we’ve discussed that. When it’s safe to start having babies, we’ll stop taking the tea. For those of us who desire becoming pregnant by a certain man, Dad, Rodger, Bill, Joe, we can limit our fucking to just that one until we are pregnant. Of course, after that, we get to resume having full sex with all of our men!” Joanne said while Dad licked her bald pussy.

“I hope I have a girl. That way you can make love to her too, Daddy.” Amy told me.

“Honey, as a male of the family, I’ll make sweet love to every female in the family.” I told her before planting a kiss on her lips.

“Mom! Joe! We’ve got three boats coming toward us fast!” Jenny came running to the stern deck in a panic. She looked northwest then pointed.

I got to my feet and looked. Sure enough, I could just make out three dots that had whitewater trails behind them.

“Rifles! Now!” Ashley ordered.

“Girls, get inside!” I ordered Amy and Kristen and ran for the swim platform so I could get onto my boat and grab my rifle and spare magazines.

It took me a couple of minutes before I made it back to the yacht, now armed. I saw that everyone other than my daughters were also armed and behind concealment, barrels trained toward the oncoming boats.

“Fifty yards! Don’t fire until they’re within fifty yards!” Dad called out.

When we had first been able to see the oncoming boats, they had been over a mile out. Now, they had closed to within a quarter mile and I could see them bouncing from swell to swell.

“What’s that?” Melanie asked, pointing past the oncoming boats.

I squinted my eyes and saw a dot in the sky trailed by a little black smoke. That dot was moving much faster than the oncoming boats. Many times faster, in fact. As it got closer, I could hear the distinctive sound of rotor blades over the sound of outboard motors.

“It’s a helicopter.” I called out.

“Fuckin’ pirates got a helo?” Dad yelled.

“Dad, I don’t think the helicopter is with the pirates! Look!” Joanne yelled over the noise.

We watched as the three boats changed course drastically. They essentially scattered. The helicopter looked to single one out before we saw a trail of splashes through the water heading for that boat. Just as the sound of heavy gunfire reached us, the fifty caliber gatling gun on the front of the helo cut the boat in half. The helo circled once while a gunner at the side door shot into the water at any swimmers. Then, it changed course to go after one of the fleeing boats.
All of us watched in fascination as a couple of rockets launched from the helo and the second boat exploded. Then, the helo went for the third boat. Rockets also destroyed that one.

As thick smoke rose from the debris that was burning, the helo slowed drastically and approached. We all stayed behind cover as the helo got closer. At about twenty yards off our starboard side, the helo matched our speed and hovered. “Yacht and sail, we’re bingo fuel. Monitor your marine radio if you’re able!” came over the helo’s loud speaker before it turned and flew northwest away from us.

“Wow! Who was that?” Jenny asked as she let her rifle hang by it’s sling.

“That, little sister, was the U.S. Navy!” I told her with a little pride.

“Mel, you’ve got the helm. Monitor the marine radio, I guess.” Ashley directed.

“Is it over, Daddy?” Kristen asked as she and Amy poked their heads out of the cabin.

“Yes, girls, it’s over.” I told them as calmly as I could. Amy and Kristen ran to me and I held them close.

“Maybe. Look way out there.” Joanne pointed northwest.

Over the horizon, we could see a huge column of black oily looking smoke rising into the air. “That’s smoke from oil, fuel, plastics, all sorts of things you would find on a ship.” I commented.

With the immediate danger over, adrenaline was still high. None of us could remain still, so we sort of milled around, trading hugs and loving fondles for the most part. Most of us kept scanning the water around us for possible danger.

“Huh. I see swimmers.” Ashley commented.

“Should we go get them?” Jenny asked.

“Unless it’s for target practice, then no.” I said angrily.

“They made their choice. Let God determine their fate. Those people were out to kill or capture us. They willingly, and knowingly, gave up any human rights they may have had. Let their flesh nourish the sea life.” Dad agreed.

I had managed to calm down a bit and gave my daughters comforting caresses on their soft bottoms. They leaned against my sides as they also started to relax. “Well, we’re still underway so, all that’s left is to see if the Navy contacts us.”

“I’ll leave that to you and Ash, Joe. My leg is bugging me some. I’m going to go back in the cabin and put my feet up.” Dad said as he and Jenny headed inside.

Ashley, Melanie, and I all waited at the helm station. Almost an hour went by before the scan function of the marine band radio settled and we heard, “Tribal Research, USNS Beckworth. How copy? Over.”

Melanie quickly hit the button during the transmission to stop the scan. I picked the microphone off of its holder. “USNS Beckworth, Tribal Research, copy loud and clear. How me? Over.”

“Research, Beckworth. Five by. Stand by for Captain Hoswell. Over”

“Research standing by.”

“Research, Beckworth. Hoswell speaking. Do you have any injuries?”

“Beckworth, Research. No injuries. Your helicopter eliminated the threat before they got to us. Over.”

“Research, Beckworth. Roger. Do you require any resupply? We are able to provide food, clothing, fuel, and small arms.”

“Beckworth, Research. On what terms?”

“Research, Beckworth. Please clarify your use of the word, terms.”

“Beckworth, Research. You are offering goods. I assume there is an exchange of some sort for that offer of goods.”

“Research, Beckworth. My apologies. We are a heavy oiler and resupply vessel. Our self defined mission is to aid people at sea seeking refuge. There is no manner of compensation required. What are you in need of?”

“We could use fuel, Joe. We can probably make another thousand miles, but getting topped off sure would put my mind at ease.” Ashley told me.

“Beckworth, Research. If you have diesel, we could use a refueling.”

“Research,Beckworth. Copy diesel. Our supply is more than adequate. Are you able to alter your course?”

Ashley and Melanie both nodded. “Beckworth, Research, Roger, we can alter course.”

“Research, Beckworth. Recommend you make three zero zero. Prior to coming along side for refueling, our medical staff needs to verify that you don’t have communicable disease. The flight crew reports that you have adequate upper deck space for them to lower personnel and gear.”

Melanie looked a bit concerned. “Make sure they fully understand just who the hell we are and what we do, Joe! We’re not putting any clothes on and if any of us feel like making love, we’re going to do that!” Ashley very firmly directed.

I gave her a smile. “Beckworth, Research, Copy. Be advised. We are a family that has rejected the use of clothing. Also be advised that we are a highly sexually active family. The arrival of your personnel will not alter our activities.”

I could hear the amusement in the reply. “Research, Beckworth. Copy! Your behavior will not present any issues. With your permission, our doctor will arrive via helicopter in approximately thirty minutes. Please ensure your top deck is secure from rotor wash.”

“Beckworth, Research, Will perform FOD walk-down.”

“Research, Beckworth, roger. Beckworth out.”

“Research out.” I set the microphone back in the holder.

“Free fuel, can’t go wrong with that!” Melanie said with a smile.

“A heavy oiler. Most of those got converted to nuclear power over the last few years, so they don’t need the diesel. They also usually have enough stores onboard to resupply a battle group!” I commented.

“So, what’s this FOD walk-down thing?” Ashley asked.

I caressed her shoulder. “Oh, yeah, FOD. That stands for Foreign Object Damage. The winds created from the helicopter rotors can make things go flying that could then get sucked into the turbine engines. So, we need to go up there and make sure that can’t happen! We’ll need to tie down, or remove, anything the rotor wash could affect.”

“So, I change course?” Melanie asked.

“Oh, yeah. Three zero zero. And, when we see their helo approaching, turn into the wind. That’ll make things easier for the pilot.” I directed.

Melanie got our course corrected. Ashley and I went through the main cabin and watched Kristen riding Dad’s cock for a minute. “Dad, we’re getting fuel from a Navy ship!” Ashley reported.

“Oh! Good. Kristen, Honey, just stay still for a minute please.” Dad asked while gently fondling my daughter’s budding little breasts. Kristen happily settled onto my father, her grandfather. I felt such pride seeing how well my daughters had adapted to healthy family life.

“They’re sending out a doctor to check that we’re not sick and won’t make anyone else sick. Joe made sure that they know we won’t wear a stitch of clothes and we’ll keep having sex if we feel like it,” Ashley told Dad.

“That’s good, I guess. How did they respond when you told them all of that, Joe?” Dad asked.

“Pretty well, actually. The captain, some guy named Hoswell, said our behavior won’t cause any issues.” I replied.

“Good. I don’t plan on leaving the couch for a while and I hope I always have a daughter or granddaughter with me. So, there’s a very good chance they’ll see my penis inside one of them.” Dad stated.

“I hope so!” Ashley smirked.

I put my arm behind Ashley and rested my hand on her pretty bottom as we walked aft. “So, you think we should show off our sexual side?” I asked.

“Yes, Joe. I think we should! We need for people to understand that we are very sexual among our close family. They should see us doing that. That way, they can decide whether or not to even associate with us.” Ashley responded firmly.

When we got onto the stern deck, Everyone there was still looking toward the black column of smoke rising in the air. Rodger held Joanne and Amy in his arms. His hands gently caressed their little breasts as a brother or uncle should do. Bill was holding Jenny to his chest, also caressing her breasts comfortingly.

“How long will it burn?” Joanne asked.

“Could be weeks, Jo. It all depends on how water tight the hull remains and how much flammable material is there.” I answered.

“Do you think anyone will survive?” Jenny asked.

“Maybe. If they have serviceable life boats, they might.” I told her.

Ashley blew out a breath. “Well, the Navy is sending over a doctor to check us out. So, we have to get that top deck ready for a helicopter.”

“They’re landing a helo on our yacht?” Bill asked.

I chuckled. “Not landing. They’re going to lower the doctor using the winch and probably a horse collar. We just need to get everything secure so the rotor wash doesn’t stir things up.”

Ashley turned over that responsibility to me and I got us all organized. The top deck did have quite a lot of light weight stuff we needed to secure. So, we got busy.

“OK, here they come.” Ashley said as our course changed to head into the wind. The helicopter was less than a mile out.
Rodger and Bill headed down to the stern deck with Kristen, Amy, and Jenny. Joanne had gone in to be with Dad. Bill and Rodger both laid down on their backs. Kristen straddled Rodger’s face while Jenny lowered herself onto his cock. Amy got on top of Bill in a sixty-nine. Ashley had told them that she thought people needed to witness our way of life, so that sexual activity was planned in advance. Ashley and I stood at the aft rail of the top deck awaiting the helo’s arrival. She gave me a kiss before taking hold of my cock. Of course, I planted my hand on her soft bottom, as usual.

The helicopter came in and turned into the wind as it settled into a hover. Both side doors of the helo were open. Out the starboard side, we could see the barrel of their deck mounted thirty caliber machine gun. A crewman leaned out of the port side door, his harness securely holding him, or her, in place.

Another figure in a flight suit appeared. The crewman, or woman, got a standard horse collar sling in place and snapped to the winch line for that person before they calmly scooted off of the helo’s deck. Soon, the line of the winch played out and the figure was lowered to our deck.

The person lifted their arms so the horse collar could slip upward and off of them as the winch line was retracted. The crewman, or woman, pulled a case over and secured that to the winch line by its handle and lowered the case. The figure on our deck allowed the metal hook to contact the deck before unhooking it. I was impressed. My first time doing something like that, I got in a hurry and forgot to let the hook ground itself. The discharge of static blew me back several feet. I never forgot again.

As the crewman, or woman, on the helo retracted the winch line, the helicopter rose and moved away. The person that had been lowered to the deck looked around and then waited for the helicopter to move farther and then begin its flight away from us before reaching up to unfasten their helmet.

A cascade of wavy, brilliant red, hair fell from the helmet as the person lifted it off of her head. A pretty woman smiled at us and called out. “Hi! I’ll be just a sec! This suit is hot!”

Ashley slowly stroked my cock as the woman unzipped her flight suit revealing bare skin. With a shrug of her shoulders, the top half of the suit fell away. She had very nice little breasts with small areola and nipples. She sat down using the top half of the suit as a cushion to remove her boots. After standing again, she pushed the lower half of the suit and stepped out if it. The woman was short, slender, had a very nicely rounded little bottom, and a smooth, hairless, pubic area. While Ashley stroked me, my arousal ramped up. To say the woman was sexually attractive would be a gross understatement. I was grateful that my sister was with me.

“WOW! That feels good! Hi, I’m Cindy!” the woman said cheerfully as she approached with her hand outstretched.
We shook hands. “I’m Joe. This is my sister, Ashley.” I introduced.

“Great to meet you! More family there?” Cindy asked as she craned her neck to look down at the stern deck.

“My younger brothers, Rodger and Bill. With them are my daughters, Amy and Kristen and my youngest sister, Jenny.” I told her.

“We wanted to make sure you would understand our family life before we actually got to the ship.” Ashley added.

Cindy’s smile got brighter. “So, which ones are your daughters, Joe?”

“Kristen is my youngest. She’s almost twelve and is the one sitting on Rodger’s face. Amy is my oldest, she’s thirteen and the one in a sixty-nine with my youngest brother, Bill. Jenny is the girl riding Rodger’s penis.” I answered.

“That’s so sweet. So, anyway, I’m one of the doctors from the oiler. Let me snag my case and we can go inside.” Cindy said as if everything was perfectly normal.

Ashley kept hold of my cock, and I kept my hand on her bottom like I usually do with my female family members. We led Cindy down the ladder and into the cabin. Joanne was very casually stroking and sucking Dad’s partially erect cock. Of course, Dad was gently caressing all over his daughter.

“Dad, this is the doctor. Her name is Cindy. Cindy, that’s our father, David, and the girl sucking him is my daughter slash sister, Joanne.” Ashley introduced.

“Daughter slash sister. Wonderful! So David made you pregnant, not Joe?” Cindy asked as she settled into one of the armchairs.

“Dad made me pregnant all five times. None of us knew that Joe or his girls even existed until we met on the ocean. That’s his sailboat we’re towing.” Ashley replied with a smile.

“Oh, um, that’s a bit confusing. Aren’t you two brother and sister?” Cindy asked.

“They are, but we were unaware of that fact before meeting Joe and my two granddaughters.” Dad said as Joanne lifted her lips from his cock to sit up.

“Just out of the blue, you met out at sea. Huh. Did you compare birth certificates or something?” Cindy asked.

“It was sort of out of the blue. You see, both of us were headed west from southern California and there was a bunch of pirates. One group attacked Joe and another group of several boats came after us. Joe managed to kill his attackers and we managed to kill most of the ones after us. We think they had a container ship they were using as a mother ship.

“Anyway, we had seen Joe’s sailboat on our radar and saw the one boat going after him while the other ones came after us. When the shooting stopped and the smoke cleared, I used our drone to deliver a message and an encrypted radio.” Ashley explained.

“We talked and sort of decided to sail together as mutual defense.” I put in.

Ashley smiled. “He caught a huge tuna and offered to share. The problem at the time was that our men had an overdose of the tea we use, so we had a bit of an issue. Thankfully, Amy and Kristen volunteered to help! Us girls here were so full of cum we were about to burst!

“Well, I told Joe about our little lab with the DNA sequencer and analysis setup and offered to do DNA analysis to look for any genetic anomalies. We’ve done it for ourselves to ensure that our future babies will be healthy, they will! Well, after we had a nice fish supper, the analysis was complete so I went up to the lab to get the results!

“It turns out that Dad impregnated a woman in Half Moon Bay and she gave birth to Joe. He had no idea! Then, we figured out that Joe impregnated a woman in the San Diego area and she gave birth to Kristen. But, before that, Joe also impregnated a young lady in Acapulco Mexico, and she gave birth to Amy!” Ashly said happily.

While Ashley kept stroking me, I looked at the confused doctor, “You see, before the DNA analysis, I had no idea I was actually related to Kristen and Amy! They were two girls in trouble that I rescued and fell in love with. We said that I had adopted them. When Ash showed me the test results, and the genetic chart showing relationships, it blew my mind! But, we’re an intact, happy, family all closely related. God is wonderful!”

Cindy raised her hands, shaking her head. “Wait, just, wait. OK, this thing of finding family out of the blue, OK, I get it. But, tea? Girls so full of cum they’re about to burst? What the hell is that?”

About then, Dad groaned and Ashley grinned. “Watch!” she pointed to Dad, who had just begun his orgasm. He had Joanne’s pussy plastered to his face and was holding onto her tightly. Joanne was swallowing as quickly as she could.

Cindy looked and said, “That’s great but we…wait…something’s wrong!” she declared and started to get up.

“Oh, no! Everything is perfectly normal, Cindy. Just watch.” Ashley patted the air to get her message across.

“It can’t be normal! No man has orgasms that intense and lasting that long! It’s been over thirty seconds!” Cindy looked almost panicked.

“Give it another half minute, Cindy. Then Dad will be able to talk while his orgasm finishes.” I told her.

“Half a miniute more? While it finishes?” Cindy asked incredulously.

We watched dad relax and he gently urged Joanne to get off of his face. She did so, but kept his cock in her mouth so she could keep swallowing.

Dad took a deep breath. “I need to stop pushing my face so hard into your girls’ crotches. Darn near passed out from lack of air.” Dad quipped while caressing all of Joanne’s back side and into her crotch.

“Are you OK, sir?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, yes, perfectly fine. Mmmm, this phase always feels so nice. You know, just the feel of semen squirting though my penis is very relaxing.” Dad told us with a contented smile.

“You, you’re, I mean, still squirting semen?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, he’ll do that for at least two minutes after that first initial phase fades. All of our men do when they drink the tea. But, too much tea creates a huge problem because they make too much cum! That’s what Amy and Kristen helped with, by the way.” Ashley told her.

“Oh, that filled me more full of semen than I thought possible!” Amy said as she and Kristen walked in with Jenny. Amy and Jenny both had cum dripping constantly from their crotches.

“Is…I…is that semen?” Cindy asked while staring at the girls’ crotches.

“Oh, yeah, we’re going to the shower to clean up.” Jenny said indifferently.

“Um, may…I…I mean, it’s unbelievable. May I get a closer look?” Cindy requested.

Amy shrugged and looked at Jenny. “Sure,” she said and both girls walked over, dripping cum the entire way, to stand in front of Cindy with their feet apart. Cindy looked closely. Then she put her hands, palms up, under the girls’ crotches and caught a palm full of cum in each hand. We watched in amusement as she closely examined the cum in her hands, then she sniffed it, and finally, she tasted it.

“It really is semen!” Cindy declared after tasting it.

“Of course it is. Kristen, can you get the doctor a towel?” Ashley requested.

Cindy kept looking at her cum filled hands. To our total surprise, she slurped the cum from each hand into her mouth and swallowed. “Oh, my God! It’s been way too long since I had that taste!” she sighed heavily then looked chagrined. “I’m so sorry! I couldn’t resist. If me doing that violates your ethics, please forgive me!”

Kristen came back with a damp dish towel for the doctor. She hesitated to wipe her hands, but ultimately sighed and did so. Amy and Jenny went to the shower to clean up.

“Cindy, it’s OK. Yes, we limit our lovemaking to family, but, really, all you did was prevent my sons’ cum from going to waste.” Ashley soothed the doctor’s worry.

“I, oh, um, your orgasm finished?” Cindy asked dad when she saw Joanne slide her lips off of him.

Dad pulled Joanne up for a kiss, but said, “Yes, doctor.” Before giving her a very fatherly, deep, passionate, kiss.

Kristen came back from washing out her mouth and I kissed her in what I feel is a very fatherly fashion, passionate, tongues tangling, hands fondling. “Thank you, Daddy. I love you too!” Kristen said as she and Ashley shared stroking my cock and fondling my balls.

I had one arm over Ashley’s shoulder so I could caress her little breasts. I put my other arm over Kristen’s shoulder and, since she is so small, caressed her from face to crotch. When Amy came to kneel between my thighs and suck the head of my cock while Ashley and Kristen stroked me, I looked up at Cindy. She seemed mesmerized.

“So, Cindy, you said it had been a long time since you tasted semen?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh! Um, yes, it has, I guess. Since a week or so before this disease killed damned near everyone. It’s struck males much harder than females, but there really aren’t many people left alive.” Cindy told us.

“When we left San Diego, we saw quite a few people still. There were even gangs of people.” I told her.

“And then the second and third waves of the disease came along, Joe. Oahu, mostly Honolulu, had a population of about a million. Now, it has probably less than a thousand and only about one hundred fifty or so are male. Hell, our ship barely has enough crew to operate and the captain had to really hunt to find people!” Cindy told us.

“How large of a crew do you have? It’s a nuke ship, so you need some specialized training to run it.” I asked.

“Right now, we have just over one hundred adults. Some of them already have the knowledge we needed, others, the captain personally trained. Of the adults, there are twenty males old enough to, um, ejaculate. Only eleven of them are over eighteen.” Cindy told us.

“You let boys crew the ship?” Ashley asked curiously.

“Some. But I specified being old enough to ejaculate purposely. You see, to get much of our crew, we had to allow them to bring their families, if they had families. So, we got a lot of single mothers with daughters, a few two-parent families, mostly with just daughters, but some with a son or two.

“Everyone old enough to perform tasks on the ship has been in training and performing those tasks! Child care, cleaning, cooking, handling pumps for refueling, monitoring the reactors even. We were very fortunate to find qualified pilots for our two helicopters! Those women can fly!” Cindy told us with some pride showing.

“So, what’s so important about boys old enough to ejaculate?” Ashley asked.

“Well, let’s see, over one hundred females over the age of sixteen, considered adult! Only twenty males old enough to have productive orgasms. Add in the sixty girls between ten and sixteen. Now, do you see why every male who is able to ejaculate counts?” Cindy laid it out.

“Oh. Yes. That’s a large imbalance for sure. How many kids do you have aboard under ten years old?” Dad asked.

“Oh, none. The captain’s daughter is the youngest child on the ship and she turned ten right after we departed Pearl Harbor.” Cindy told us.

“Well, as those girls get older, things will become more difficult! It sounds like you women will need to kind of form harems? Something similar maybe.” Dad suggested.

“Does MSC still allow intimate personal interactions? I know that the berthing quarters weren’t segregated by sex anymore and there was a lot of sexual activity during off duty hours.” I asked.

Cindy gave me a crooked smile. “Allow it? We actively promote it! Joe, this could be an extinction level event. We absolutely must promote sexual activity and begin rebuilding the population! Sex is on the mind of every female on the ship constantly. On the mind of every female of all ages on the ship! The captain’s daughter even makes her father have sex with her anyplace where there is a family, especially a father, that could see it happening.”

“His ten year old daughter makes him have sex with her…I’m pretty sure a grown man could resist if he chose to.” I smirked.

Cindy chuckled. “Yes, he could, if he wanted to. But the captain doesn’t want to resist his daughter’s sexual advances at all. And, he believes me when I talk about there being a genetic connection to the immunity we have. So, he joins his daughter in promoting incestuous family activity. Your family is ideal!”

“One, he sounds like a very good and responsible father to me. Two, thank you!” I said with a smile.

Cindy took a few seconds to watch my daughters and Ashley. “You would be very good examples. There, you have both of your daughters and a sister all very lovingly focused on you, Joe. But, this massive orgasm thing. What exactly is going on with that? You said something about tea? Where do you buy it? How can we get it? Does it help men have more orgasms, or just longer ones?”

Ashley laughed. “We call it a tea. It’s a concoction made from the ground up root of a weed common in the equatorial zone of the western Pacific. The tribes use it and that’s where we got it. The women drink a slightly stronger brew once a week to prevent ovulation, so it’s birth control. The men drink a weak brew once a day to increase their cum production. Yes, it does allow for many more orgasms, if the men desire more. But, eight or ten per day is enough usually.”

“Possession, cultivation, or sale of that weed is highly illegal! Only the primitive tribes are allowed to even have it.” Dad told her.

“But, we are quite friendly with several of the primitive tribes, so, they have provided us with a lot of the root and quite a good supply of the seeds of that weed too.” Ashley added.

“Oh, shit! This weed, the roots, can prevent ovulation and promote semen production?” Cindy asked.

“And make it so you never have to shave!” Joanne added.

“Huh?” Cindy looked confused again.

Dad waved it off, saying, “A side effect. It causes any hair growth that began in puberty to stop and those hairs to fall out.”

“So, that’s why all of you look so smooth! I shave every morning! It sounds to me like this weed is a winner all the way around. Damn, um, I hate even suggesting this, but you might need to keep your sexual activities out of sight! if the women and girls see those massive orgasms, well, things could get ugly.” Cindy told us.

“We can’t hide what we do and preach the goodness of making love to family at the same time, Cindy.” I told her.

“You said you don’t have many males?” Dad asked.

“Just over twenty or so on the ship if you include all ages old enough to ejaculate.” Cindy confirmed.

“How much of the root do we have in totes, Ash?” Dad asked.

“We’ve got two and a half totes of it Dad.” Joanne answered.

“We started with three full totes months ago. Of course, there were only three men back then. But, if we shared one of our totes and some of the seed, perhaps the ship could send out a helicopter to get some soil and grow their own supply.” Dad reasoned.

“That would be so generous! Ashley, I don’t have a clue how to use it though.” Cindy worried.

“Oh, that’s easy enough to teach,” Ashley assured her.

“Mom, the Beckworth is calling. The captain wants to talk to the doctor.” Melanie said when she stuck her head into the cabin from the helm station.

“I’ll make love to both of you soon, girls.” I assured my daughters as I got up with Ashley and Cindy.

We headed to the helm, and Melanie handed the microphone to me. “USNS Beckworth, Tribal Research. The doctor is here.” I called.

“Research, Beckworth. Please give the microphone to the doctor.” I heard the captain come back.

I handed the microphone to Cindy. “Skipper, this is Cindy.”

I could hear the suppressed laugh as he responded. “Yes, of course, Cindy. Do you feel confident that the people on the yacht are safe?”

“Oh, yes! Absolutely! They all appear and act very healthy and are very much as highly sexual as they said they are.”

“Good. Good. We have other developments that may require your attention. It seems that the pirates operating off of that ship had taken several females captive. We were unable to save all of the captives, but we did rescue a few females. They are not in the best physical shape, malnutrition mostly it looks like. We haven’t found any other cause for their condition and all of them indicate that they were on meager rations.”

“The ship is just on the horizon. We should be there soon, Skipper,” Cindy replied while peering ahead.

To help Melanie, I stayed on the yacht’s bridge as her radio operator while we approached the huge oiler. The yacht wasn’t some little boat, but the USNS Beckworth towered above us. On the top deck, forward and aft, were two huge cranes. The crane booms were stowed and secured.

While the swells of the ocean caused our yacht to slightly pitch and roll, the oiler was so massive that it seemed to be solidly anchored to the bottom.

“Research, Beckworth, slow to five knots. Approach from aft, ten meters from our port side.” Came the call.

Melanie kept her attention on navigation as she repleated. “Five knots, come from aft. Stay ten meters off port hull.”

“Beckworth, Research, WICO. “Five knots, approach aft. Ten meters off port hull.” I returned the call.

More such calls were made as we got closer to the oiler. Under their direction, we slowed to match the oiler’s speed, which barely allowed steerage, and drifted closer to the hull. Huge, watertight, doors opened along the oiler’s hull. Those doors were just slightly higher than our main deck. The crew members lowered massive fenders to cushion our yacht before they threw heaving lines.

The forward line was caught by Rodger and Amy. The two of them worked together to haul over the much larger line it was tied to. With some work, Rodger managed to get the large diameter line over a deck cleat. The oiler crew then pulled that line partially taught.

“Research, Beckworth, all stop. Allow bow line to tighten and your vessels to swing to our hull.” I heard.

Melanie immediately shut down the yacht’s propulsion. “Beckworth, Research, All stop.” I acknowledged.

The bow line tightened and I could see the oiler’s crew securing the bow line. That was about all I could see though. The hull of the massive oiler blocked everything else. There was maybe ten feet of separation between us as our yacht naturally shifted firmly against the large fenders.

“Hoooolllly shit, Joe! That thing could swallow this boat!” Melanie exclaimed with wide eyes as she stared at the hull of the oiler. Well, she stared at the hull since there wasn’t much else she could see.

I chuckled. “And three or four more the same size as us and still have room left over. I have no idea what the measurements are, but damn!” I agreed As I stood beside her casually caressing her pretty little bottom.

Kristen ran in a minute later and came over to my side. She hugged my waist, so I put my other hand on her soft bottom. “Daddy! You gotta come see!”

After leaning down to give my daughter a fatherly kiss, she took my hand to lead me through the cabin to the aft deck. Melanie walked with us. Both boats had been very securely tied to the side of the oiler and were well protected by the large fenders.

We craned our neck up to look toward the top deck of the oiler. People, almost all female, lined the rail looking down at us. Some waved and we waved back. I took stock of the view. While some of the adult looking females were fully dressed, the two males, one adult and one somewhat younger, were nude. They had nude women with them. Both males were being very intimately fondled by the women. As I took stock, it occurred to me that nobody who appeared to be younger than adult age wore a stitch of clothing.

In the middle of the people lining the rail, I could see a group of about ten women and girls who looked to be in poor health. They had blank faces, long hair, their ribs were very prominent as were their pelvic bones. I assumed these were some of the females that had been rescued. The ages looked to range from preteen to adult.

“Quite the crowd, huh?” Ashley commented as she and Cindy walked up to us at our rail.

“Yeah. I see that nudity is sort of common.” I looked at Cindy.

“Oh, yeah, very! Kinda hard to have sex with your clothes on.” She nodded.

“Um, it looks like the kids are more into being naked.” I prompted.

Cindy chuckled. “Yep! The people you see actually wearing clothes are crew that are on duty. As for the kids, you know how kids are, a trend tends to take them all in. So, a lot of the very young teen girls started going naked to try and entice the few men we have into sex. Then, the younger girls followed suit. The boys saw the other men going naked a lot too, usually engaged in sex with the women. What adolescent boy doesn’t want constant sex? So, they joined in. The result now is that nobody under the age of about sixteen ever wears any clothes. It’s sort of an unwritten rule among the kids, no clothes allowed, ever.”

“What’s with the boats being towed?” Rodger asked as he pointed aft.

“Oh, yeah. Well, there are people who want to stay with us and don’t want to always have their helm tended, so, the captain has allowed a towline to be established for them. They’re able to roam boat to boat and onto the ship as they see fit. Some of the adults have taken on crew status too, so that helps.”

While we talked and watched, a telescoping gangway began to extend from the huge watertight door closest to the stern deck of our yacht. Several of the ship’s crew worked to guide it until the end of the gangway came to rest on our stern deck. Four female crew members rushed down the gangway and quickly secured that end of it.

When the gangway was properly tied to allow some movement, the four women stood and looked around. They spotted me standing with Ashley, Cindy, Melanie, and Kristen and walked our direction. “You’re refueling?” one of them asked.

“We are. What do we need to do to get that going?” Ashley asked.

The woman turned to more directly speak to Ashley. “We just need to locate your fill port.” She smiled while looking toward my crotch.

Until the woman had looked, I hadn’t even realized that Kristen was gently stroking my cock. That sort of loving touch had become standard among us. Kristen kept slowly stroking me and I put my arm over her shoulder so I could caress her little budding breasts. The four women noticed and smiled.

“I’ll take you to it.” Rodger offered.

The women went with Rodger as he led off. “Who’s that?” Kristen asked while looking back up the gangway.

“Oh, Captain Hoswell.” Cindy told us.

The man was about my height. He wore a blue button down shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes. Beside the man, holding his hand and smiling, was a nude girl wearing just flip-flops.

We all gathered near the end of the gangway. “Welcome to the USNS Beckworth, folks. Welcome back, Doc!” The man smiled widely.

“Skipper, this is Ashley, her brother Joe, Ashley’s daughter and sister, Melanie, and Joe’s daughter, Kristen.” Cindy introduced.

“It’s good to meet you all. Um, this is my daughter, Brenda. Just call be Glen, if you don’t mind. After all, you’re not part of the crew.” The captain said as he shook our hands.

“It’s good to put a face to the voice over the radio, Glen.” I smiled. Kristen stood pressed against my side and I casually caressed her bottom.

“So, we’ll get your fuel topped off. Is there anything else you need? We’ve got a fully stocked ship.” Glen told us with a big smile.

Ashley returned Glen’s smile and replied. “How about we go meet our father inside? We can get comfortable and chat if you have time.”

“That sounds wonderful.” Glen put his arm around his daughter’s shoulders as Ashley and I led off.

“Nice! This is one of the nicer yachts we’ve come across.” Glen told us as we entered the cabin.

“We have visitors?” Dad asked from where he was sitting up on the couch. Jenny just happened to be comfortably perched on Dad’s cock. She sat with her back to Dad’s chest and he had both hands on her small breasts.

“Dad, this is Captain Glen Hoswell. Glen, this is David. He’s the father of all of us except for Joe’s two daughters.” Ashley introduced.

When Glen hesitated, Dad held his hand out. “It’s good to meet the captain! Come on over and shake my hand.”

Glen did so. “I hate to interrupt.”

Dad laughed. “Glen, you’re not interrupting a thing! My daughters and granddaughters and I are quite often joined this way. If you stick around this boat, you’ll witness a lot of intercourse and other intimate activities. It’s our way of life.”

“I can’t get that much of Daddy’s penis in me yet.” Brenda commented as she examined where Dad and Jenny were joined.

“I couldn’t either when I was your age. Now, if we do it different than this, all of Dad’s cock goes In me, but Joe’s is a little longer so, not all of of his will fit either.” Jenny told the girl with a smile.

“How old are you, Brenda?” Dad asked.

“Ten!” Brenda exclaimed happily while Glen settled into an arm chair and his daughter sat across his thighs. Glen naturally held his daughter with his hands on her chest and thigh.

“That’s how old our kids, Ashley’s and my children, were when we started to let them do more sexual exploration.” Dad looked at Glen as he spoke.

“The ship’s women have set ten years old as the minimum age for sex also. It’s not what I would say is a perfect age, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it either.” Glen told us.

“It’s a good time for girls and boys to be allowed to have sex, Skipper. The girls are physically able to enjoy it and can indulge without worrying about pregnancy for the most part.” Cindy spoke up.

Glen gently rubbed his fingertip over Brenda’s pointy little nipple. “And, from what I’ve witnessed, that’s when girls start wanting to get a lot more cuddly.” Then he planted a kiss on his daughter’s lips.

“Can’t cuddle all the time, Daddy! We still gotta outsmart the boys!” Brenda smirked.

Everyone chuckled at Brenda’s comment. “That’s so true, Honey. Us girls have to make sure the boys know who really makes the rules.” Joanne agreed with a big smile.

“Speaking of women making rules, that’s pretty well how things have been on the ship. Oh, I’m the captain and in charge of operations, but the women have taken charge of a lot. Culture mostly, I guess.” Glen moved things along.

“Since females make up the vast majority of surviving population, it just makes sense.” Cindy added.

I pulled Kristen onto my lap so I could hold and fondle her as any loving father should. “Cindy tells us that humanity might be on the brink of extinction.”

Glen nodded. “Possibly! We think that this disease has killed off damned near everyone who isn’t naturally immune.”

“Immune because of their genetic makeup.” Cindy asserted.

Ashley gave Cindy a look. “You’ve mentioned genetics with immunity before. It’s possible, but what else is there to point that direction?”

Cindy looked around at all of us rather contemplatively. “OK. Look at the survivors. Everyone is short, in comparison to the general population before this disease hit. The tallest man I’ve seen survive is five feet seven inches tall. The tallest woman I’ve seen survive is barely five feet tall. Every survivor, who isn’t starving, is slender and physically fit. There are no overweight people left alive that I’ve seen. Now, us women also all have these tiny boobs! I mean, a regular “A” cup bra is BIG on us!”

“I find the smaller breasts very beautiful and arousing.” Dad put in while fondling Jenny’s little breasts.

“Most men do.” Glen agreed while caressing his daughter’s tiny nipples.

“So, with all of the apparent similarities, added to the immunity, I feel that there’s a strong genetic link. It’s why I push for families that are able to engage sexually, like all of you do here.” Cindy told us.

Glen blew out a breath. “That’s not possible for every family we have on the ship and on the boats. There simply are not enough males. But, yes. I agree that as much inbreeding as possible is probably best. However, I discourage males from only being sexual with their immediate family! The women and girls crave male attention, so I try to set an example by being as sexually active as I can while still being able to make love to my daughter.”

“We only did it twice today, Daddy.” Brenda pointed out.

“Is that not enough, Brenda?” Dad asked.

Brenda looked up at her father as she said, “It’s OK. Daddy has to help other girls too. But more is better.”

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